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Found 32 results

  1. Ok so my wife and I just purchased a new/used 2013 dodge journey. Part of the reason we got it, is because my wife drives a lot for her business and the hands free was excellent. after 3 weeks the bluetooth feature stopped working. brought it to the dealer and they just unplugged the neg. on the battery etc... it worked again for 2 days and stopped. The dealership now wants to charge us over $600.00 to fix. F**K THAT.... I am pretty decent at repairs and DIY fixes so I purchased a BOSS Audio BV9370B Double Din, Touchscreen, Bluetooth, MP3/USB/SD AM/FM Car Stereo, 6.5 Inch Digital LCD Monitor. I need to know what else I am going to need to be able to install this neatly and retain the SWC and other features. Please if you know what I will need your help will majorly appreciated. If you need any other info I will provide it. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. I can not find a dash bezel that will fit this head unit.
  2. Hi All! I have a 2015 Dodge Journey 2.4L and I just noticed the weird clicking sound after turning off (it has been there for a while). Any idea what it is and if it is normal? It isn't a big deal but I want to know what it could and if it's normal (the clicking sound around 0:08 seconds mark). It only has about 10000 miles and still under warranty. See video link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oqadvro4d16x433/Journey Noise at Shut Down.mov?dl=0 Appreciate your help! Thanks!
  3. Okay.. I have a 2010 Dodge Journey with the 2.4 litre. It has 140,000km's on it. (85,000 miles) It has the strangest intermittent starting issue I have ever seen. DEALER COULDN'T FIND THE PROBLEM I will describe this the best I can. Went to the bank today. 10 minutes of driving. Came out and it cranked over fine and it would fart occasionally but not catch. I would let go of the key and when it did the starter would stop. Tried again with pumping gas pedal but even by adding gas pedal it didnt fire up or change any farting behaviour. I doubt that gas is the problem. I have put in cans of Sea Foam over the last few fuel fills and I even tried running 94 octane But here is what also happened on 3 of 10 or 15 starting attempts. The whole car would shake like the engine and starter was running but when i let go of the key and the key sprang back to the run position, the starter kept running on its own along with the maybe idling engine...even though the key sprang back. As it does this, the car kinda shakes which is why i think that the engine is actually idling with the starter motor running along with it. I wish i thought to open the door to see if i heard the exhaust as that might have helped confirm if the engine was idling. Also could be a separate problem that the starter motor is not disengaging. Whatever tells the starter to keep cranking and not let go. Is there a module or relay or solenoid i dont know? But if you wait a few minutes then the car starts fine This seems to be the pattern. It usually only happens with a hot engine. Only on one occasion did it not start when cold. But then started fine after a couple hours Also when it did start , the starter and engjne maybe idling at the same time, this would last for 4 or 5 seconds and then it would all stop together ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.
  4. 2009 Dodge Journey AWD with a 3.5 engine. the car starts just fine and I can drive it all around, but when I go shopping, and park the car and turn off the engine, when I come back, the car won't start. sometimes when I slam the driver door really hard, I can start it, sometimes it doesn't. It must be something electrical right? Whenever the engine shuts off for a bit, it doesn't start back up.
  5. Howdy

    Howdy all, New member from South Carolina. Took delivery of my 2017 Journey Crossroad, yesterday.
  6. Hi everyone ! Just bought a 2016 Dodge Journey SXT AWD in black with blacktop package and I am really loving how it drives ! I am writing because today i noticed the smallest little paint chip right on the edge of the front passenger door. My father in law said to get the dodge touch up paint and i wanted to ask to see if anyone knows where i can get the exact black paint i need for my model car ? Thabks again all ! Okinawa17
  7. Hi what kind of power steering oil can we use for Dodge journey 2013.... Thanks
  8. Verse

    Hi I`m new with DODGE JOURNEY FORUM ,I love my 2011 rid ,and we have 2 forums for Journey in my country ,I translate some warnings and information about the JOURNEY to the members . I joined the forum to get more info about the Journey thanks
  9. Hi the engine is running ok but when I turned the steering wheel left or right the tactometer goes up . Is that normal Thanks for all members .
  10. New to this forum

    New to this forum and new to a Dodge Journey RT. Looking forward to reading posts on the forum
  11. My wife and i just picked up a brand new 2016 black DJ SXT AWD. We opted for the blacktop package and we are just loving our new truck ! It has been a few days and we've barely had the chance to drive it so I'm looking forward to playing around with it more this wknd. Also thank you to all who participate in this community - I have been lurking over the past month and reading your thoughts on the Journey over time really helped me to know we were making a great decision. Okinawa17
  12. Hi Everyone - I am so happy to have found this community - thank you all for your contributions !! My wife and I are trying to purchase a 2016 Dodge Journey SXT AWD. The car we like has the blacktop package and Uconnect/bluetooth. The salesperson I have been speaking with does not have the car but he did locate and confirm that he can get it for us. I am trying to determine how you feel about the price he is extending as he is standing firm (over multiple days - he has been OOO every other day so that has helped to stretch things out). MSRP: $32,030 Rebates: $4,000 Dealer Discount: $2,800 Current Dealer Price: $25,230 Tax: $2,176.08 Govt. Fees: $122.50 Doc. Fees: $75 Out the Door Price: $27,603.58 I am having trouble believing that this is the best deal I can get (maybe it is ) because he keeps saying that what he is doing is extending (or matching) the 20% off MSRP that is being promoted for Crossroad models with the promo ending on 10/3. So the first and only price he has given me is $25,230 - can the very first price he proposed really be his best and final - I find that hard to believe.... He is also saying that when he has asked his GM if they can do a little bit better the GM replied with "on a "locate" ?!" Meaning since they have to get the car from another dealership they are not willing to budge on price. He has also admitted to me that the car is at a dealership fairly close by and that the cost is minimal (really just gas and someone's time to get it. Pls let me know your thoughts and if you think there might be anything I can do to gain a bit of leverage. Really appreciate your advice. Also just to provide full info as you look over what I've shared: We are planning to purchase and not lease We do not currently own another Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep We are not trading anything in We will not be financing the car purchase We are serious buyers that are ready to buy this wknd for the right deal Thank you so much - I am very appreciative and after all the great and informative posts here I am very excited to get a Dodge Journey !! Okinawa17
  13. Yesterday I started my car and drove across town only to get to my destination and couldn't find my key. I assumed that the key fob was in my bag buried or in the car because I drove there. I go about my errands and try to get back into my car but I cant. I figured i locked the key fob inside of it, which I don't think can happen if the key fob is around the car but that's where my mind went. CAA shows up and gets my door opened and alarm blasting off but there is no key fob in sight. I call home(which again is across town) and my key fob is sitting pretty on the counter back at home. My 2015 Journey SXT let me start my car and drove across town with no key in it! My family mechanic and the CAA could not believe it. I cant believe it. Does anyone know why it would let me do that? I was thinking about calling the dealership or manufacturer.. Possible faulty sensor?
  14. We just recently bought a 2011 Dodge Journey SXT. I took the vehicle to have a hitch mounted, wiring harness installed, and brake controller put in. The shop was able to do the hitch and wiring harness, but had to quit on the brake controller. From what I understand, the level of the wiring is too low due to the LED Brake lights. I tried a local RV dealer thinking they would of had similar issues, but they are also at a roadblock. Seems Chrysler isn't helping much. Has anyone had success in installing a Brake Controller in a Dodge Journey (with LED lights), and if so, can you please share how it was done. Our trailer is in storage, and pretty soon I need to get it out.... and I don't want to attempt that w/o the trailer brakes obviously! Coke
  15. Does anyone have a link where I can get a story about the new "Blacktop" model? I may be purchasing one this week but I know don't much about it. I just like it. Well, especially since my wife drove our 2015 SXT off the road and totalled it. She came out with 1 confirmed scratch on her nose and lots of aching bones.
  16. Hey! It seems like i'll be purchasing a 2012 Dodge Journey (37k km) but i've been reading about a lot of problems people have had with the 2009-2011 Journeys. So it leads me to some questions: Have the problems that were persistent in the older models been upgraded/fixed in any way (specifically brake pads/rotors)? Should I be weary of buying a 2012 Dodge Journey for any other reasons or would you recommend this car?
  17. Hey! It seems like i'll be purchasing a 2012 Dodge Journey (37k km) but i've been reading about a lot of problems people have had with the 2009-2011 Journeys. So it leads me to some questions: Have the problems that were persistent in the older models been upgraded/fixed in any way (specifically brake pads/rotors)? Should I be weary of buying a 2012 Dodge Journey for any other reasons or would you recommend this car?
  18. New to the journey and forum

    Hi folks, Just bought a brand new Dodge Journey SE Plus(2014). Is it a good vehicle overall? Actually, I am finding the accleration is very poor with this car. This is my first new vehicle; didn't have any experience what to look in a car other than the price ofcourse. Thanks
  19. First Dodge Journey

    Just got my first Dodge. It is a 2013 Dodge Journey R/t and i got it for 28k. The base price the dealer gave us was 32k but since it was the last one on the lot, he gave us a lot of discount plus i added a lot of options like navigation and sunroof so it ended up being 28k. It is being delivered saturday and i had one question about it. Does it come with some headphones for the tv at the back, i forgot to ask the dealer. If so, can someone take a picture of theirs and show it and are they any good?
  20. Flex Fuel Question

    Hi, we just bought a 2013 Dodge Journey SXT yesterday! So, the Journey we bought yesterday was a certified pre-owned vehicle. It only had 18,400 miles on it. It was a rental vehicle, and it has a 7 year, 100,000 mile warranty that started in 12.2012, which means we have about 6 years 4 months left. So it has the 283 HP 3.6L Pentastar V6 that features Flex Fuel that allow it to take Ethanol fuel. Here's my question...I was reading that there is no real standard for this fuel, so the only cons are that the Ethanol fuel might not perform as well as a gas engine and more importantly, certain cars that use Flex Fuel need some sort of Engine lubricant if you do use Ethanol with it. Can anyone tell me if that's true. Do I need to put something special in it to use Ethanol? I really want to use this as I live in SoCal and the gas prices where we live are $3.86 (for lowest normal gas price 87 Octane) vs. $3.25 for Ethanol. Is there anything I should know about using Ethanol over gas? Do I need to use anything at all in order to use this fuel? Can anyone tell me if the performance is affected by using Ethanol and if so, then how much. I would like to see the pros and cons for it. Like I said earlier, the only cons that I read was Ethanol might not perform as well as regular gas and some engines require something special in order to use Ethanol. Thanks in advance!
  21. Here are some new pics of our 2012 DJ SXT V6. Just finished adding the WeatherTech hood deflector and had added the WeatherTech window deflectors just prior to Christmas (front only). Really like the look of the wrap around hood deflector vs. the OEM that stops at the hood line. The window deflectors are awesome - they just snap into place. No double sided tape anywhere. They are an absolute requirement on the DJ due to the way the windshield meets the pillar. When it's raining and you put the wipers on, water just pours into the interior - not anymore :whew: Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics - have any questions, ask away. Previous to the new Hood Deflector...
  22. So, I have a 2012 base model, and today I got the oil changed, and on the way home the low oil pressure light came on (super short drive). I have had it changed multiple times and the light has never come on after. I just checked the oil level and it doesn't seem to be measuring unless the engine is on, so I don't think the oil is flowing properly. Temperature of all the systems are just fine and not hot at all. I also got the tires rotated, I know its a reach, but could they have knocked a sensor loose or something? Should I just give it time or go back and see the shop again? New to Las Vegas, so I have never used this shop before, and car only has less than 15k miles.
  23. Hi all, my first post. Based in UK I have a 2009 Journey SXT. It does NOT have the factory fitted roof rails running front to back. I need a set of roof bars for the car to carry a roof box I have. A quick search showed me that most places only stock fittings for 2012 models onwards. I rang Dodge here in UK and they told me that the fittings for a 2012 Journey should be the same for a 2009. So I purchased a Thule 754 foot pack with a Thule 1658 fixing kit....and they fit! (At first I thought they didnt but they do, so post is edited) The fixing kit 1658 come with 2 different sized door clamps, the deeper one for the back doors. Just make sure that the loosening/tightening bolt is FULLY LOOSENED to allow the clamps to drop down far enough to clamp under the door heads, still allowing the rubber feet to sit firmly at the roof gutter. I hope this post helps 2009 Journey owners without factory fitted roof rails looking for a roof bar system. Richard.
  24. Freezing Rain Day

    From the album 2012 Dodge Journey SXT - Brilliant Red Tri-coat Pearl

    Freezing rain in Barrie, ON. Truck performed awesome. No traction problems at all.