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  2. New to the Journey

    Welcome WytChoclij, Hope you enjoy your Journey as much as most of us do here Gaz
  3. Hi All, My 2014 dodge journey got the "cant unlock Maps" feature . I understand these things happen, took it to the dealer(as still under warrenty) As im in Australia the dealer advised 2 weeks to get a new unit from america. It arrived in 10 days. dealer installed and now I have 2017 Maps rather than 2014 (win win). After almost 3 years of ownership my dodge journey still puts a smile on my dial I still wouldnt trade it for anything else. Gaz
  4. Hi All, Couldn't fit my whole question in the title "Can I lock my 2014 Dodge Journey with the metal key, whilst the FOB is still in the car??" Reason for the request, I have a boat with a trailer, I would like to only carry the metal key with me in the boat and not have the FOB any were near water (better safe than sorry) . Yes I have read the manual, but I can only lock the drivers door with the metal key (all of the rest remain unlocked) .If I lock the car from the drivers inside door,once I close the door all the locks "unlock" and the car beeps 3 times. Maybe Dodge is just playing it ultra safe so FOB is not left in car (I can understand this as if someone breaks a window they can then start the car. Any suggestion would be apprecaited Thanks Gary
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    just added myself, another one down under
  6. Its the little things

    something new to make me smile with the Dodge Joourney pause DVD player Change input to Sd card or radio get home turn off Dodge Journey Jump in the next day change source back to DVD Hit play resumes were you left off I know these a little things, but it is the simple things in life I enjoy beacuse they just work Gary
  7. Hi all, Just had my 24,000km (11,900 miles) Service on my 2014 Dodge Journey. The brake pads front and rear still have 90% left on them. As the mechanic said "That's Bugger all " (I hope I have not offend anyone with the word "Bugger" if you have ever been to Australia its almost as popular as G'day mate Gary
  8. 10,000 Mile Report-2015 Journey

    Great report Retired Chief, As I have siad on this forum more than once they are a fantasic vehicle, only had mine for 18 months and not a thing wrong with it. Puts a smile on my dial evry time I get in it Gary
  9. Its the little things

    Hi All, Helped a friend load a coffee table into their Kia Sporatge on the weekend. Well tried to anyway but the middle seats don't fold flat so the coffee table legs hit the roof . So it got me thinking about all the little things I appreciate in my Dodge Journey Flat folding middle seats Under floor storage indicators that flash 3 times with just a flick Front head rest tilt forward at the bottom (so passanger can use a pillow on those 1000km trips ) I am sure there are heaps more that I havent mention, but it just goes to reminded me what a brilliant vehcile the Dodge Journey is Gary
  10. New enthusiast member & 1st time DJ owner

    Welcolme to the forum, Great colour
  11. 12 months, 16000km awesome

    Hi dhh3, As Im in Australia this will be in Killograms . Boat is 210kg, trailer about 180kg engine 55kg ,plus all the other stuff you normally carry in a boat I would say 500kg all up. The dodge Journey tows it sitting on highway speeds (110km here in OZ) like its not even there Gary
  12. 12 months, 16000km awesome

    Hi all, Well its been 12 months and 16,000km (9,900 miles) since I got my 2014 Dodge Journey R/T Whats great Its and absolute pleasure to drive its comfortable, quiet, plenty of grunt, and loads of space my children love the DVD player, whilst mum and dad can listen to music/radio in the front The in built booster sear means my daughter is the same height as her brother The heated leather seats are great when it get to -8 Celsius fuel economy is sensational on the highway it tows my boat with ease Whats gone wrong Absolutely nothing Not a rattle not a squeak It puts a smile on my dial every time I drive it. If I had to use one word to describe my Dodge Journey AWESOME Gary
  13. First oil change approx. 8000kms

    Ok 7114.7 Miles
  14. First oil change approx. 8000kms

    My oil change light came on at 11,450km (7 months into ownership) so I wouldn't be concerned at all
  15. left rear exhaust water leak

    Thanks jkeaton