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    Went a bit offroad

    Fun times on the dunes in Lancelin (WA)!
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    Ankle Replacement

    After years of abuse (running), my ankle finally got to a point where it was painful to even walk anymore. Arthritis and bone spurs. They could have cleaned it up but doc advised on a total replacement. Had it done on the 15th. Doing pretty good thus far. Was in a splint for a week, now in a hard cast until next Wednesday, then I will be in a boot and starting physical therapy. Supposed to be back to work on the 10th. Figured I'd get in the Christmas spirit with a red cast.....lol
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    OIL LEAKING ?????

    Lol. I just love it when people make this statement. Like. Oh yeah! I just gave it to you Dodge! Take that! Lololol.
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    OIL LEAKING ?????

    The oil filter adapter housing is a powertrain-covered repair. Post the last 8 digits of your VIN and the mileage and I can check coverage for you.
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    Went a bit offroad

    nah I made sure I had plenty of momentum heading into the less sure parts and keeping the wheels rolling PRO-TIP!
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    Joyce Dorris

    2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    I have a 2014 Dodge Journey SXT all-wheel drive and the engine light came on. I purchased a code reader FIXD and it came back with a code showing that I needed the oil pressure sensor unit replaced. I called the Dodge dealer and they quoted me $560 to repair it. I went on YouTube and found the site that shows how to replace that sensor. The Dodge dealer was going to charge me for removing the intake manifold which was it necessary. I went out and purchased the part and replaced it. Granted you have to have the right tools to do this and I happen to have them. I have the codes cleared and my rig is back up and running for less than $60. Buy in this code reader was well worth the money that I paid for it.