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    Ticking noise and rough idle noise

    Might be a valve. Might be normal valvetrain/timing chain noise, might be low on oil, a pulley going bad, AC compressor, etc....kinda impossible to diagnose a ticking sound over the internet. Mechanics stethoscope will help you isolate exactly where the sound is coming from.
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    Transmission knowledge

    Why not ask a dealer or wreckers? They would be able to tell you for sure but I think the bell housing might be different on those two engines though
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    You should get the fluid and filter changed as a first step and use Mopar...but it could be several things TCM ,solenoid pack,clutch pack and on and on
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    Relocating the battery

    beside the cost of the cables and also losing space inside the vech, i wouldn't bother with it as i just replace it every 4-5 yrs and i always pick nice weather as i choose when to replace it
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    Check all of your power connection also, including battery cables, alternator connections, and grounds. Make sure they are tight and corrosion free.
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    CAI and caliper paint

    The intake tube is RPM motorsports out of Arizona. The ported throttle body and upper/lower intake manifold were from Modern Muscle Extreme out of Virginia. I was actually looking just looking at there site and now they have a 80mm hemi throttle body kit. Now that’s exciting! I wish I still had my RT Journey.
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    They should have offered to replace the sensors when changing the tires. You don't mention the age of your vehicle. It could be time to replace them, At any rate, I would take it back to the tire installer and question them.
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    Summer Solstice

    Chilton Manual

    Could it be that the Dodge Journey is so trouble free that there has not been a need for a manual?
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    Is anyone going through what I am?

    if its just the radio that is a piece of cake you can watch u tube videos on how to do it very simple to do...the problem is knowing if that is your problem and not something else causing it? you might want to go to a stereo install and repair shop and get their opinun and see what they would charge to help you fix the problem, i think that would be your best bet since you seam limited on your skills also check out the salvaged yards/junk yards for a good radio and or the touch screen which is a different part than the radio.good luck and report back what you find
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    Is anyone going through what I am?

    Hi Jelyn scott We are sorry to hear about your radio concern. We recommend visiting your dealer to get the proper diagnosis. If you are interested we can get you connected with a Case Specialist to offer further assistance. We are available through private message! Laura Dodge Cares
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    no it wasn't me but some one on the site was saying they had one,, best bet would be go aftermarket thur a stereo install shop or pick one up at a salvage yard /junk yard might just be a loose connection or shorted wire on the back side,,,might just want to try the disconnect the battery for 15 minutes and reboot it ...good luck and report back what you find out
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    CAI and caliper paint

    I actually made my intake with 3.5 inch diameter tubing to get more air than that of the smaller diameter tubing eBay and K&N intake. K&N does not make an intake set up for the 2018 Dodge Journey. Later I actually went away with the “CAI” set up for a aftermarket tubing that runs from the stock air box to the throttle body. Eliminating all that restrictive black plenum before your throttle body. I also added a ported throttle body and upper and lower intake manifold. That’s where the noticeable throttle response and power came into play. I’ll take my setup over your proven K&N CAI any day. Lol
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    Switch from LED to incandescent

    wonder if enough power is being sent thur the wires for it to brighten when the brake is applied as he is going from led to incandescent lights,when you get it figured out please inform us in case someone else wants to do this...
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    I noticed this issue too when I changed my rear brake pads. When I bought the car, there were no issues (that I noticed). After I changed the rear pads and rotors, I noticed immediately the same issue- exactly as OP describes. I thought the cause to be one of two things: 1) When compressing the rear caliper, I used a c-clamp... and really pressed it hard. it wasn't till later I rented the turning brake tool. 2) after the job, I decided to bleed the brakes with my dad. We ingested air at the reservoir, and re-compressed the caliber to force the air out the top, which seemed to work. Took the car on the road for the first time and knew something was wrong. Exactly as described- derivable with no issues, but the pedal just slowly sinks to the floor if i press my foot on it while stopped. I've just learned to ignore it. I'll bleed the whole system one day via a mechanic, but until then it's so subtle I'll just keep driving it.
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    Electrical Issues

    This very well could be contributing to your other issue regarding the driver's AC not working. Electrical issues are where I just sit it out. was this car in a flood?
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    New Member

    i believe he clicked on your fuelly.com link
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    CAI and caliper paint

    Nice hot air intake!
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    Adjust brake pedal height ???

    Got into situation where DJ is our first car where my wife with small foot cant drive it nicely. She got many cars before and never ever had any issues. So the problem is that brake pedal position is much higher than gas pedal, so to push brake pedal she has to take her foot completely in the air. This is absolutely inconvenient and unsafe. Asked friend who has DJ for years, he has big foot size, but he mentioned same issue for his wife. I am seriously looking for ways to lower/adjust brake pedal position. Dealer told me this is impossible.
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    Loud bang/clunk when turning

    one or two of our members have had to replace that unit kind of pricey to have it done at the dealership check the forums for more info
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    There was a post awhile back about the hands free module not shutting down causing the same issues. Maybe check that....
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    Dodge TIPM's

    As long as they come with a warranty.....
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    Dodge TIPM's

    no experience here ,,,,good luck
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    Journey not starting problems

    maybe a bad connection at the battery but i would almost lay odds he will be back in a couple of days
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    CD stuck in player

    You might be able to grab the cd with a needle nose pliers, or a straightened paper clip. Hit the eject button while trying to pull it out or lifting the cd. Likely will trash the cd but should work. If there is a passer sticker label on the cd don’t use it in the car....
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    I too ignored the prejudiced opinions, did the research and extensive testing, and am happy with my 2016. I knew the documented problems going in. I have also had experience with the other manufacturers. I knew what to realistically expect. Welcome to the forum! May the ride be smooth!
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    Nav 8.3 iPhone Compatibility

    I have an issue going on with my 09 as well. I now have IPhone 8’s and 11, but the issue showed up when I had IPhone 5 & 6’s. All the phones pair up no problem. The issue is while on a call, the handsfree drops and sends the call back to the IPhone. Then the IPhone sends it back to UConnect. Over and over. The call doesn’t drop, just the handsfree does. Maddening. Just got it back from the dealer who told me I need to live with it till UConnect updates (it’s been 5 years since an update for my 09) or put in an aftermarket radio because the hands free module checks out fine with no faults. I called UConnect,opened a case. You see, I have a LIFETIME MaxCare warranty so SOMEBODY HAS TO fix this, right? We will see what happens. If UConnect wants to give me $800 (550 for radio , cables, sat tuner, plus installation) and warranty it, I’d do that.... UConnect does not play well with Apple... Oh yea, never got an answer to my pm to Dodgecares.....
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    Wet Floor and water in storage bin

    guess its been raining there, leak could be mostly from the ac drain, hard to tell from here
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    Chilton Manual

    Probably demand. Typical buyer of a Dodge Journey is not a "wrenching" type of person.
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    Chilton Manual

    from what iv heard there is an online book or manual but it has to be purchased, other than this is all iv heard, google be thy friend...good luck
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    Is anyone going through what I am?

    Your DJ may need a new radio unit. You may be able to get one from a salvage yard or on the internet. I believe that 2late4u may have one for sale. Easy swap from what I understand. Good Luck. Peace.
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    Open air filter

    Ok. You don’t need to post this in every thread on the forum. We get it. You are proud of it. Lol
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    Performance Mods

    My point was off the shelf bolt on. Sure, you can build anything you like.
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    Caliper Bracket Craziness

    the parts store may not stock that part but it can be ordered and when it comes in you could check them measurements well before buying is there a oriles or advance auto or nappa close by as you didnt state where you live?
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    Caliper Bracket Craziness

    Probably some good advice. I will take some measurements and draw out a sketch with all the key dimensions labeled and take that into town. Hopefully I can find the part I need. After talking to CarID and Cardone they have me thinking that part is more rare than a unicorn, which is weird because that part was used for 3+ model years across 4 vehicles in the Chrysler/Dodge/Ram lineup. Most auto parts stores are using private label Cardone parts (example: Wearever), so I will just get the OEM which hopefully will be what I need.
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    Switch from LED to incandescent

    Not sure about that until you figure out which wire does what.
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    Soft brake pedal, bad ABS unit?

    as he stated put both rear tires in the air, both wheels off and have someone press on the brake and spin the hubs if one of them still spin ,then watch when he releases the brake pedal and pushes on it again to see if the caliper is tightening onto the rotor if not then you have a froze caliper or a bad one ,also check the caliper pins on both rear to make sure they are greased
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    Air Conditioning

    Have you changed the cabin filter? It’s behind the glovebox but very easy to do. Do you have 1/2/or3 zone controls? In other words can the passenger seat their own temperature different from the driver? Is there a control for the rear passengers? If so there are MULTIPLE air blend actuators, one for each control. let us know.....
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    Air Conditioning

    I'm no expert, and I'm unfamiliar with the 2010. I don't have a solution, but what I'd do is systematically troubleshoot the problem with the following methods to see if you can isolate the issue: Assuming you're referring to thermal issues: Is the heat fully controllable on both sides (when the A/C is off)? With the A/C off and the temp selectors both at cold and with a hot engine, are you able to get ambient temp air out of all vents? can the heat be controlled manually at all temp levels levels (when with no-AC, no-Auto). If it's not uniform, then the issue may remains blend valve; maybe there is derbies preventing it from closing all the way. With the AC-ON and Auto-OFF, can you get all the vents to blow cold air at max setting with a cold engine... how about with a hot engine? try this: with the engine COLD, turn AC-on [max cold], Non-Auto. does it produce cold air at all vents?, - - now, with the engine hot, try AC-on[max cold], Non-Auto: Does this produces uniform cooling? If it's uneven, then it's still likely a problem with the blend valve. does this issue only happen when AUTO mode is on? if only when auto mode on, then I think it's the driver's side cabin thermometer is faulty or may have cold air blowing on it causing it to incorrectly guess the cabin temp on the driver's side. Good luck!
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    Backseats Mod for Comfort?

    Do not believe short of opening and replacing the padding you could mod the seating. Generally only the little ones can sit back there comfortably. Give them hotspot and it will be so quiet you'll forget there even there !
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    Armando G

    Air noise buffeting

    Are you referring to the thumping sound when you roll your back windows down a bit? And not trying to be mean, but did you really go back to the dealer for this? Here's a full explanation of that deafening sound if you're interested. It's all physics... https://jalopnik.com/why-do-slightly-opened-car-windows-make-that-awful-soun-1447498738
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    Summer Solstice

    Air noise buffeting

    I will agree with what the salesperson has told you. My Journey does this if you only try to roll down the back windows. My Chevy Impala does the same thing and so did the Ford Marquis that I had. It is something that I do not remember being a problem on older cars but I have experienced it across different brands over the last dozen years. Its irritating and disappointing but it is not a fault of the vehicle. It is, in my experience, a common problem. With the Journey, I use the auto climate control and have been quite happy, once I have learned it's idiosyncrasies.
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    Moved to the correct section. NavalLacrosse gave you some excellent starting points. Good luck!
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    Open air filter

    The 3.6 loves the highway.It's a pig in the city for mpg but get it out on the open road and it performs.
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    2nd Row Climate Controls/Headliner

    Yes. It’s normal. There was a thread in here awhile back discussing this. Our 2013 is the same way. Held in place by reverse gravity or something like that. It will outlast the vehicle unless you start pulling and tugging on it to find out the breaking point.
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    CAI and caliper paint

    Snacka Snacka WHAT?????? I'd agree whole heartedly. Didn't know there were any more of us on this forum(admittedly, I didn't look too hard).
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    Morning problems

    Just for update and for information, wo have diesel's the problem calls dpf. Diesel particuler filter. Best regards, Sérgio Almeida
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    Painting Brake Calipers

    Just got done painting my brake calipers blue!
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    Head Restraint

    I can attest to the fact they work my wife and I were stopped at a light when a guy going about 45 mph hit us directly from behind. We both suffer injuries but the headrest deployed and saved our necks from being broken. We are now trying to find out from dodge at what energy level a car that weighs a certain amount takes to deploy them. My wife was the first one to notice that they had deployed. So I for one am a big fan of them now.
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    Head Restraint

    If you sit in the seat, you'll notice that there is a space between the headrest and the back of your head. In a severe enough accident, that space can turn into an impact zone and serious injury by impact (concussion) or whiplash. The new headrests are designed to deploy and give your head nowhere to go; your head gets "sandwiched" between the new style head rest deployment and the air bags (the one in the steering wheel and the curtain back in the upper rail). Very similar to the system first used and, now improved, by the NASCAR racing circuit. They even go so far as to strap the driver's helmets to the headrest/cradle so that they can't move away from it. Concussive blows to the head are just now being recognized for how much more serious they are than what was believed in my "younger days" (pre-dinosaur if you ask my son...).