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    So what’s THIS gonna cost....

    SO, got the DJ back today (finally). Replaced 3 AC lines going to rear condenser, evac, leak die, refilled AC system, snowing in the car on the ride home. Flashed HVAC control. Compressor stays off when display is off. found loose connection at Hands Free Module-will use and see, speaking and understanding English replaced 3 motor mounts replaced oil dipstick checked for stored codes, etc to explain low mpg. Couldn’t find anything, but on the way home hit 24 mpg on the highway with the ac on, so we’ll watch that too. If it stays crappy, bring it back for more involved diagnostics-no new deductible topped off coolant-could not find leak. If I lose any coolant bring it back, no new deductible TOTAL out the door cost for repairs: $146 dollars (dip stick wasn’t covered under either warranty, bummer) I LOVE Fields CDJR in Glenview, IL.
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    Summer Solstice

    220 miles a tank!?

    Check your brakes also. The dealership here does not check the brakes as part of a routine oil change without tire rotation. They mark off the blue (N/A) spot on the inspection sheet. You may have a slight drag on a brake. The front should make the car pull to one side, even slightly. The rear will not show in driving if very light but it will wear the pads and rotors noticeably and drop gas mileage considerably.
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    After you do jump start it, go and get the charging system and battery diagnosed. First see if there is a problem with the alternator or battery themselves.I just changed my original 2012 battery this past Spring.Then, move on from there.
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    Any ideas... thermostat leak...

    Hey, just a quick little update... Ended up changing out the hose, upon inspection found that there was a small tear from where the clamp held down the hose. I guess wear and tear over time. Bought a genuine hose from mopar and came with a new clamp. Process was pretty easy. No more leak. Thanks
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    i would go back you paid for something you did not get...............
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    220 miles a tank!?

    As jkeaton said, it might be time for a tune up. If over 100,000 miles, get your spark plugs changed (if they have not been changed before). If it is a 6 cylinder, go with the iridium plugs, preferably mopar plugs. And - take the advice from the boys above and check the brakes. Best of luck. mechanical-idiot
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    Summer Solstice

    Front end wobble/vibration

    Was the vibration there before you had the work done? What was mentioned above is good advice. I had two new tires and some front end work done on a different vehicle. Both the front end work and one of the new tires went bad. The tire had a bubble that caused vibration and was replaced. Once the vehicle was returned from the shop a second time, the vehicle had enormous torque steer that they told me was normal. It had 250.000 miles on it and had never done it before. Short story is I found that the 35lb max tire was inflated to 60lbs and I drove it like that for 2 months never thinking to check for that. Take it back to the shop and have them check their work. Check the tire pressures your self.
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    220 miles a tank!?

    so what eng 3.6 i guess?how many miles on the speedo, does the journey seem to be running fine,hard to guess what is wrong from here, sounds like a trip to your dealership for a diagnostic test, possible gas leaking from tank my daughters caravan the fuel pump leaked right after coming out of the tank they used a plastic fitting that would age and crack.good luck on what you find out.
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    This is what it supposedly means... The 3 overlapped cars is the status of the XM traffic subscription. If it is green, the sub. is active; if it turns orange/red it is not active or didn't receive the signal. The traffic service overlays the red,yellow,green lines on the roads to indicate traffic speeds and the incident screen will tell you what is going on where. Cute way of showing your signal strength.
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    Open air filter

    i have the 2014 crossroad with the 3.6 just got back today from a long trip avg 28 mpg with 2 adults and carrying my wife's medical scooter on the rear traveled around 70 mph
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    16” Rims?

    If they came off a post-middle 2012 Journey, they could not be 16", since the larger calipers make it impossible to fit that size wheel on the vehicle. 17" tires aren't outrageously expensive. And yes. if you decide to do the 'big brake upgrade' (or you get a newer Journey) at some point these wheels will still work for you.
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    16” Rims?

    if they came off a 2014 then yes shouldn't be a problem, might just want to measure some other rims just to make sure
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    16” Rims?

    I did the same thing, but I went with a 17 inch rim and a higher walled tire. Don't forget to check the equivalent tire size to match the rim size (should match the original 19" rim and tire height) or otherwise, your odometer and speedometer will be off. If you check the online tire stores, they will show equivalent tire sizes to the original. I hope I am making sense. mechanical-idiot
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    16” Rims?

    If you have the small brakes the 16" rims will work, assuming proper bolt pattern and offset.
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    Replacing intermediate shaft

    I'm going to guess it's not installed correctly ?
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    abs and traction control light on

    started getting the abs and traction light coming on intermediately last week so when it stayed on finally i took it to the local part store to see what was causing it, and they said our scanners only can check the check engine light, so they weren't no help so I got on google and figured it was a wheel speed sensor but no way to see which one it was and to buy a scanner to check it they are real expensive for the ones that check the abs, so I looked online for the cost of the speed senors and the fronts are about $ 20-30 and the rear seem to be a bit higher, so thought oh hell i have the max warranty no need to try to fix it myself so made an appointment for it to be looked at on 5 -22 Thursday at 8 am. so took it it in today at lunchtime on Wednesday to drop it off, also asked them how much to change the plugs and do a coolant flush and service and they said about $370 for both so at 92 k i said do it, by the time i got home they were calling saying the right front speed sensor was bad and the part was $29. and $29 to install it which was cheaper than my 100 deductible so i said do it, then they called me back at 4 pm and said the journey is all finished and the total cost was $351.83 for the plugs and coolant flush and fixing the speed sensor, man i couldn't be happier with my local dodge dealership i couldn't have got it done any cheaper at any local garage for that price...and to make it even better when i was looking at the dealership web site last nite a offer popped up and said print off the offer and and take a vehicle for a test drive and get a $50 amazon gift card so i printed it off and after picking my journey up i walked over to the new car area and my salesperson who iv always dealt with said hey David you here to pick up your gift card i guess i looked confused and he laughed and said the sectary had told him that i had printed the offer and was coming in today to have service work done on my journey ,and he told her to have it ready and she asked him which vehicle did i want to drive and he said, I told her to pick one as when David is ready to buy a new car he will come in to me and buy it so in less than 5 minutes of catching up i am out of their with my $ 50. gift card being sent to my email account. so that made my trip to the stealership even better.... LOL
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    Power steering problems

    Time to get acquainted with your local service manager at the dealer. Fred is right. Don't waste your time, because you are going to end up at the dealer in the end. My original answer was not sarcasm. You have two separate issues with the vehicle. Likely coincidental, but I could be wrong since they run on one belt. GET IT TO THE DEALER! They are trained to diagnose and fix it properly. mechanical-idiot
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    Power steering problems

    The power steering has NOTHING to do with the water pump. Changing the water pump is a complex procedure. You do realize it’s an internal pump right? From the sounds of your posts you are not up to this task. Take it to the dealer.
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    Power steering cooler

    Have it towed to the dealer.
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    Power steering cooler

    Your post is extremely confusing...The water pump is separate from the power steering pump It might have overheated if fluid got on the serpentine belt causing it to slip and the pump not turning?? If you had a fire who knows what was ruined in the said fire
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    Armando G

    Help! Door panel removal

    Google search...
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    Instrument cluster problem??

    first have your battery checked at your local part store have them do a load check, low batteries can cause crazy things to happen to the electronics, now since you said this has been going on for a month it could be your cluster going bad or maybe some loose wires behind it shorting out, hard to say for sure. good luck but get that battery checked first since its a free check
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    ABS Module

    easy to replace.on the front good luck
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    After two weeks of try I have finally resolved the unlock map problem, 0x31A0 issue and upgraded to 2020.10 Map today!! The map version I loaded to USB is 2020.10, total file size is aorund 6.1 GB. Like many others, I have 0x31A0 error too and read every reply in this thread from page 1 to last and learned a lot from others. As other says, the key to resolve 0x31A0 is the USB drive! Basically, the symptom of 0x31A0 is when you insert USB, it fails the validation and says "Please retry update procedure or contact your dealer for assistance"; then if you do not click OK for 3 or 4 sec. it will pop up "Error on Reflashing. Errorcode: 0x31A0. Please touch screen". Overall, the key to pass validation and avoid 0x31A0 is to get a big brand USB 3.0 formatted as FAT32. I would recommend an at least 16GB USB drive if you are buying new one as the map will get bigger in following years anyway. Here are all USB I tried and failed: Noname 8GB USB 2.0 FAT32 -- No recognized at all Kingston 8GB USB 2.0 FAT32 -- Recognized, validation failed. 0x31A0. Noname 128GB USB 2.0 NTFS -- Not supported USB Sandisk 256GB USB 3.0 exFAT -- Not supported USB I read somewhere in this thread that people have higher success rate with USB 3.0 FAT32 format, but since my new Sandisk 256GB USB 3.0 came with exFAT which is better capabilities than FAT32. However, Windows does not allow me to format it to FAT32, I have to use DiskGenius to format my 256 GB USB to FAT32. After that, just loaded all files mentioend in original posting to USB, validation passed, navigation rebooted and the copying files to car took me around 1.5 hours, and finally I was noticed "Update Maps successfully" and "cant unlock detail maps" error is gone! Also, with a larger USB I never need to use the Fallback method to load ASR, JCV, SID folders multiple times. All files and folders are copied to my car once. If you have 0x31A0 issue, just keep in mind and convince your self that your dodge vehicle is a picky vehicle and only premium USB drive can match a premium vehicle. Special thanks to RScottyL, tanbam and many other members! I did not acquire a Garmin Nuvi to get all necessary files. see [https://mega.nz/#F!gQIVkaZR!0gwsBO_4sO7g--fWHbAOMA] If you are reading this, keep it low profile.
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    Engine cooling upgrade

    sounds like you have a cooling problem, 2012 have you flushed your rad and cooling system along with new coolant?
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    220 miles a tank!?

    How many miles? Ever had a tune up?
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    There is no separate fuse for the lift gate listed in the owner's manual. There is, however, a known and common issue with the wiring harness as it passes from the body to the lift gate. Perhaps there is a single wire issue there effecting your locks on the lift gate.
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    Front end wobble/vibration

    probally a bad tire,quick way to check that is rotate the front to the rear if the problem is gone then its the new tire, if i remember right if its pulling to the left it is prob the right side tire that might have a broken belt, could also be a bad rim.good luck
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    Unknown wire connector

    You could run it thru the firewall into the dash and hook up a toggle switch there. Or, you could get it fixed correctly. I would choose option B. Good luck mechanical-idiot
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    thank you, thank you!!! you are the dodge master. all the best.
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    Hi, 2L4U. It doesnt bother me at all, but the wifie does. they wanna know everything you know ;-) even the Chrysler guys don't know what it is. and there is nothing in the manuals about this. Gonna sue them. hahaha. thanks for your response.
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    It means they know who you are and where you live...
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    iv seen a car will start when in neutral but then when you put in drive it will die, so i believe it is the battery temp sensor, not surer if there is a way to test it.. good luck google on the battery temp sensor might be some info on you tube
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    3.5L V6 Dodge Journey Engine

    Fixed the post for you. Has the timing belt been replaced?
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    Nope. Maybe put some lock tite on them when you reinstall the bolts.
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    Looks as though Carlos has left the building.
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    Your HFM module (blue tooth) could be draining it. Common problem. Pull fuse 131 under the dash on the passenger side. Charge it. If it does not go dead, then that is your problem. mechanical-idiot
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    Original battery??? if it is change it out and proceed from there
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    Well, a bit more info would help. Does it crank? Original battery? Did you try to jump it? Which engine, options, key or fob (yes it matters) etc. and EXACTLY what you have done to try to start it.... Kinda hard to know what’s going on sitting in Chicago...
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    2016 SXT picked up today

    The 2.4 is a tank. Had one in our 09 and only major issue we had in the 80,000 miles we owned it was an intake runner valve failure that was covered under warranty. Make sure you get an extended warranty. We took a trip to the beach one year, about a 700 miles round trip, 5 of us with one of those hard carries strapped to the roof and the back end full of coolers, etc. It did just fine. Just give yourself plenty of room and time when merging onto freeways...lol. Welcome to the forum!
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    Which refrigerant?

    if your low then you probally have a leak, and also air inside the lines as well, you might want to have it checked out and fixed by your local garage,that said there should be some stickers somewhere near the compressor saying which to use or call your local dealer...
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    Tire pressure/bad tires/one new tire of a different brand? Wheel alignment Brake problems Bad tie rods or ball joints just guessing As 2late4u said, get it checked out immediately. It is abnormal and dangerous. mechanical-idiot
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    AWD out of sync?

    have you done any service maintenance to the transfer case, could be dry, low on fluid,or just going bad check the forums for more info your problem, be ready for some $$$ repairs
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    TPMS system alert

    i would say low battery.
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    You got a great deal. Glad that it all worked out for you. Our Traction Control Light was on, but we did not fair as lucky as you. We were hoping for a wheel speed sensor problem (cheap, easy fix) but it turned out to be the Steering Angle Sensor. About 20 times as much $ to fix it. Just our luck. While it was in the shop (local garage, not the dealer) , some dummy put the Hands Free Module fuse back in without inquiring why it was missing in the first place. We had it pulled because it was messed up and draining the battery. So, it killed another new battery. They denied having put it in. So, how the hell did a fuse suddenly get put back into the fuse box under the dash? Thank God that I decided to check it. I almost had it towed into the dealer because I thought it might be another drain that had to be found. That would have been an expensive fuse. I am so pissed off about some idiot finding a fuse missing from the box and replacing it without even asking the customer. Common sense would tell you to ask the customer why the goddam thing was missing in the first place. Common sense would also tell you to inform the customer about everything that you did to the vehicle. Don't get me started........ mechanical-idiot
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    If you call the service department at the dealer, they should be able to tell you. If they don't, call another dealer. mechanical-idiot
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    Single or dual ac unit

    Finnaly i figured it out. Gasoline or diese have the same amount of refrigerant. 650g go in systems without rear ac. And 907g if you have the rear ac controls.
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    Can't Unlock Maps

    I'll try with a smaller map. Have multipel parts Of Sweden maps I could try. I'll try later and post results.