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  1. Just wondering if anyone else has received this email. Costs $99 to do this. It Looks legit, but this is my first time dealing with this on my 2018 Journey. Thanks!
  2. My new toy

    Thanks! I love absolutely love this color and car!!!
  3. My new toy

    Turned in our leased Town and country and bought me a new 2018 Journey in blood orange. Really in love with it!! Husband will get to drive my old 2009 Journey now.
  4. 2009 Melbourne Green Journey

    2009 Journey
  5. New Member - 200k Journey

    Love it! Mine's a 2009 Journey with 125,000 miles on it. No major issues with mine either thankfully. It's always done well by me and will be passed to my husband in the fall when I get a new one, lol!
  6. 2009 Journey 125,00 miles on it and it was doing the same thing last winter. Never said anything to the dealer about it last year during oil changes. Decided to do something this year so I am now getting a new heater core. Most of the money is in taking the dashboard out to replace it. Since I'm planning on keeping the vehicle another five years at least, it's a good investment. It will become my husband's vehicle fall of 2018 and I'll be getting a new Journey. I'm happy with my Journey and glad that I decided to get it rather than any of the other crossovers I had on my spreadsheet comparison.
  7. mkcarter

  8. The brakes are bad on the Journeys period and wear out faster than normal it seems. I know I had to replace mine at 10,000-15,000 miles when I first got it in 2009. I went with brakes other than from a dealership because they are going to put on the ones for the Journey and it's the same problem again. Go to a good brake shop near you. Since I did that in 2009, I have had the normal wearing instead of having to have them replaced more often with the original Journey brakes. The brakes were a big problem on the Journey's and the NHTSA has received a ton of emails and reports about them since the Journey's first came out.
  9. 2009 Journey R/T AWD

    I bought my 2009 in 2008 so definitely first year and despite reading all the comments in the forum at the time that I bought mine about all the problems others were having, my Journey has been an awesome vehicle and I love it. I have never had any major issue with it until lately when it decided to start stalling at some stops but not all the time and having high shifts. At the moment it is in for service at the dealership and should be back to me today. Personally I can't wait cause I love the car and miss when I can't drive it.
  10. recalls

    The Brakes have always sucked on the Journeys. When I got my 2009, I had to change the brakes between 10,000 and 15,000 miles. Don't get them replaced at the dealership because you will still be getting the same yucky brakes again. I got mine replaced at a Belle Tire and and did the normal wear from there on with no problems.
  11. Dodge dealership in Garden City, MI

    Went to the dealership Dec. 31 because the airbag light was on and it needed an oil change. They came in and said the rear brakes needed to be done because they were bad. I didn't get them done at the time(which I am thankful for) first because I didn't have the money, secondly because that seemed to be what they were selling to everyone in the lounge that day, and thirdly I had just had the brakes on all four replaced back in Nov. of 2009 because of the bad brakes they put on the Journey's in the first place. I am so glad I didn't have them do the work because I took my car in yesterday to Belle Tire who did the original replacement of the brakes on the Journey back in Nov of 2009 and they said the brakes are just fine with lots of mileage left on all of them. Needless to say I will never go back to that dealership. Dodge will be lucky if I go to any of their dealerships from now on. Don't get me wrong I still love my Journey despite the problems with intermittent warning lights coming on and not meaning anything and the fact that I had to replace the brakes after only 17,000 miles. Just wanted to warn other Journey drivers that you shouldn't trust everything the dealership service people tell you or get a second opinion from somewhere else first. I trusted the dealership I originally bought my Journey from and they were great with it and with me. But Dodge stopped that dealership and now I am worried about going to another dealership that just got reinstated down the road from me. :unsure:
  12. 2009 Journey Recall

    So I just took my 2009 Journey in to have the oil changed and also because the air bag light was on. I am getting the controller solenoid for the air bag replaced which won't be in till tomorrow. I am wondering if this has anything to do with this recall? And yes we are being charged for the replacement since it is not under our extended warranty which we are paying $60 extra a month to have for the life of the vehicle, lol.
  13. Love my Journey

    I love my Journey. Just a nice run of the mill Journey, no add on's, nothing fancy about it. It's tires and wheels got stolen off it, so had to replace those (unfortunately with Goodyear Integrity's that didn't last even 20,000 miles, never again with Goodyears for me). Had to get the brakes replaced after 20,000 miles, I thought that was rather quickly but maybe not. No horror stories here and we are coming up on 37,000 miles. Kids love it, hubby loves it, my whole family likes it. I took a chance on it since it was the first year for the car and I am glad I did. Would I buy another one, yes definitely. However we will see if they are still around when this one gets run into the ground.
  14. Goodyear Integrity tires

    I had my tires and wheels stolen off my Journey a year after I bought it. I decided to go with Goodyear Integrity, thinking Goodyear was a good name I had heard before. My tires all four of them went bald in less than 20,000 miles. The back ones not as bad as the front but still only like 16,000 miles on them. I got a $25.00 credit on them and had to buy all four tires again for the tune of $500. This time I went with Dunlops. I will not be buying Goodyears again and the only reason I did this time was because they were a recommended tire for the Journey so that I wouldn't have to wait the 3 days or more to get the Kumho original tires in. And there was nothing wrong with the suspension or alignment either as that was tested as well before I got the credit.
  15. Rubbing noise when turning

    Thanks! I figured I could but figured I would ask anyways. I LOVE MY JOURNEY!!! But they need more commercials for it.