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  1. PapaG

  2. OK I hate to take a hit on my credit. BUT she is only one month behind. Should I wait to see if she can catch up... Our daughter could help if she would ask..
  3. I just deleted the post. But I will ask the question with out going into details.... Someone is behind on the payments on our 2014 Journey. Looks like a payment was not made on 8/18/16. I don't think she will be able to make the payments. The car is in my name, but the note is in both our names... A car worth now $10,000 that we still owe $23k on it. I guess it has at least 65k miles on it or more. IT is the 4 cyl model. I still pay insurance on it, so I wont get hung out to dry if she wrecks it Will Chrysler Capital refinance the car in my name only if I take possession of it? Just let them repo it and take the hit on my credit. This is Just a financial question, not a emotional one.
  4. My 2014 DJ is Haunted

    I bought every extended warranty I could... I do not want to have something on the fuel or ignition system go bad. I had a "electronic thing" go bad on my Equinox and the part was something like $300. I had my independent shop replace it. We were starting to have some problems show up around around 150,000 miles one my shop could not fix because he did not have access to the G.M. tech support and the service he used did not have any more help. That's one reason we bought the DJ. My son has a 2013 and they like it so that pushed us a little more. Neither one of us bought it from the the dealership he work's for. A dealer 150 miles away. The dealer he workers for could not even come close to what what either one we paid. I like to buy local but...
  5. My 2014 DJ is Haunted

    We did have it not want to start (turn the engine over) to both of us a couple times but did not give it much thought. Just go through the start sequence again, foot off the brake, then on the brake, push the start button and that was that. It has happened to us separately and then to together. We look at each other and ask did this happen to you? It seems like it did a click click like a dead battery also They seem to have run together as we did not take notes., I don't think I have a Kirsten reincarnated. But you hate to take this to the dealership and they want to call the people with the padded suit. But you do start to get a feeling that something in not quite right.. A lot of Internet posts for different cars may have led to bad start switches, a unknown remote start installed. Pinched wire from a repair. But we bought it new off the lot. Had oil changed, once at a dealership and other at a local place I have use for years. No local Dodge dealer. I don't mind a dealer doing that especially when it is new and under warranty. Cost is not bad. When my son worked parts at a local Dodge dealer I had them work on my Chevy truck and my VW Vanagon 4x4 before. So do I put on my volunteer fire fighter suit and take it to them and let them turn the hose on me? Thank you guys and gals for letting me post my crazy +×%÷ here and try to help!!!!
  6. My 2014 DJ is Haunted

    I hate auto correct... it changes words and meanings.... Bah humbug
  7. My 2014 DJ is Haunted

    Car is a 4 cyl. I did work as a mechanic for over 20 years, so I do think I might be able to tell the differance. If you have heard a 4 cylinder engine not starting vs a 6 cylinder engine or V 8 they all have a different sources do to me. Just me , but no matter what a engine did try to start, stumble and not start. It does not change the event other than on how many cylinders the engine has or if I am full of it on the sound and whether I can tell the difference. No garage openers for at least 500 or ore feet. No mine behind across from me or up the street from me. Bought it new. 6 months old less than 8000 miles. We have had a "stumbling" engine problem on hard braking some times....That could be a transmission or brake problem, but no codes. It does seem like a few squirrels are not doing their job sometimes. No codes. Which makes it for the dealer to duplicate. I have been on both sides of those kinds of problems so I am not going to fault a dealer for not being able to find some of these thing easily.
  8. Okay folks my DJ is haunted. My wife did not drive to work Monday. It was the other woman's turn. She got home, all okay. 6 PM. It took the trash can out to the road around 11:30 PM. All okay. I am in sweat pants. All okay. Wife gets up Tuesday morning, and goes out to start the DJ. It's running!!!! Car is warm inside, gas seems to have used 1/8 tank(she says closer to 1/4). I did not have key fob in my pocket last night, We do not have remote start anyway. No lights on. WTF. My son (Dodge outside parts sales) is going to have the issue checked to see if they can find any info... No Codes... Last night I was up later. Around 11-11:30 I hear a engine trying to start, but not quite making it, a little stumble.. It sounded like a 4 cyl. Whoo. The DJ is under the carport right out side the den window... I go outside. No cars around. I take my pocket flash light and nothing around no where!!! My neighbor across the street has newer Chevy with duals that I can hear start up every morning.. I know the sound of all of them.... So is my DJ haunted? Anyone heard of such thing? If someone started it some how, why did not they steal it? Confused in Texas??? :confused:
  9. Flashing the ECM

    Never mind... Found some post on doing mods to some engines and it appears to be a lost cause. Except some exhaust mods which seem to be for sound than anything else.... Oh well.If I want to do mods I need something else....
  10. Do DJ owners flash their ECM's to gain some performance? Not just the V6 but the 4 cyl too. We did that on VW's that I have owned.... A butt load of them too. Of course other mods too. Cat backs, cams, dual cam engines... Almost all were manual shift transmissions but I automatic. Please tell my some do. I have seen it make a big difference on the 4 cyls and V6's too.
  11. Told I had to wait a week for service.

    I live in a rural town. There is not a lot to do. I don't hunt anymore, or fish... No employment, unless you want to be a Walt-mart greeter(NOT) maybe a burger joint(I don't look good in a skirt lol). So I have my dogs, DirectTV, yard work, the INTERNET and the occasional doctor visit..... It sucks. I need something to do. My fault I guess.... Other than that it is ok. I can stay up as late as I want, sleep as late as I want till my wife 3ithces at me... She still works. I did computer work for the last 30 years and mechanic work for 20 years before that. The local PC place is full with their own staff. I have not tried the dealership. I did try my garage that I use on everything new out of warranty... Too long after my experience too much electronics that I have not worked on. He is full anyway. Small shop.. I do work on my Luv trucks but they do not need much. The V8 could if I could spend a lot of money $$$ on it. Bigger engine, make my current engine hotter where I could not drive it on the street with out RACE GAS. My big truck depending on what it is. Not much for electronics on it. But all of that is not often. I brother has my Cherokee. His Suburban has lone ago seen its better days. Sounds like a lot of stuff but it really not much to do.
  12. Told I had to wait a week for service.

    Thanks.... It will 40 years on February 1st..... I am a lucky guy.
  13. GM has a V6 used in the Camaro and Cadillac that have a 300hp that uses regular gas. I would love to see Chrysler do this. Wouldn't that be cool.. That would be in my next DJ. Come on guys... If GM can do it, so can you. It is a 60 degree V6 engine.. The LLT engine has a compression ratio of 11.3:1, and has been certified by the SAE to produce 302 horsepower (225 kW) at 6300 rpm and 272 lb·ft (369 N·m) of torque at 5200 rpm on regular unleaded (87 octane) gasoline.
  14. Told I had to wait a week for service.

    My wife is knowledgeable about cars. When I had my own shop she would help me if I was working late... Brake jobs, engine swaps, transmission swaps, engine service. You name it... She was faster than me on flat tire replacement on the road side... she finally made me get out of the way ... No flat changing for me when I was in the car with her. She would ride with me on seeing front end problems, could see on front alinement problems and say what needed to be done. They did look at, but it still took other intervention. I guess I am not super pissed.. But as I write about this it is making me mad some. Thanks folks for letting me vent!!!!