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    Trans will not catch any gear

    Are you just going to comment on every transmission post and complain? Lol
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    How to check ATF fluid ?

    One of the dumbest statements I’ve heard all week came from someone with a 6 year old car crying because something broke, but i’ve had a slow week.
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    How to check ATF fluid ?

    well you could have checked the fluid for color and and smell all you have to do is reach down and unscrew the cap off and use your oil dip stick after wiping it clean and push it down into the trans dip stick hole and remove to see the color and then smell it if you had wanted to,plus as i stated above plenty of you tube videos that tell you how to mark the oil dip stick to use to check your trans level..if you had been so worried about it or you could have bought the trans test stick from dodge if not sure you want to use the oil dip stick,,,but it is easier to complain about it after not worrying about checking it for 70 k...right...
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    Soft brake pedal, bad ABS unit?

    Bump. Might be getting an ABS unit from a salvage yard to try. I’m out of ideas otherwise.
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    High idle + misfire + random codes

    All I can suggest is start with one code and fix that. On to the next. If you don't know whats been damaged, we don't either. It could be as simple as a crushed wire somewhere shorting out or something way worse. Kinda hard to diagnose over the internet.
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    Reliability is a delusion. All cars have problems with nearly equal frequency. All dealerships have service departments. Appointments aren't generally necessary for cars without problems... And, no, it's not all maintenance appointments. Good luck with your next honda, honestly. Peace.
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    119000 miles on my fantasy 6spd..... the dealer should at least look at your POS tranny before you buy whatever else you are going to get to get rid of all your car problems...good luck and hope you dont have to rant on another vehicle forum. Also I hope you dont have the fuel dilution issues Hondas are having......you should google that also...good luck