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  1. I think he wants to know if his Journey can be like his Matrix?
  2. Goodbye Journey, Hello Durango!

    Nice ride! Stick around. No need to leave us!
  3. The battery is capable of running those things but not have enough power to turn the car over. Get the battery checked.
  4. Reverse/park lockout issue?

    Store your purse somewhere else besides the. arm rest
  5. Yes.. search this section.
  6. Wont Start

    Need a dealer or competent shop to diagnose.
  7. How do you know it is not the battery? The symptoms you describe are typical of a dead battery. Brake pedal will be stiff with the engine off as there is no vacuum being applied to the brake booster.
  8. Front Bucket Seats Problems???

    8 years into the same design you'd think they would have worked out all "unadvertised features" by this time.....
  9. 2015 Dodge Journey

    It's like that in a lot of states. Mine included (NC)
  10. Fuel pump issue

    Glad to hear. Be sure you maintain your vehicles according to the maintenance schedules in the owners manual.
  11. Please read the section descriptions so you post in the correct area. This section is for reporting issues with the forum.
  12. Well, if the engine is toast, then you need a new engine. Nothing we can do here to help with that. How many miles are on it? Did you run it out of oil or coolant? Did they say what caused it? You are definitely outside your warranty period. Either get a replacement engine, rebuild the one you have (if possible) or sell it for scrap and buy another car.
  13. Curious about the Grille Badge - 2012 Journey

    When they redesigned the grill. You could google Journey models over the years and figure out when it was changed. Or just ask your neighbor. Lol