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    I had seen so many posts with symptoms similar to what my car had, I did not know if they all might be related issues. I hope this information helps someone else diagnose their issue.
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    P2173 fixed

    Just adding for clarity. A Google search revealed the following: The P2173 OBD-II trouble code is one of number of possible codes that indicates that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has detected a malfunction in the operation of the Throttle Actuator Control System. ... Code P2173 is set by the PCM when high air flow is detected in the throttle actuator control system. Peace.
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    Picture of connector wire attached. i don't have a picture of the location in the engine but it is under the intake in the valley between the heads. Remove the air filter box for ease of access. it is about 6" under the intake and is pointed straight out making it accessible if you have small enough hands. You can get a replacement wire harness from Mopar for $50 to $60 but you will have to remove the intake and oil cooler in order to replace all the wires, as the harness connects to the oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor, and the 2 knock sensors. i just purchased a replacement connector pigtail from NAPA who had it in stock (O'Reileys could order it, but Auto Zone and Advanced could not get it) and replaced the end. The bad thing about this connector going bad was the oil pressure display worked just fine and no codes were being thrown related to oil pressure sensor.
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    I’d dump it now while everything’s working. Get something else with a factory extended warranty. Once you have electrical issues, you’ll always have electrical issues..., but that’s just my opinion.
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    third party warranties usually are not the best, kind of like HMO always trying to deny your coverage
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    Fuse boxes don't die. They have other problems but they don't die.
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    no mention on where you live so we probally cant help,all i can advise is junk yards or part places on line and at the end dodge dealership.good luck
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    Summer Solstice

    3.6 Engine knock

    I'm thinking that your suspicions are on the right track, given that the noise ceases when load is applied. My experience with dealers is that some are phenomenal while others should be avoided at all costs.
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    The starting thing happened to me once too. I tried with both key fobs, no go. Came back a couple hours later and double clicked the unlock button and it started right up! I don't get it! The electric guy got the instrument panel lights solved, but still working on the door issues.
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    Yea please let us know. I'm starting to just wonder if this year is just prone to electrical issues. Ive been having electrical issues in my 2010 forever. Horn going off randomly and sometimes car just wont start. Hear one click and never tried to turn over. I've been through 3 starters thinking they kept going bad. New alternator and battery. Starting to think this connection to the fuse box may be the problem...
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    agree with the above post,if wires are missing its because of someone removing them ,as from the factory they would have been there and the horn would have worked, did you get a car fax or anything on this journey? the rear door lights would be a switch not being activated or possible wiring messed up .sounds like your car has been involved in an accident or something for wires being missing and being repaired maybe by a fly by night repair shop so it might not show up in paperwork somewhere....good luck P.S. nice looking car for its age....
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    There are so many possibilities here. The doors could be individual switches or you may have a bad ground. The horn story is suspect and makes one wonder if someone has down some alterations. If that is true, who knows what else has been done. Either a trusted garage or a wiring diagram to troubleshoot your self.
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    I'm going through the local dodge dealership in my town because recalls I was told have to be done at a dodge dealership and also because that's who did the work they would be more familiar with what they've done to it. I bought the car through a small private owned dealership. I plan to update all forums I can on my experience and outcomes. Stay tuned, thanks for listening to my rant in the meantime!
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    We just experienced the same issues as previously mentioned. 3 days after replacing the altenator the battery light came on and the radio powered off speedometer quit working ac powered on and off and several dash lights came on traction control, brake, abs battery ect.. the battery tested good three times and bad once . Alternator read good . After checking all the connections we found the power supply plug /end to the alternator was not plugged in correctly. A small clip inside the plug was broken and would not allow it to click in place. After replacing the plug the problems seem to be solved .
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    Heater hose failure

    Thanks for all the help! The journey is up and running better than ever! Thanks again!
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    Heater hose failure

    Update 2- went this morning to do the heater core flush, popped hood and coolant reservoir was empty, popped open radiator cap and no visible coolant. No signs of coolant leaks anywhere in vehicle or under vehicle. I added approx 3/4 gallon of coolant and I now have heat in passenger compartment, still have check engine light for the coolant temperature sensor, but so far all fluid temps seem to be normal. Hope that might be the fix.
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    Summer Solstice

    Heater hose failure

    Sounds like you have an air bubble in the system. That is a common problem when doing a complete flush and refill.
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    What have I got

    Kinda late to ask if you bought it already don’t t you think? LOL Nice looking ride. Journeys have all kinds of issues but every car is unique. I have an 09 and have the usual brake issues, struts, etc but so far no big engine or transmission issues...
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    P2173 fixed

    Yes, I only replaced the throttle body after inspecting the vacuum lines. Then took the old throttle body out and manually pushed on the throttle plate and noticed the plate maneuverability was not smooth and would sometimes stick despite the throttle body being relative clean.
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    P2173 fixed

    Hey all, new to this forum. Had a p2173 code on my 2015 journey and fixed it by replacing the throttle body. Couldn’t find any posts doing a web search so I thought I’d throw this out there for anyone who might be or will have a similar issue.
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    Towing possibles ?

    your local dealership would be your best bet for answers,or even read your car manual if you dont have one down load it off the internet for free.1500 lbs you should be okay, unless you over load it with camping equipment and extras like heavy accessories you shouldn't need an extra oil cooler. as well as you shouldn't need a electric brake controller but i guess that would depend on how you drive or what kind of driving you are doing lots of mountains or a lot of flat roads ..just remeber Journeys are not the best to haul heavy loads with just use common sense and you should be okay
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    Hello all. I have had an issue with my 2015 SXT with the 3.6L stalling and ECT putting the car into limp mode. The first time it showed up we were in the drive through at a McD. The car suddenly died and CEL, ECT, and Traction lights were on. When tried to restart it took longer than normal to start up. Also found out the battery was on its last legs. Replaced battery and drove it home with no issues. So I thought it may have been the battery. Also I put a code reader on it and there were 12 codes. Due to the dead battery I cleared them figuring they were related to the battery. About a week later, the ECT light returns but the car does not stall, and the car is in limp mode. Codes were p0642, one for gas pedal sensor correlation, and one for TPS correlation (I forget the number) Replace the gas pedal, and drive it home. Another week later the ECT light returned (again no stalling), so I drive it home in limp mode to troubleshoot. The codes were p0642 and TPS correlation. Since p0642 is sensor circuit reference voltage, I start checking voltage at all sensors on that circuit. When I get to the oil pressure sensor connector, I notice the 5v reference wire insulation has cracked and the wire had started to fray at the connector due to the sharp angle the connector wire was installed in. When I wiggle the wire with the car running, it stalls and the three dash light return. So I replaced the connector and all has been well so far (it has been 12 days without issue) Hope that helps anyone with similar issues.
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    You replaced the battery and now it won't work? Did you observe polarity when replacing the battery? They should not lose programming simply by replacing the battery.
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    Here is the winning number. XXXXXX I x'd it out so no one else would get it.
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    After a lot of diagnostics, looks like we're back to the TiPM! $1000 plus labor! We did purchase an expensive warranty. Insurance adjuster along with dealer seeing where we go next!
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    For the continuing misfire problem, you may have a head gasket or cylinder head issue. I am just throwing this out and it would not be my first thought. You may have a bad connection from the wire connector to the coil. You may have a bad connection from the wire harness to the fuel injector. You may have a bad head gasket and/or a warped head. Not likely the head its self is damaged but a hard-to-find misfire could indicate that. Have a compression test done and a leak-down test done. Again, not at the top of the list but if nothing else resolves the problem then it is something to rule out.
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    Given the amount of corrosion that you have there you likely have it elsewhere as well.
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    make sure post back what they find for others esp about the doors
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    2013 Journey RT AWD Brakes

    $675 for "Brake Diagnostics" is pretty suspect. It doesn't take but 10 minutes to tell if your brakes are worn out.
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    There are many threads on this forum about parasitic draw problems and what people have found to be the cause. One diagnostic practiced is to pull the fuse that powers the suspect component. You can do a search for some ideas. In the meantime, this is, IMO, a case for a dealer. You have an extended warranty and a case manager. Please keep us informed as you find out more information.
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    Starting problems

    Hello all, I realize this thread is lod but I thought it was a good idea to reply just in case someone else still has the same no start issue, while attempting to diagnose the issue myself, this was one of the sites google took me to and experiencing this issue myself, I thought I would post my situation in hopes of helping someone in the bear future. My problem started after work, I had my car sitting on my driveway for 5 days without moving at all, I turned it on after the 5 days and everything worked fine, got to work and when it was time to go home it would not start, I just got 1 click when trying to start it with the button (it is a button start not a key) and a bunch of clicks when trying to start with the remote start. I had it towed to auto zone, I was thinking it may be the battery or the starter, autozone tested the alternator and the battery, nothing there, battery did end up being replaced under warranty though because it was leaking, even with a new battery no start. I had journey towed to a shop for a warranty repair (purchased carmax extended warranty when I purchased journey, more on that later). Got a call from the shop saying "we replaced the starter but it's still not starting", they were possitive it was an issue with the trannsmission (tranny had been rebuilt about 4 months prior to this issue). They could not find the issue and had to call someone in from another shop I am guessing and the following day I got the call I had been waiting for... It was the grounding issue for me, they hooked up a battery cable from the ground terminal of the battery down to the bracket that holds the starter, they hooked that end to the ground screw that goes into the bracket and into the starter. Has been starting like a dream ever since. The really crazy part is that I had ran across a few threads on the internet and even a video on youtube telling me that was a commin issue with the journey but I refused to beleive that being a newer model journey then the ones on this thread, I refused to beleive it was STILL an issue all these years later, how could dodge still not recall them for this, I will be searching for someone to contact in regards to this, someone who has oversight over them because this is unnaceptable. There are many people on many forums having this same exact issue, from what I have seen, there are tons of people saying they have reported the issue to dodge but "they don't have enough reports of it to issue a recall", come one people, dodge is the last entity you contact to report this as an issue that needs to be recalled. They lose millions any time a recall is issued, of coyrse they are going to avoid doing so and they will always make it seem like it's not a big issue and not a lot of people are experiencing it, I think NTHSA or something like that is where you report this to. Anywho, it was repaired for free for me because I purchased the extended warranty when purchasing the vehicle from carmax, many people seem to have bad experiences but I am curious as to how many others are having a good experience, most people will only ever take the time to share their experience when it is a negative one but won't ever do it when it's a possitive one. I for one have had 3 repairs done and all have been great, the door blender actuator went out, they repaured it with no issues, the transmission went out and needed to be rebuilt, they paid approx $5,000 to repair it and provided a rental for 7 days while my car was in the shop for that... now this, it was just over $700 in repairs and they covered all of it. I have no idea how I would have paid for any of the 2 repairs, I could have done the air actuator myself but the tranny and the starter would have put my car on ice for an extended period of time, especially the tranny. I paid about $1,400 for the warranty but they have covered about $6,000 so far plus 7 day rentals any time my car is in for a few days. You always hope you never need them if you do not buy them but when you do buy it is when you just want to kiss your brain for making such a good choice. Just my 2 cents.
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    well just went to the dr today 13 days past surgery, have a real long rail road track going down from about 5 inches above the knee to about 4 inch below the knee, x rat looked great he said he removed the brace and also the ace wrap and then showed me how to put it back on since he said i could take it off for a sit down shower only. he said when standing still i could put a bit of weight on it but not to try to take a step with weight on it.suppose to go back in 2 more weeks ,he said rehab wont start for at least 4 more weeks from now. looks like a long road to go but i have some great family helping me so its all good....LOL that hurt.
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    Could be a few things low battery, bad drivers door harness or switch, a fuse, bad bcm , bad ground, corrosion etc etc
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    Oil in Coolant

    Probably the engine oil cooler under the intake manifold is leaking the oil into the coolant. The transmission cooler is part of the ac condenser. Not in the radiator on the journey.
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    Not had that problem but, in reality, $120.00 in not a lot when you consider the time and expense of trial and error. Ask the shop if the diagnostic charge is applied toward the repair. Most shops follow that practice. In the end, you have to weight the pros and cons of having the brake system repaired once and working correctly versus your skill and confidence that you can do the task yourself cheaper, and get it correct the first time. Having the correct code and the cost and ease of changing the part yourself vs a shop that you trust and the time that you save. Good luck.
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    Summer Solstice

    Oil in Coolant

    If all of the oil in your engine had gone into the coolant system, your car would be knocking and ticking for just a bit before catastrophic damage occurred. What jkeaton has suggested is far more likely. Transmission oil will float on the coolant and make it look dark, murky, and frothy in the coolant reservoir and the radiator. Your radiator is divided into two parts. Coolant flows in the large main section. The transmission has lines that connect to one side of the radiator. The radiator is separated internally. This separation will develop a leak that allows the transmission oil to seep into the main part of the radiator. This is not uncommon in an older car. Don't drive it like this. Your transmission and coolant will both run hotter than normal. Get the coolant system pressure checked as suggested. Also pull the engine oil dipstick and the oil fill cap. Look for any light colored froth or slime. That is a sign of coolant in the engine oil from a head gasket or worse. If the coolant and radiator system check fine, then you would have a leak-down test done on the engine. That would find any issues with the heads or gaskets. At this point, that sounds unlikely. One step at a time.
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    Oil in Coolant

    Engine runs fine with all the oil in the cooling system? I can't imagine for long...Pressure test the cooling system for starters. Could be the internal transmission cooler in the radiator has ruptured.
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    +1 The Journey does not tolerate a battery at less than full charge very well and will do all sorts of weird things. I found that out the hard way. Always start there.
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    intermittently starting

    i guess a fuse box could go bad from vibration or real bad corrosion or some other fault but highly unlikely,there was one poster that said he removed the fuse box under the hood and said it was corroded up real bad where it made contact to the base of it,that does make sense if your are in such a place wear there is a lot of salt or corrosive conditions, might be worth a try to remove it and clean everything up and make sure all the connections are clean and tight.
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    BCM bad maybe? Wasn’t there something like this when the dash was bad? Try searching the forum for that.....
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    New to Dodge and here

    Thanks. This gives me hope for my future relationship with Dodge.
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    Summer Solstice

    New to Dodge and here

    Same here. I have dropped one dealer that did not put my interests before profit. Fortunately there is another one on my daily commute and they have been exceptional.
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    Nothing but years of problem free driving if you don't have a Dodge........
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    sorry you are having problems with your journey,sometimes some are just a money pit but just as you bought a used one doesn't mean it was taken care of before you got it,also third party warranty are usually a pain in the arse to work with is it the dodge dealership you are working with or a different dealership it makes a BIG difference,and as you make the comment older vehicles are still available but they dont offer the options that most drivers are wanting these days, hopefully they can find your problem i had a 2011 mainstreet journey that i put 70 k on without no real problems except the smaller brakes that they came with,like it so much i traded it in on my 2014 and have 93 k on it with only 2 small repairs on it
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    New to Dodge and here

    welcome to our group.i have a 2014 crossroad with about 93 k on it right now ,have only had 2 problems with it the oil sender unit went bad at about 45 k covered under my extended warranty and a wheel sensor went bad about 91 k dealer fixed it for about$59 ( since it was less than my $100 ded on my warranty) when i was having my plugs and coolant changed out.other than that i really love my journey. good luck on yours
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    jump start the car if possible then drive it straight to a parts store and let them do a load test on the battery, you most likely need a new battery it can test good like you are testing it with a meter but when it needs the full voltage the battery is dead under a full load...good luck
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    Dodge Journey Scotland!

    Thanks for the welcome 2late4u! And yes Scotland has it's moments! Currently raining here!
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    3.5L V6 Dodge Journey Engine

    well at least the belt should be easy to get to now...LOL
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    I agree - you shouldn't have any problems as long as you don't overload the trailer...