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Found 52 results

  1. Quick question and need some serious help. Can't seem to find any info anywhere and the dodge service department wasn't much help either. Just bought a 2016 Dodge Journey with a 3.6L V6 DOHC 24V in the summer and love it. I have been driving it for two months now, and part of our buying deal was a hitch and install. Last week I finally got it installed, and as soon as I drove it off the lot, I noticed a big difference in how the vehicle felt and handle. I felt like it was pulling from the back and when I braked, I felt a shift of weight from the end to the front. I live on the side of a mountain, and it seems like its working hard to get up the hill, also seems pressure and weight on the breaks when I go downhill. In all honesty, it feels like I'm already towing something or like the e-break is on. When I brought this up to dodge service, they kind of looked at me funny but I swear I'm not crazy. My dad checked the e-break and seemed fine because it rolls on neutral no problem. I was getting something on the door fixed, and he checked everything over for me and seemed fine. Also said, there enough engine to tow so I shouldn't feel the hitch. Has anyone had this issue when installing a hitch after you've already been driving around with it for a while. I found it super "peppy" and controlled well; now it feels sluggish and heavy. Please tell me I'm not crazy. Thanks!
  2. Has anybody had their Journey not start and had to have it jump started. My 2015 only has 4600 miles on it, (7 months old).Went to start it after 2 days sitting in my driveway and it would not start. Called Roadside Assist, had it jump started and off to the dealership. They charged the battery for 1 hour as per their protocol and it passed. They advised they checked the anti run-down and it was also working. I brought it home turned it off and even left the rear hatch unlocked and only closed it (not completely locking it) All the interior lights turned off including the large one in the rear tailgate after a couple of min's. Its the Limited model and the headlights are set for Auto and the Key fob was not left in the vehicle either which I understand might cause the computer to think I am still in the vehicle and ready to start it again which might cause a battery drain. ????
  3. Okay.. I have a 2010 Dodge Journey with the 2.4 litre. It has 140,000km's on it. (85,000 miles) It has the strangest intermittent starting issue I have ever seen. DEALER COULDN'T FIND THE PROBLEM I will describe this the best I can. Went to the bank today. 10 minutes of driving. Came out and it cranked over fine and it would fart occasionally but not catch. I would let go of the key and when it did the starter would stop. Tried again with pumping gas pedal but even by adding gas pedal it didnt fire up or change any farting behaviour. I doubt that gas is the problem. I have put in cans of Sea Foam over the last few fuel fills and I even tried running 94 octane But here is what also happened on 3 of 10 or 15 starting attempts. The whole car would shake like the engine and starter was running but when i let go of the key and the key sprang back to the run position, the starter kept running on its own along with the maybe idling engine...even though the key sprang back. As it does this, the car kinda shakes which is why i think that the engine is actually idling with the starter motor running along with it. I wish i thought to open the door to see if i heard the exhaust as that might have helped confirm if the engine was idling. Also could be a separate problem that the starter motor is not disengaging. Whatever tells the starter to keep cranking and not let go. Is there a module or relay or solenoid i dont know? But if you wait a few minutes then the car starts fine This seems to be the pattern. It usually only happens with a hot engine. Only on one occasion did it not start when cold. But then started fine after a couple hours Also when it did start , the starter and engjne maybe idling at the same time, this would last for 4 or 5 seconds and then it would all stop together ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.
  4. Trouble Code: P1D83

    My wife just took her Journey in to get the oil changed, when she got back in the car, the check engine light had come on. When she asked the service department to look it up, they said it was just a "stored code" and she just "needed to drive around" until the code turned itself off. I've never heard of that technique of car fixing, but you know...She took the car to AutoZone and they pulled a P1D83 code. Anyone have a clue as to what this code actually is? I haven't been able to find it online. Thanks,
  5. Hi, My 2012 Dodge journey won't start. I tried to start it this morning and it just didnt start. The brake pedal is hard to press, when I attempt to start the car all lights from the dash would go crazy blinking and the car would make a rattle noise (not the engine, it sounds more like electrical system), and the temperature displayed on the dash shows as -40.Any idea of what could be happening? The battery was replaced about a month ago and had worked fine so far. I'll have to tow the car to the dealer to repair. I uploaded some videos:
  6. I have a 2009 Dodge Journey, yesterday I closed the rear gate on it and the licenses plate fell off. In looking at it I noticed the holes weren’t the standard square plate holder inserts, instead it appears the previous owner may have just filled them in with some of body putty and stuck a screw in them. I’ve attached a picture and am wondering if there are any ideas on how to fix this and get my plate back on. Thanks,
  7. horrible im unloading this car brakes, rotars terrible
  8. 2009 Dodge Journey AWD with a 3.5 engine. the car starts just fine and I can drive it all around, but when I go shopping, and park the car and turn off the engine, when I come back, the car won't start. sometimes when I slam the driver door really hard, I can start it, sometimes it doesn't. It must be something electrical right? Whenever the engine shuts off for a bit, it doesn't start back up.
  9. Hello all. just yesterday took delivery of a brand new just off the truck 2 engine hour (3 miles only) dark grey 2017 Journey GT Blacktop AWD. its truly a wonderful car. got some tint and clear bra done on it today. im pretty excited to learn from you all, (especially about LED bulbs). im in Denver so if there are any more of you all here lets all meet up and hit the road!!
  10. A little helpful hint for those who seem to have issues even after replacing the bulbs . So I replaced the bulb several times in my back left reverse tail light with no success. On the rear door on the upper left hinge there is a cased wiring which feeds the back door panel. Pull back on the protective casing and look at wiring. In my case there where 4 wires broken . These wires are colour coded and should be easy to strip back and add a splice in. Hope this helps people save money. Not the most attractive fix but efficient.
  11. I am the owner of a 2012 Dodge Journey ... over the past week or two I've been experiencing some problems with my 4,3 uconnect system. Principally ... when I want to use phone by pressing the phone button on the screen .. nothing would work. No response at all... I have no clue what to do... can someone help please...
  12. Howdy

    Howdy all, New member from South Carolina. Took delivery of my 2017 Journey Crossroad, yesterday.
  13. Picking up my DJ in 2 days!

    Hey guys, future owner of a black 2015 Dodge Journey R/T! Found this forum after doing a little research on what to expect from my recent purchase. I'm a 30 year old guy from a Detroit suburb, and I was just sick and tired of climbing in and out of my 2003 Saturn L200 (I'm 6'3" with back pain, no fun). I started looking around for affordable SUV's and landed on this Journey in a Ford dealership lot. I've always liked the front end look of the newer Dodges, and I was hoping to find something black, up higher, and relatively sporty. With 18,000 miles on it, heated leather seats/steering wheel, Alpine stereo, one owner and a clean Carfax - I was able to close on it for $16,300. I think I got a pretty good deal! Just posting on here because of excitement (I've never owned a vehicle that was under 8 years old), and looking for any feedback from other owners on their experiences and opinions. Thanks!
  14. Thinking on getting a 2012 Journey Hello there! I'm new in this forum! I currently have a Korean 2005 sedan, I’ve never had a SUV or CUV, but my family got big and I need a new car. I'm seriously thinking on purchasing a 2012 Journey, obviously used, only one owner. All maintenance from the local dealer, apparently no issues. I haven't had the opportunity to test drive it nor even talk in person with the owner, just by phone. I'll probably do it this weekend, however I'll like to know a few things about having a Journey from other Journey owners. This particular model is a 2400cc 4l. I know I know, I should be looking for a V6 instead because the car is too heavy and the 4l engine is old. The thing is that in Costa Rica (where I live), gasoline prices are too high. Do you think the 2.4 really sucks? I've heard about the problem with the brake rotors, for me safety always goes first, so I will definitely upgrade it to bigger rotors and if needed, Mopar calipers. How much did that cost you? Is it true that the steering wheel is kinda heavy and stiff? This model comes with a 4.3” radio, and I believe it doesn’t have Bluetooth (I didn’t ask), Is it too difficult to upgrade it to 8.4 stereo? I always use original parts, Where can I find the part numbers so I can purchase them online? Does the 2016 model uses the same spare parts as the 2012? If they're different part numbers, can I consider the 2016 parts to be better since they’re different (more recent) revision? And the most important question: What should I be looking at this weekend when I get to try it? Is there a particular issue or matter that I should be worried about or at least pay attention to? Thank you in advance for your responses.
  15. Hi folks, I was looking at superbrightled.com at the led bulbs for my license light bulb. I came at a step, where i have to choose between normal led bulbs, and can bus led bulbs... I dont know which one i should choose. The reason i am changing i bought some cheap led on eBay and they started to flicker. It bothers me, and i hate the yellowish light of the bulbs since all my car is factory equipped with led inside. Another question, for the trunk light, they're also yellowish. I want to buy led. When i opened the cover, they were dome light shaped (212-2), and superbrightled are saying they're 579... Please help me here too. Thanks, i appreciate it.
  16. Hi everyone ! Just bought a 2016 Dodge Journey SXT AWD in black with blacktop package and I am really loving how it drives ! I am writing because today i noticed the smallest little paint chip right on the edge of the front passenger door. My father in law said to get the dodge touch up paint and i wanted to ask to see if anyone knows where i can get the exact black paint i need for my model car ? Thabks again all ! Okinawa17
  17. New to this forum

    New to this forum and new to a Dodge Journey RT. Looking forward to reading posts on the forum
  18. My wife and i just picked up a brand new 2016 black DJ SXT AWD. We opted for the blacktop package and we are just loving our new truck ! It has been a few days and we've barely had the chance to drive it so I'm looking forward to playing around with it more this wknd. Also thank you to all who participate in this community - I have been lurking over the past month and reading your thoughts on the Journey over time really helped me to know we were making a great decision. Okinawa17
  19. Hi Everyone - I am so happy to have found this community - thank you all for your contributions !! My wife and I are trying to purchase a 2016 Dodge Journey SXT AWD. The car we like has the blacktop package and Uconnect/bluetooth. The salesperson I have been speaking with does not have the car but he did locate and confirm that he can get it for us. I am trying to determine how you feel about the price he is extending as he is standing firm (over multiple days - he has been OOO every other day so that has helped to stretch things out). MSRP: $32,030 Rebates: $4,000 Dealer Discount: $2,800 Current Dealer Price: $25,230 Tax: $2,176.08 Govt. Fees: $122.50 Doc. Fees: $75 Out the Door Price: $27,603.58 I am having trouble believing that this is the best deal I can get (maybe it is ) because he keeps saying that what he is doing is extending (or matching) the 20% off MSRP that is being promoted for Crossroad models with the promo ending on 10/3. So the first and only price he has given me is $25,230 - can the very first price he proposed really be his best and final - I find that hard to believe.... He is also saying that when he has asked his GM if they can do a little bit better the GM replied with "on a "locate" ?!" Meaning since they have to get the car from another dealership they are not willing to budge on price. He has also admitted to me that the car is at a dealership fairly close by and that the cost is minimal (really just gas and someone's time to get it. Pls let me know your thoughts and if you think there might be anything I can do to gain a bit of leverage. Really appreciate your advice. Also just to provide full info as you look over what I've shared: We are planning to purchase and not lease We do not currently own another Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep We are not trading anything in We will not be financing the car purchase We are serious buyers that are ready to buy this wknd for the right deal Thank you so much - I am very appreciative and after all the great and informative posts here I am very excited to get a Dodge Journey !! Okinawa17
  20. Hello, I am also an owner of a Brand New 2016 Dodge Journey, which I was happy about, but now have a completely different outlook. I am having problem filling up at the gas station pump. I have visited approximately 5 different gas station attempting to fill up my vehicle. Every time the gas pump clicks off, repeatedly. And the car is almost on E. . EVERYTIME. I have taken the car in 2 weeks in a row. And the dealership has found no problem. Now my husband had the same problem on the fill up early on, when I would ask him to take it to the gas station and see if I'm doing something wrong (even though I've owned cars since I was 16 :-), STILL the same problem. The last visit time, my husband drove to a gas station, with the dealership mechanic, and the car filled up fine, at a certain gas station, on a certain pump. So, ok I'm crazy, right!? So Yesterday, I go back to that same gas station to a different pump, thinking okay, this is a good gas station to fill up at. Mind you, I honestly don't think I should have to ONLY fill up at a certain gas station. What if THAT particular gas station is no where to be found? It does it AGAIN. Keeps clicking off. I even recorded my husband having the problem with the first pump. So, I move the exact same pump my husband used earlier with the dealership mechanic, works fine. I included the video of my husband making his attempt after I tried at the first pump. Also, on my last visit, I found out a memo went out about this exact same problem, in April 2016, and they failed to mention it. I had the mechanic print it for me. Shouldn't they have the disclosed this issue to me BEFORE purchase? Does this fall under the Lemon Law? Because honestly, I'd rather return the car than have this same problem for the next 10-12 years. I have to know, should this even be a problem, for any new car owner? AND, why should I have to hunt down a specific gas station to fill my gas tank? To me, that's madness. AND, if there is a definite permanent fix, can someone please let me know? And how do I get the mechanics to dig deeper into the issue? I was really in love with this car, before this problem came up. Terence Fill up.mp4
  21. Yesterday I started my car and drove across town only to get to my destination and couldn't find my key. I assumed that the key fob was in my bag buried or in the car because I drove there. I go about my errands and try to get back into my car but I cant. I figured i locked the key fob inside of it, which I don't think can happen if the key fob is around the car but that's where my mind went. CAA shows up and gets my door opened and alarm blasting off but there is no key fob in sight. I call home(which again is across town) and my key fob is sitting pretty on the counter back at home. My 2015 Journey SXT let me start my car and drove across town with no key in it! My family mechanic and the CAA could not believe it. I cant believe it. Does anyone know why it would let me do that? I was thinking about calling the dealership or manufacturer.. Possible faulty sensor?
  22. We just recently bought a 2011 Dodge Journey SXT. I took the vehicle to have a hitch mounted, wiring harness installed, and brake controller put in. The shop was able to do the hitch and wiring harness, but had to quit on the brake controller. From what I understand, the level of the wiring is too low due to the LED Brake lights. I tried a local RV dealer thinking they would of had similar issues, but they are also at a roadblock. Seems Chrysler isn't helping much. Has anyone had success in installing a Brake Controller in a Dodge Journey (with LED lights), and if so, can you please share how it was done. Our trailer is in storage, and pretty soon I need to get it out.... and I don't want to attempt that w/o the trailer brakes obviously! Coke
  23. New from Northern Indiana

    Hello all! My soon-to-be wife and I just purchased a 2015 SXT AWD Journey with 18k on the clock this past week. We are Mopar fans - I've had a handful of Neons / SRTs and tend to not shot outside of the FCA limits. She just upgraded from her 2005 Scion to the Journey and she (we) love it! We are 20-somethings with a couple of dogs and growing careers. We like the Journey as it's a step-up for either of us, gets good MPGs, has AWD, 3rd row seats, and we don't have to shift (first automatic car for either of us). That said, so far we have very few complaints and look forward to small accents to make the car "ours." She'd like to upgrade to some bigger OEM wheels and I'd like to get some camping-esque gear (air mattress, hatch tent, etc. . . ). Now my main complaint - the car is always foggy. She has to blast the defroster to give herself a clear side view and windshield. I've read a few other threads where someone had their slushmat leaking and the floor was wet, someone had part of the A/C compressor replaced under warranty, and others are suggesting the heater core but I've fought that smell and replacement and this doesn't seem indicative of that - no smell or residue. The floor is dry. I haven't checked the EVAP drain near the gas pedal yet. . . Any ideas are welcome, otherwise thanks for having us! Back to the intro - we are all about Mopar upgrades and accessories so if there is an untapped market for this car I haven't found yet, I'd love to hear what's available and what are common / good upgrades and mods for these cars. Oh yeah, it appears to be "Brilliant Red" in color Adam & Michelle
  24. I just purchased a 2015 Dodge Journey SXT and it does not have the Automatic head lights... I contacted the dealer and they said that it is not an option to add on to the car.... Does anyone have any info on this or maybe aftermarket parts to make my head lights automatic sensored turn on and off?
  25. Coming out of a '04 Cad SRX, I looked around at Ford, Kia, Honda and somehow found myself drawn to the Journey. After test drives I liked the way the Journey drove and most of all, I found more value for my dollar than the other choices. Got a loaded one with the 3.6 V6 6spd trans. So far it's too early to give a real review of my likes and dislikes. My driving is 40% city, 60% highway. At this point I'm glad to have a new car, as it cost me over $8000 in repairs bills the last 12 months on my SRX which I really loved. The V6 has plenty of punch and I had to have the 8.4" Nav system. Plenty of storage as all seats lay flat on the passenger side and i will be able to get my photag equipment in with any problems, and... I like the under seat/floor storage options. Time will tell... so far, so good.