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Found 10 results

  1. I have a 2016 dodge journey R/T with another issue. So as of 03/31/18 I began to have a issue with my heated seats driver side stays on which as you can imagine is not ideal. This happens regardless of auto start or manual start. I did the reset has not worked. The steering wheel warmer does not work also I can not select it on the controls, only screen off and outlet power work. I drove more than a hour in the car and seat warmer just stay on and it stays on hi. Doesn't show which is selected but it hot as a mofo, so I imagine it's high.
  2. Hello, not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, but I've recently been having an issue with my 2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad. Whenever the A/C is on, and I make a left (only left) turn, there is a hissing sound, kind of like a rain stick. It sounds like rice sliding down a PVC pipe. Whenever I turn right, however, extremely hot water pours on my foot while driver and it's extremely painful. It's got 37,000 miles on it and only recently did it start doing this. It's also only happening whenever the A/C is on.
  3. Hi Everyone ! I have a 2016 Dodge Journey SXT (which I love !) and I have a question about the front passenger seat. Looking at the Youtube video below I thought I would be able to fold my front passenger seat down flat. I also thought that my 2016 Dodge Journey SXT would have the front passenger seat storage compartment but it does not seem to. Am I missing something or does the 2016 Dodge Journey SXT not have either of these features ? Thank you ! Okinawa17
  4. Hi all. I am considering adding a lockpick to my 8.4N RB5 (2016 RT). I noticed that they list the c8/c8 pro as being compatible with 2011-2015 DJs and was wondering if anyone with a '16 is running one? I assume it will work since I believe the 8.4 is the same as the previous years but want to make sure before ordering. Thanks for any input
  5. Hi folks, I was looking at superbrightled.com at the led bulbs for my license light bulb. I came at a step, where i have to choose between normal led bulbs, and can bus led bulbs... I dont know which one i should choose. The reason i am changing i bought some cheap led on eBay and they started to flicker. It bothers me, and i hate the yellowish light of the bulbs since all my car is factory equipped with led inside. Another question, for the trunk light, they're also yellowish. I want to buy led. When i opened the cover, they were dome light shaped (212-2), and superbrightled are saying they're 579... Please help me here too. Thanks, i appreciate it.
  6. Hi Everyone - I am so happy to have found this community - thank you all for your contributions !! My wife and I are trying to purchase a 2016 Dodge Journey SXT AWD. The car we like has the blacktop package and Uconnect/bluetooth. The salesperson I have been speaking with does not have the car but he did locate and confirm that he can get it for us. I am trying to determine how you feel about the price he is extending as he is standing firm (over multiple days - he has been OOO every other day so that has helped to stretch things out). MSRP: $32,030 Rebates: $4,000 Dealer Discount: $2,800 Current Dealer Price: $25,230 Tax: $2,176.08 Govt. Fees: $122.50 Doc. Fees: $75 Out the Door Price: $27,603.58 I am having trouble believing that this is the best deal I can get (maybe it is ) because he keeps saying that what he is doing is extending (or matching) the 20% off MSRP that is being promoted for Crossroad models with the promo ending on 10/3. So the first and only price he has given me is $25,230 - can the very first price he proposed really be his best and final - I find that hard to believe.... He is also saying that when he has asked his GM if they can do a little bit better the GM replied with "on a "locate" ?!" Meaning since they have to get the car from another dealership they are not willing to budge on price. He has also admitted to me that the car is at a dealership fairly close by and that the cost is minimal (really just gas and someone's time to get it. Pls let me know your thoughts and if you think there might be anything I can do to gain a bit of leverage. Really appreciate your advice. Also just to provide full info as you look over what I've shared: We are planning to purchase and not lease We do not currently own another Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep We are not trading anything in We will not be financing the car purchase We are serious buyers that are ready to buy this wknd for the right deal Thank you so much - I am very appreciative and after all the great and informative posts here I am very excited to get a Dodge Journey !! Okinawa17
  7. Hello, I am also an owner of a Brand New 2016 Dodge Journey, which I was happy about, but now have a completely different outlook. I am having problem filling up at the gas station pump. I have visited approximately 5 different gas station attempting to fill up my vehicle. Every time the gas pump clicks off, repeatedly. And the car is almost on E. . EVERYTIME. I have taken the car in 2 weeks in a row. And the dealership has found no problem. Now my husband had the same problem on the fill up early on, when I would ask him to take it to the gas station and see if I'm doing something wrong (even though I've owned cars since I was 16 :-), STILL the same problem. The last visit time, my husband drove to a gas station, with the dealership mechanic, and the car filled up fine, at a certain gas station, on a certain pump. So, ok I'm crazy, right!? So Yesterday, I go back to that same gas station to a different pump, thinking okay, this is a good gas station to fill up at. Mind you, I honestly don't think I should have to ONLY fill up at a certain gas station. What if THAT particular gas station is no where to be found? It does it AGAIN. Keeps clicking off. I even recorded my husband having the problem with the first pump. So, I move the exact same pump my husband used earlier with the dealership mechanic, works fine. I included the video of my husband making his attempt after I tried at the first pump. Also, on my last visit, I found out a memo went out about this exact same problem, in April 2016, and they failed to mention it. I had the mechanic print it for me. Shouldn't they have the disclosed this issue to me BEFORE purchase? Does this fall under the Lemon Law? Because honestly, I'd rather return the car than have this same problem for the next 10-12 years. I have to know, should this even be a problem, for any new car owner? AND, why should I have to hunt down a specific gas station to fill my gas tank? To me, that's madness. AND, if there is a definite permanent fix, can someone please let me know? And how do I get the mechanics to dig deeper into the issue? I was really in love with this car, before this problem came up. Terence Fill up.mp4
  8. I just purchased a base model 2016 Dodge Journey with the 4.3 radio. It sux! I want to do an upgrade but the dealership acted like I was a mad woman for even asking if they did that. Someone please give me some advice I'm desperate.
  9. Coming out of a '04 Cad SRX, I looked around at Ford, Kia, Honda and somehow found myself drawn to the Journey. After test drives I liked the way the Journey drove and most of all, I found more value for my dollar than the other choices. Got a loaded one with the 3.6 V6 6spd trans. So far it's too early to give a real review of my likes and dislikes. My driving is 40% city, 60% highway. At this point I'm glad to have a new car, as it cost me over $8000 in repairs bills the last 12 months on my SRX which I really loved. The V6 has plenty of punch and I had to have the 8.4" Nav system. Plenty of storage as all seats lay flat on the passenger side and i will be able to get my photag equipment in with any problems, and... I like the under seat/floor storage options. Time will tell... so far, so good.
  10. I have noticed on the Dodge web site and local dealers sites, that they are selling 2016 journeys that are not the new redesign. Did I miss something or have they pushed back the unveiling of the redesign?