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    Cars come with a parking/E brake for this reason. Use the e-brake pedal (left side of driver's foot well) to prevent the car from moving. Doesn't hurt to use brick behind/in-front of the wheels too. Can you turn off, and take the key out of the ignition when the shifter's is in park? (with your foot on the brake): Can the car start? Are you sure the car is in true neutral, and not still in drive? with the engine off, the torque converter will feel like neutral at low speeds. Does the dashboard indicate the PRNDL changing, even though the car seems in neutral? is the electrical system working (radio, headlights, ect) Just for fun, try the old' trick of disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes; See if this gives the transmission a second wind... If it was me, I'd get it on a tow truck and take it to the nearest decent family-owned transmission shop. Might be big repair, but if the car didn't indicate any issues, it might be a issue with the shift lever, or it's push-rod that move the transmission in and out of gear.
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    I had seen so many posts with symptoms similar to what my car had, I did not know if they all might be related issues. I hope this information helps someone else diagnose their issue.
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    So what’s THIS gonna cost....

    SO, got the DJ back today (finally). Replaced 3 AC lines going to rear condenser, evac, leak die, refilled AC system, snowing in the car on the ride home. Flashed HVAC control. Compressor stays off when display is off. found loose connection at Hands Free Module-will use and see, speaking and understanding English replaced 3 motor mounts replaced oil dipstick checked for stored codes, etc to explain low mpg. Couldn’t find anything, but on the way home hit 24 mpg on the highway with the ac on, so we’ll watch that too. If it stays crappy, bring it back for more involved diagnostics-no new deductible topped off coolant-could not find leak. If I lose any coolant bring it back, no new deductible TOTAL out the door cost for repairs: $146 dollars (dip stick wasn’t covered under either warranty, bummer) I LOVE Fields CDJR in Glenview, IL.
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    Soft brake pedal, bad ABS unit?

    Hey buddy just wanted to let you know I fixed the Journey today. Turns out the problem was the passenger side rear caliper. I took the wheel off and noticed a gap between the piston and inner brake pad suggesting that the piston was stuck and not applying the brakes on that corner. I installed a new caliper, bled the brakes and now have a good firm pedal, stops like brand new. Definitely a learning experience for me. Would never have guessed a stuck caliper could cause a soft pedal. A good way to find if you have the same problem would be to unbolt one caliper at a time and have a helper push the brake pedal and see if the piston moves. I’ve used this method in the past to find bad calipers but didn’t bother on this car because I assumed it couldn’t be the problem. Live and learn. Good luck with your car!
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    Have I been Had

    dealers are allowed to charge different prices on their parts as well as labor, that is why you get a estimate before the work is started and also so you can check around at different dealerships i learned this years ago, also you could have got it done at your local garage using parts from part stores although usually not as good of quality parts as oem... and No you wont be able to get an adjustment, but hey its worth a try...good luck
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    P2173 fixed

    Just adding for clarity. A Google search revealed the following: The P2173 OBD-II trouble code is one of number of possible codes that indicates that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has detected a malfunction in the operation of the Throttle Actuator Control System. ... Code P2173 is set by the PCM when high air flow is detected in the throttle actuator control system. Peace.
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    Picture of connector wire attached. i don't have a picture of the location in the engine but it is under the intake in the valley between the heads. Remove the air filter box for ease of access. it is about 6" under the intake and is pointed straight out making it accessible if you have small enough hands. You can get a replacement wire harness from Mopar for $50 to $60 but you will have to remove the intake and oil cooler in order to replace all the wires, as the harness connects to the oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor, and the 2 knock sensors. i just purchased a replacement connector pigtail from NAPA who had it in stock (O'Reileys could order it, but Auto Zone and Advanced could not get it) and replaced the end. The bad thing about this connector going bad was the oil pressure display worked just fine and no codes were being thrown related to oil pressure sensor.
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    PTU Fluid Change D.I.Y.

    I changed the PTU fluid today and wanted to pass along some lessons learned. 1) It wasn't practical for me to fill the PTU using the fill plug, so I opted to modify the drain plug for fill/drain and it worked well. 2) Modification included drill/tap drain plug for 1/4" NPT to 1/8" NPT fitting and 1/8" NPT plug drilled for safety wire (see pix's). 3) I used Mobil 1 LS 75W-90 synthetic and warm it up first to help it pump easier. 4) Use oil transfer pump with longer 3/16 diameter pick-up tube so it can reach the bottom of the bottle https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BQW5LK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 5) Remove exhaust support bracket so you can get both hands in position to remove the fill hose, cover the drain hole after filling, and get the 1/8" plug threaded into the drain plug. I suggest you try this many times with a dry PTU... practice makes perfect... and less clean up. 6) Mark the bottle so you know when you reach the 28 oz. point. I added an additional 1 to 1.5 oz in case I spilled any while performing tube removal after filling. It should be noted that the fill hose had a snug fit into the pipe fitting so it sealed well. I added some electrical tape to the tube in case I needed to create a seal between the tube and fitting (see pix). I also used Permatex thread sealant #59214 (high temperature). 7) Use safety wire on the 1/8" pipe plug to keep everything in place since the installation torque will be lower because you'll be tightening the 1/4" NPT fitting to seat the factory drain plug. 8) Reinstall the exhaust support bracket and add a dab of antiseize to the exhaust bolt for future removal. Note: I recommend changing the fluid every 20K miles, that cat will cook the PTU fluid and changing regularly is cheap insurance. Additionally, I looked at using the PTU vent tube as a fill port, but it was easier to use the drain plug. You can use the vent tube but you can only add 2 oz. at a time until the trapped air in the PTU case is "burped" to allow the fluid to fill. Forcing the fluid with pressure will potentially create a leak path past one of the seals.
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    3.5L V6 Dodge Journey Engine

    well at least the belt should be easy to get to now...LOL
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    Summer Solstice

    220 miles a tank!?

    Check your brakes also. The dealership here does not check the brakes as part of a routine oil change without tire rotation. They mark off the blue (N/A) spot on the inspection sheet. You may have a slight drag on a brake. The front should make the car pull to one side, even slightly. The rear will not show in driving if very light but it will wear the pads and rotors noticeably and drop gas mileage considerably.
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    Open air filter

    i have the 2014 crossroad with the 3.6 just got back today from a long trip avg 28 mpg with 2 adults and carrying my wife's medical scooter on the rear traveled around 70 mph
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    After you do jump start it, go and get the charging system and battery diagnosed. First see if there is a problem with the alternator or battery themselves.I just changed my original 2012 battery this past Spring.Then, move on from there.
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    Any ideas... thermostat leak...

    Hey, just a quick little update... Ended up changing out the hose, upon inspection found that there was a small tear from where the clamp held down the hose. I guess wear and tear over time. Bought a genuine hose from mopar and came with a new clamp. Process was pretty easy. No more leak. Thanks
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    Armando G

    Help! Door panel removal

    Google search...
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    I have a 2009 journey 155,000 miles. SXT AWD. Had noise in front end for years. Replaced everything. Struts, lower control arms with bushings, lower ball joints, brake calipers, mount brackets, brake hoses, pads and rotors. Replaced stabilizer bushings and links. Tie rod ends still good. I finally figured it out. The stabilizer bar was hitting the crossmember on the inside of the mount. A retaining part of the bar is what was hitting. Made a 3/16 inch shim under the mounts and bracket. Had I aligned today and is finally like new.
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    If your hose is the original, and from 2011, it may be time to change it. Pull the hose from the thermostat, inspect the hose for a small perforation from the clamp. Use a flashlight, and a magnifying tool if you have one, and inspect the thermostat housing for a small hairline crack. It may have been over tightened. Once done, reinstall the hose and put on a new, quality clamp. Make sure to everything is seated correctly. If the leak persists, then you can contemplate a new hose and/or housing.
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    Alright all, So i did confirm at the junk yard that 2015-2017 Journeys do have the same plugs for the driver seat and power is going to each. I tested on another Manual seat Journey while i was there. Only problem I ran into was the the electric seat I was testing was leather, heated and the old lady doesn't want that at all lol. We decided for 92$ buying an entire seat just for the part that we needed wasn't really that bad of a deal since you cant buy just that part in my above post. I even emailed the Company BROSE in Germany and they don't sell that part alone. You have to buy the whole bottom from Dodge at almost 600$. No thanks. IF someone was to find an electric cloth seat and wanted to change them over all you'd need to do is make sure the plugs are the same and good to go.
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    Rear Climate

    No. There is not. Should have bought one with rear air if that is a necessity.
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    Summer Solstice


    Hmmm, I wonder if I can get Dodge to reimburse me for the transmission in my Chevy? Probably not as it did make it to 125,000 miles. Damn POS!
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    The clunk is gone! Even though nearly every part in the front suspension is replaced, I’m fairly confident they the problem was the strut mount. Jkeatin was right. Had to replace the RH CV axle to get the car moving again. I think the axle was bad before I started this project. In summary, thus is what is did in the car. Replaced the rear RH upper control link, which was throwing the camber off. The rubber bushing was shot. replaced both front quick strut assemblies, which included new strut mount. Replaced RH and LH front lower control arms. Replaced the RH and LH stabilizer bar links. This was the most difficult part. I ended up having to cut them off with a right angle Grainger. Replaced the stabilizer bar bushings. I had to weld the brackets back in place since all of the bolts broke. Since the car has 140000 miles I doubt they will need replaced again. Sanded and sand blasted the wheels and repainted silver. My son had painted them with black plastipaint. Once I removed that, it was clear why he painted them. Nasty and corroded. Fixed two rusty spots on the rear and front fender. Replaced two rear doors that were rusty. Now I have a car I can enjoy driving and it brought back a lot of good memories of teaching my son to mechanic and the fun we had working on cars together. Thanks all. Hope this helps someone in the future.
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    Just saw this. Steve. We talked about this... Don't be a hater. Concentrate on getting your car repaired. Please log onto your favorite honda forum. You'll be a star there.
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    In all fairness it was first year/gen. All manufacturers never get it right the first couple years. Plus did you buy it new or used? Buying a used car is like unprotected sex with a hooker. Everything might be fine or maybe it kills you. It's a risk we all take buying used LOL!
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    OMG My car is running perfectly by there is a recall and I don’t have my letter yet! Class action lemon law suit, who’s in???
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    Mechanical-idiot, I have a 2013 Dodge Journey RT AWD. One month ago while travelling across country my transmission pump went out which resulted in a catastrophic transmission failure. I just had a new transmission installed and 2 days later I started getting a thumping/rumbling sound from the rear of my vehicle. I just took it to Dodge and the drive train tech told me he is pretty sure it is the viscous unit. There is a small amount of fluid leaking from the seal between the viscous unit and rear differential. I will take it back on Thursday so they can pull it apart to confirm the problem. Your posts were very helpful. Thanks!
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    Summer Solstice

    Liftgate wining issues

    The wiring harness that runs from the main body roof to the top of the hatch gate is a known issue. Check the harness for fraying and breaks in the individual wires. There are numerous threads on here with others having problems with this harness.
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    What you are asking is impossible to diagnose on the internet. It could be a dirty connection, bad internal module,bad sensor, just about anything. Gone are the days of 3 speed, non-electronic transmissions. You can’t even check the level without special tools { no dipstick either}! Sorry to say it needs to go to a specialist.....
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    Coolant Issue - Help

    Usually plugs not only a small hole, but the radiator, heater cores, and engine block. I know your far from home but would have been better just to replace the radiator(if that’s what’s leaking). When you do replace the radiator, and don’t wait, have a complete coolant system flush and clean. You might get lucky.
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    It is less about the vehicle than it is about the driver tough in icy conditions the traction control the DJ uses sometimes needs to be switched off to climb hills.. A story from my past: In those days there was no legislation in my province requiring snow tires, even through we got lots of snow up in cottage country. Even today my vehicles get their snow tires installed on the last legal day and removed as soon as the law allows. My brother used to have a country house in the lower Laurentians that was at the bottom of a hill. He used to have lots of guests and the parking situation was that anyone could take whichever vehicle was parked at the head of the line if they needed to head into town - for some reason, my vehicles seemed to always be the ones that people took. One memorable weekend my ex sister-in-law tried to take my wife's van to go into town to get bread and other breakfast necessities to feed the usual weekend crowd. It had snowed overnight (as usual - and a significant amount, too) and she got about halfway up the drive and bogged down, getting stuck and she stomped into the house, complaining to my wife that the problem was that there were no snow tires on the van - My wife, in turn berated me, so I put on boots and a jacket and went out and drove the van up to the highway, parked it and brought the keys in and handed them to my sister-in-law. That afternoon I took the van and went into town and spend hundreds on 4 new snow tires. The following morning our van was again at the head of the line and my ex sister-in-law again decided to head into town and again (as you can imagine) managed to get stuck at almost the same place on the drive. She came in. I went out, again drove to the top of the drive and parked the van on the highway and came back in to be berated by my sister-in-law's yelling mixed in with content from my wife. The topic concerned how irresponsible it was to drive around with all season tires instead of snows. I lost it. I pointed out that the in-law managed to get stuck, not once, but twice and that in each case I was able to rather simply extracate the vehicle and go up the steeper part of the hill - no digging, no great wheelspins required. I then pointed out that she managed to get stuck twice; And that the second time she DID have brand new snow tires, purchased at great expense - and that the new tires didn't help, suggesting rather conclusively that my then sister-in-law was the problem, not the tires. In many, many decades of deep snow driving and heading to the ski hills twice a day on week-ends during snow season I have NEVER gotten stuck - in fact, way back in 1971, when the area was hit with snowfall that set a record that survived for many decades I drove from Montreal to Toronto and came back the same day and when I crossed the border into Quebec was greeted by someone driving a snowmobile who informed me that I was the first car through in over 6 hours - and I was driving a rental with the all-season tires of the day. I did see many vehicles stuck and off the road on the trip back. Snow clearing was almost non-existent. Over the years we've pulled vehicles as tough as AWD Ford expeditions out of parking spots at the ski hill with vans we've owned and more. And, with the years even my wife has figured out the niceties of driving in difficult snow conditions. But as you drive up north what you notice is that the vehicles in the ditch tend to be things like Jeeps and so on which OUGHT to do well on snow covered roads. So it is largely about the driver.
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    There is a switch that turns the lights on and off when you open the door. If you took the car to an electrical expert they should have checked that. The wire loom goes from the door to the body of the car. It’s inside the rubber grommet between the door and body. Open the door, look for the black rubber thing by the hinge. Open an account with Mopar.com. It’s free. You put your vin number in and it will tell you if there are any outstanding recalls needed for your car. Good info from them.....
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    I've had my 2016 R/T for 32000 miles and have been very happy with it. It just turned over 50K miles. I have been planning to write a lengthy review of my experience with it once I hit that mark. Stay tuned. I may actually get around to doing it one day. Maybe.
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    as it happens that a lot of times simple things can be missed and expensive parts end up getting replaced before they find the real problem.glad you responded and gave your fix
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    agree with the above post,if wires are missing its because of someone removing them ,as from the factory they would have been there and the horn would have worked, did you get a car fax or anything on this journey? the rear door lights would be a switch not being activated or possible wiring messed up .sounds like your car has been involved in an accident or something for wires being missing and being repaired maybe by a fly by night repair shop so it might not show up in paperwork somewhere....good luck P.S. nice looking car for its age....
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    There are so many possibilities here. The doors could be individual switches or you may have a bad ground. The horn story is suspect and makes one wonder if someone has down some alterations. If that is true, who knows what else has been done. Either a trusted garage or a wiring diagram to troubleshoot your self.
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    I'm going through the local dodge dealership in my town because recalls I was told have to be done at a dodge dealership and also because that's who did the work they would be more familiar with what they've done to it. I bought the car through a small private owned dealership. I plan to update all forums I can on my experience and outcomes. Stay tuned, thanks for listening to my rant in the meantime!
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    i would go back you paid for something you did not get...............
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    220 miles a tank!?

    As jkeaton said, it might be time for a tune up. If over 100,000 miles, get your spark plugs changed (if they have not been changed before). If it is a 6 cylinder, go with the iridium plugs, preferably mopar plugs. And - take the advice from the boys above and check the brakes. Best of luck. mechanical-idiot
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    This is what it supposedly means... The 3 overlapped cars is the status of the XM traffic subscription. If it is green, the sub. is active; if it turns orange/red it is not active or didn't receive the signal. The traffic service overlays the red,yellow,green lines on the roads to indicate traffic speeds and the incident screen will tell you what is going on where. Cute way of showing your signal strength.
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    Had my battery replaced yesterday

    So, my Crossroad is about four and a half years old and, reading about electrical issues that seem to be triggered by dying batteries and given the extreme cold we suffer through each winter here I decided to be somewhat pro-active about the matter and have my battery replaced before anything really expensive happened. I did a bit of digging. The DJ uses a group 86 battery and the dealer wanted a lot of money to replace it - lots for the part they sell and a significant amount to install it. (Yes, I could have installed it myself, but . . .) In doing a bit of research I discovered that not everyone sells the battery for the DJ (Costco, for example doesn't have it nor do a few of the auto specialists I checked) . . . . but, not only does Sam's Club stock the part, they install it for free - AND, until June 2, there is a $20 discount for the battery. So, yesterday I paid US$103 and some change, tax included for a Duracell automotive battery rated at a full 690CCA that has a 3 year replacement warranty installed in my car. At that price, and with the free installation, periodic battery replacement is almost completely painless (OK, I spent a lot of money in the store while they did the work) and, with a battery in good condition, the alternator and its related components aren't going to be stressed trying to charge a half-dead battery. If your vehicle has an older battery in it you might want to consider taking advantage of the sale. https://www.samsclub.com/sams/duracell-automotive-battery-group-size-86/prod3590273.ip
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    so what is the problem you are chasing on the eng?and no the warranty doesn't got to 150 k unless you were the org owner and and followed all the regulations for it.and yes older vehiclels do require repairs sooner or later ...
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    Roof Top Rack-not factory

    you are attempting something obviously you are not able of doing yourself i would advise you to take it to a customizing place and let them do it. the racks have to be attached to the roof cross braces not just the roof metal skin. i am NOT being smug but to get it done right and not cause any damage or physical injure...good luck
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    Armando G., Thanks very much for advice! Removed fuse, re-installed bulb and now works great! Thanks to all for your help! It's nice to bounce ideas around! Joshua
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    most cheap parts( not oem) dont work as good on some models, my father yrs replaced a alternator from a parts store on his caravan and it would last about 1 week then go bad they kept replacing it but finally he took it to a dodge dealership they replace it with one of their alternator and he never had any more problems with it.
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    No sound from any speakers

    If it's "just an old amp", maybe it went bad. Put everything back to stock and see if the speakers start working. Process of elimination.
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    I know that there is a computer initiated bleed procedure for a newly installed ABS module. The correct procedure is 4 wheel bleed, ABS automated bleed, 4 wheel bleed again. If you don't have a scan tool capable of initiating that bleed, take it to a shop.
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    How to check ATF fluid ?

    One of the dumbest statements I’ve heard all week came from someone with a 6 year old car crying because something broke, but i’ve had a slow week.
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    Attempting to mod a V6 with a turbo

    Not to be rude, I am all for modding, but why not mod a car worth modding? The Journey is such a nice family vehicle, It would not be worth the $$ and time put into it for the outcome. Ive had many modified vehicles, Ive fabricated and done fully custom turbo kits etc, and the fun thing about building a racecar is being able to fix it when it breaks, because they always break. Enjoy the journey for what it is! you can buy a nice modified Nsrt-4 for $5k now a days which will be much more fun then the journey ever will be.
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    Whoever is giving you mechanical advice is trying to screw you. RUN to a new, competent mechanic. The person you are going to is either a lying thief, thinks you are gullible, or has absolutely no clue about repairing cars. My feeling is all 3!
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    Summer Solstice

    Coolant Issue - Help

    Take it in ASAP, have the system properly diagnosed by a trusted mechanic, and get it repaired. The stuff used is intended as a short-term, temporary fix at best. Many, including myself, would not use it but I certainly understand your situation. Just follow thru immediately, get the vehicle repaired properly, and make sure the garage understands your concerns and flushes the entire system.
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    Leave the chip out. Drive it for a few days and do a hard battery disconnect reset again. No disrespect, but the 2.4 has no hidden performance. The chip isn't going to unleash anything positive. It probably will continue to unleash more lights, problems, and gremlins. My advice is to leave the chip out permanently.
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    Summer Solstice

    Any guesses here??

    A vacuum leak could cause that problem. A leak around the intake manifold would do it. The installation of the new manifold may have developed a problem or a vacuum hose, related to he previous work or not, may have a leak.