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  1. Used my fingernail on a hot day for the sticker and for the the Dodge Journey on the back I pulled them off
  2. Screw led bulbs haha. Go with HIR halogen or do a retrofit
  3. If you do a custom retrofit with oem RHD projectors you'll pass!
  4. Real around during the day with the high beams on blast cause you want "LED". So pointless haha
  5. Hid bulbs are designed specifically for hid bowls. Doesn't matter if the halogen projector hides glare well or not.....if you look at a vehicle with halogen projectors and hid projectors you'll see a noticeable difference in he size of the bowl to reduce a fire from burning the bowl......makes sense right...either. Buy hid projectors or risk a fire by putting a bulb that hot in such a small space
  6. These are just the aftermarket replacements. Not the cheap ones you find on eBay These are straight up custom But thanks man. I do get asked by a lot of locals who did them and where to buy them haha. Proud to say I did it
  7. Yeah morimoto is better than ddm. I used ddm in the past and do not perform as good as morimoto
  8. It's all good. We were safe. Journeys are tough. The good thing is tho we had dropped my 2 year old daughter off just 15 minutes before this. Blessing in disguise for sure
  9. I built them. They are custom
  10. I still have the red! I plasti dipped over them with black lol
  11. Well it's been awhile since I've posted anything due to the fact that I almost died at work. Ended up cutting my wrist open. Next To my main artery hit a few tendons and a bunch of nerves. This was due to porcelain tile falling off a wall. Anywho. I've updated my projectors. With new switchback shrouds that I painted to match my journey and added some underglow. Feedback is much appreciated!!! For those that do not know what switchback means. This means when I use my turn signal they turn Amber and flash with my turn signal and go back to white when the signal is off
  12. Your kidding right? Educate yourself buddy. There's a difference between a halogen projector and hid lol. You sound stupid when you say just aim them down. So reduce distance for what? If you have to aim your projectors after installing hid into your halogen projectors well that's an issue lol. No matter what you say your wrong. Don't listen to this guy. Do not put hid bulbs into a halogen projector. Don't be surprised after a while of using them if you notice it getting dim. Bet you a thousand dollars your going to melt the Chrome plating of your bowls. You can say oh I haven't had an issue. Not yet anyways I've come across this with customers. People like you who ignore the facts and think it's fine when really it's not!
  13. Do not put hid in that housing. Use HIR bulbs or do a retrofit like I did
  14. Hey Cody, My name is Troy and I'm a Canadian living in Sweden. I've been trolling the forum and have noticed that you seem to be rather knowledgeable regarding lighting. So I'm reaching out to you in hopes of getting some help. So we have a Fiat Freemont which is basically the same as your Journey. Sweden in winter is DARK and our lights SUCK. Or at least compair to our Audi. So I want to improve the problem. I believe that HID/Xenon is the only way.  Problem is in Sweden and most of EU you need HID/xenon from the factory with a auto leveling system built into the lights. Basically a motor in the headlight unit the adjusts the lights every time the car changes angles. If you don't have this then the lights do not get passed on the yearly road inspections. One option is to disscounnect the HID's and put in regular bulbs for the inspection.

    So my first question is what are you running on your Journey? How hard was doing the retrofit? Was wiring an issue? Did you buy new light housings remove the glass/plastic and do the retrofit with those? Did you have any issues with the vehicle after the retrofit (such as error codes). I am really wanting a better light out of the vehicle but I need to go about this the right way so that's why I'm asking so many questions. You did an amazing job with yours. Thanks for your time.



    1. Cody Chornobey Powley

      Cody Chornobey Powley

      Well thanks for reaching out appreciate it.  I have zero issues with codes or anything in that nature.  I bought a aftermarket set of headlights that look identical to Oem.  Heated around the lense with a heat gun until I was able to pry them apart.  The retrofit is easy. Projector is mounted where the bulb goes and is screwed on with a 27 mm nut on the back.   If your not concerned about blinding people then use the led bulb.  Hid requires you to get a separate harness and relay system. But a really good halogen bulb is HIR.  Pure white and a noticeable difference between that and stock.     But if you can do a retrofit I suggest doing so. Nothing is better than that!!