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  1. bigfoot_8402

  2. radio

    I've followed my manuals directions to the T on reseting the oil light. But still isn't going off. I even had someone read and do what the manual says and still didn't work.
  3. radio

    what is a tsb ?and are you referring to the radio or the oil change light ?
  4. I have a 2013 dodge journey sxt,. with the 4.3 uconnect. the clock adds time. Within a month it add at least 5 mins to the clock. I have to fix it every month, what could be causing that to happen? also my change oil light is on, I've followed the manual and it still is not going off ... HELP !!!!!
  5. My DJ has a push to start. Am I able to add remote start to it?
  6. push to start continuously run

    I just assumed that after idling for so long it would of shut off automatically. It burned about a quarter tank of gas. Lol I've had the journey for only 2 months so hopefully that was the last time it was forgotten to be turned off. Lol
  7. push to start continuously run

    My husband forgot to push the off button. We got back to the truck 4 hours later and the truck was still running. Shouldn't there be an automatic shut off after so long without activity?