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    Armando G

    Help! Door panel removal

    Google search...
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    If your hose is the original, and from 2011, it may be time to change it. Pull the hose from the thermostat, inspect the hose for a small perforation from the clamp. Use a flashlight, and a magnifying tool if you have one, and inspect the thermostat housing for a small hairline crack. It may have been over tightened. Once done, reinstall the hose and put on a new, quality clamp. Make sure to everything is seated correctly. If the leak persists, then you can contemplate a new hose and/or housing.
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    Hey buddy just wanted to let you know I fixed the Journey today. Turns out the problem was the passenger side rear caliper. I took the wheel off and noticed a gap between the piston and inner brake pad suggesting that the piston was stuck and not applying the brakes on that corner. I installed a new caliper, bled the brakes and now have a good firm pedal, stops like brand new. Definitely a learning experience for me. Would never have guessed a stuck caliper could cause a soft pedal. A good way to find if you have the same problem would be to unbolt one caliper at a time and have a helper push the brake pedal and see if the piston moves. I’ve used this method in the past to find bad calipers but didn’t bother on this car because I assumed it couldn’t be the problem. Live and learn. Good luck with your car!
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    Alright all, So i did confirm at the junk yard that 2015-2017 Journeys do have the same plugs for the driver seat and power is going to each. I tested on another Manual seat Journey while i was there. Only problem I ran into was the the electric seat I was testing was leather, heated and the old lady doesn't want that at all lol. We decided for 92$ buying an entire seat just for the part that we needed wasn't really that bad of a deal since you cant buy just that part in my above post. I even emailed the Company BROSE in Germany and they don't sell that part alone. You have to buy the whole bottom from Dodge at almost 600$. No thanks. IF someone was to find an electric cloth seat and wanted to change them over all you'd need to do is make sure the plugs are the same and good to go.
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    Rear Climate

    No. There is not. Should have bought one with rear air if that is a necessity.
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    Summer Solstice


    Hmmm, I wonder if I can get Dodge to reimburse me for the transmission in my Chevy? Probably not as it did make it to 125,000 miles. Damn POS!
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    Winter Driving

    From the manual: TIRE CHAINS (TRACTION DEVICES) Use of traction devices require sufficient tire-to-body clearance. Follow these recommendations to guard against damage. Traction device must be of proper size for the tire, as recommended by the traction device manufacturer. Install on Front Tires Only. Due to limited clearance, P225/65R17 tire with a Security Chain Company (SCC) Super Z6 low profile traction device or equivalent is recommended. Do not exceed 30 MPH.
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    Not as difficult as some make it out to be. Sure it’s not as easy as if it were in the engine compartment, but it’s not rocket science.
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    Had my battery replaced yesterday

    So, my Crossroad is about four and a half years old and, reading about electrical issues that seem to be triggered by dying batteries and given the extreme cold we suffer through each winter here I decided to be somewhat pro-active about the matter and have my battery replaced before anything really expensive happened. I did a bit of digging. The DJ uses a group 86 battery and the dealer wanted a lot of money to replace it - lots for the part they sell and a significant amount to install it. (Yes, I could have installed it myself, but . . .) In doing a bit of research I discovered that not everyone sells the battery for the DJ (Costco, for example doesn't have it nor do a few of the auto specialists I checked) . . . . but, not only does Sam's Club stock the part, they install it for free - AND, until June 2, there is a $20 discount for the battery. So, yesterday I paid US$103 and some change, tax included for a Duracell automotive battery rated at a full 690CCA that has a 3 year replacement warranty installed in my car. At that price, and with the free installation, periodic battery replacement is almost completely painless (OK, I spent a lot of money in the store while they did the work) and, with a battery in good condition, the alternator and its related components aren't going to be stressed trying to charge a half-dead battery. If your vehicle has an older battery in it you might want to consider taking advantage of the sale. https://www.samsclub.com/sams/duracell-automotive-battery-group-size-86/prod3590273.ip
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    I have a 2009 journey 155,000 miles. SXT AWD. Had noise in front end for years. Replaced everything. Struts, lower control arms with bushings, lower ball joints, brake calipers, mount brackets, brake hoses, pads and rotors. Replaced stabilizer bushings and links. Tie rod ends still good. I finally figured it out. The stabilizer bar was hitting the crossmember on the inside of the mount. A retaining part of the bar is what was hitting. Made a 3/16 inch shim under the mounts and bracket. Had I aligned today and is finally like new.
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    Most modern cars now are using Iridium plugs which have a longer life span. The 3.6L uses them. The 2.4L uses copper core so has a change interval same as cars of the past. Compared to the 3.6, the plugs are easy to change. You can try a more expensive plug. No harm but the cost.
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    I just scored a set of 4, 225/65R17 Bridgestone Blizzaks for $300.00 it pays when a Subaru dealer orders the wrong size and forgets they are in the storage room.
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    Summer Solstice

    Rear differential?

    Look under any car past a few years old and you are likely to see at least one point of a very minor leak. It is a fact of life and not related to any particular brand. As I usually buy a newer vehicle around 3 years old, this is one of the things that I look for. Even then, it is somewhat difficult to find a perfectly clean vehicle underneath. As long as it is very minor, with no indication of even a drip on the floor, leave it IMO. If everything is operating correctly, just check the level, add any if necessary, and keep on driving. There is a very good chance that it is down barely at all. Consider it part of routine maintenance of an older vehicle to monitor any known leaks and address them when needed. You may never need too before the time comes to replace it. Just keep an eye on it periodically, depending on the amount of leakage.
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    The other day I got some new rockers and some other stuff. I had planned to replace the spark plugs and thought I should also look into the rockers because of a slight ticking noise (more noticeable cold. Hardest part for me was removing the intake manifold (not too bad). Yep, #5 cylinder had a bad rocker on the second intake valve, the rocker's roller was loose on it's little shaft. I found some scoring on the edges of the cam due to the sides of the rocker rubbing on the cam, but other wise the cam looked pretty good. I don't know how long it had been this way, since we bought the car with the tick already present and the car has 112K, everything else seems pretty good. And, we got it for a pretty good price, probably due to the ticking. At first I was a bit worried about doing the repair and the cost, but it came off pretty easy. I've done allot of work on other cars but this was a different animal, so much of it plastic and those little push-in plastic anchors to deal with. I'm an old school Ford and Chevy guy with some VW, Volvo and Subaru experience along the way. Nothing like this. Thank God for 100K spark plugs! I think the ones I took out must have been the originals, Champion and still looked pretty good, but were replaced. Took me about 4 hours to do the job, less than I thought. I had taken it to a couple Auto Repair places including the dealer to get an estimate, cheapest was about $1000 and the Dealer was saying around $2000 and up. I did it for less than $100 with new plugs and still have some extra rockers incase it does it again. My only advice is get it done when it happens, don't wait too long and you'll save damage to the cam, which will save allot of money.
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    Center console 12V outlets not working

    even easier just take it back at least 3 times to get it fixed and if not fixed by then get you a new journey under the lemon law......
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    So, took my 09 V6 3.5 with 90,500 miles to the dealer with the following issues: ENGINE: 1-vibration felt throughout car when warmed up in drive. Goes away if you shift into N.... 2-loosing antifreeze, no puddles or wet hoses 3-mpg dropped to 13 mpg. HVAC System off, not using remote start, not cold out, longer trips (20/30 mins at a time. Got 16-17 mpg same routes Plugs were changed at 80K HVAC SYSTEM: 1- hissing noise in car when compressor cycles-low on Freon. AGAIN 2- AC compressor turns on even when entire hvac system is off-why? ELECTRICAL: 1- hands free system going nuts. Ask it something it wants to change everything to French. Constant shifts between connecting and disconnecting phones during calls Dealer loaner car,2019 Jeep Cherokee with 500 miles on it. So, if I fix EVERYTHING, it’s going to cost what?? OOOHHHH YEAAAA. I bought the Lifetime Warranty, it’s going to cost no more than $100, plus whatever gas I use in the loaner. Gotta love that warranty!!!
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    Bonjour encore! Well Fred, I am really glad that your warranty will cover this shit storm for you. It is not fun being stressed by surprise vehicle expenses, especially a shitload like you have. Please keep us posted about it. This might be your big opportunity to learn French. Just be happy that it isn't displaying Swahili or Gaelic. As bad as things seem to be sometimes, it could always be worse. I know a guy that went to the junkyard to get some parts for his car. He parked out beside the main garage. The pay loader driver thought his old shitbox was a junkyard gem and he put the forks through the doors and planted it in the junkyard. There are days that I feel like parking our Journey in the same spot. mechanical-idiot
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    Summer Solstice

    First Flat Tire

    Second flat tire logged in and history. At least it was a just a nice cold rain in Michigan rather than snow. It was also in the parking lot rather than the freeway. It was also the older of the pair of Kumos and not a loss to replace. Being between a rim and a hard place, I went with a set of Yocohamas. Full price No sale. We shall see.
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    Armando G

    Radio Upgrade

    Here you go (from my Facebook DJ forum) ...
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    Rear Climate

    trade it in be the best option
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    Another clear as mud post..............................
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    so what is the problem you are chasing on the eng?and no the warranty doesn't got to 150 k unless you were the org owner and and followed all the regulations for it.and yes older vehiclels do require repairs sooner or later ...
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    Roof Top Rack-not factory

    you are attempting something obviously you are not able of doing yourself i would advise you to take it to a customizing place and let them do it. the racks have to be attached to the roof cross braces not just the roof metal skin. i am NOT being smug but to get it done right and not cause any damage or physical injure...good luck
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    Trans will not catch any gear

    Well guys issue has been resolved. Iwas getting my tools togeather last night to get started on the removal. I moved a box with my son's things and as I went thru it I found the warranty coverage in there. I looked at the terms and notice it said 48mo 50000 miles! Actual miles when bought were 32416....shoot I woke up this morning and called the company. Numerous transfers later the dealership miskeyed the info, called dealer they corrected it!! I just called roadside and they are taking it to dealer and getting it fixed. Man guys, what a ride! As for the used trans can't return so I will sell it. My Journey has not ended, only begun..pun intended..lol. I'll keep you posted.
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    When you say there are only 4 connections, how are we supposed to know how stupid you are? Maybe you missed two, wouldn’t be the first time someone missed something
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    ??? What do you guys mean. I’m not that stupid to think it’s a 4 cylinder. I changed all six plugs Update: all I had to do was disconnect the battery, let it sit 10 min for all settings to reset, than put it back on, I know get 13L per 100 after changing all SIX sparkplugs on my 6 cylinder car....
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    Armando G., Thanks very much for advice! Removed fuse, re-installed bulb and now works great! Thanks to all for your help! It's nice to bounce ideas around! Joshua
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    Soft brake pedal, bad ABS unit?

    Nope, sorry. I reinstalled the original abs unit, ran the pump, bled all four wheels multiple times all with no improvement from how it was when the car was brought to me. There’s no warning lights on the dash except the tire pressure indicator light and I’ve checked the tire pressures, they are fine. Speedometer is working again with the original abs unit installed. I don’t think the abs is to blame since it works fine and the pedal firms up when the pump runs. I couldn’t waste any more time on it so they are taking it to a shop. If the shop fixes it I’ll post what they found.
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    most cheap parts( not oem) dont work as good on some models, my father yrs replaced a alternator from a parts store on his caravan and it would last about 1 week then go bad they kept replacing it but finally he took it to a dodge dealership they replace it with one of their alternator and he never had any more problems with it.
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    Copper core plugs wear out faster. Exceeding the limit will risk mileage decrease and possible engine running issues. I think I went to 35k before I changed mine and they looked fine. You can experiment and see how long you can mke the original plugs last. I think someone on here went to like 80k on the OEM plugs and the gap was about 1/2"...lol Change them every 30k and use OEM plugs. The engine runs best on copper core OEM plugs. It takes maybe 30 minutes to change them. Better safe than sorry.
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    Your gas mileage will likely decrease. mechanical-idiot
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    Transmission leak

    Just a heads up for those attempting this. The o-ring where the filter plugs in is a real bugger to get out. Luckily it was brass so I was able top use a small flat screwdriver to lift the lip until it let go,(about 75% of the circumference of the o-ring). Also it is a fun job to get the new one back in, but patience is the key. lol
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    Our dog wants to drive

    Ya know, the dog likely drives better than 80% of the people on the road.......just sayin....
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    New Family Journey

    Here is a pic
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    That's a big negative for Carmax. Great job getting it taken care of. Stick with the Dodge dealer while under warranty. I would actually have the a dodge dealer check fuse box for corrosion while you're doing the recall item.
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    Didn’t realize you bought it at Carmax. When I saw 2018 I figured it was new and you took it to a Dodge dealer. If you are under 36k miles it’s still under Dodge warranty. Even so, any half-way decent mechanic should be able to figure this out. That dealer sucks..
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    I Need LED Low Beam Info

    I went with the Kai Akarui LED bulbs. Came with decoders. Installed without any issues. Here's a quick night pic. I'll take a few pics of the beam pattern facing my garage tomorrow night for you guys. So far I'm happy with the outcome! Can't wait to actually take the DJ out on the street to see how big the difference is from stock. Hoping I don't have to adjust the headlights any but we'll see. I appreciate the advice guys.
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    So what’s THIS gonna cost....

    just figured it was in your warranty, my 2014 has such a clause, hope you are right take care
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    They had better hope that the head gasket is not gone, or they are in for a big bill for that alone! Let us know what it would have cost you without the warranty and what was required to fix it, if you don't mind. Happy motoring. mechanical-idiot
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    I took the Journey into another dealer, they kept it over the past weekend. Warranty covered everything including a 19 300s. For some reason the battery while low caused the engine light to stay on & when the mechanic looked over the codes he found 30 of them. They had not seen that before but after checking/testing everything & finding all working as normal that was that. Drove it around today, likely put 50 miles on it & no engine light. I did buy a code scanner which I plan on keeping in the glovebox, just in case.
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    Armando G

    Question about piston

    Here is the basic answer... The Journey features a "screw-in" type rear caliper piston which is part of the self adjusting emergency / parking brake mechanism. How it actually all works, I have no idea... just don't use a c-clamp to force them back in (my usual method btw).
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    So far what was found was that there is a spring gear in the seat that raises and lowers the seat. Something inside this part is likely broken as now it wont go up or down. I managed to get it removed from the seat and get seat all the way up for the wife, Then i had her put a little pressure to push the seat down some, reinstalled the broken gear/spring and now the seat is where we both like it since we can adjust the steering column lol. I cannot seem to find this part however, as I don't think they sell just this. I would likely have to but a new seat all together. I am working with a seller on EBay for a power seat just trying to get more pictures from them.
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    Summer Solstice

    No sound from any speakers

    You do have an amp in the back that will sound louder than the front. Of course, you already know this. You may have an impedance mismatch. With the same input power, a 4 ohm speaker will sound louder than a 6 ohm speaker. 4 ohms draws more power from the amp. If the sound from the front is very weak, you may have a bad connection, loose connection at the head unit, or a bad ground. The first process of elimination that I would suggest, in this order: Check your balance settings in the head unit. Check all of your connections, depending on which ones you actually have worked with, for something loose. Unhook the rear amp and see if the volume on the front changes without the draw from the rear.
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    Rear suspension camber

    yes i have them on my 2014,had them put on about 7 months ago and they are adj as well, not moog had mine installed at a quick lane (is owned by ford dealerships) dealership along with their lifetime aliment service that i bought, that cost me 172.( with a 4 wheel alignment at about 90 a pop i figured it was a great deal). and the parts are lifetime warranty as well they cost me around 300 with labor
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    AC cooler in drivers side

    Just had same issue. jkeaton is right on the money. Blend door actuator on passenger side needs replacing. I live in Canada. Part and labor cost about 150 bucks to repair. Common problem with all kinds of vehicles, not just Dodge. Check to see if there is a video on Youtube about how to replace it. mechanical-idiot
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    AC cooler in drivers side

    Common problem. Blend doors usually.
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    New Journey Owner!

    use a good quality high, gloss high, heat paint and post some pics after you do it, have thought about doing it but i am to dam lazy or old to fool with it
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    Isn’t the 3.5 a 6 cylinder? I know my 09 is a 6 and pretty sure it’s a 3.5, but might be wrong. If not you missed 2 plugs....
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    FYI... most of the Curt writing harnesses have a fuse at the battery end. Check the fuse, or remove the fuse completely if you don't tow. Their could be a short on that wire (the one running to the front of the vehicle and connecting to the battery) that is making the system function incorrectly. I've had that wiring harness installed for two years now with no issues, but I do remove the fuse when I am not towing. Make sure that white ground wire is also cleanly connected. You can also call Curt and explain what is happening... their customer service people are really helpful. Good luck.
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    Steering wheel not centered

    you will have to have an alignment done to get it straight. also it being off center wouldn't cause a warning light unless the front end is so far off or has other problems