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  1. hey guys, (2011 R/T AWD) I have a rear wheel bearing gone. I haven't been able to determine which one yet but my best hunch is the right rear. (audible detection, a bit of heat on the hub, but no real play during a 9-3 o'clock and 6-12 o'clock grip position to move) I have done wheel bearings before in the olden days where you had to pack the grease in the bearings but nowadays, its all one unit/hub. I recently did 2 on my wifes 2010 Caravan and our design is the same so i know what i am getting into. Lots of smashing to break the hub free from being rusted in there. the strange part is, they sell a 'left rear bearing' and a 'right rear bearing' for the journey from what i can see in my searches. for different prices too for each side!. (The caravan did not distinguish between sides) Mine is an AWD so that may come into play as to why they sell a specific "right and left". Anyone have any experience doing their rear bearings and is there a "right and left" difference?
  2. just following up for the benefit of others, i ordered the actuator from amazon (half the price from what my auto parts retailer was selling it for) and replaced it last night. its a finicky job, i had to contort myself across the center console and put my head down to the passenger foot-well to get a proper angle on the 2 screws. after determination, moving stuff around and scratched up hands, i replaced the actuator motor and the problem has been fixed. here is a link to the one i purchased for reference: https://www.amazon.ca/Dorman-604-029-Air-Door-Actuator/dp/B00HRSP2A6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518548970&sr=8-1&keywords=2011+DODGE+JOURNEY+HVAC+HEATER+BLEND+DOOR+ACTUATOR&dpID=41bZSMp5cQL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  3. thanks, already started the youtube hunt.
  4. ok thanks, yeah thats what i first thought of when i heard it, some sort of gear grinding when something is stuck. hard to replace or hard to get to to replace? and what would i actually be looking for? im sure google university can help perhaps.?
  5. Hi All, (2011 R/T AWD) It started yesterday when I started the car there was a clicking sound (for about 5-8 seconds) from what sounded like behind the glove box area. "click click click click click click click" Its loud enough to tell there is something there clicking. my first thought was the venting system or something was out of gear....like when you change from dash to floor.... the mechanism gears are missing/skipping. It does this every single time I start the vehicle. no other times, just right after startup. I read somewhere it could be an actuator(?) any ideas?
  6. lemdog

  7. just to update, I checked the fluid level and it was at or just below the "min" line on the reservoir. so I added more fluid to the "max" line (proper fluid) and about a day or so later, the noise has now disappeared. All seems ok. maybe took a bit of time for extra fluid to get into the system. who knows. anyways just thought I would update this thread for the benefit of others.
  8. hello all, for a little while now, I get an odd noise when making left turns at low speeds such as through a subdivision/parking lot. it almost sounds like a power steering whine as if when making the left turn the fluid sloshes over and is low enough to make the whine. (make any sense?) I do know what a power steering unit sounds like when its low or out of fluid from past experiences on other cars. its just briefly until the turn is over and I am in a straight line again. not SUPER loud or anything but just enough to either indicate what seems to be low-ish fluid or like the engine shifting and pully's out of alignment.(??) I checked the fluid level but the reservoir has some in it but not sure if it requires more up to the 'fill line'? hard to determine the fill line. also would like to mention that during the winter in extreme cold mornings, during startup, there is a TREMENDOUS whine which also makes me think of alternator and/or power steering pump super cold and not pumped through the system yet. the sound is SO loud until about 30sec into warm up. I've never heard or have had a car make that loud of noise on super cold mornings during initial startup. just wondering to myself if they are related. any thoughts or comments are welcome. thanks!
  9. Door pillar scuzz/build up

    Yeah I noticed they do look like stickers. I had some Mr clean magic erasers so I gave it a try. It got the gunk off but you can see where it's more scrubbed "clean" Oh well. As long as it's not rust and that it's clean for now. Here is the after results. I could scrub the rest of the pillar to blend it all in. Who knows.
  10. I have a 2011 silver RT. A few months ago I noticed some build up on the door pillars on the driver's door and driver side rear passenger door. I figured it was hand grease building up from closing the door so many times. I tried some hot soapy water and cloth to scrub it off but it really didn't do much. I can almost use a finger nail to put a light scratch in it but still it won't come off with warm soapy water. Anyone else have this happen and any suggestions on how to scrub it off? I don't want to be too abrasive on it. I will try to attach 2 pics I took in the morning sun. It only appears on the driver's side. The rear is used a lot because of me putting the kid in the back seat. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  11. Curt Hitch Install !

    hi all, i have a 2011 Journey RT, and i too have found that harness beside my spare tire by the bumper. i will be purchasing the CURT Class 3 hitch as it does look the best. now, from what i have read in other posts, you can do either of the following for wiring: get the CURT T-connector #56145 and do all the plug-in's behind the tail lights and run a power line up to the battery terminal. OR get the following from the dealer/online: 68080976ac http://www.tascaparts.com/oe-mopar/68080976ac as i have seen posted in another thread. now, my questions are, if i get the MOPAR 68080976ac, WHAT are the 3 extra "boxes" for? i can see the 4-pin connector(with black cover) and the connector(white) that seems to plug into the harness by the spare tire but what are the other 3 'things' for? do they just get tucked away or do they plug in elsewhere? and if i chose this method, do i have to go to the dealer to get it 'flashed'? ive been trying to attach some photos but cant seem to figure it out. hope that link works too. any info would be helpful. thanks.
  12. are TPS sensors required in winter tires?

    good to hear! saving $200.00 (or other aftermarkets for cheaper $) is sounding better and better. thanks for the responses!
  13. are TPS sensors required in winter tires?

    ok, to save approx $200.00+ i can handle a ding on startup and a light being on. i managed for 8 winters with my previous vehicle (2002 Chrysler 300M Special) with no TPS in my winter set, just a ding on startup with a message in my overhead console "check tire pressure system". but that went away once my summers went back on and i retrained the system. i am constantly giving my car a visual every time i am around it and tire level is usually what i check for TPMS or not.
  14. hey all, just doing some winter tire/steel wheel shopping and i am wondering if its manditory to get TPS sensors installed into the winter tires. i know if i dont it "may" throw off my TPMS in the car. in my previous car i did have a TPMS system with sensors in my summer tires, but my winter tires/wheels did not have the sensors installed and all that happened was the system "chimed" once upon car startup to remind me it couldnt sense the tires and never bothered me again. (until i started the car the next time....... but it was no big deal to me and couldnt care less about TPS in my winters). just working with a budget and to get these things added is like another $200.00+ on top of tires/wheels. again i couldnt care less if they werent installed in my winters. so, anyone going without TPS in their winter tires and if so, does the TPMS inside the car remind you once or does it continuously ding in your face? if it only goes once, im not going to bother paying another $200.00+ on top of a winter package. any response will be helpful. thanks!
  15. ***update*** just had the journey in the dealership and they found no codes stored. (well anything related to engine light flashing on and off). they did find something about an oxygen sensor but they arent sure how old it is. and i know about o2 sensors from my '92 dodge daytona days. they took it for a rip with a computer hooked up and found it running flawlessly. so they said if it happens again with anything, drive it right into dealership so they can scan and catch the code. (if any). hopefully i dont have to drive it in for anything. thanks again!