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    When you buy used you have to expect problems, especially with a 9-10 year old car. I have an 09. Nothing like that EVER happened with mine. Pads wear quick? Yep, but not since I switched to ceramic pads. Your issue has nothing to do with fast pad wear. Obviously who ever “looked” at it did so from their chair. I can guess from my living room in Chicago that you have a leak in a line, bad master cylinder, blown caliper or some other leak. Take it somewhere with a real mechanic.
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    Given your location, do you have any snow or ice build up between the windshield and the hood? I have found that when ice gets down into this area, it makes a very annoying rattling, clunking sound that sounds like the dash / windshield juncture. It is quite irritating.
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    Lol. No one? Who’s looked at it so far?
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    I replaced a battery due to a bad cell. The symptoms, with all of the electronics, were all over the map, with different warning lights and odd behavior. It was a learning experience. Rule out the battery and the alternator first. It does sound like a wiring issue. On an older car, I would be looking for a bad ground and/or connection.
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    It could be. Didn’t AutoZone check the battery when they checked the alternator? Cars now a days are very picky when it comes to electrical issues. Could also be a loose connection. Have all recalls been done? Do you have an owners page at Mopar.com? If not make one, put in your vin, and you’ll see if anything is outstanding...
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    Brake Wear?

    You only need to post once about your issue. Posting in different sections leads to confusion and clutter.
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    Agreed. The problem, as you describe it, is not the common issue that the early Journeys had with brakes to small and excessive wear. What you describe is a loss of pressure and / or fluid. This is not a common issue to the Journey anymore than other brands. The fact that "nobody seems to know what is wrong with it" is because you need a better mechanic to diagnose the problem. If you have air in the system, you have a leak. If you are losing fluid, you have a leak. If the fluid is good but the peddle is soft, you have a mechanical problem at the end of the system with the actual braking components. If the peddle is hard and will not go down, you have a sticking caliper or a cylinder / valve problem. All vehicles can have these issues. You need a qualified mechanic to start.