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Found 17 results

  1. Have own my 2013 DJ for years and always get the service AWD like every winter. I've come to accept that dealership always has an excuse why nothing is wrong. Matter fact it even did it on the drive home when i bought it. Now today it is sunny and dry and warm weather outside. On my way home from work the service AWD light came on. Thought it odd since i was not driving aggressive. Further on my way home the engine light came on. Made no noises or drove any different then normal. Drove further home and the info screen on gauges went completely black. On a whim turned on headlights and it light back up. Stoped and turned off vehicle and restarted my DJ and AWD light and engine light came back on. Anyone ever had this happen especially in dry warm weather?
  2. my wife constantly asks me..."why cant you leave ANYTHING alone"? im not entirely sure i know how to answer that question. but i know when i do change things it almost looks better!!!
  3. Hi. I am interested in getting a suspension/lift kit for my 2010 SXT AWD. Is it possible to do this with the AWD system on the Journey, or could it cause malfunctions in the censors??? Also What types of hazards could it cause? Worsen gas milleage?? Etc. Also if someone has done this, can i please have some pictures? I have looked all over trying to find pictures of lifted dodge journey's. Also where could i go to find such products to modify my Journey? Please help!! Thanks
  4. It took me for ever to find an aggressive tire the 19" rims are a nightmare I sell mountain Cabins and need my vehicle to be competent to pass the grade on two track roads. Dry washes can be a prob splash guards go fast:(
  5. Off roading

    hi all! i have a question... is the dodge journey rt AWD a good car for off road? Off road not as in little dirt, nono. Real off road with hills, rocks, sand, mud and all the kit! thanks in advance!
  6. Well discussed topic, I apologize. So I own a 2012 AWD Crew purchased through overseas sales. The car is hitting the ~50,000 mile mark. To this point I have replaced brake components front and back more than once now. I get the feeling that the 2nd iteration for the front is coming already. Meaning both Rotors and Pads. Not happy. I already have a list of components in an amazon list ready to hit execute. However it only covers the front brakes. The parts are for the upgrade in size from the 2012 Journey brakes to the 2013 13" brakes. Looking to see if anyone has the 2013 Rear Brake part numbers from the same manufacturers listed in the list so that I have matching brake set-up for front and rear with increased stopping power. If someone has a better overall setup for front and back I am all ears. Raybestos 780964R Professional Grade Disc Brake Rotor A1 Cardone 18-B5403A Unloaded Brake Caliper A1 Cardone 18-B5402A Unloaded Brake Caliper Wagner Brake QC1589 CeRAMic Front Brake Pads, 2013-2015 Dodge Journey It has gotten annoying because I do live in Germany, and do have to opportunity to frequently drive at higher speeds on the Autobahn when unrestricted but that same ability is still killing the longevity of my brakes. Not to mention warping the front rotors in 2013. That was not due to Autobahn speeds but descending a hill in the local area. Thanks for any help in advance.
  7. Hi Everyone - I am so happy to have found this community - thank you all for your contributions !! My wife and I are trying to purchase a 2016 Dodge Journey SXT AWD. The car we like has the blacktop package and Uconnect/bluetooth. The salesperson I have been speaking with does not have the car but he did locate and confirm that he can get it for us. I am trying to determine how you feel about the price he is extending as he is standing firm (over multiple days - he has been OOO every other day so that has helped to stretch things out). MSRP: $32,030 Rebates: $4,000 Dealer Discount: $2,800 Current Dealer Price: $25,230 Tax: $2,176.08 Govt. Fees: $122.50 Doc. Fees: $75 Out the Door Price: $27,603.58 I am having trouble believing that this is the best deal I can get (maybe it is ) because he keeps saying that what he is doing is extending (or matching) the 20% off MSRP that is being promoted for Crossroad models with the promo ending on 10/3. So the first and only price he has given me is $25,230 - can the very first price he proposed really be his best and final - I find that hard to believe.... He is also saying that when he has asked his GM if they can do a little bit better the GM replied with "on a "locate" ?!" Meaning since they have to get the car from another dealership they are not willing to budge on price. He has also admitted to me that the car is at a dealership fairly close by and that the cost is minimal (really just gas and someone's time to get it. Pls let me know your thoughts and if you think there might be anything I can do to gain a bit of leverage. Really appreciate your advice. Also just to provide full info as you look over what I've shared: We are planning to purchase and not lease We do not currently own another Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep We are not trading anything in We will not be financing the car purchase We are serious buyers that are ready to buy this wknd for the right deal Thank you so much - I am very appreciative and after all the great and informative posts here I am very excited to get a Dodge Journey !! Okinawa17
  8. New from Northern Indiana

    Hello all! My soon-to-be wife and I just purchased a 2015 SXT AWD Journey with 18k on the clock this past week. We are Mopar fans - I've had a handful of Neons / SRTs and tend to not shot outside of the FCA limits. She just upgraded from her 2005 Scion to the Journey and she (we) love it! We are 20-somethings with a couple of dogs and growing careers. We like the Journey as it's a step-up for either of us, gets good MPGs, has AWD, 3rd row seats, and we don't have to shift (first automatic car for either of us). That said, so far we have very few complaints and look forward to small accents to make the car "ours." She'd like to upgrade to some bigger OEM wheels and I'd like to get some camping-esque gear (air mattress, hatch tent, etc. . . ). Now my main complaint - the car is always foggy. She has to blast the defroster to give herself a clear side view and windshield. I've read a few other threads where someone had their slushmat leaking and the floor was wet, someone had part of the A/C compressor replaced under warranty, and others are suggesting the heater core but I've fought that smell and replacement and this doesn't seem indicative of that - no smell or residue. The floor is dry. I haven't checked the EVAP drain near the gas pedal yet. . . Any ideas are welcome, otherwise thanks for having us! Back to the intro - we are all about Mopar upgrades and accessories so if there is an untapped market for this car I haven't found yet, I'd love to hear what's available and what are common / good upgrades and mods for these cars. Oh yeah, it appears to be "Brilliant Red" in color Adam & Michelle
  9. Service AWD

    I purchased a one owner 2012 dodge journey sxt with awd. It had 19,000 miles on it when bought back in May and now has 25,000 so still under warranty We got some snow last week and when we took out the journey it started out fine but a soon as we hit some large hills we started to spin and the service awd light came on. When this light was on it was like we only had front wheel drive and got stuck. We turned around and was able to get home but could not get it into the garage which has a very slight grade to go up and I mean slight. A little later I started the car and the service awd was not on and it just went right into the garage without issue. So to see what the heck is going on here I took it back out and found a flat parking lot with just a dusting of snow, started to drive slow at first then started to drive faster and caused the suv to spin and lose traction. The light came right on and I was back into the same condition where it just seemed like fwd only. Drove slowly for a bit and the light went off and all seemed well. I have talked to a couple dealers and also Chrysler customer service and no one has heard of this happening. I feel like I may have bought a lemon here since this is not the only issue. Other issues: - Clock is always 15 minutes or so ahead even after you reset it - Radio will some times be at the highest volume when you start the car - Ball joint or something else that makes a banging sound when on the brakes from the passenger side. Has been to two dealerships and no one can find an issue with this noise. I have even recreated it for them I attached pics of the service awd on my dash. On one of the pics you will see that I turned off the traction control or what not but even when in this condition the traction indicator comes on and then the service awd. Any info would be appreciated (it goes back to the dealership soon)
  10. Hello all! I need some advice. I have a 2014 AWD Journey. Last night coming home it was snowing and i got stuck on the hill coming to my house. The road had 3 inches of snow on it unplowed. The hill isn't very steep but I wouldn't try to get up it without 4wd/awd. I didn't have much momentum coming up the hill because of a car that was driving slow that turned off right before the hill. My Journey got stuck and whenever I would touch the gas the engine would bog down and i couldn't go anywhere. I would hear the tires screeching and then the engine would bog down. I called my brother who told me to turn off the ESP/traction control. I put the Journey in park and pushed the button and then it would allow me to get up to 35mph and would bog down again. It would say 35mph on the dash but i really wasn't going anywhere. 15mins later i was finally able to get to my house. A truck (nissan frontier) coming up the hill was able to stop next to me and ask me if i was ok. He then was able to continue to go while i was still stuck creeping up the hill. Is there any advice someone could give me as to why my AWD Journey couldn't get up the hill? This is my first winter with the Journey. Previously i had a Ford Explorer 4x4 that i never had a problem on the hill in snowy conditions. Granted on the flat roads with snow the Journey handles perfect but didn't when i needed it to. Sorry to be so long winded but im a girl and like to explain things in detail. Details about the Journey: 2014, blackout edition, AWD, V6, black dodge rims,
  11. My wife has a 2009 SXT AWD that developed an intermittent "whine" soon after we left the used dealership where we bought it. The noise does not change pitch and sounds similar to a reed vibrating at a high frequency. Using a stethoscope I located the noise originating from the top of the transmission where the cooler lines exit. The noise occurs frequently while driving (at least at lower speeds) and also while at a stop, either parked or in gear, but not all the time. The noise does not seem to affect the car's drivability that I can tell, however the noise is incredibly annoying and concerning. I cannot afford to trade it (I tried) so I'm hoping that someone out there might help me narrow in on this problem. The dealer where I took it several months ago speculated a diagnosis of the front transmission pump, however they would not confirm the diagnosis without performing a complete teardown...um ...no. This is my wife's daily driver so I'd like to take care of this soon if I can. Thanks in advance!
  12. AWD at snow

    Hi there! As you may know, here in EU is Dodge Journey known as Fiat Freemont (almost identical - only badges and front grill is different), Freemont is offering 4 engines - 2.4 L4 gasoline (125kW/170hp 6°A/T), 2.0 L4 diesel (103kW/140hp MT or 125kW/170hp version with AWD/AT availiable) and excellent 3.6 V6 Pentastar AWD A/T only. Thats just for your imagination. So, what's the point in this thread? I would like to know, how Journey behaves in snow, it should be just fine, Journey uses Jeep's ECC Freedom Drive I or II, I doesn't exactly remember which version, and according to my friends (who owns 2.0 AWD and 3.6 V6), Freemont/Journey behaves surprisingly well, definitely better than Honda's real-time AWD. And because my familly is considering buying of CUV - Freemont, Honda CR-V or Mazda CX-5, and because we doesn't have plenty of snow here this winter (unlike You at US/Canada), could somebody make a short vid with Journey at snow - Slight uphill starts, stars at few inches at snow, doughnuts maybe - not necessarily that last one :-) I could only find these two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMCcsd73AQU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbD5ZkK74iY Thanks for everything!
  13. Go Ducks :D

  14. Snow

  15. Fantastic in the snow

  16. Up in the hills

  17. AWD doesn't work

    I have a 2012 Dodge Journey SXT with 37,000 kms on it. A few weeks ago after a snow fall I got the message "Service AWD" and it would only drive in front wheel drive. I took it to the dealer and they couldn't really figure out what was wrong with it. They set the tire sizes into the computer and told me it was fixed. I had AWD for a few weeks and then tonight again it gave me the "Service AWD" error and I only had front wheel drive again. I hooked it up to an after market code reader and cleared the codes. It seems to have AWD again but this cutting in and out of AWD is SUPER inconvenient and not why I bought a Journey. Has anyone had this issue? How did you fix it? Any suggestions?