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  1. Check with your dealer for the best deals. Deals are different everywhere. I agree though, going tpfrom a BMW to a Journey yiu are setting yourself up for disappointment.
  2. 2012 2.4L jerks in 4th going uphill

    Oh, didn't know you were in Canada.....that explains it, eh? lol....you might get lucky, but I've read bad things about anything other than copper in the 2.4L.
  3. 2012 2.4L jerks in 4th going uphill

    Seriously you couldn't find the copper ones? They sell them at walmart....lmao.
  4. 2010 Journey FWD Transmission Shutter

    Bad choice of replacement plugs. Good luck.
  5. 2012 2.4L jerks in 4th going uphill

    Should have stuck with OEM copper core. These engines do not like anything else. Good luck. May run fine for awhile, but you will probably notice mileage changes, etc.
  6. Focus on fixing one problem at a time.
  7. Need to know what the code is. The car is literally telling you whats wrong.
  8. Dealer mechanics and their BS!

    Mine makes all sorts of weird sounds on start up. Always has. If it concerns you that much, get a second opinion and then press the dealership to make whatever repair is deemed necessary (assuming you have some sort of written service contract).
  9. lol...I know...I was just being silly.
  10. You will void your warranty knowingly using a product designed for a GM vehicle in a FCA vehicle.
  11. 2010 Journey FWD Transmission Shutter

    2.4L is about as simple as you can get. Don't overthink it. Took me maybe 30 mins from start to finish. That's including beer breaks.
  12. 2010 Journey FWD Transmission Shutter

    I do believe that’s been suggested at least once......
  13. 2012 2.4L jerks in 4th going uphill

    You need to find out if it's engine related or transmission related.....when was your last plug change? 151kms should be on your 3rd plug change with the 2.4L.
  14. Tire Advice Needed Please

    Make sure you check the dates on the tires. A lot of reviews I've read on them are they try to sell you old tires. That plus premature belt breakage. Don't rely on consumer reports as your only source of reviews. They are known to be biased to whomever pads their wallets.