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  2. CEL....no code reader

    You can buy code readers for less than $20 these days. Or, drop by an auto parts store and they can read it for you. Yes, it's a sensor causing it and you need to know the code to know what sensor it is.
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  4. CEL....no code reader

    I got a CEL light in -26 degrees weather Went away when temp went to -10 C. engine has been running "throatier" at idle (does not show when you step on gas) for sometime. I wonder will some sort of sensor do this? I dont want to go get code read and spend $$$...
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  6. Hi Dsammons3, We're sorry to hear about this! We suggest having your dealer look into this. You may also send us a private message if you would like any additional assistance with this concern. We're happy to help! Lydia Dodge Social Care Specialist
  7. Winter Tires

    So I just wanted to add to this thread. After over a year of having the tires, they're still amazing in the second season. It's been a really slippery season this year and these Toyos have done extremely well on the slippery roads.
  8. Over cooling maybe?

    So, I did it. Wasn't bad at all. Dropped the pan and got exactly 5.5 quarts out like the manual says. I was surprised because I have heard so many people say that they got alot more out. Changed the filter, cleaned the magnet, cleaned the pan, put rtv on it. Bolted it back up. Ended up putting 6 quarts in. That got me to 20mm at 110 degrees F. Sorry that this thread turned into something totally different though. I appreciate the advice.
  9. P0303 after hot restart only.

    I want to preface... I'm not a mechanic. Why not just replace those wires rather than using the repaired ones? Eliminate the easy stuff. At least you'll know for sure if they are the problem. Maybe there is some sort of damage that you can't see, but acts up when hot after a restart. It seems to me that these new cars have tons of sensors and who knows when those sensors talk to the ECM. Maybe a hot restart alerts the computer to a problem, and it goes into limp mode. Clearly I don't know what your problem is. Just trying to help. Peace.
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  11. P0303 after hot restart only.

    I did fix them. I cleaned and checked the wiring, and retaped the wires. I did that when I replaced the coil pack. Wires look fine now. They were not burnt like shorted wires would look like. The wrapping was just melted a bit like they got hot. I figured it was just heat coming from the engine block. But if it's not the heat, what could be causing them to get hot? And what would cause whatever drives those wires to only act up after the car is restarted. Like she can drive 100 miles with no issues, until a restart..
  12. No help form dodge Australia

    Maybe in Australia they throw them away
  13. Probably can't be done do to compatibility issues....
  14. P0303 after hot restart only.

    I would think thats a major part of the problem...
  15. P0303 after hot restart only.

    I'd be replacing those wires that got hot an melted. Related? Quite possibly. Fix the known problem.
  16. Wife has a 09 with the 3.5L.. In the morning or when it's been sitting a while, it runs great. She can drive for 100's of miles and no problem. BUT when she shuts it off, even for 5 seconds and turns it back on, we get a P0303 code. I replaced the Coil pack and the plug. Same thing. She can drive 100 miles or 3 miles, but as soon as she tries to restart the code pops and runs like crap. If I take it to the corner store just a few blocks away and restart it runs fine.. Just if she drives more then a mile or so.. She can take it to work and take it home, as long as she dont shut it off. Also the CEL will flash when she accelerates when the code is up. If she coasts, no flashing, but still runs like crap. I looked at the wiring going to the coil packs on 1-3-5 and it looks like the wires got hot and melted some of the plastic, so I just patched it with tape. Not sure if thats related? Thanks.
  17. Oil leak can't locate source

    Haven't been able to figure out what the big Chung of rubber is from. However I found that the oil filter is leaking from around the gasket. Now I am not using a Mopar filter, I'm using the mobile 1 annual filter( which I change every oil change) I've went hand tight with a quarter turn with a wrench to half turn to 3/4 and still a slight leak. Can it just be the gasket. I'm just like how can oil keep getting past the gasket I'm not trying to go he man strength on the filter and break the housing because I've seen the amount of labor tht hoes into replacing those things. Has anyone had this issue with the oil filter its just like a very slow flow of oil.
  18. I have a 2016 Journey SXT with UConnect 8.4. There are a few functions I would like for it that I haven't found any way to do: 1. Have it respond to 'OK Google' and answer questions. Especially on long drives this is nice. We are a Google household (Google Home, ChromeCast, Android phones, etc) and would appreciate being able to easily do this in the car. Even holding your cell phone in Ontario is a $1000 distracted driving fine + demerit points + 3 day license suspension. 2. When I had a Windows 8 phone, I could, with this vehicle, dictate responses to text messages. How can I get this working with newer Android phones? I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge currently. Unfortunately, my employer is likely replacing that with a new iPhone this year. Those two features would be great. Anyone have any luck getting that to work?
  19. No help form dodge Australia

    You're kidding right? Transmission is not a "throw away item". As stated, try an actual transmission shop. Not sure if the transmission used with the diesel is the same as the one used for the gas engines. Do you have an owners manual?
  20. Get some steelies and blizzaks for winter only. Anything above 16" should fit on a 2010.
  21. Should be under warranty....
  22. Curb rash

    You can take it to a wheel shop to determine if it can be repaired, otherwise, as stated, if it holds air and you don't notice any new vibration, it's still good.
  23. Need to attach front license plate

    Hankster, someone stole your bracket , it's black in colour, an inch plus in depth and in the middle of the front end just under the grill. As mentioned look for the dimple marks then after the bracket is attached, attach plate in side bracket using the two threaded holes for the license plate screws.
  24. Curb rash

    Looks familiar, I did the same a few years ago but not that bad. It looks pretty small really but you know its's there now. Personally, as long as tire seal is maintained and wheel balance was not affected leave it. Worry about it when its time to buy new tires. My two cents.
  25. Curb rash

    Slid on ice at about 8 mph. Is this curb rash beyond repair?
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