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    Camshaft position sensor location

    What an ass......maybe have someone explain it to you if you don’t understand English, or use a translate program.
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    I can't believe a tow truck operator would knowingly tow an AWD vehicle the wrong way. Towing companies are registered, licensed and have insurance and thus should know proper procedures to follow. They should have been able to tell right away when they started moving the vehicle on just two wheels that it was AWD.
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    i remember about 15-yrs ago i was changing the oil on my truck and after i was all done i started it up and let it run for a few minutes then shut it off and let it settle for a few minutes and was checking the oil level everything was okay, i look underneath the truck for drips and oil was coming out of the side of the filter i thought wtf so i slid my clean oil pan under and shimmed back under the truck with my filter wrench and yes it was tight i though wth, so thought about it for a minute then decided to look at my old spin on filter and the oil gasket wasn't still attached to the filter, so i removed the new one and looked at the bottom of the oil pump surface,and there it was the old gasket stuck to the metal peeled it off re-wet the new gasket on the filter which i didnt really have to do as oil was everywhere by then LOL and re tightened everything and low and behold no leaks.... first time in all my years of changing oil that the gasket came off the old filter like that. so strange stuff like can happen so it pays to double check everything twice and to keep an eye on all their fluids under the hood, i still check my oil every week at least once.
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    Camshaft position sensor location

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    I only mentioned it initially so you didn't have any surprises down the road. I personally would contact the tow company and try working directly with them and leave the insurance company out of the picture. Assuming tow company will pay. If they just say sorry too bad then i would call insurance and see what they can do and then go from there. And confirm they won't list it as a claim against yourself.
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    The first tow company that State Farm dispatched never showed up. As a matter of fact, I originally contacted them at 6:00 PM. I followed up at 7:00 PM and that's when they dispatched the first tow company. at 7:45 PM I called the tow company and they were rude and said they were not dispatched. I called State Farm again and they dispatched a second company that showed up about 30 minutes later. I'm pretty sure State Farm did not tell them. It was cold and dark as well. It was a very large wheel-lift tow truck so the driver probably had no idea when he started pulling it. I'm sure they have insurance so State Farm will settle my claim then go over the tow company for their money.
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    Camshaft position sensor location

    Which is why I said we are not familiar with the diesel in the U.S.
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    I pay State Farm for Roadside Assistance service. State Farm has my vehicle information and they should have provided that to the tow company when they dispatched them. As far as I'm concerned State Farm should pay for the repairs and they can recover their money from the tow company. After talking to the State Farm claims agent I believe that is how they are going to handle it. I know a State Farm agent who used State Farm Roadside Assistance for his own vehicle and the same thing happened to his car. He filed a claim and State Farm paid for the damages. He advised me that State Farm was liable since they dispatched the wrecker. Had I contacted my own wrecker this matter would be between me and the wrecker. We shall see what happens.