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Found 12 results

  1. So im hitting multiple road blocks when installing my new sound system amp. The radio has no place for the RCA cables. Also do i need a anything to connect the remote wire to the factory setup? Pictures are helpful
  2. Ok so my wife and I just purchased a new/used 2013 dodge journey. Part of the reason we got it, is because my wife drives a lot for her business and the hands free was excellent. after 3 weeks the bluetooth feature stopped working. brought it to the dealer and they just unplugged the neg. on the battery etc... it worked again for 2 days and stopped. The dealership now wants to charge us over $600.00 to fix. F**K THAT.... I am pretty decent at repairs and DIY fixes so I purchased a BOSS Audio BV9370B Double Din, Touchscreen, Bluetooth, MP3/USB/SD AM/FM Car Stereo, 6.5 Inch Digital LCD Monitor. I need to know what else I am going to need to be able to install this neatly and retain the SWC and other features. Please if you know what I will need your help will majorly appreciated. If you need any other info I will provide it. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. I can not find a dash bezel that will fit this head unit.
  3. I have a 2013 journey RT. My battery died and after boosting my Bluetooth started acting weird. I can connect my phone. My audio/saved songs/spotify/Google maps all route through no problem. My calls ring through the system but once I answer, or if I make a call, no call audio goes through to the uconnect. I am stumped.
  4. Ever since the garage inspected the Journey, and replaced a dead battery, my radio has been skipping. CD, radio, Bluetooth - doesn't matter, they all skip. Is it related to them replacing the battery or not? They claim it's not. How do I fix this?
  5. Hiya, I am reading the from for a quite while but this is my first post I live in Turkey and using dodge journey 2012 (fiat freemont in europe) 2.0 diesel engine with 62te 6 gear transmission , lounge (equivalent to sxt) car itself has the alpine sound system, my dash speakers are not working. we have 2 of this car and when ı tried the amplifier from the 2nd car , didn't help either. so I decided problem is speakers not the amplifier. all the other speakers are working only there is no sound from the dash speakers. anyone else had a problem like this before? I wanted to remove and try other speakers on dash but couldn't find how to remove dash speakers, it seems there is no seperate cover , do I need to take out all dash? that's crazy
  6. My radio was skipping (satellite, local, cd, Bluetooth connection to my phone) so I took it to the dealer for a firmware update after reading forum posts. $75 later, the dealer said it didn’t work and I need a new radio. Only, they don’t make the radio anymore, it would actually be refurbished. Anyone have any ideas or had a similar issue?
  7. Hey everyone, I'm curious to know if anyone has installed an aftermarker AMP and sub on their Journey. I've installed an AMP, however my sub isnt producing the bass I'm looking for. I'm sure it has to be the RCA cables, so my question is where can i tap the RCA cables to? I currently have mine tapped to the rear speaker wires behind the head unit. is there anywhere else i can so that?
  8. satellite radio won't recieve signal. took to dealer and they said I needed a new radio, no explaniation just need a new radio. this does'nt seem right. when i called sirus they said there was a plug that could have come out? any ideas? $500 fir a new radio does'nt appeal to me
  9. Having spent weeks diving into the system, it simply has a silly design and is worse than the stock system. It is designed with the four door speakers serving as woofers with low pass filters on these speakers. There is a subwoofer in the cargo area. The two dash speakers have high pass filters. It sounds like a muffled hot mess. Folks in the 2nd or 3rd row seats will hear only muffled rumbling, not any sense of music. Sirius is unlistenable it simply sounds horrible. I got the upgrade as it is easier to get aftermarket gear if you do so. How can Dodge claim it meets their standards as well as those from Alpine with any semblance of a straight face? On Alpine's Dodge site, some photos show five of the dash speakers suggesting along the way three were deleted from other locations. Replacing the door speakers with triaxel speakers greatly improved the sound. The amp has no on board controls nor is there a way for the consumer to change the firmware. The subwoofer feed needs to have some db increase. Trying to find out the dimensions of the dash speakers is fruitless (I will waste time and money with an installer to finally figure out the size of the dash speakers and promise to share, take that keeper of the secret dash speaker size.) Alpine should be embarrassed its name is associated with this very subpar system.
  10. Does the Journey SXT have space in the rear, where the speakers are, to install a subwoofer? Does the UConnect 8.4 radio have subwoofer output?
  11. I realize there have been a lot of issues with 2011 Journeys losing their audio completely. I got my 2013 in October and recently the satellite radio channels have been changing on their own. I decided I would connect to my phone instead and listen the music I had stored. The songs were changing on their own as well. Is this just the precursor to my entire audio system dying due to amp troubles? There have been no other audio issues at this point. Thanks, Julie
  12. I have a 2011 Journey. All of a sudden the audio in my vehicle does not work (for radio (sirius and fm/am), nav system, dvd player, and bluetooth). I have tried volume buttons on steering wheel and panel and they display on screen as if they are adjusting the volume, but still no sound. I have also looked at audio settings and they appear to be fine. I have an appt next week at dealer, but wondered if there is some simple solution I am overlooking? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!