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    What you are asking is impossible to diagnose on the internet. It could be a dirty connection, bad internal module,bad sensor, just about anything. Gone are the days of 3 speed, non-electronic transmissions. You can’t even check the level without special tools { no dipstick either}! Sorry to say it needs to go to a specialist.....
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    Coolant Issue - Help

    Usually plugs not only a small hole, but the radiator, heater cores, and engine block. I know your far from home but would have been better just to replace the radiator(if that’s what’s leaking). When you do replace the radiator, and don’t wait, have a complete coolant system flush and clean. You might get lucky.
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    Over cooling maybe?

    So, I did it. Wasn't bad at all. Dropped the pan and got exactly 5.5 quarts out like the manual says. I was surprised because I have heard so many people say that they got alot more out. Changed the filter, cleaned the magnet, cleaned the pan, put rtv on it. Bolted it back up. Ended up putting 6 quarts in. That got me to 20mm at 110 degrees F. Sorry that this thread turned into something totally different though. I appreciate the advice.
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    In situations like this the fact of getting a diagnostic is the most practical answer as outlined in all the responses on this post, and in some of the most toughest of times I have had to simply swap out something like a transmission rather than tool around with it. My daughter has a land rover discovery where the trans simply stopped functioning. I told her it was not worth fixing due to the age of the truck and the expense. My daughter, found a land rover junkyard nearby and purchased a used trans from the junkyard and had them install it, it has been running ever since, for nearly 2 years. It was not a rebuilt trans but simply a transmission out of a wrecked Land Rover. Total $750.00. I am certainly positive that a journey trans is far less expensive then a land rover trans. I am sorry to read that this matter occurred at a critical time in your and / or your mothers life and hope you can remedy this matter like my daughter did. I’m sure your mom appreciates your concerns and efforts. Props to you!
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    It's really hard to tell over the internet with certainty. Did you check the fluid level properly? What's the mileage? You can start by getting the transmission serviced. Doubt adding a "small amount" of fluid would accomplish anything. You really need to take it to a trans shop or dealer for a proper diagnosis.
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    Summer Solstice

    Coolant Issue - Help

    Take it in ASAP, have the system properly diagnosed by a trusted mechanic, and get it repaired. The stuff used is intended as a short-term, temporary fix at best. Many, including myself, would not use it but I certainly understand your situation. Just follow thru immediately, get the vehicle repaired properly, and make sure the garage understands your concerns and flushes the entire system.
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    Heat shield ??

    It's located between the muffler and the spare tire. On the plastic part.
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    CEL....no code reader

    It doesn’t cost to have the code read at most auto parts stores, if that’s what you meant. If if you meant you didn’t want the code read because you don’t want to spend money to fix it, then ignore it, have the car crap out, then complain about how Dodge sucks. Cars cost money to keep running, fact of owning one.
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    P0303 after hot restart only.

    I want to preface... I'm not a mechanic. Why not just replace those wires rather than using the repaired ones? Eliminate the easy stuff. At least you'll know for sure if they are the problem. Maybe there is some sort of damage that you can't see, but acts up when hot after a restart. It seems to me that these new cars have tons of sensors and who knows when those sensors talk to the ECM. Maybe a hot restart alerts the computer to a problem, and it goes into limp mode. Clearly I don't know what your problem is. Just trying to help. Peace.
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    Could be a module in the transmission, or a bad connector/wiring or a serious internal issue. If you are a DIY type of person and have the means, drop the pan and do a fluid/filter change.
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    driver side leaks

    seen this thought id post it for thoes who are all wet
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    Bought a DJRT on Vroom

    It comes with a seven day or 250 mile exchange timeline or refund from the date of delivery, additionally it automatically comes with a 90 day powertrain warranty and finally I am to receive one year roadside assistance at no charge., After spending The entire day going from dealer to dealer and getting kicked to the curb because I’m not buying a hellcat I kept getting the greenhorn sales people who didn’t know s*#t from shinola. I was paying cash as well which they don’t like because they will not make rebates on the loan. Vroom and Caravana are the two top Internet retailers of online pre-owned cars and the funny thing about it, I went to dealers who said they do not negotiate prices what you see in the window is what you pay, things have changed so much. Carmax does the same thing, Vroom and Carvana do not negotiate. I read that their spin on all this is that most buyers between the ages of 20 and 40 do not want to screw around with a sales person on a sled lot,
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    Bought a DJRT on Vroom

    Welcome! I would ever buy a car off the internet without seeing it in person and driving it. Thats me though.
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    Over cooling maybe?

    Better to be stuck open then closed
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    Over cooling maybe?

    2013 if the coolant hasn't been changed yet, then yes i would replace thermostat the and do a flush and then all new approved coolant also have them clean out the overflow bottle also.thermostat....... the outside temp should not have that much affect on your engine temp,
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    3.6? could be a bad head on one side? Also a plugged rad? Bad sensor? many possibilities
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    Coolant Issue - Help

    Be sure to thank them for completely ruining your engines cooling system. As well as your interior heating system.
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    Heat shield ??

    I put the Journey's rear end up on my ramps yesterday and having things more than an inch or two from my nose helped to see a lot better, lol. I dropped the spare, drilled and popped out the rivets that were all still in the plastic liner. I replaced the pop rivets with washer backing so they should last. Thanks again Hankster.
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    Here's one that turned out great.
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    Heat shield ??

    That is the shield riveted to the plastic part that surrounds the spare tire. I reattached mine with black zip ties. It falls off after the steel rivets rust away. Hank
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    Bought new in 2015

    excellent read...to bad about your POS carry on
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    Switching To Synthetic?

    I also have been using Mobil 1 since July 08 in my 09. Used whatever oil filter the oil change place uses. Never had an issue, change every 5k miles. Same with all my cars. I buy the oil on sale at CostCo and the oil change place uses it, so I pay about $30 for 6 bottles of oil, and they charge me $25 to change the oil and supply the filter. Total cost about $55, ends up being 1-2 times per year.....
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    2011 Journey Wiper problems

    Try a little de-icer or oil on the moving part of the wiper motor. Maybe it is as simple as moisture freezing the motor in place. I tried to look at my DJ, but I can't really see where the motor is because it's under the cowl. I think it's the center (passenger) wiper. Dunno. Something to try. This problem may take some diagnosis in cold weather by unhooking the wiper assembly to see if the cold motor turns or if something in the assembly is the problem. Good luck. Peace.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my fellow Journey enthusiasts. All the best from my family to yours.
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    No help form dodge Australia

    best info would probally come from a local transmission shop, as info off internet might lead you wrong? most of transmissions here require the fluid be checked with a special machine with the engine running at a certain temp and other factors from what i read. also not sure if you have a trans dip stick or not over here most newer journeys dont have a dip stick (which i hate) good luck and keep us informed what you find out. i am sure you will get more answers here...
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    Dodge Journey 2009 Gearbox serial

    Yea, the entire thing.....
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    Heater Core leaking

    Widows started to fog-up and I knew what happened, been twenty years since that happened to me. Found a "rad shop" that offers not to discharge air conditioning & lines and limits what is removed on the dash. Dealers wanted between $1200 and $1550 taxes included. This rad shop charged $630 including a total coolant flush, and if you do not want short cuts taken price is $1100. No brainer here, short cuts all the way. Just wanted everyone to know, look for shops willing to skip unnecessary steps if the savings is passed along. Not sure if the skipped steps are environmental or safety concerns but was assured end result is the same.
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    Bought a DJRT on Vroom

    Unless it was new. That’s me also, however things are changing. If it comes with a warranty......
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    Water Ingress? How?

    Good luck with you next vehicle.
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    my 2014 has 19 rims so, not long after buying it new i rotated my tires myself and felt a vibrations took it in to the dealership they balanced all the tires checked the rims no problem they said well after driving it home i still felt it, so i rotated the tires again the vibrations went away so i was still at home so i moved the right tire to the rear took it for a drive no vibrations so then i rotated the left to the rear and then felt the vibration back so i drove it to the shop showed the manger which tire and told him what i had done so they check that tire and rim and said no problem i said bullshit replace the tire and or the rim, so they went for a ride and felt the vibration then we went back and they moved it to the front and took an other ride no vibration, well they replaced the rim and tire, so i dont know what was bad the tire or the rim but i was taken care of. that was the only problem i have had with my Kumho tires my 2011 17 tires i got around 50k and still had some tread left but my 2014 with 19 tires i only got around 30 k with some tread left.. had some coopers put on liked them and i know have you guessed it Kumho back on (Great deal on them saved me some $$) got about 10 k on these and looking good and riding good.
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    welcome to the group,cant wait till you comment on your transmission shudder or clunk
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    Oil leak can't locate source

    Clean everything off and keep an eye on it to spot the source of the leak.
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    '13 SE FWD 6 months in

    ah doing it the hard and expensive way, good luck
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    Seperate Blower Fans?

    learn to be a contortionist,
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    2011 Journey Wiper problems

    have never used it on wiper joints, but i use a white silicone lubricants spray on my door hinges and hoods and such
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    I'm wondering if your bluetooth module is shot. Ours died, also a 2012 Dodge Journey, and it led (I think) to other battery issues. 2 new batteries and an alternator later, we removed the bluetooth fuse and I haven't had a re-occurring dead battery since May 2018. Although I did recently have the clock reset to 12:00 so may be something else going on... Anyway, dealer quoted me at $650 this past summer to replace the bluetooth module. I declined and just bought the module for $250 from a Mopar parts dealer. I have yet to swap it out though. I should probably do that soon...
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    Try deleting your phone from the car and UConnect from your phone, wait a half hour, then reconnect. Worked for me when I was having issues
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    Gaps in CD, USB playback

    Thanks...the problem has disappeared after replacing the battery and alternator.
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    Oil percentage

    havent seen my indicator light in about 2 yrs i always change mine around 6 k and the weather is nice and i feel like working on it.
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    Oil change records for warranty?

    i cant do that i still have the very last flip phone made.....LOL
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    Oil change records for warranty?

    I use an app on my phone to track maintenance items. I have never kept receipts.
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    Switching To Synthetic?

    so why not use the mopar oil filter i buy them from my local dealership and get them for about the same price of a K-N off amazon or having to buy 6 or 8 of them off eBay and by using the mopar filter they cant argue well it was the filter the caused the problem......
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    Summer Solstice

    Merry Christmas

    Enjoy your families today and everyday. Bring a smile to those in need. Merry Christmas.
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    Holy crap, are some of you guys running a used car lot? 1987 Ford Ranger(5 speed) - Never again, I hated it 1989 Pontiac Grand Am SE (5 speed) - wish I still had it 1995 Pontiac Grand Am GT- nice 1998 Honda Accord (5 speed) - currently driving this little beauty 2002 Ford Windstar - Glad it is gone 2012 Dodge Journey - love it, wife's new to us vehicle I prefer to drive a standard, but I love the Dodge Journey.
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    Journey R/T Custom Exhaust

    I live in California you can remove anything you want as long as your catalytic convertors are left in place hence the name catback exhaust systems. So if you want a straight pipe after your catalytic convertor its fine smog will pass besides you'll know its legal because no licensed shop will remove your catalytic convertor since it is illegal for them to do so if they arn't replacing them.
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    Rims and bolt pattern

    Depends on the offset. Read the wheel size thread and compare specs. Adding if they are close by, take your vehicle there and ask in person. Pretty simple.
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    Steven Harshbarger

    Rims and bolt pattern

    Those look nice.. the bolt pattern is 5x127mm. Most wheel places will tell you what fits, so just confirm. It's not all about the bolt pattern either, offset plays a part of the deal too.
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    Safety Recall S44 Transaxle Oil Pump

    Hi, I just received by the mail a recall for my Dodge journey RT 2016 about a defective transaxle oil pump. How dangerous is that? Thanks. There is a link: https://www.chrysler.com/universal/webselfservice/pdf/S44.pdf
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    I have been told that for radio issues you have to wait at least 30 minutes.
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    Just disconnect the negative terminal on the battery for 15 minutes to reset the uconnect system. I had this happen once, the reset fixed it. Good luck. Peace.