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  1. Battery shelf

    Cost lives?? Lol
  2. ignition issues

    Have the ignition recall done.
  3. You need an alignment dude.
  4. oil filter bypass valve

    Never heard of it.
  5. Abs system won't turn off

    Take it back to whoever did the work.
  6. Turbo charged 2.4l

    You realize this was 5 years ago?
  7. What drains Dodge Journey's battery when switched off?

    That really hurts to try to read.....I think you broke the longest run on sentence record.
  8. See the above quoted posts.....it's all here if you would read through the thread.
  9. Head Restraint

    Yes! Call dodge and tell them your problem. Let us know their response.....
  10. 2014 Journey not shifting

    Not me. Welcome to the forum.
  11. Engine shutting off while in operation

    Tough to diagnose if you can't duplicate it. Good luck!
  12. Always a good idea to disconnect the battery when working with wiring.
  13. lol...the smell of frying electronics is a good sign you did indeed burn something up.....