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Found 3 results

  1. Full stereo upgrade

    Finally made the decision to redo my stereo. May have gone a lil bit overboard but hay what's the worst that can happen lol. Still need to finishing tuning stereo and building trim piece to wall it off but so far sounding good. 2 Rockford Fosgate P3D4 15s 2 Rockford Fosgate P3D4 12s 4 Alpine 6x9s 2 Kicker 3.5s in dash Soundstream Tarantula T1.6000DL Subs wired in parallel to 0.5 ohms WestCoast Customs WCC1500.1 mono amp made by MB Quart for 2 door speakers to be added later WestCoast Customs WCC1600.4 4 channel amp running to 6x9s in doors Kenwood DDX774BT Double Din head unit XS Power D925 battery 1/0 wire wire Reason i decided on running both 12s and 15 is to have a wider range in frequencies.
  2. Hello fellow DJ owners. I have just completed the "big three" on my 2014 Journey. I did this in preparation for my aftermarket sound system i will be installing soon. I recommend that ANYBODY planning on adding an aftermarket amp or other high current devices to your DJ do the big three. The factory wiring under the hood in these vehicles is sub-par at best. The factory ground from the battery to chassis was maybe 8 gauge. Anybody adding anything electronic wise will benefit from this upgrade . The job was not terribly difficult to accomplish however gaining access to the battery terminals was a pit of a pain. It took a couple of hours but i was taking my time, everything worked out perfect, no problems. If you do a big three be sure to fuse the alternator to to battery positive. There is some debate whether this is necessary or not. You should always fuse within a foot of the battery. As for the sound system goes here it is: I am keeping the factory base 4.3 Uconnect, Relocating the rear door 6x9's to the far rear panels(there are "dummy" grills back there, for premium sound system maybe?) and keeping the dash 3.5's, and removing the stock front door 6x9's This is to maintain a load on the factory head unit so it will continue to send a signal to all four channels. (the 4.3 has six speakers but only four channels, the dash and front doors are wired in parallel) I will be tapping into those signals at the factory speakers using an AudioControl LC7i, then to my Polk 5 channel amp and out to my new Polk component speakers in the doors, and a Polk 8" sub woofer under the driver seat in a seald box build by myself(yes i got it to fit, barely). So i will end up with this: dash 3.5 and far rear 6x9's will receive stock head unit's 15 watts, and new components in the doors will get amplified 70 watts rms and 200 to the sub. So there it is in a nutshell. I will post an update once it is complete or if i have any problems with my plan i will let you know. I wanted to post and contribute something to these forums. I have been doing alot of reading on here and have gotten some good info.And now it is my time to give something back.
  3. I've read a lot of forums discussions related to the Alpine 6 speaker amplified system...some good and some bad. I've installed many aftermarket systems in my past vehicles, so I was excited to see my new DJ had an upgraded system...here's some thoughts after listening to it for a short while. For a manufacturer provided upgraded system, I think it sounds good. No, it does NOT compare to an aftermarket stereo and/or subwoofer but comes really close. That said, it is a well balanced system with the amp matched well to the speakers. I can turn it up to full capacity on the highway with windows down and hear no distortion...as a professional sound man said to me once- does it sound good, or is it good sound? This stereo system is both. The subwoofer adds depth when listening to the Eagles and adds punch/boom listening to Deadmau5 or Daft Punk. There is a slight roll-off to the sub with missing mid/low frequencies. The 6x9's do well to pick up down to about 80-100hz, but there does appear to be a level between 90-60hz thats missing until the sub picks up at about 60hz. Also, you really need to understand how the music you are listening to is mixed in the studio. There are some albums that are mixed with lower fidelity (or a flat frequency response) where a multi channel (beyond 3) EQ would greatly help (Dodge needs to change this with a firmware upgrade)...but I've been able to solve this problem by putting all of my music onto ITunes and listening through the USB port. Here's how to enhance your music using ITunes: In your ITunes on your PC (not your device), right click on the album you want to enhance and go to "Get Info" and if you go to the last tab, you'll see a volume slider that acts like a pre-amp. Sliding it to the right will increase the fidelity of your lower level music (be careful because too much will cause distortion- listen through your headphones to tell). Under the slider there is a pull down menu to select a pre-determined EQ setting (like sub, Dance, Rock, etc.) I find that the "Dance" settings strongly enhances the music more-so to the lower end...Making these changes turned Rush's Red Barchetta into a true highway driving tune! Make sure you sync your device again to pick up the changes. Hope this helps!