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    is this the part you need it is on ebay of course dealerships wont buy from ebay ask them for the part# they say is on back order then google it...... NEW OEM MOPAR RECEIVER HUB RF DODGE JOURNEY CHARGER CHRYSLER 300 2011-2012 MY Be the first to write a review. Condition: New other (see details) “A new, unused item with absolutely no signs of wear. The item may is not in the original packaging ” ... Read more Compatibility: See compatible vehicles Price: US $104.95
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    Charging system light

    long shot but the new battery could also be bad have them do a load test on it before continuing with this problem, check all the connections and the ground going from the starter
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    Creaky brake pedal

    My feeling is that it may be the return spring on the pedal. Maybe just taking the spring off and reinstalling or replacing the spring would be enough to change whatever is causing the squeak. I'd try that before taking it anywhere... Good Luck. Peace.
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    Engine Coolant Colour??

    just turned 93 k on my 2014 i just had them change the plugs and do a coolant service on it ,cheap insurance as fluid for 5 yrs old and high miles just needs changing....have it done for your own piece of mind
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    Oil in Coolant

    Engine runs fine with all the oil in the cooling system? I can't imagine for long...Pressure test the cooling system for starters. Could be the internal transmission cooler in the radiator has ruptured.
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    +1 The Journey does not tolerate a battery at less than full charge very well and will do all sorts of weird things. I found that out the hard way. Always start there.
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    Volume Knob

    ^^^^^^^^^^ this.......
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    Volume Knob

    i am sure if you check your local stereo store they might have something that would work,or check out the local auto yards
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    Dome light dimmer switch beside the light switch controls the screen also. Try that>
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    All new cars must include a backup camera by May 2018. That's the latest from the federal government's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
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    not to be rude but if you dont know if you have a 4 or 6 speed transmission just let the local garage or dealership do it, also check out you tube videos they have on how to do it and all the ways to check the fluid level
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    Update:What I found is that what I got IS a 62TE but the transmissions are not compatible across all body platforms. The 62TEA and has an all wheel drive transfer case( still never seen one). I do like the new naming conventions though now that I know what all the characters mean. First character is the number of speeds, the second character is the torque rating and the rest are abbreviations. In this case , Six speed, high torque rating, transverse electronica. Yep, waste of my time, only caveat, each time I work on it I get much faster.
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    If the vin says it has a camera, how the hell can the parts department say can’t order one? That is by far the stupidest thing I ever heard! I would go sit with the dealer GM, have him look up the vin and explain why they misled your wife by telling her it had a camera, the vin shows a camera, but apparently someone removed the camera at the dealership. They CERTAINLY CAN be ordered! What happens if a car with one installed breaks? Can’t be repaired? Put your foot down and demand what’s supposed to be on the car.... Dodge Cares, you out there?
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    I have no problem with junk yard parts for 2013 might be better than new or a "refurb"
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    Summer Solstice


    In your original post, you state that the model year is 2112. As that model won't be built for another 93 years, maybe that is the reason for the back order? Okay, that wasn't helpful and I won't quit my day job. I would have no fear of a compatible parts from a salvage yard. Make sure that it comes with a 30 day warranty if you can. The price would likely be significantly cheaper and, if it works on day 1, it has a good chance to continue to work. I don't understand the long wait time for what should be an easy part. Call a dealer some distance away and see if you get the same answer. As for the battery draining, many of the electronics on these modern vehicles can do that if a circuit goes bad and the unit fails to shut down when required to do so. There are numerous threads just on this forum for battery drain problems. Usually removing a fuse to disable a circuit will narrow it down to a point of making a diagnosis much easier.
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    you might be able to source that part thur the local scrap yards and auto salvage places if you dont want to wait on the new part google auto part yards for more info,hard to believe that it should be on that much of a back order on a vehicle 2012
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    Creaky brake pedal

    i would probably just go to a good brake service shop first and let them check it out first probably wouldn't be a charge if they just look at it,dealership is going to cost you at least a hundred just to check it out...good luck and report back when you find out what it is....
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    Creaky brake pedal

    I would advise you to use any lubricants carefully around the brake pedal. Slipping off the pedal when trying to brake may be disastrous. Did you look under there? The offender may be obvious. Dunno. The click is likely the park safety that allows you to shift into drive when the brake is depressed. I can see why the squeak is annoying, but if it's not a problem, consider leaving well enough alone. Peace.
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    Best Battery for 2016 Journey

    I got my battery from Sam's Club - there was nothing wrong with my battery except for the fact it was four and a half years old and they were having a big sale. So I paid less than $100, tax included installed. They sell Duracell automotive batteries which carry 3 year replacement warranties and are rated at the upper end of the range as CCA ratings go.
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    Summer Solstice

    Best Battery for 2016 Journey

    I have had good luck with batteries manufactured by East Penn. I sought them out after less than good results with Johnson Controls. Your MMV of course. As a side note...Johnson Controls sold their auto battery division to an investment group in May.
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    Rear View Camera Problem

    Check the wires in the rubber grommet at the top of the rear door. These wires are known to wear and get damaged. Sounds like water is getting to the wires causing it so short......
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    Differential vent

    Or, just don't take any advice at all and let it be. Then buy one of these emblems from Ebay and put it right below the Journey emblem on the back of the vehicle: https://www.ebay.com/itm/REDNECK-EDITION-PAIR-CAR-EMBLEMS-Chrome-Metal-Badges-suit-CHEVY-SILVERADO-NEW/400885638670?hash=item5d56a5660e:g:MAUAAOSwAYtWM9Wc LOL! I am being facetious! Take 2late4u's advice and get it looked at. The dealer obviously couldn't find the problem. It does not mean that a problem does not exist. I will guarantee you that you do have a problem and it is probably the viscous unit. Good luck with it and please keep us posted. mechanical-idiot
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    I hate CR as much as the president does. I really do. They really really suck. They truly do. It's tremendous that you people realize that they are pushing fake news. It really is. They are such a bunch of losers. They really are. I heard that a lot of Mexicans are working there. They should be working in the Chrysler plant in Amexico building Journeys. They really should. This forum will make the Journey's reputation great again. It really will. We have no secrets here on this forum. We really don't, and we are going to prove it to the American people. The Mexicans at CR can push their fake news, but they will have to push it over the wall. They really will. I hear that Putin drives a Journey. Isn't that amazing? It really is. It's tremendous. Nobody drives the Honda Pilot in Russia. They really don't. The Pilot is getting fat. It really is. It is such a fat loser. I am not a Honda racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just think they are losers. They really are. CR - It's really great, it's wonderful, it's amazing to drive the Journey. It really is. mechanical-idiot
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    That is a normal price for this type of repair. Five and a half hours for labor is high. My guy did mine in less than 3 hours. Your guy must be a bit slow. Some dealerships like to have their mechanics "busy" . Glad it now works for you. It is not fun having problems like this, but when you own a vehicle (any vehicle) shit happens. Best of luck with it. Keep us posted. This forum is a free educational institution for the Dodge Journey. I have learned so much from the people here. Use it as a source of information as often as you can. Thank you for your follow up with this topic. It is so nice to see people report back on what fixed their vehicle, as it ultimately helps other in the long run. mechanical-idiot
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    depends where you live iv had both my 2011 had the 3 zone ( front and rear) loved it just my wife and i but i would turn the upper rear vents facing forward and it would help cool the back of my head, that said IF you live in a hot climate ( i live in al) or a real cold climate like Mich or Canada get the 3 zone for the passengers comfort and yours. i now have 2014 with just the dual didnt think of it before i bought it as it is a 5 seater instead of my old 7 seater, it is okay but on really hot days the journey is okay but would be a lot better with the 3 zone also the occasional passenger is a little uncomfortable for a bit till the front air makes it to them. long story short go for the 3 ZONE and you will be happier also the 3.6 eng but be warned with AWD you might have expensive repairs on the rear drive unit if it goes bad
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    What is that socket ?

    If everything is working normally/correctly, tuck it back in there and don't worry about it. Chances are you will find lots of unused connectors depending on trim level as stated.
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    so why not take it back to the dealership you have a warranty
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    Broken Motor Mounts

    Funny, just got my 09 back from the dealer. 91K miles, 3 motor mounts replaced due to vibration when in gear an stopped at lights. Now smooth as silk....
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    had problems with my rear tires wearing on the inside as well,,, and it was the rear upper non-adj control arms that were bad i had aftermarket adjustable control arms installed and it solved the problem amazon has them for around 100 each and to install them is only 2 bolts each side but then you need a 4 wheel alignment done
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    Installing under dash mount

    You want to install a gun mount to the front side of an airbag? Not a good idea. That air bag deploys and whatever it is you have bolted to it instantly becomes a deadly projectile. A loaded one at that. I would rethink your mounting location.
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    If you have the codes fill us in. Could be any number of guesses
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    Exhaust pressure sensor

    well i googled what you said (exhaust pressure sensor on a Dodge journey 2009) and came up with a bunch of different things,first off GO TO A DEALERSHIP and at least they will be able to lead you to the right part or area of your search, you gave us no info on the problem,codes,or engine size or the correct name of the part you are looking for.could be as easy as a egr valve or many other things ...good luck
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    Dodge Journey Scotland!

    Many Thanks for the Welcome guys! So far the Forum has been very informative and just seeing some of what can be done to the DJ and what some guys are planning to do is very inspiring indeed, and of course the maintenance tips etc is always absolute gold. There are some very sweet looking DJs out there! Summer Solstice, I don't own Bagpipes or Golf Clubs but maybe one day! Kywjibo, I have just had a Sensor Code pop up, Bank 1 Sensor 1 but my DJ is under Warranty so I'll be taking it in start of week. ( I requested a new MOT before I purchased but it had failed on EML, when I quizzed them after it Passed the re-test they said that they had changed a Sensor but they were vague on that. Me thinks they pushed it through MOT... ) Best Regards James
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    This is what I did, which solves both of your problems: Audiocontrol LC2i They are about $70 on Amazon or BestBuy carries them as well.
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    fyi all 4 cyl come with the 4 spd....and all 6 cyl comes with the 6 spd,,,,
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    Vibration at 50 to 75 MPH

    Ahh, thanks for the explanation! Wasn’t clear on the 10 pound thing, and now I am..
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    well i really messed up this time

    I see that you're starting out with the right attitude. That's good. Its takes a lot of work, but I'm back on my bike and hoping to have a successful go at surfing in late August. You just need to keep after it... Peace.
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    well i really messed up this time

    Also, don't get discouraged if you need more than a year of PT. Work hard. PT will probably help your DM2 as well. I feel you. Peace.
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    No clue but hopefully my 2012 does not have same issue, have you been provided with a loaner all this time ? RF meaning radio frequency , what does this part do ?
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    Differential vent

    LOL take it to a qualified transmission service place as YOU have something WRONG
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    Just heard back replacing all four phasers. I hope this will be the end of the current issue.
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    What is that socket ?

    not all connectors are used on every vehicle depends on what level of extras you have, base model vs r/t
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    Differential vent

    This is a new one. Why?
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    new floor mats

    just an update these are real great carpet floor liners for our journeys they fit like a glove and i just noticed they have reduced their price on AMAZON i paid about $78. back in march and amazon has them reduced .. IF you need new carpet mats DONT wait.....P.S i am not making nothing off this just a heads up on a great floor liner...... 3D MAXpider Front Row Custom Fit Floor Mat for Select Dodge Journey Models - Classic Carpet (Black) by 3D MAXpider 4.8 out of 5 stars 10 customer reviews Price: $50.25 & FREE Shipping. Details
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    Loud bang from rear when turning

    They said it was the spider gears in the rear differential. I had to buy a whole new viscous coupler for 975 with labor total cost was $1497, only day one driving it so far so good but we’ll see!
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    welcome to the group, nice looking crossroad
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    Bill Adams

    Hard pedal, braking poorly.

    That may explain the jerking when the ABS fuse is in.
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    2013 Journey RT AWD Brakes

    as i stated above the smaller brakes were upgraded to the larger ones in 2012, so your 2013 had to have the large pads and large calipers , simple to have them pull the vin # to see the correct parts and comparable to what they put on, going from large to smaller parts would have to involve changing to many extra parts of different sizes to have been done, and if they still insist they are right be nice and leave and go to a different dodge dealership and explain your problem and have them check it out.