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Found 48 results

  1. HI have an updated Nav 8.3 and a brand new Journey. It connected at the dealer with my wife’s iPhone X and my iPhone 7. It started acting sporadically a week later and then wouldn’t connect at all. Service had to order and install a new Blue Tooth transmitter which worked sporadically on the X and okay on the 7. I took it back but Dodge refuses to do anything else saying the iPhone X with 13.1.4 IOS is not compatible. The IOS listed as compatible was changed out 10 months ago. I’ve never had a car Blue Tooth require updates from the manufacturer to keep working. Any advice? My wife doesn’t want the car and I don’t blame her. It has under 2000 miles on it.
  2. Hi All, I just updated the software for my Dodge Journey 2013 but I can't find updated maps, no one can help me?
  3. I have a 2012 Journey Crew with the 4.3 Uconnect. It will not pair my phone. The radio/climate and all other features work correctly just not the Uconnect. It just displays the "Ready to pair Device" Icon. but when you got to push the button nothing happens. We did a hard reset by unplugging the negative post off the battery and kept it off for half an hour. Hooked the wire back up and the Uconnect worked correctly again...but for about 2 days....then it went back again to what it was doing above. Does anybody have any suggestions?...or has anybody run across this problem? I really don't want to go back to the dealership, even if I knew what part number to buy (I am thinking it must be some kind of module, or stand alone unit) that would be a help. Or if I buy a part does it have to be programmed at the dealership in order to work correctly??. (This is out of my mechanics skillset so I am hoping Journey Forum can come through!!) Thanks....
  4. Just wondering if anyone else has received this email. Costs $99 to do this. It Looks legit, but this is my first time dealing with this on my 2018 Journey. Thanks!
  5. Hi to all, I've recently bought a 2016 Dodge RAM and it is really awesome! The only problem I have is that the whole system language is in English since my vehicle comes from USA. Is it possible to switch to Italian language? Do I need to install any specific update or do I need some tool in order to perform this operation? I've read on internet that I should change the country code, is it correct? Thank you for your support!
  6. I just picked up a 2018 Journey crossroad, certified used. The sticker(and dealer) says I have, Uconnect® 3 with 8.4" Display Uconnect® Voice Command with Bluetooth®. I was trying to set it up today and was unable, I called customer support and they say that I do not have uconnect capabilities according to my vin. Being as how that was one of the deciding factors to buying the car I'm wondering what my recourse is? Is there an upgrade they will have to install? Or will I have to bring back the car and tell them to keep it...I hate being lied to...has anybody else had this problem?
  7. Can I use my own wireless headphones or do I have to buy uconnect headphones? If so where can they be bought.
  8. Hello everyone! I'm a first time poster and I'm hoping someone can help me with a nagging problem. They say men are the ones who refuse to ask for help, but that's not always the case, is it? I've done everything I can think of to resolve this issue and it's driving me batty! I've been stubborn long enough and I need help. I purchased my 2012 Journey R/T about a year ago and decided to finally add a SD card full of my favorite music. I added about 250 songs at first. I used MP3 editing software to correctly edit such things as artist, song title, album, year, etc. (Yeah, I'm a bit OCD about these things) At first I just listed all the songs alphabetically with no directory folders. Put it in and played around with the voice commands to familiarize myself with it so I could safely use it while driving. Using the voice commands to play specific songs/artists was great, so naturally, I added more songs! I have about 300 now, also listed alphabetically. Here's where the problem started. I'll give an example order of music before and after: Always, Angel, Armageddon It, Back in Black, Bed of Roses, Enter Sandman, Everybody Wants You, Hysteria... After adding a few songs: Always, Animal, Angel, Armageddon It, Back in Black, Bed of Roses, Crazy, Dr. Feelgood, Enter Sandman, Everybody Wants You, Hysteria... Now, for example if I say "play song Animal" (now the second song in the list), the screen will display "playing Animal" however it will play Angel (which WAS the second song on the list originally). If I say "play song Dr. Feelgood" (Eighth song on the list) , it will display "playing Dr. Feelgood" but instead begin playing Hysteria (which WAS eighth song on the list originally), and so on and so on! So it recognizes which song I want to play, it just plays all the wrong ones. It's really not a big deal, but once something presents a problem I become obsessed with solving it. I need to show it who's boss. This is where you come in, because I'm clearly not the boss. This is what I have tried thus far: - I started small, with unselecting the indexing option in the audio settings, removing the SD card, restarting the car, and putting SD card back in. Naturally that didn't work, but it was worth a try. - Next I removed all the music with the exception of ONE song, hoping the memory of the other songs would be removed so I could start fresh. Drove around for about a week listening to that one song. I'm not sure why I was using psychology with my Uconnect system actually thinking that maybe it would forget the other music if I left a "one song SD card" in place. I'm smart, I promise, but I'm getting older and have my moments. On another note, I no longer like that song. - Of course, that didn't work. I disconnected the battery for 24 hours. Reloaded all my music on the SD card. Connected the battery and gave it another try. No such luck. The only thing that reset was my clock, and that's no longer syncing correctly now. It's placing me in a completely different time zone. I'll fight that battle later. - I updated the Uconnect software. Still didn't work. - I read somewhere that I have too many songs perhaps and I need to narrow it down to a maximum 225 songs per directory. I created directories and have under 225 songs in each. - I read that it may be my SD card not formatted correctly. I reformatted my SD card to ensure it's FAT32. - I read that maybe it's because I'm using an SD card and perhaps a USB drive will work. So after trying all of the above (plus more that I'm sure I'm forgetting) and still having the same problem, I give up. I've wasted about 4 months trying to find a solution. I know this seems like such an insignificant, minute problem, but I'm starting to take it personally, lol. Any suggestions that do not involve taking it to the dealer would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. For the second time in six months, my bluetoth phone lost connection with uConnect. I've seen lots of people stating the same problem, and how they were charged serious money to have it "fixed". Although there are many reasons for this problem, this is what I found worked for me. 1 - Locate the fuse block under the glove box on the right side kick panel. If you can't access it, you may need to hire a left handed, double jointed gymnast . 2 - You need to locate Fuse 131 which is listed in the Manual as the Hands Free Module. Since they are not marked and there is no picture in the manual, I've attached one I found on someone's site. Its a red 10A fuse in the third column from the right, and the second fuse from the top. 3 - Using long needle-nosed pliers, carefully pull it straight out. 4 - Wait a minute or two, then reinsert it. Not easy, just awkward. Make sure it's properly seated 5 - Now, press the Start button to ACC and with your phone handy, they should connect.
  10. Morning all, I've got a 2017 Journey Crossroad AWD and for the past 6 months I've been experiencing intermittent issues with bluetooth pairing when I start my car. It happens 6+ times/week where I start my car and the bluetooth does not pair with my phone. If I touch the phone icon on the screen it says there is no device and asks if I want to pair one. If I select yes, it searches and seaches but never locates the phone. It may connect 5 minutes, 10 minutes later or not at all or if I shut down and restart the car it may connect on the next attempt. I thought it was happening because my phone is not in the car when I remote start it, but it's also been happening when I'm sitting in the vehicle. The second problem is that sometimes when it does connect to the car, I make a call and mid-conversation the call transfers to my handset and the bluetooth disconnects from the car. It may reconnect and transfer back to the car during the same phone call. The same thing has happened with my son & husband's phones also so I don't believe that this is an issue with my phone. The car has 6000km left on factory warranty and because the problem is intermittent the dealer has been unable to replicate it. I've left the car at the dealer for full days several times for this issue and get told that their phones connected each time. Has anyone else experienced this problem with their Journey or another with UCONNECT? I'm worried this is one of those problems the dealer can't/won't find until it's out of warranty. Any help or information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. I bought my car used 2010 journey SE the radio has the unconnect buttons But when I press them to start to set up I says not equipped How do I fix that
  12. I have a 2013 journey RT. My battery died and after boosting my Bluetooth started acting weird. I can connect my phone. My audio/saved songs/spotify/Google maps all route through no problem. My calls ring through the system but once I answer, or if I make a call, no call audio goes through to the uconnect. I am stumped.
  13. Hi all, I have a 2015 DJ SXT with the 8.4 (non-Nav). Since I have had this DJ, there have been multiple mechanical issues covered under warranty as well as the entertainment system going crazy. The radio has the DVD option, rear camera ( Installed and had the dealer activate it), and active Sirius. After the first year, the radio suddenly had a mind of its own with the volume sliding up to max while the car is in motion as well as the inputs cycling through am, FM, DVD, Sirius, and locking into the aux. (there was nothing connected in the RCA jacks). The warranty covered the replacement of the radio and the out of control 8.4 came to a grinding halt. A month later, the overhead entertainment screen stopped functioning (dealer diagnosed it as not communicating with the radio). The screen was replaced under the warranty as well. The curious thing the dealer had mentioned or inquiried about was if I plugged my iPhone in the USB port in the armrest storage. He had mentioned it could cause the electrical malfunction on the radio. This may sound a bit silly, but until the service person had mentioned it, I did not realize there was a port in there. I thought it was only a light in there due to the rubber plug covering the socket. Fast forward to Dec 2018, My wife plugged in her iPhone into the outlet because I had my phone plugged into the external cell charger. (combo charger and holder plugged in the power point ). This is where the insanity piece comes in... Immediately after she connected in the USB port, the screen began blinking then getting fully scrambled, then the radio rebooted. I reached over and unplugged her phone from the USB port. The radio screen blacked out then looked like it rebooted. All functions went back to normal. After that, I was reluctant to even connect my phone via Bluetooth to the radio. Since I use hands-free, I still connected via Bluetooth. Fast forward again to Jan 2019, I went to the dealer for an oil change and asked if they could check it out. Because the 36,000 warranty was over in Jun 2018, they wanted to charge to diagnose the issue. This is the same dealer that replace the radio and overhead screen. They suggested not to connect the iPhone to the USB port. The other item I noticed was the audio lag when connected to Bluetooth with movies/music videos on the iPhone (for the back seat passengers to watch Netflix on longer drives) the audio is about 3 seconds behind the video. Is this normal? we both have iPhone 6 Plus's. Does anyone have any recommendations or thoughts?
  14. Hi everyone...New to the forum. I recently purchased a used 2014 Journey Limited. It came with an 8.4 touch screen that has navigation. As you can imagine, the map is dated. I did a search online and couldn't for the life of me find out how to update this. Even the Dodge site asks me to enter in a 10 digit code which can be found by following steps that they provide (keep in mind that I had to provide my year and model and trim). However, none of the steps match my navigation menu options. And when I finally get to the map info, there is no 10 digit number to use. I am dumbfounded...When I search the Igo Primo site, there are no options to choose Dodge or Chrysler. I have updated the Uconnect software and it is running the latest version (which was from 2016). Is there a way to update the iGo Primo map? I mean, I can always just use Google maps on my phone, but it would be nice to have the navigation on the screen. Apologies if I'm beating an old topic...I just couldn't find anything specific to iGo Primo when I did a search.
  15. So, I have always had a USB stick in the console, and played music off of it since 2014. I use the far right button, and dial, below the A/C controls for navigation. All songs on the USB drive have always worked/played, using the "Folder" search option it that automatically goes to when you press the far right button control below the A/C control. Well, a couple of weeks ago, about half of the folders when selected, may just play a single song, and it may not even be the song that gets selected. Also, when you turn the knob, it stays within that same folder, or just plays that specific song over and over again. It used to loop through to the next folder, and you could go through the entire USB stick with the knob. This is getting frustrating. No settings that I have messed with, have nade any difference in this issue. Anybody else had any similar experience?
  16. Hi! I currently own a 2013 Dodge Journey RT. As of late, I have been having issues with both the Bluetooth and the Handsfree functionality of the vehicle. They are completely non-functional. Each time I try to use them, I'm met with a Please wait... message from UConnect. I've read here on the forums that I should first try disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery for a period of time in attempt to reset the computer. However, after locating the negative terminal under the hood, I've been unable to disconnect it due to a plastic barrier around the nut. Here's a picture I found of it. Frankly, I have no idea how to remove this barrier, and the isolation hole shown here as item #3 doesn't seem to have a purpose. Just to add, I brought the vehicle in to be assessed, but after a $200 CAD assessment, they told me it would be $700 CAD to fix. I can find the MOPAR part online for much cheaper, and I'm tempted to buy it and have my local mechanic install it. That being said, I just want give this potentially simple fix a chance before I fork out the cash. Am I missing something here to disconnect the terminal and battery? Any help would be much appreciated!
  17. Hello all, new to this forum. Just purchased a 2009 DJ with 76,000 miles from a local dealer. I'm second owner. Bought this for our 23 y.o. daughter. I already have the uconnect radio but no mic or module installed. Is it possible to find a similar Dodge vehicle in the junkyard, carefully remove, then install in mine. I know that I would need to go to dealer to "flash" the onboard computer. Parts counter told me I could buy part for 350 then pay for install. He told me I couldn't use one previously flashed. I'm a little to frugal to believe without others knowledge on this subject.
  18. Heated Seat

    Today the heat to my passenger seat would toggle on and within a few seconds kick itself off. (my wife was pissed) Uconnect shows the toggle on, and I hear the slight click from the console as usual however turns off almost instantly. The car has been turned off multiple times and from other DCJDR forums seems like many of these heat elements fail relatively early. I found most of the complaints were on Ram and charger forums but im sure the same hardware and software is used in the dj as well . I took a quick look with a flashlight under the seat and didn't see anything disconnected or cut. Our DJ has 24500 miles on it and was bought new in june 2015. Sure...Its going to the dealer but has anyone else here experience this on their journey?
  19. I am having a issue updating the uconnect. I downloaded the update to a micro USB that I have a adapter for. I put the SD card in the SD card slot in the 2016 journey rt. No supported file. File remains in kwi never dealt with this type of file but I don't see what I'm doing wrong. Driveuconnect site got the proper file I'm on my 10 attempt so far. The ucconect is not allowing me to use my headted seats and steering wheel. I had to pull the fuse out because I was slow cooking my rear end couldn't stand it anymore it doesn't go off itpo stay on the whole time and the touch buttons do not respond in controls. Please help
  20. I have a 2016 dodge journey R/T with another issue. So as of 03/31/18 I began to have a issue with my heated seats driver side stays on which as you can imagine is not ideal. This happens regardless of auto start or manual start. I did the reset has not worked. The steering wheel warmer does not work also I can not select it on the controls, only screen off and outlet power work. I drove more than a hour in the car and seat warmer just stay on and it stays on hi. Doesn't show which is selected but it hot as a mofo, so I imagine it's high.
  21. Ok so my wife and I just purchased a new/used 2013 dodge journey. Part of the reason we got it, is because my wife drives a lot for her business and the hands free was excellent. after 3 weeks the bluetooth feature stopped working. brought it to the dealer and they just unplugged the neg. on the battery etc... it worked again for 2 days and stopped. The dealership now wants to charge us over $600.00 to fix. F**K THAT.... I am pretty decent at repairs and DIY fixes so I purchased a BOSS Audio BV9370B Double Din, Touchscreen, Bluetooth, MP3/USB/SD AM/FM Car Stereo, 6.5 Inch Digital LCD Monitor. I need to know what else I am going to need to be able to install this neatly and retain the SWC and other features. Please if you know what I will need your help will majorly appreciated. If you need any other info I will provide it. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. I can not find a dash bezel that will fit this head unit.
  22. Recently I started having a weird problem with a Uconnect 4.3/RHA system, specifically with hands free calling. Making outgoing calls works fine but when answering incoming calls I am often unable to hear the caller through the system. While investigating the problem today I found out that using the Phone button on the steering wheel to answer the incoming calls often causes the system to transfer the call back to the mobile device. I'm using an Android 7 phone and I'm unable to tell if it is the phone itself or the Uconnect system that is causing the problem. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem and do you have any advice on correcting it? Thanks in advance.
  23. Please help. I cracked my screen on my 2011 Dodge Journey. I can still see all the buttons but they don't respond to th touch. I have called the dealership and they are asking 1600. Please tell me there is an alternative!
  24. I am the owner of a 2012 Dodge Journey ... over the past week or two I've been experiencing some problems with my 4,3 uconnect system. Principally ... when I want to use phone by pressing the phone button on the screen .. nothing would work. No response at all... I have no clue what to do... can someone help please...
  25. This weekend the hands-free system on my 2013 Journet began exhibiting a problem. The only message I see, from the mobile menu is the message "Hands-Free System Starting". Sadly, it never seems to start, thus my cell phone is unable to establish a Bluetooth connection. Even in the systems main configuration menus, the Bluetooth sub-menu fails to respond to the screen. I was considering disconnecting my battery for 30 minutes, or so. On other cars the system will reload when powered back up.