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    I need to make a section titles “useless rants” for posts I need to make a section titled “Useless Rants” for these totally useless one post wonder rants. Lmao
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    What you are asking is impossible to diagnose on the internet. It could be a dirty connection, bad internal module,bad sensor, just about anything. Gone are the days of 3 speed, non-electronic transmissions. You can’t even check the level without special tools { no dipstick either}! Sorry to say it needs to go to a specialist.....
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    Coolant Issue - Help

    Usually plugs not only a small hole, but the radiator, heater cores, and engine block. I know your far from home but would have been better just to replace the radiator(if that’s what’s leaking). When you do replace the radiator, and don’t wait, have a complete coolant system flush and clean. You might get lucky.
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    It is less about the vehicle than it is about the driver tough in icy conditions the traction control the DJ uses sometimes needs to be switched off to climb hills.. A story from my past: In those days there was no legislation in my province requiring snow tires, even through we got lots of snow up in cottage country. Even today my vehicles get their snow tires installed on the last legal day and removed as soon as the law allows. My brother used to have a country house in the lower Laurentians that was at the bottom of a hill. He used to have lots of guests and the parking situation was that anyone could take whichever vehicle was parked at the head of the line if they needed to head into town - for some reason, my vehicles seemed to always be the ones that people took. One memorable weekend my ex sister-in-law tried to take my wife's van to go into town to get bread and other breakfast necessities to feed the usual weekend crowd. It had snowed overnight (as usual - and a significant amount, too) and she got about halfway up the drive and bogged down, getting stuck and she stomped into the house, complaining to my wife that the problem was that there were no snow tires on the van - My wife, in turn berated me, so I put on boots and a jacket and went out and drove the van up to the highway, parked it and brought the keys in and handed them to my sister-in-law. That afternoon I took the van and went into town and spend hundreds on 4 new snow tires. The following morning our van was again at the head of the line and my ex sister-in-law again decided to head into town and again (as you can imagine) managed to get stuck at almost the same place on the drive. She came in. I went out, again drove to the top of the drive and parked the van on the highway and came back in to be berated by my sister-in-law's yelling mixed in with content from my wife. The topic concerned how irresponsible it was to drive around with all season tires instead of snows. I lost it. I pointed out that the in-law managed to get stuck, not once, but twice and that in each case I was able to rather simply extracate the vehicle and go up the steeper part of the hill - no digging, no great wheelspins required. I then pointed out that she managed to get stuck twice; And that the second time she DID have brand new snow tires, purchased at great expense - and that the new tires didn't help, suggesting rather conclusively that my then sister-in-law was the problem, not the tires. In many, many decades of deep snow driving and heading to the ski hills twice a day on week-ends during snow season I have NEVER gotten stuck - in fact, way back in 1971, when the area was hit with snowfall that set a record that survived for many decades I drove from Montreal to Toronto and came back the same day and when I crossed the border into Quebec was greeted by someone driving a snowmobile who informed me that I was the first car through in over 6 hours - and I was driving a rental with the all-season tires of the day. I did see many vehicles stuck and off the road on the trip back. Snow clearing was almost non-existent. Over the years we've pulled vehicles as tough as AWD Ford expeditions out of parking spots at the ski hill with vans we've owned and more. And, with the years even my wife has figured out the niceties of driving in difficult snow conditions. But as you drive up north what you notice is that the vehicles in the ditch tend to be things like Jeeps and so on which OUGHT to do well on snow covered roads. So it is largely about the driver.
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    Performance coil pack?

    most products like this are more subjective to what you want to believe. only a dino test would show any improvement, kind of like k-n air filters giving you better performance and mpg (which i do use but havent noticed anything except saving money of the replacement filters) kind of like a placebo pill if you believe in it it works for a while. just my thoughts.plus to save any money on gas mileage it would be a very long time considering the price they want.also your friend doing both things at one time he really cant say which one helped him the most if any.
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    Custom exhaust question.

    So basically you want to do a custom exhaust like this? I did this when I first got it. Sounds nice start up and take off. As far as actual hp gains I cannot confirm but the wife and I like it so that’s good enough for me. Mufflers 30 each and labor was $50 total custom cost $120. Good luck in what you are looking for I provide pics of my set up. 4 inch slant burnt tip mufflers don’t remember the brand sorry.
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    2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Well, if you read what the thread has to say you will discover that it apparently covers vehicles up to some point past the start of the 2013 model year and that if yours was newer that that you could probably make a case (if not to FCA, then to a small claims court judge) that it be covered. Why you would park a vehicle without getting a diagnosis is beyond me, but assuming you can even start the vehicle after leaving it sit for 6 months, and assuming that the code hasn't cleared from the ECU because you let the battery go flat, the first thing to do is to read the code. See what Redtomatoman wrote above and then do it. you can read the code yourself, you can ask a garage or a buddy with a reader to extract the code or, you can go to the dealer and pay them a few bucks for the diagnostic. Once you've determined that it is the appropriate code or not you can make a decision as to what the next step is; At the very least you are likely going to have to buy a new battery and replace a bunch of fluids if you plan to put the vehicle back on the road.
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    DJ Trim levels Difference

    Be careful with that; The warranty starts with the 'in service' date, which may differ from that of the first registration. My nephew just learned the hard way, when he had an expensive failure on his DJ, which was purchased used which he was expecting to be covered by the warranty, but it seems that the in-service date was 6 months earlier than the date of the first sale to the original owner. To know for certain, contact FCA and ask.
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    The OEM spark plugs are copper and have a 30,000 mile life. After that, the electrode has worn to a point that fuel economy starts to trail off and you risk incomplete combustion in the chamber (which will then start dumping unburnt fuel into your exhaust, and that will wreak havoc on your catalytic converter). Don't replace them with anything but copper, and replace them when the engine is cold (do it in the morning on a weekend after it sits overnight) due to the metal header (hot metal is more malleable). The plugs are about $2-$3 each. Don't overtorque them (book calls for I think 25 ft-lbs, give or take), and make sure the rubber insert of your spark plug socket comes back out after you're done (that was a fun story... change plugs on a friend's car, then she had intermittent misfires for a year and a half). The transmission fluid should have been changed at 60,000 miles for your use (effectively, it was a "fleet or taxi" vehicle), and then AGAIN at 120,000. The 6-speed (62te) gearbox does not have a transmission fluid dip stick. The 4 speed does. As far as the service tech and the internet go - I'd put a LOT more faith in the owner's manual for the service schedule. There's a lot of good information out there, but there is also 10x more bad information as well. One last point about transmission fluid changes - the first time I had it done on my van (2010 Chrysler T&T, same 6-speed as the Journey), it came out to about $135. The cost of materials (I think it was 6-8 quarts of ATF+4, filter, and the bottle of RTV for the new gasket) was about $100 of that. It's a lot of work for a low profit margin job. And it's in the dealerships best interest for your vehicle to have a failing transmission after your powertrain warranty has expired (because then you either have to pay for a new gearbox, or - even better for them - buy a new vehicle). As for FCA, yes, the same does apply to them, but to a lesser extent. Fleet use vehicles have a 60k mile service interval for the transmission, which is still inside the powertrain warranty (or at least was when your vehicle was built). Recommending that change at 60k is suggesting it is necessary to maintain proper function of the transmission for the life of the vehicle. But what do the engineers who designed these things know? Surely not as much as the dealership technicians (who are NOT FCA employees).
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    Rims/Tires on Crossroad

    The Journey (any year and all models) can take 17" and larger wheels. Older Journeys (the ones with the smaller brakes) can also take 16" wheels. The tire size is obviously impacted, because for any wheel size, the width and circumference of the tires needs to conform to what the vehicle can handle. So, like many among us I have 17" steel wheels with my 225/65/17 snow tires mounted on them and the original 19" wheels with (in my case) a set of 225/55/19 Bridgestone ECOPIA H/L 422 PLUS installed. Those sizes are what FCA delivers with the vehicles. They diameter of the tires is close enough that there is minimal impact on speedometer and odometer accuracy. Ride height is pretty much the same, too.
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    Winter and summer mats

    should'a posted months ago that these sold locally. welp Journey forums peeps, this will be my last post here. Thanks all, I learned a lot especially in the early days of my Journey ownership (2011). I liked my Journey so much (despite the warp-prone undersized front rotors) that I went to trade it in for a 2018 Journey. I made the mistake of test driving a 2018 Durango while I was there, and was smitten. I'll be using a different forum now. Best to you all. Hope you all enjoy your Journeys as much as I did mine. here's a parting shot of my Durango GT Black Top Edition (V6) with KMC wheels.
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    Oil Extractor?

    first off syn at the dealership is really high, 2nd just do your first 4 free oil changes at 6 k not 3 k just wasting your free changes. and by oil extractor i am assuming you mean a tube down the oil stick tube it would work but probally wont get all the oil out and or any residue that would drain out by removing the drain plug.after looking at the oil extractor kind of pricey and had some bad reviews . think i ( 65 yr old fat man)would stay with the oil pan and remove the drain plug i mean its usually only once a yr or so...good luck
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    First Flat Tire

    do yourself a favor and go to harbor freight and buy you the 18 inch breaker bar with a 19mm socket , a lot easier to break them lug nuts loose with that then the wimpey wrench from the factory,catch them on sale and get both for less than $15. and use a coupon for a free gift to boot......
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    5 years, 80k miles later, zero issues.
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    Armando G


    All I can say...I miss the good ole days of almost no electronic controls, minimum sensors, and easy access to everything. I cross my fingers that mine will not have these issues every time I read these posts.
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    It is located at the rear of the vehicle above the headliner . . . . . . It is known as the RFHUB
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    SiriusXM activation

    Unhook the negative battery post for 10 minutes then try again maybe its frozen
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    Over cooling maybe?

    So, I did it. Wasn't bad at all. Dropped the pan and got exactly 5.5 quarts out like the manual says. I was surprised because I have heard so many people say that they got alot more out. Changed the filter, cleaned the magnet, cleaned the pan, put rtv on it. Bolted it back up. Ended up putting 6 quarts in. That got me to 20mm at 110 degrees F. Sorry that this thread turned into something totally different though. I appreciate the advice.
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    It's really hard to tell over the internet with certainty. Did you check the fluid level properly? What's the mileage? You can start by getting the transmission serviced. Doubt adding a "small amount" of fluid would accomplish anything. You really need to take it to a trans shop or dealer for a proper diagnosis.
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    Hi gang... As I noted before, I hate when people get solutions to problems on forums and then are never heard from again. Anyway, thought you'd all like to know that I just sent in my last payment for my Dodge Journey. I now officially own the thing! This has been one of the best cars I've ever had, and even though six years old I've had no issues with it other than the one I originally talked about three years ago. Regular wear-and-tear, sure, but no major problems at all. Although nearing 100K miles, it still looks good, and rides good. Take care, A.J.
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    2010 Journey Motor Mounts

    well i dont buy parts off eBay for the reason if you get the wrong ones you are stuck waiting or whatever, also a person is never sure of the quality, there is no reviews on these parts ,but the seller seems to have a great rating.....parts from your local dealer with oem parts will be of better quality and if you have a problem they are close by.... e450 vs 120 dont know the difference but its up to you. since the part # are not quiet the same if you can afford it go for the dealer parts......
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    2013 Journey – Fuel tank size??

    i cant believe i just lost 2 minutes of my life reading this post,
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    2018 Journey SXT Lacking

    Shocked that you did not discover this before you purchased the vehicle...did you buy it sight unseen?
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    2017 Journey overheats

    Pretty vague post.....tell them you dont want it then ..give it back them sounds like trouble a 4 or 6 ?
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    In the U.S. the EPA has made it law that ALL octane fuel will contain additives, as a dirty engine creates more HC. The extra money you pay for higher octane fuel is in effect a waste, and has been proven. In fact one test on a dyno and emission test showed that the 91 octane actually had more unburnt fuel as a result of all the additives and there gave worse emissions. As far as fuel additives goes I would be very careful. Actually I now use none. Having had several Dodge trucks, I used various engine cleaners and additives and the result was a plugged up EGR every time. I don't have the pics any longer but the EGR valve piston was sealed shut with black, burnt debris.
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    2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Finally had time and called FCA Canada Customer Care to confirm the details on TSB 09-002-14 In Canada the warranty is extended to 120 months (10 years) and 240,000 km (Approx. 150,000 miles) and the fix will be done by the dealership under X56 Warranty Extension. I was concerned they would limit Canada to 150,000 km as companies like to do with other warranty mileage when comparing USA to Canada. I was pleased to see they did the right thing here. I have requested a service appointment from a local dealership and hopefully fix my engine troubles. TSB details in attached PDF TSB_LC_0900214.pdf
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    Going uphill

    It. Could. Be. Anything. Take a service tech on a ride and demonstrate the issue.
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    Antenna Mount Question

    I have a 2009, and not sure it is the same, but a lot of hardware stores have a display that has all of the different thread sizes mounted on it, like studs for matching a tapped piece, and long nuts for matching a threaded piece. I would assume that it is metric, and so I'd take the antenna into the store, and see if there is one that matches. If not, it may be some sort of proprietary thread, but I doubt they'd go to that extra expense.
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    There's no mystery; Either your battery is weak or your radio needs replacing. But why are you here? Your vehicle should still be under warranty. Take it to your dealer and have him fix it. You might consider buying a factory extended warranty once you find out how much the radio costs to replace.
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    sorry if i upset you Donald as i said i was only stating on how old the trans oil was, if you dont want to change it then dont. since you dont have a dip stick you might be low on fluid? as i asked what engine you had and you gave no answer. bad spark plugs can give some of the problems you seem to be stating, you are posting asking for help and i was only trying to give some insight but do as you please and i hope you get it figured out.
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    he doesn't need a Journey...more like a Hummer
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    search the forum under which you posted i have seen articles showing how to do it, not cheap tho
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    Well, it's a simple calculation....watts equals volts times amps. (W = V X A).....so... 120 volts X 0.6 amps = 72 watts You are fine.
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    this has to be fiction...the car isn't worth that much
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    ewwww flying ants love my journey

    Wash it. Then give it a good coat of wax. Maybe they won't like it or they may not be able to crawl on the paint with the wax coating. Dunno. Worth a shot. Peace.
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    Stripped lug nuts

    use to have problems with the caps coming off the lug nuts (cheap nuts from chry) mostly caused from air guns over torquing the lug nuts. you might have to drill it out. before doing this go on amazon and order you a complete set of solid lug nuts cost is quiet reasonable ( $ 20-30)and also use a torque wrench from now on when putting the lug nuts back on.
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    Losing coolant, no visible leaks

    Don't use universal coolant for one. Mixing coolant types will cause blockages in the radiator or engine at best, heavy corrosion at worst. Get the coolant flushed correctly as soon as possible. Check the consistency of the engine oil. Yellowish to black is fine, chocolate milk like is a failed head gasket. You also want to check hoses, especially any that are above hot components (like the exhaust manifold). If it's leaking from there, it will drip onto the heat shield and evaporate before you can see the leak. One last place to check off hand would be the coolant overflow bottle - make sure it isn't cracked.
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    Complete Frt End rebuild

    Have your own mechanic trouble shoot and pinpoint the cause. Then go back to the seller and either have them fix or pay. The Journey is known to have some suspension noises. Hank
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    2012 power loss while driving

    Check out rock auto , a throttle body there is $165 or so depending which one you pick . They are very easy to replace.
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    Hello from the Big D

    Yawn. . . I agree, Dodge did it right name. I no have issue in my vehicle. I think you forgot to mentions any of your issues. People on this forum are here to help. What are your issues, exactly? Peace.
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    Much needed help

    Make sure you get everything they say in regards to the car in writing. Sure it is possible, but like @jkeaton said it is going to cost a lot more than just buying some seats. The entire rear of the vehicle has different trim pieces, cargo area, and floor loading level. You should have looked it up before buying, I make a habit of looking stuff up at the dealer before making a decision. Sales people can be tricky little boogers.
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    Hmmmmm - I suspect you may wind up unhappy with one from a wrecked vehicle because they are where the keyfobs information is stored and you can't learn in a used FOB. I think the dealer may possibly have left something our - IIRC the hub needs to be learned into the system, as well.
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    Armando G

    Paint not matched

    Definitely been painted not to match. You also mention the carfax report, but we all have to remember that everything on those reports are issues that have been reported. If I scrape my car on a tree or big nasty pole, chances are I am not telling anyone (mostly from embarrassment), but also because I don't want my insurance to go up and because I don't want to drive a car with a scrape. I know plenty of body shop guys, and I am sure there is one or two who will give me great 'cash' deal with minimal or no paperwork. They are very helpful reports, but unfortunately we still have to remember the old saying, "Buyer beware" before buying anything. A two hour drive would be worth it in my opinion. Good Luck.
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    Best Tire Deal I Could Find

    No. It messes with the AWD system. not the ABS system.
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    well just remember you hear from the upset or pissed off folks alot more than you do from thoes who are happy with their vehicle, the only problems i had with my 2011 was from the undersized brakes and rotors and false reading from the transmission, then i got my 2014 crossroad and have been tickled pink until about 45k and had a oil sensor started giving a false high pressure reading and that was fixed under my max mopar warranty and they treated me quite good on that....
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    Other than taking it somewhere for a thorough inspection, don't believe there would be a "driveway fix" for this issue.
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    I want to turn my DJ into a Jeep Wrangler. Would it be better for me to buy all the parts or just buy a Wrangler??
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    OK!!! The jury is back and here's the Verdict....... It's plug and play.....Just remove the manual seat and replace it with the power unit --- plug in the two connectors and it works like a champ. One plug is for the air bags, and the larger one is for seat power and seat belt sensor. So there you have it...it can be done without running to the stealership.
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    SiriusXM activation

    Tks Larry, I did this and the radio works perfectly.