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  1. 2011 Dodge Journey Battery Issue

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  2. 2011 Dodge Journey Battery Issue

    Hello I'm also having the same problem with my 2010 DJ. My new battery was drained completely overnight. The car started with random horn which could be off anytime even midnight. At the dealer they said my battery was low even though it was six months old. I bought a new one but the horn didn't stop. I disconected both horns, but my battery was discharged the following morning. I jumpstarted it and it did start but the battery doesn't seem to charge since the car needto be jump started everytime it swiched off. Recently the check battery, flat tyre, engine light, and and ebd lights flicks while driving and the car looses traction. What might be the problem
  3. Thanks for the prompt response. I guess you mean the delete my music menu. It only highlights delete pics and phonebook. It can't allow me to delete my music. I'll try removing the battery. What will happen if I remove the fuse for 30 mins?
  4. I drive a 2010 dodge journey with the RE1 system. I think we used an affected usb to play music. Now the stored music do not play. It also do not display nor give me a choice of deleting. I'm the space available it shows that the memory is still being used which suggest that it might still be there. Is there a way of completely deleting or resetting the hard drive?