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  2. Most of the time the problem is a cracked cable that connects the DVD screen to the VES system. Check out this video for how to fix it - And here is where you can get the cable - http://ebay.us/APUpPK?cmpnId=5338273189
  3. MUlti code blues

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  4. After reading the Journey 2016 posts, I don't feel alone now. My 2016 R/T (owned 2 1/2 years, 18,200 km) just vaporized the navigation maps. When booking service for this Thursday, they tried to steer me to Chrysler Navigation Group which means they want me to try to fix the problem and spend $$. I believe my 'Can't Unlock Maps' is a continuing R65 issue so Thursday should be interesting. Thank goodness, I have warranty. Thanks all
  5. I have 2013 Dodge Journey Crew 3.6L 4x2 I have a problem with the radio going black when you start the vehicle and when it goes out it take out all the controls, A/C, fan, front power windows and both defrosters. If I put the key in the accessory position the radio and everything else works fine. I updated the radio and tried the 30 minute battery disconnect but the problem continued. I took the vehicle to a Dodge Dealer and was told BOTH TIPMs (totally intergrated power modules) are bad. The one in the Engine area and the one under the dash. Est. to replace $1700. Oh, my radio is bad too.....price quoted for a new one $2800. I can buy both modules online totaling some $300 and the one in the engine area is easy to replace. Anyone know how to replace the internal one under the glove box? Thanks
  6. MUlti code blues

    OK, guys here is my situation. I have a 2009 Dodge Journey SXT that I recently replaced the tuning valve. After the tuning valve was replace I then immediately received warning light for the Stability Control and Throttle Position Sensor, as well as the MAP Sensor. I disconnected the battery hoping it would reset and clear the faults, it didn't. I decided to replace the MAP Sensor, after doing this Stability and Throttle warning lights went away, however I am now receiving a P1005 (b code, (Baro pressure soliniod) and the vehicle is running very lean, Sluggish under acceleration, and will often cut off at idle. At this point I am at a loss, everything I've read talked about replacing the intake manifold. Is there anyway to trouble shoot the circuit????? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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  8. In all fairness it was first year/gen. All manufacturers never get it right the first couple years. Plus did you buy it new or used? Buying a used car is like unprotected sex with a hooker. Everything might be fine or maybe it kills you. It's a risk we all take buying used LOL!
  9. well if you have an other vehicle remove the bearings and take them into someplace that can match them up or rebuild them. maybe pick some up at a junk yard
  10. oh well guess dodge is going to cry over their loss. 10 year old vehicle
  11. I just have to comment on this. I have an issue with my 2009 AWD Journey, 3.5L SXT. The passenger differential side bearing has gone out on it, and I want to replace both side bearings while I have the differential out. The Dodge dealers (I have called 3) keep telling me I can't order the bearings, and I have to replace the whole differential. I'm sorry, I'm not paying 950$ for a new differential when the gears look brand new. If I find the right bearings and races, Timken tells me I'd be out the door for less than 90$ by putting in the new bearings from them if I can get them the numbers off of them. It's ridiculous, because companies are selling remanufactured differentials, and those bearings have to come from somewhere. Short version, I have replaced everything in the drivetrain except the engine, at this point. Transmission, Transfer case, all four wheel hubs, cv axles, and brake calipers to boot. I'll never buy another Dodge. I promise you that.
  12. Rear Differential side bearings

    I know somebody makes the bearings, because they sell rebuilt ones. I just need a number off of them so I can replace them. Even Dodge keeps trying to sell me a whole differential at $950. I'm not paying that when the gears are fine and I can probably replace all three bearings and races for less than 70$. I even already have new seals.
  13. Unfortunately it's probably one of those parts that has no aftermarket support and the factory does not sell them separately from the differential as you have discovered.
  14. Rear Differential side bearings

    No parts store sells the bearings. I'm not having a lot of luck. Rock Auto was my first try.
  15. Rear Differential side bearings

    Try Rock Auto. I don’t know a part number but maybe they have it listed....
  16. Good morning. I have a question for you smart folks. I have a 2009 Journey SXT AWD with the 3.5L. I have had a noise from the right rear for a while. I already replaced both rear hubs and brake calipers. I finally diagnosed it as a failed side bearing on the right side of the differential. Here is my question: I need to get new side bearings and races, along with the axle seals. I found the new seals easily. However, even Dodge can't give me a part number for the differential side bearings or races. This is a simple fix, and all they will sell me is a whole new differential. That seems ridiculous to me, especially since there is not a thing wrong with anything else in the differential. I have put side bearings in rear differentials a couple of times, and it's really a piece of cake on a workbench. Can any of you direct me to the correct side bearings? I know someone makes them, because you can find rebuilt ones available for sale. By the way, the Rear Differential part number is 5157002AB. Thanks in advance.
  17. Rear End noise

    wheel bearing would be my guess.....
  18. Do what you can afford now since you need one now.
  19. Rear End noise

    Is the sound coming from inside or outside the vehicle?
  20. I haven't had any problems with it. I have changed the sub and amp and the camera to higher quality. I've also got accessory lights ran to both the front and back. Those are on a toggle switch. Went under the console for the wiring there.
  21. Rear End noise

    I thought also maybe the fuel pump but I then thought it would still be making the sound even when its just sits there running. I'll have my local guy check it out and let you know what it is. Thanks for all the help.
  22. Well right now I can get a used 2018 dodge journey GT with only 15k miles on it for 18500 out the door while a brand new one would cost me at least 29k.
  23. first off the 2020 journeys wont be made until July -Aug of 2019, long time to wait if you need a bigger car now. do what you can afford, have to ask why buy a used 2018 when you could get a great deal on a left over 2019, sales are slowing down now, so check out the new car deals they also come with low or zero % financing compared to used car rates which are always 2-3 times higher
  24. Rear End noise

    since its fwd and noise coming from rear either wheel bearings or brake pads dragging,or possibly a fuel pump going bad but not likely
  25. Rear End noise

    No it is a whinny sound when driving.
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