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    CEL....no code reader

    It doesn’t cost to have the code read at most auto parts stores, if that’s what you meant. If if you meant you didn’t want the code read because you don’t want to spend money to fix it, then ignore it, have the car crap out, then complain about how Dodge sucks. Cars cost money to keep running, fact of owning one.
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    i just found this nice tool Link to the tool just type the last 8 characters of your VIN in the box and hit the go button... if your journey have any TBS's or recall you will know it ..... i didn't get anything with mine .. ( wohoo ! )
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    Safety Recall S44 Transaxle Oil Pump

    Hi, I just received by the mail a recall for my Dodge journey RT 2016 about a defective transaxle oil pump. How dangerous is that? Thanks. There is a link: https://www.chrysler.com/universal/webselfservice/pdf/S44.pdf