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I've had a vibration since I purchased my Journey back in August, I've now had it in three times and the service department acts like its to much work to even figure it out. I've had my regular mechanic test drive it and he says it's a drivetrain issue but also a warranty issue. I have zero confidence in the service dept. here in Casper Wy but so frustrated with this vibration, yes I'm venting...Lol! Has anyone else experienced vibration issues? Around 80 Mph and driving down hill. 

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well try a different dealership even if it means a further trip down the road, I havent had any problems , more info would be nice like is it awd or fwd, mileage on it, do you feel the vibration while under power and or  just coasting, any an all info is needed for someone to maybe help you, no problem with the venting as it sucks to have a new car and the dealership is no help. maybe the dodge adviser on here could get involved and help you out??????/

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