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  1. Full stereo upgrade

    Got a mehman 240 amp alt. Now just waiting for the freezing cold to pass!
  2. Locosiete

  3. Full stereo upgrade

    With the second battery it oddly handles it just fine. Down the road I will upgrade alt but for now it works
  4. Full stereo upgrade

    Lol they're bolted all together. Dont move much. And with the back seats up there isnt enough room to make it to me.
  5. Full stereo upgrade

    Finally made the decision to redo my stereo. May have gone a lil bit overboard but hay what's the worst that can happen lol. Still need to finishing tuning stereo and building trim piece to wall it off but so far sounding good. 2 Rockford Fosgate P3D4 15s 2 Rockford Fosgate P3D4 12s 4 Alpine 6x9s 2 Kicker 3.5s in dash Soundstream Tarantula T1.6000DL Subs wired in parallel to 0.5 ohms WestCoast Customs WCC1500.1 mono amp made by MB Quart for 2 door speakers to be added later WestCoast Customs WCC1600.4 4 channel amp running to 6x9s in doors Kenwood DDX774BT Double Din head unit XS Power D925 battery 1/0 wire wire Reason i decided on running both 12s and 15 is to have a wider range in frequencies.
  6. Ok weird my reply didn't post again. Third time is the charm Looks great! Simple and straight to the point. Anyone walking by and looking in will never see it with that rug on. Thumbs up!
  7. If i remember correctly i read on another forum where someone swapped one in and all except a couple bolts matched up. I could be thinking of something else so if you do please update us
  8. Who me? I built mine. The first post that shows was standard on non 3rd row models. Check your local junk yard for earlier year DJs if your looking for 1
  9. Thermostat

    Apparently i don't. I'm just going off of experience.
  10. Installed new head lights

    I would have pointed out to him that "his DJ" has your plates on it. And unless he is using fake plates he should Cease and Desist from using you images without your consent or he needs to be compensating you for it. They probably won't stop using it but at least it catches them in a lie. Unless you don't care if they use it than it's just bragging rights yours DJ get probably gets more views than anyone elses DJ lol
  11. To cover mine i used black felt i got at walmart. Looks almost the same as the factory black covering.
  12. Member Map

    Wow not allot of DJz in the Northwest. Guess that makes ours a little bit more special lol
  13. The first picture where the white arrow is pointing to. That black box. Have you felt to see if there is a bolt or clip inside? If not may just need to be pry it off at the body.
  14. Thermostat

    Correct if it's stuck open it will continuously circulate the fluid. But on a hot day of stop and go traffic it will over heat. It does take much longer than if it was stuck closed but the results are still the same in the end. Thermostat helps regulate the temp.