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    Figured after 6 1/2 yrs with the last 3 having been kicked out of the cozy garage battery had had enough. Alternator pumping out 80 amps, load test showed barely ok and battery taking a full charge but by morning dead again. Would not pay the $120 for dealer labour to change. After removing the tire and the wheel well shields found that the battery hold down rod and nut where completely rusted, great ! What a pain in the ass but, nothing a soaking of penetrating oil and a impact gun with extension could not handle. Then surprise surprise found the two negative cable fastener nuts were only hand tight ? Thanks dealer techs obviously when doing previous re-call work you forgot to tighten the connection properly. Pulled old battery and it tested to 12.4 volts.......OMG ! Not going thru that again, so installed the new battery bought anyway. I cannot believe someone could forget to make tight a battery cable connection or has anyone had one come loose on its own ? Guess it is possible and I could with the 6/49 lottery too ! Thanks for letting me rant everyone.