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  1. Oil Extractor?

    Well, that’s confusing. Are we talking Journeys or Pacifica’s??
  2. Oil Extractor?

    Call your dealer.
  3. First world problems. Probably never buy another dodge vehicle again, right?
  4. You need more than a sales code to have automatic headlights. There is hardware involved. It is a factory installed option. Not something you just “enable”. And, if you read the thread above, the code has been removed.
  5. Oil Extractor?

    That won’t get all the oil out or drain sludge that may accumulate. Honestly, draining the oil is a 10 minute job. But, it’s your car.
  6. Keep your hands where I can see them!

    If you are talking about the red and blue lights, that would be illegal. If you are referring to the white lights underneath, Ebay, Amazon, Walmart and about a gizzilion other places. Google is an amazing thing.
  7. Paint not matched

    Agree. Whoever sold it to you will tell you your options.
  8. Howdy from Texas

  9. Check crutchfield and see if they offer a plug and pay wiring harness. Other than that, good luck.
  10. If not listed, they may not be changeable. Good luck. I never use mine. A little over the top to replace with LED's since they work just fine as is.
  11. AEM DRY air filter?

    IMO, dry is better. I’ve had oiled ones mess with maf’s and gummed up the Tb on other vehicles I’ve owned.
  12. first rock chip!!

    Lol. I just dab it into the chip and don’t worry about it. If you are anal about it, there are better ways. More time consuming. There’s some videos I looked at on you tube but I was like I ain’t got time for all that. Rock chips are a way of life.
  13. first rock chip!!

    Touch up paint.
  14. Turbo

    Negative nancies or realists? Your choice. By all means, go for it. We’d love to see someone actually do it instead of just talking about it.