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  1. Did the vehicle come with any sort of warranty?
  2. What pisses you off? Like the people texting and driving..... HID's in stock housings really pisses me off too..
  3. Like the title says, what made you smile today, or who?Me? Getting to see my mom and dad with both kids and their significant others. Really lights my moms smile up when all her grandkids can get together. Also, my good friends! Carry on.....
  4. 2274 is pushing the tow limit.
  5. I wouldn't without confirming the weight.
  6. FOB battery weak or dead.
  7. Most likely a sensor problem. A special scanner is needed to read those codes. If you don't have one or know anyone with one, you will need the dealer to service your vehicle. Just know that with that light on, the air bag system is disabled and will not deploy in the event of an accident. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Are you referring to the fog light housing/bezel? If so, there are plenty on ebay.
  9. Blah, blah blah,.....FAKE NEWS!!!!!
  10. Fuse or sensor.
  11. LOL....thanks for having a sense of humor.....we do like to kid around....sometimes.... So, what size fits them?
  12. Still call and ask first. Lots of places will list things and say they fit. Then you order without verifying and then find out they don't fit. Then you are stuck with paying return shipping, restocking fees, etc. Then you get pissed and start ranting on social media because you didn't do your homework.