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    Here are some before & after pictures: Old caliper: New caliper: Old with wheel (wow, they look tiny inside a 19" wheel ): New with wheel: That's about it. Just a couple of things before I go..... Be advised that with these bigger brakes, you will need a minimum of 17" wheels to clear. So some Journey owners with smaller wheels will have to budget for new wheels as well as the bigger brakes. Parts list: Part Part number Qty Pads 68159579AC 1 Rotors 04779712AA 2 Caliper (L) 68144161AA 1 Caliper ® 68144160AA 1 Carrier (bracket) 68159578AA 2 Pin Kit (sliders) 68144165AA 2 Spring kit (pads) 68159523AB 1 Dust shield (L) 04779907AA 1 Dust shield ® 04779906AA 1 As mentioned before, to save some money, you may be able to find the pads & rotors aftermarket. The calipers, brackets, pins and backing plates are probably dealer only items, but can be found cheap on line at the following sites: www.factorymoparparts.com www.moparoverstock.com Tools required: 11mm wrench for the bleeder screw 13mm wrench or socket to remove caliper 15mm wrench to hold slider pin 21mm socket to remove bracket bolts vice grips or a clamp of some kind to crimp the brake hose.
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    20" Jeep SRT Wheels Installed

    Searched high and low to get this figured out as I am sure many have. Here is what we installed on our DJ: Front 20x9 (+35mm offset) 255/45 20 Rear 20x10 (+50 offest with a 6mm spacer) 285/40 20 We had to use a 6MM spacer to get the clearance in the rear. It does not rub UNLESS you are getting a lot of articulation out of the suspension (pulling in sideways on a steep driveway - the angle of my driveway in the pic is not enough to do it). We found these wheels for sale in the local classifieds off a 2008 Jeep SRT 8.
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    Rear hatch wont open

    There is a small 'emergency' access panel on the inside of the liftgate trim, at the bottom center below the light. Pry it open with a small flat screwdriver. Inside is what looks like a large plastic screwhead that can be turned with a phillips or large flathead screwdriver to open the hatch.
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    Its the little things

    Hi All, Helped a friend load a coffee table into their Kia Sporatge on the weekend. Well tried to anyway but the middle seats don't fold flat so the coffee table legs hit the roof . So it got me thinking about all the little things I appreciate in my Dodge Journey Flat folding middle seats Under floor storage indicators that flash 3 times with just a flick Front head rest tilt forward at the bottom (so passanger can use a pillow on those 1000km trips ) I am sure there are heaps more that I havent mention, but it just goes to reminded me what a brilliant vehcile the Dodge Journey is Gary
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    Steering Wheel Cover

    The last girl I dated complained about the steering wheel. She'd hit the back of her head on it whenever I would drive.
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    I need to make a section titles “useless rants” for posts I need to make a section titled “Useless Rants” for these totally useless one post wonder rants. Lmao
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    Member Map

    Would be cool to see where everyone is. https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1818248&add=1# You do not need to sign up for this. Just click on the "additions" tab and then "add marker". You can give a generic location, does not have to be your exact address.
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    Super clean your windshield

    Maybe others have heard of this before, but I hadn't. . . I followed the procedure shown in this video. So far my windshield has been great in our monsoon rain and the bugs hardly stick. Cool easy trick to improve vision through the windshield. Peace.
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    Transmission selector switch assembly maybe the problem in as it starts neutral but not park.
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    DJ comparison

    Have a 2016 Nissan Altima rental this week. Not nearly as nice to drive as my 2011 DJ. Likes: Engine has plenty of power, transmission shifts super smooth, base comes with backup cam,great fuel efficiency. Dislikes: Steering wheel is too small, interior controls are wonky, seats are a strange material, no lumbar adjustment, backup cam screen is small. Overall the Altima is not as fun to drive as my DJ. Lots of interior noise and twitchy steering. Small steering wheel makes that worse. Engine and transmission seem good but I'm afraid to use all of the power. Maybe that would get better with time. I miss the cargo space of my DJ this week. Anyway, good car, but I prefer my 5 year old DJ overall. Peace.
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    I am in the process of installing a pair of subs and an amp. I made a custom fiberglass enclosure molded from the storage bin. I will try to post a thread when I am fully done. This is my first fiberglass enclosure.
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    Turn key flawless vehicle. There are one or two recall notices sitting in the glove box if I ever get to the dealer, but I see no need to. This Dodge has been truly excellent. Still love the performance of the engine and transmission (I have a cherished memory of totally shamed some poser driving a bmw suv from more than one stop light, oh so sad). We love the ride and the comfort. We get positive comments and lookers still today. Really cannot be happier, what incredible value! oh and no sunroof leaks..ever. And we frequent high pressure touch-less carwashes. lol. This is our first new dodge suv, wont be our last. Our first new dodge was a 09 challenger, again, never been back to dealer for any issues whatsoever but for a recall it had no issue with. Very impressive car. Love it!
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    Can't Unlock Maps

    THEY had to change it, but IT didn't have to be changed. I've brought these back from the dead and it is relatively simple to do. If you read what I wrote you'll know that I think it is an FCA policy for some reason, perhaps because the fix requires about 2 hours of someone babysitting the vehicle while it processes the data. Supposedly they've got it figured out now (finally). The latest software for the radio and navigator have been incorporated into the R65 recall. The only problem is that if they DON'T have it figured out, the recall implies that this is a one-shot affair - they go at it and then you're on your own. If you have the latest radio, a decent Internet connection, a reasonable 8 gig USB stick and a couple of hours to spend on it I can probably walk you though the repair and you can avoid going back to the dealer. I would need to know what firmware your navigator is running, which you can read as it begins to start up.
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    Ask your selling dealer to schedule the car to be seen by their District Service Manager. The car still falls well within the basic 3/36 warranty as you are aware. Digital imaging is required for authorization prior to performing warranty paint repair issues which is what the dealer did for you, but I really don't understand why your claim was denied based on the location of the damage and the warranty status of your car. The DSM has the authority to override a denied claim if he/she deems the repair as warrantable, and if the denied claim is overturned by the DSM then your dealer can go ahead and repair the car and their claim will be paid.
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    If you want advice about how to fix your car, remember that you are the eyes and ears of your helpers. So, you need to be a good witness. Here are some dos and donts Do record the year, transmission type, mileage and engine size of your vehicle, and any pertinent history of repairs. Do provide as many details as you can about the problem. Dont ask, does anybody know how to fix a Dodge? dont ask, how do you fix brakes? Vague questions like that are a red flag that the person has no clue about auto repair, so dont be surprised if you get simple answers back. If you show some evidence of your skill set, then those offering advice can better adjust the explanation to your knowledge level. And, there is less risk of walking somebody down a repair pathway that puts them in danger of causing more problems. Dont just say my car wont start. You need to be a better observer. Heres an example. I have a 2013 automatic transmission 3.6L with 50,000 miles that wont start today. Its never had any serious repair and its had no major maintenance before. Last night while I was driving the engine suddenly quit, so I coasted to a stop on the road, a block from my house. Dash lights and headlights stayed on until I turned the key off. That night I couldnt restart it, so I walked home. This morning I stepped into the truck and I turned the key to on. Just after I turn the key to on, I hear the fuel pump motor come on for a couple of seconds. The lights on the dash come on, the headlights work normally. The fuel gauge reads 3/4 full. When I turn the key to start I hear the starter motor engage, and I hear and feel the crankshaft spin. I can see the serpentine belt moving when I try to start the vehicle. But it spins the motor at a faster than normal speed, with an unusually smooth whirring sound and no evidence of ignition. The above history, presented in the kind of smooth and logical way that a mechanic would normally approach the problem, rings familiar bells and makes it much easier for others to help. Unless youre sure, dont start the description with your diagnosis. For example, dont start with the question how do I replace a thermostat Rather, give the problem, the evidence, and only then discuss why you think you need a new thermostat. You might find that the white smoke out your exhaust that you didnt mention is also related to the overheating radiator. Do provide as many clues as you can. for example if the problem only happens in damp or cold weather, mention it. Do consider making a video of the problem. Posting video on Youtube is free, easy, and fun. A short video of your problem can make a huge difference as to how much youll get out of your effort. And youll likely meet a lot of interesting friends along the way. Finally, one more thing. Remember to keep your thread active, right to the point that the problem is solved and answered. Everybody who helps out on this forum wants to see how things ended up. If you ask a question on this forum, you owe those who try to help the courtesy of telling them what the solution was, even if you eventually had it fixed by a pro. Good Luck!
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    Forum Rules: Dodge Journey Forum membership is diverse, covering people from various countries, backgrounds, ages and experiences. Considering this diversity and to make Dodge Journey Forum enjoyable for the majority of our membership, we have adopted the following simple posting guidelines. 1. Vulgar, offensive and/or inappropriate language, images and other offensive material including, but not limited to, race, nudity or pornography is not tolerated here. The Dodge Journey Forum staff shall be the sole judges of what does and what does not violate the boards standards. 2. While debating and discussion is fine, respect your fellow enthusiasts. Being of a diverse background, members are likely to express different opinions, and while opinions may differ from yours, they are just that, opinions; and everyone is entitled to express theirs freely. We will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, or personal attacks. Do not flame, bother, bug, disrespect, hound or taunt ANYONE on the forums or through private messaging or chat room. If we feel a thread is getting out of hand we will close or delete it. You can/will lose your posting privileges if you continue this type of behavior. 3. "Trolls or Trolling", "Flames" and/or "Board Wars" are not tolerated here or elsewhere. Posts that taunt or are otherwise inflammatory against other sites will be removed. Also, anyone found to be making inflammatory posts and remarks on other forums (starting Flame/Board Wars) can and will loose their posting privileges here. This rule also applies to those that, for whatever reason, feel a need to post negative remarks about this site on other forums. If you do, don't expect to be welcome here. 4. Double posting is not allowed and can result in the deletion of one or both posts. Double posting is defined as posting the same information in two or more separate forums. We understand that some topics might fit into more than one forum. Please try to pick the best one. In addition, please do not post in the same thread back to back (another version of double posting), if you have something more to add, edit your post, don't post twice in a row in a thread. 5. Selling or solicitation of ANYTHING in the general forum, by Private Message or in Chat is considered Spam and is not allowed. Anyone found posting excessive links to their websites, or suspected of "sneaky" advertising will be warned and will possibly lose their posting privileges. Please post your private party ads in the Dodge Journey Classifieds forum sections. If you are a business and have a product or service that would be of interest to our members, PM an admin to learn how you can join our team and help support our community. 6. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short), "smiley" only, non-sense posts, memes and such. 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    Jettison the Spare Tire??

    Call me old school, but I don't want to be anywhere without a spare. I've, fortunately, not needed one in a very long time, but I still wouldn't lose that peace of mind feeling it gives me.
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    Broke down....

    and bought new tires! Got to 40,000 miles on the factory Kuhmo's. Tread was almost to the wear bars, so I figured I'd go ahead and replace them now before snow season gets here. Picked up a set of Falken Pro G4 all season's from discount tire for $112 each.
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    Perhaps the master cylinder reservoir has just enough brake fluid to cover the fluid level sensor and when you stop hard the sensor is momentarily exposed triggering the chime/light. The level in the reservoir will lower as the pads wear. Try filling the reservoir to the full mark.
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    The last time I had a loud noise in the front, I moved my mother-in-law to the back seat!,
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    Towing Feedback

    Along with the good information from jkeaton, I'll add that the DJ doesn't have the engine cooling or transmission cooling capacity required for any serious towing. The DJ's towing is aimed at a bicycle rack in the hitch or a small, open landscaping trailer. Before you rush out and buy an RV (travel trailer), even one within your DJ's weight limit, look up the frontal area restriction for your DJ. Regardless of the weight of the trailer, you will also find a "frontal area maximum" that is allowed. Frontal area and weight are the two biggest limiters for trailers. The ability to pull a large flat wall through the air at highway speeds demands much more from an engine / drive train, than does a smaller frontal area as found on popup RVs or utility trailers and boats. I've been RVing for quite a few years and the DJ is not a vehicle I would choose to pull an RV trailer.
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    just did the exhaust

    You're kind of a douche bag. For someone who doesn't want it to sound like you're bagging on his ride, you sure went out of your way to be a dick. Like you said, not everyone is expected to like each other's taste, but the way you went about it was childish and ridiculous.
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    Stupid bird

    On second thought, I think it may have been a duck. I didn't notice the big quack in the bumper before!
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    I have a Toro Lawn Mower and Snow Blower.
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    Mopar Power Wagon

    From the album Ritch's Journey

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    Hi all, After few months of stage by stage mod, I finally completed my plan, here is my Journey 2015 edition: LED headlight (2nd gen aftermarket headlights) DRL (installed by auto-electrian, need tiny mod to fuse box) Together with LED turn signal light HID low beam & 6 mini led high beam Detail look into the headlights Shark fin antenna (not a dummy) Back (little chrome touch, and a V6 badge) Finally the light effect at night http://i.imgur.com/wGb0JKI.jpg
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    Top speed

    My "speeding" is limited to 5 mph over whatever the posted speed limit is, except in school zones, which I do exactly the limit. I lived young and restless (and reckless) in my younger days and spent the better part of 10 years trying to clean my driving record up so it did not cost me $6000 a year for liability only insurance on a $2500 beater car. If I want to go fast, I'll pay for a few laps at a Richard Petty driving school or something, Not the least bit worth it to me and I do hope ya'll are on lonely stretches of road out in the middle of nowhere when your testing the top speed limiter and not endangering other drivers. I'll stop being the dad now.
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    Let me know if there is anything else you need instructions on.
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    I'll never go back to halogen!
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    I agree with dhh3 - I can't hurt to reset the vehicle with a battery disconnect - but I personally have my doubts that the transmission controller (rather than the transmission itself) caused the problem, though, being a computer it probably locked up with the power glitch, which is why it worked after the restart.
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    Well, I finally upgraded my 2014 SXT. I took out the 4.3s and installed the RE2 receiver, the 8.4" screen, the new bezel, and the lower stack. I also installed the factory backup camera as well. The receiver, screen, lower stack, and bezel were pretty straightforward and easy to install. '14 Charger receiver, '13 Journey screen, '14 Journey bezel, and '11? I think, lower stack. I included some pictures below of some things I hadn't seen others include as far as how to remove the trim and whatnot. My wife and I really enjoy the upgrade, makes the interior feel much less "base package" and more complete. I, like others, haven't fixed the temperature controls on the screen but I haven't given up yet. I've talked with guys from my dealer and realized they're not going to be much help as this is the first radio they have even unlocked. Thanks to this forum I had more information than they did. I've talked with Uconnect who did not have info for me, and talked with Dodge corporate and they referred me to a larger dealer in the area but I haven't gotten a hold of them yet. I played with the controls and found that when I "sync" the temps, the front and back hvac behave as one. That's nice as we have small kids in the back. If the knobs in the back are turned then the sync is broken and the rear acts independently. It also seems that even though the sliders on the climate screen maintain the nefarious "22 degrees" mark, if you slide them up or down it seems to lock that temperature in even though the slider moves back to the middle a few seconds later. The satellite radio still worked fine, so the free subscription apparently didn't get kicked back. The dealer charged me for 1 hour labor for the combined unlock code and flashing the backup camera. Like I said above, this was the first one they've done. I had all the info they needed (even though they didn't know they needed it) thanks to this forum. I bought the backup camera from the dealer (they were able to have it the next day). It came with detailed instructions that, at times, were not completely accurate as it was written in 2011. It was pretty involved to install - let's say it's not for the faint of heart. I took some pictures of that process that I've included below as well. You really do have to remove quite a bit of trim and one of the rear seats (If you have the third row). It's definitely doable if you're handy though, and I learned a lot about the car while doing it. I fished the wires a couple of times so that is one thing I would recommend if you're planning on doing it. My wife and I REALLY enjoy having it. The blind spot behind the car is especially bad without the camera if you have a car seat in the third row. I couldn't figure out how to insert larger pictures....
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    The End of the Line?

    Well my 2011 SXT is gone. Just on my way to pick up my 2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited. I'll be hanging around but have a new bookmark on the system.
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    PIcking up my Journey tomorrow...

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, Picking uo my journey tomorrow from the dealer. Its a SXT model v6 engine. Very Excited..
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    Kicker/Mopar speaker upgrade completed

    The Alpines that I purchased at Best Buy were 4 6x9s - one for each door. No mounting issues at all. This is the first time that I have heard of Crutchfield giving out bad info. I put a set of Alpine tweeters, with built in x-overs, in the dash. I have a long thread on what I did for my sound system.
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    Popping noise rear doors

    On the top of the bottom hinge is a pawl with dentents that hold the door open at specific intervals. This is where the noise will originate. Put some Lithium grease on the pawls. The detents are semi-circular.
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    First road trip and impressions

    The Journey is a great vehicle to drive cross country, have gone from San Diego to Texas three times and from San Diego to Idaho about 4 times with no problems at all. will post some pics later on.
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    Well.... I cant describe in glowing enough terms what this truck can do. Its like a tank, I dont know why. Its so soild on the road no matter what the conditions. The traction control is subtle and does what it should without inhibiting driving. I can also easily shut it off if I need to to get in a hilly driveway, etc as the button is right there on the centre console. I feel very safe with my family in this truck. We have put off the purchase of snow tires due to christmas, new baby etc and I worried endlessly about it. But Dodge comes through with a winner. I think I'll go hug my journey now. I would love to hear how others find the truck...especially front wheel drive owners.
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    Get the extended warranty. There's too many proprietary electronic gizwidgets to fail. They work great until they don't. Then they're expensive. Peace.
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    Its the little things

    The front seat head rests are designed to tilt from the bottom (hinged at the top) for driver and passenger comfort. In the event of a sufficient collision, they will deploy (also pushes out from the top) to reduce neck injuries.
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    My 2015 crossroad

    Well Im only 2 days in and i love it. I had to do a road trip up the road with my 3 year old son and gotta tell you was awesome. Normally i would've had to deal with my hyper kid and relax him and try and keep him from bitching. Thank GAWD for the dvd player and movies. Kept his attention for the whole hour and ten minute drive down. And fell asleep for the ride back. I mean it was so quiet in the car i almost fell asleep. LOL... Car rides smooth, the V6 is plenty powerful and didnt feel like a bigger vehicle at all. I like the journey
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    YOU SHOULD REALLY TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK SO YOU STOP YELLING AT PEOPLE. A common leak problem with sunroofs is the drain tubes. They get plugged with leaves and other debris and are unable to drain off the water. Not sure on the DJ as I've not looked at mine, but I think they are at the front corners and run down the A-pillars.
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    just did the exhaust

    I do believe we are done.
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    Coolant reservoir

    And when it does and the engine overheats and you have a $3,000 repair or have to replace the vehicle, you have no one to blame but yourself. Cars break. Get over it. It's a component that ANYONE can fix in their driveway with little more than a set of pliers.
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    Towing camper with 2014 Journey 6cy

    It is the black thing that blocks the glove compartment light.
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    We bought this as a family vehicle for my wife and I, she uses it as a commuter and I have my own truck. More often than not, this one is on the road. We bought this because the features and value was surely heads and shoulder above anything else in this configuration and even when compared to much higher priced vehicles from other brands. 2014 black top 3.6 auto 6 spd front wheel drive 5 seater cloth, loaded, sunroof, alpine, nav. etc. After one year I can tell this vehicle has been FLAWLESS. We have had not one complaint about anything. Obviously its never been back to dealer fro any reason. I do my own maintenance as a seasoned mechanic. We have purchased many new vehicles throughout the years from many different brands. Our 09 challenger has been the same way, zero flaws or issues and never needed any repairs. We are very happy with the comfort and handling. I'm impressed with the 3.6 which is just a great motor delivering smooth strong power and great economy. I love the transmission calibration....it has a performance feel and keeps the motor loaded up good. We had one heck a winter here in the northeast and the front wheel drive paired with the sport orientated tires did about as well as I suspected. Good enough to get through anything reasonable and holds the slick road good as long as the driver is not foolish. Thank you Dodge, this is a great vehicle.
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    Hey all I'm new to this site (I'm a member to other Mopar based classic car sites). My wife and I purchased a 2013 Crew that she's been using as her daily driver. The plan was for me to take it over when my daily driver (a 2005 Neon) died, Well the Neon didn't die, but was traded in on a 2015 Journey R/T lease (for my wife). We are now a 2 Journey (plus a 2003 Liberty my kids share, and my toy a 1971 Dodge Dart GT) family!
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    Adding automatic headlights

    STAR Case Contact the STAR Center for assistance if no solution is found Chrysler Group LLC Version 3 Case Number: S1308000070 Release Date: 02/28/2013 Symptom/Vehicle Issue: Auto Headlamp Request, Vehicle Is Not Equipped With LMG Sales Code Discussion: Owner would like to add auto headlamps to a vehicle that does not have the option. Required components: auto headlamp switch, twilight sun sensor (harness take out with connector is secured in the steering column area, needs routing to the center dash), addition of the LMG sales code to activate. Perform a vehicle restoration to complete
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    ATTN: 6-speed(62TE) users

    I think you mean rewritten...