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Found 13 results

  1. So I have bought this 2013 Dodge Journey and it has the 8.4 uconnect touch screensaver the radio now my problem is that the radio freeze if I click any random thing, it has the potential to freeze, so does anyone face The same issue I tried to take it to my dealership to get fixed they told me to go to a dodge dealership and the dodge dealership said that they can’t fix it without physical seeing the problem, they also said it could cost over 2 thousand dollars, but the problem could literally stop happening if I shut off the car and turn it back on but it’ll start back on any solution? I thought about getting a after market radio but I didn’t know if it would work because if the climate controls on the screen!
  2. Can someone tell/ show me where the PCV valve is located on a 2013 Dodge Journey SXT V6 3.6L engine?
  3. I just had new brakes put on by a local Dodge dealer and when I got home, I realized they used the smaller brakes. I had huge ones that had minimal clearance between the rotor and wheel and new ones have almost 3 inches. Looking for part numbers for the large rotors so I can have all the info when I call Dealer tomorrow (closed by time I noticed the smaller size.) Thanks!!
  4. Hi, have a 2013 R/U Uconnect 8.4 with Navigation. Downgraded to CPT13, which seemed to go OK. It showed the hour-glass and then the progress bar all the way to completion. . However, once completed i got the Error Reflashing Errorcode : 0x 31A0. When I start the Nav app it just sits at the loading please wait.... screen. I've tried to upgrade, reflash same version but all attempts fail with the same error. The progress bar does not move at all. I've tried using the original USB i used to downgrade and 7 other different brands/sizes (all formatted to Fat32) - but still same issue. Even tried an SDCard and DVD but they weren't recognized. I may be wrong but believe 31A0 means it doesn't like the USB stick Going into Dealer mode and checking the Navigation info all fields are all blank. Any ideas how I recover this
  5. I have a 2013 Journey SXT 4 Cyl. When ever the Traction Control or ABS is activated my radio screen flashes off then on again but the audio stays on. Some times there is such a draw it pulls many dash lights and chimes at me then is back up to power again. I also have a flickering of the head lights when the car is idling and when I run the windows the headlights dim noticeably. Auto Zone did a quick alternator check and it showed that it was charging. Could this really be a battery issue? Thanks,
  6. Ok so my wife and I just purchased a new/used 2013 dodge journey. Part of the reason we got it, is because my wife drives a lot for her business and the hands free was excellent. after 3 weeks the bluetooth feature stopped working. brought it to the dealer and they just unplugged the neg. on the battery etc... it worked again for 2 days and stopped. The dealership now wants to charge us over $600.00 to fix. F**K THAT.... I am pretty decent at repairs and DIY fixes so I purchased a BOSS Audio BV9370B Double Din, Touchscreen, Bluetooth, MP3/USB/SD AM/FM Car Stereo, 6.5 Inch Digital LCD Monitor. I need to know what else I am going to need to be able to install this neatly and retain the SWC and other features. Please if you know what I will need your help will majorly appreciated. If you need any other info I will provide it. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. I can not find a dash bezel that will fit this head unit.
  7. IMAG0229

  8. IMAG0227

  9. Aftermarket Heated Steering Wheel?

    Hey guys! It's my first post and I was just wondering if any of you knew anything about how dodge has the wiring harness in the steering column of the journey. We bought a 2013 SXT with heated seats, but no wheel about a week ago and if I find a wheel with the proper uConnect/curise control buttons + a heating element, could I switch them out? does it need a new harness or are all the wires already there? Any help/ suggestions are greatly appreciated. So far I know that; Mopar sells heated wheels for $600 I can find a wheel that came out of an accident car for about $100 The heated wheel is available on higher end 2013 trim levels (R/T) I would need to add the heated wheel soft key to the radio control page thing somehow. (I have the uConnect 8.4N btw) Thanks in advance :D
  10. I own a 2013 Dodge Journey CVP. I received two keyless entry fobs with the purchase of the vehicle. I recently lost one of the fobs so I need to buy a replacement fob to have as a back-up. I am looking to purchase one online and get it programmed at the dealer to reduce the cost. Does anybody know if I might face any issues ordering from one of these sites? http://www.keylessride.com/order/chooseremote.asp?make=Dodge&remoteyear=2013&model=Journey https://www.keylessentryremotefob.com/Dodge_Key_Fob_Remote_s/1826.htm?searching=Y&sort=11&cat=1826&f-Dodge=2032&f-2013=1947&show=12&page=1&f-Journey=2719 These are definitely the replacement fob for a 2013 Dodge Journey but I'm hoping for some confirmation from someone who knows better. Any information will help. Thank you.
  11. Hi, All of a sudden, none of the windows work. They were working fine 2 days ago, however when I drove today I was not able to make any of the windows go up or down. I tried the driver control as well as each individual control and none of them work. From the driver side, the mirror control and the lock-unlock control work fine, it's just the windows. This makes me believe it might be a fuse issue, however, the manual does not have a specific fuse for the power windows. Does anyone know which fuse I should look at or have face the same issue? I have a 2013 dodge journey SE. I don't have time to take it to the dealer right now, so I'm hoping to be able to find a solution. Thanks a lot!
  12. First Dodge Journey

    Just got my first Dodge. It is a 2013 Dodge Journey R/t and i got it for 28k. The base price the dealer gave us was 32k but since it was the last one on the lot, he gave us a lot of discount plus i added a lot of options like navigation and sunroof so it ended up being 28k. It is being delivered saturday and i had one question about it. Does it come with some headphones for the tv at the back, i forgot to ask the dealer. If so, can someone take a picture of theirs and show it and are they any good?
  13. Hi, we just bought a certified pre-owned 2013 Dodge Journey SXT yesterday. It has a 3.6L 283 HP Pentastar V6 engine along a few extra upgrades like fog lights, dual climate controls, plus rear climate control. I think we did good. It was a rental car with 18,535 miles on it. I know there a few better prices out there with as little as 8,000 miles for about the same price, but nothing remotely close. The other vehicles like that are Texas and North and South Carolina, so I think we got a fair price for it. We love it too! It's soo powerful as well....it's amazing! Can anyone tell me anything that might be useful? I also have a couple questions. It has Halogen lights, and I was hoping for HID lights. Can anyone tell me how difficult it would be to install a Xenon HID light kit and what kit would be suggested? Also, I was wondering if there was anything we can do to lower gas mileage (aside from driving slower)? We noticed it features Flex Fuel and will take Ethanol. I was wondering if there any cons to using Ethanol and if there is any special lubricant that I need to use if I want to use Ethanol? I actually have a specific thread just for the Ethanol question, so you can just post it here if you like.: http://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/topic/4845-flex-fuel-question/ So, is there an air filter or anything we can install to lower the gas mileage. I know very little about cars too, so keep that in mind. If there are any DIY kits for HID lights and/or air filters or anything else that can be used, I need it to be simple or I need to have someone else do it, if it's not. Also, I don't want anything that would void the warranty. Thanks in advance!