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  3. abs and traction control light on

    You got a great deal. Glad that it all worked out for you. Our Traction Control Light was on, but we did not fair as lucky as you. We were hoping for a wheel speed sensor problem (cheap, easy fix) but it turned out to be the Steering Angle Sensor. About 20 times as much $ to fix it. Just our luck. While it was in the shop (local garage, not the dealer) , some dummy put the Hands Free Module fuse back in without inquiring why it was missing in the first place. We had it pulled because it was messed up and draining the battery. So, it killed another new battery. They denied having put it in. So, how the hell did a fuse suddenly get put back into the fuse box under the dash? Thank God that I decided to check it. I almost had it towed into the dealer because I thought it might be another drain that had to be found. That would have been an expensive fuse. I am so pissed off about some idiot finding a fuse missing from the box and replacing it without even asking the customer. Common sense would tell you to ask the customer why the goddam thing was missing in the first place. Common sense would also tell you to inform the customer about everything that you did to the vehicle. Don't get me started........ mechanical-idiot
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  5. started getting the abs and traction light coming on intermediately last week so when it stayed on finally i took it to the local part store to see what was causing it, and they said our scanners only can check the check engine light, so they weren't no help so I got on google and figured it was a wheel speed sensor but no way to see which one it was and to buy a scanner to check it they are real expensive for the ones that check the abs, so I looked online for the cost of the speed senors and the fronts are about $ 20-30 and the rear seem to be a bit higher, so thought oh hell i have the max warranty no need to try to fix it myself so made an appointment for it to be looked at on 5 -22 Thursday at 8 am. so took it it in today at lunchtime on Wednesday to drop it off, also asked them how much to change the plugs and do a coolant flush and service and they said about $370 for both so at 92 k i said do it, by the time i got home they were calling saying the right front speed sensor was bad and the part was $29. and $29 to install it which was cheaper than my 100 deductible so i said do it, then they called me back at 4 pm and said the journey is all finished and the total cost was $351.83 for the plugs and coolant flush and fixing the speed sensor, man i couldn't be happier with my local dodge dealership i couldn't have got it done any cheaper at any local garage for that price...and to make it even better when i was looking at the dealership web site last nite a offer popped up and said print off the offer and and take a vehicle for a test drive and get a $50 amazon gift card so i printed it off and after picking my journey up i walked over to the new car area and my salesperson who iv always dealt with said hey David you here to pick up your gift card i guess i looked confused and he laughed and said the sectary had told him that i had printed the offer and was coming in today to have service work done on my journey ,and he told her to have it ready and she asked him which vehicle did i want to drive and he said, I told her to pick one as when David is ready to buy a new car he will come in to me and buy it so in less than 5 minutes of catching up i am out of their with my $ 50. gift card being sent to my email account. so that made my trip to the stealership even better.... LOL
  6. So what’s THIS gonna cost....

    SO, got the DJ back today (finally). Replaced 3 AC lines going to rear condenser, evac, leak die, refilled AC system, snowing in the car on the ride home. Flashed HVAC control. Compressor stays off when display is off. found loose connection at Hands Free Module-will use and see, speaking and understanding English replaced 3 motor mounts replaced oil dipstick checked for stored codes, etc to explain low mpg. Couldn’t find anything, but on the way home hit 24 mpg on the highway with the ac on, so we’ll watch that too. If it stays crappy, bring it back for more involved diagnostics-no new deductible topped off coolant-could not find leak. If I lose any coolant bring it back, no new deductible TOTAL out the door cost for repairs: $146 dollars (dip stick wasn’t covered under either warranty, bummer) I LOVE Fields CDJR in Glenview, IL.
  7. Power steering problems

    Time to get acquainted with your local service manager at the dealer. Fred is right. Don't waste your time, because you are going to end up at the dealer in the end. My original answer was not sarcasm. You have two separate issues with the vehicle. Likely coincidental, but I could be wrong since they run on one belt. GET IT TO THE DEALER! They are trained to diagnose and fix it properly. mechanical-idiot
  8. Power steering problems

    The power steering has NOTHING to do with the water pump. Changing the water pump is a complex procedure. You do realize it’s an internal pump right? From the sounds of your posts you are not up to this task. Take it to the dealer.
  9. Power steering cooler

    Closing this thread since the OP started a duplicate.
  10. Power steering cooler

    Yes, time to take it to the dealer. You did not say if you actually checked all of the pulleys and the belt as suggested in one of the other two threads on this. If the power steering pump has failed, and if it is a recall, then time to call the dealer and find out what they are willing to do for you. Otherwise, you are going to have to crawl into the engine compartment. A tow to the dealer may save you money in the long run and will give you a definitive diagnosis. It is also the quickest way to the other side of this and will relieve the stress and speculation.
  11. Power steering cooler

    Have it towed to the dealer.
  12. Last week
  13. hi all my 2014 dodge journey GPS has locked maps, would like to try this, but I cant find the 2017.20 files i found others but they were missing lots. i was thinking about shelling out 160.00 for the thumb drive, but if its mechanical and not software issue would be a wast of money..this is my second radio first was changed free of charge but this time nope.. thanks all
  14. Power steering cooler

    Your post is extremely confusing...The water pump is separate from the power steering pump It might have overheated if fluid got on the serpentine belt causing it to slip and the pump not turning?? If you had a fire who knows what was ruined in the said fire
  15. Power steering cooler

    Power steering hose started leaking on a cold night but own didnt realize it cuz had issues with rear passenger wheel bearing so thought the steering being a lil tough was from that but actually was power steering leak which was ran for a few time like eventually started a fire and now there is a bunch of issues with it like the water pump went bad could that be caused by the overheating. I've been told its cant be beacuse they are to separate parts or something but woulnt overheating cause it to to bad as well. Its is under recall for the power steering but I cant drive it because no coolant flow and if I replace the water pump wont it just start on fire again from the power steering cooler . I really need help here if u guys can help me out I would really appreciate it. Would I need to get it to the dealership or would I be reimbursed since it's not driveable cuz the recall or would they pick it up from my house. This is extremely frustrating
  16. Hi mjbarbee516, We’re sorry to hear about this. We certainly understand how concerning this may be. We recommend having your dealer look into this for you. If you would like any additional assistance, please feel free to send us a private message and we'll be happy to help. Lydia Dodge Social Care Specialist
  17. 3.6L Coolant?

    Link to owners manual download located right here in this forum. https://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/topic/7566-get-your-owners-manuals-here/
  18. So if you have compass that works that means you habe a gps antenna somewhere? Or there is some other sensor providing info to radio? Thanks
  19. FS: Backup Camera Assembly 2011-2016

    Please provide pictures of the actual item per the classified selling rules. Thank you.
  20. 2012 journey 2.4 trans pan torque specs

    If you call the service department at the dealer, they should be able to tell you. If they don't, call another dealer. mechanical-idiot
  21. I picked this up a year or so ago with the idea that I would get around to running wires and installing it in my 2015 R/T that didn't come with a backup camera. I never had the time and I'm going to be trading in the Journey for a Suburban in a few months so this is a project that isn't going to get finished. This is the complete tailgate assemblty with reverse lights, backup, camera and the latch. It also has both ends of the wiring pigtails, but not the wiring that goes from the front of the vehicle to the back. Dodge OEM, was pulled from a totaled 2013 model. Same as this kit, but without the wiring harness pictured. https://www.amazon.com/Dodge-Genuine-82212553-Rear-Camera/dp/B00FSAIWY8 Asking $120 shipped.
  22. This should help you. mechanical-idiot
  23. Hello. I bought my Journey about 3 weeks ago. The alarm is going off randomly, no one around, fob inside the house. It goes off with the doors left unlocked and the armed indicator light off. The horn beeps and the lights flash in weird patterns, not the typical ones expected from an alarm going off. The battery in the Journey is brand new from the sales lot. No error codes from a OBD-II reader.
  24. 3.6L Coolant?

    google the manual on internet, real easy
  25. Power steering problems

    The only visible issue is the power steering housing or pulley looks like its soaked in fluid and the harness is completely covered in fluid is there anyway the harness is just wet ?
  26. Power steering problems

    Ol thanks I'm just going to replace the water pump and bring it in to have the power steering changed. Theres no way that the power steering cooler went out and caused the car to overheat which caused the water pump to go out at well ? Maybe the power steering cooler hose went out a few days before and the engine was overheated a few times tell the water pump went to or theres no way the power steering would affect the water pump cuz there was no issues with it tell that night beside the owner saying the rear passenger tire was making a grinding noise which he thinks is a bad wheel bearing but thanks again
  27. Does anyone know the trans pans torque specs for the 2012 journey 2.4l? I can’t find them anywhere.
  28. 3.6L Coolant?

    It takes HOAT coolant, the zerex g05 is just that. However here is the manual https://www.manualslib.com/manual/534199/Dodge-Journey-2012.html
  29. 3.6L Coolant?

    If I had the owners manual... missing.
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