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  1. Winter Tires

    Hey Grimm, any chance of you knowing where I can get a pair of steel rims like the ones in you picture?
  2. Winter Tires

    I stand corrected. thank you very much sir.
  3. Winter Tires

    looks good grimm, I think your pics just sold my wife on a set of steelies/snow tires. Any consideration with a wider tire? Just a thought, tirerack.com automatically converted the wheel size to 225/65 R17. I was just thinking maybe a little more rubber might not be a bad thing.
  4. 17" wheels on a 2015 Crossroad

    Wait a sec, if you used 17" on both... How did you do that? I had to pass on the 09's, after convincing the wife on a cheaper set of steelies. The contravercy of the 09's not fitting & the lack of time to get this s#!+ taken care of before the snow decides to drop. If only I had considered all this before time was of essence. Now I've just got to find a good deal on those... Thanks for all the help! May the weather be gentle to you all this winter...
  5. 17" wheels on a 2015 Crossroad

    Thanks for the reply Larry. Just out of curiosity were these the rims you tried? About to pick one of these up so I can see if it fits, unless you could tell me otherwise. Thank you sir...
  6. 17" wheels on a 2015 Crossroad

    Hey thanks Frank! After a few conversations with O'Riley's, I was afraid of that. I'm curious what my chances are of correct fitment with a set of 17 alloys from an 09 DJ?¿? I found a set at a local scrap/recycling place near my pillow... $400 for the set, mild scratches included. Seems kinda pricey if you ask me
  7. 17" wheels on a 2015 Crossroad

    What do you mean by larger caliper? And how do I know if mines got them? I too am trying to fit my DJ w/17"wheels & snow tires... 2016 crossroad, 4 banger, FWD.. Any help is always greatly appreciated, winter snuck up on me this year. Guess I wasn't paying attention
  8. Door Sill guards

    I found some of these at Harbor Freight. Pretty cheap too. This one is a 12" X12" but they had a few different sizes. I grabbed two 6X12s, a razor knife and a straight edge. With my journey being black they almost disappear.
  9. Fog lights

    Those look good Jr. It really sucks you had to pull the entire face off to run the wires. I could only imagine the look on my wife's face if she stepped out and had seen her car looking like that! haha Hope their worth all the effort...
  10. Window tint

    Those were my exact thoughts last holiday season. Thought I'd surprise the wife with a new mod to her wheels. I called the tint shop I passed everyday to & fro work , got everything arranged for Sat. morning, before X-mas. I'm only assuming my dumbass wasn't even paying attention when the shop owner informed me that the factory tint was slightly darker then legal limits. Got her squared away & back home before the wife had even known about my venture. Hell she didn't even notice a thing until 4:30 PM that day when the teen said "Mom, Why is there a sticker on the door , saying Do Not Operate Windows For 24 Hours". They were both already buckled in with the car started. She looked at me, threw the tinted window, asked "Whats this?" Took everything I had not to laugh at them both. "Whats what, babe?" About 2 seconds later, I think it clicked. Hahaha. Marry F'n Christmas! I made you car illegal! Butt she loves it none the less. They said the factory tint was 18.5%. They installed 20% up front & across the windshield. I still haven't fingered out to post pictures on here yet. I guess now I've got a reason to at least try.
  11. Footwell LEDS

    Looks Great! Super clean as well, almost looks like it should have been an option from the manufacture. How do they work? Can you control them (on or off)? Or are they always on? Any install pics? ..... Damn I sound needy! sorry bout that..... Oh yeah, why did you put the floor mats in like that? Shouldn't they be swapped (side to side)? Isn't the pad on there so you don't wear thru with the heel-toe motion? .... Okay! I think that's it..... I think I've had to much coffee.....Great mod though.....
  12. Park/Turn Led Switchback

    Have you tried swapping the bulbs, side to side? Might be the easiest way to check if it is the bulb (quality) if one side is in fact working correctly.... Dammit I was really hoping this was going yo work out for you Roberto. Good luck on a speedy fix Sir.
  13. Dammit Cody! You're going to convince me to do this mod if you keep post pics like these. lol Yeah! I'd sure as hell hate to be the sucker that flashes you on that dark road....
  14. Okay wait, I'm confused. lol Are the fog lights actually speakers? Sweet set-up by the way....
  15. Window tint

    I got the wife the exact same (easy) gift for X-mas. You can never go wrong with THAT gift. The local tint shop ram their little scanner on the back windows and said they were 18.5%. Thanks Dodge! The shop owner suggested 15% if a match is what I was going for. Little did I know that 30% is the legal limit in my neck of the woods.... Hey Merry Christmas honey, your brand new car is No Longer Street Legal. Oops, My bad. It's a pretty good match though! from the outside, all windows up, sun shining bright its very hard to see the difference. The front windows are a shade darker looking through them from the drivers seat.