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Pricing for Purchase of 2016 DJ SXT AWD - Your Thoughts

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Hi Everyone - I am so happy to have found this community - thank you all for your contributions !!


My wife and I are trying to purchase a 2016 Dodge Journey SXT AWD.  The car we like has the blacktop package and Uconnect/bluetooth.  


The salesperson I have been speaking with does not have the car but he did locate and confirm that he can get it for us.  


I am trying to determine how you feel about the price he is extending as he is standing firm (over multiple days - he has been OOO every other day so that has helped to stretch things out).


  • MSRP: $32,030
  • Rebates:  $4,000
  • Dealer Discount:  $2,800
  • Current Dealer Price:  $25,230
  • Tax:  $2,176.08
  • Govt. Fees:  $122.50
  • Doc. Fees:  $75
  • Out the Door Price:  $27,603.58


I am having trouble believing that this is the best deal I can get (maybe it is :) ) because he keeps saying that what he is doing is extending (or matching) the 20% off MSRP that is being promoted for Crossroad models with the promo ending on 10/3.  So the first and only price he has given me is $25,230 - can the very first price he proposed really be his best and final - I find that hard to believe....


He is also saying that when he has asked his GM if they can do a little bit better the GM replied with "on a "locate" ?!"  Meaning since they have to get the car from another dealership they are not willing to budge on price.  He has also admitted to me that the car is at a dealership fairly close by and that the cost is minimal (really just gas and someone's time to get it.  


Pls let me know your thoughts and if you think there might be anything I can do to gain a bit of leverage.  Really appreciate your advice.


Also just to provide full info as you look over what I've shared:


  • We are planning to purchase and not lease
  • We do not currently own another Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep
  • We are not trading anything in
  • We will not be financing the car purchase
  • We are serious buyers that are ready to buy this wknd for the right deal


Thank you so much - I am very appreciative and after all the great and informative posts here I am very excited to get a Dodge Journey !!



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It doesn't much matter what WE think.  It's ultimately how much the dealer will accept for the vehicle and whether YOU think it is reasonable.

Honestly? Knocking 20% or so off the vehicle price to me seems not unreasonable.  But you can and should validate the pricing for yourself because everyone can always get a better deal than you can . . . . until you tell them to get it for you.  Then there are regional disparities to consider.

If you think the price is too high, then walk away.  If you can live with the price, then . . . . . .

Yes, there are extra costs associated with bringing in a vehicle for you.  So, call around to the other dealers in the area to find out where they're getting it from and deal direct with that dealership.

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Thanks bramfrank - I certainly agree with what you shared.


Hoping to close the deal soon and start the journey :)


Have a nice wknd all !




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