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  1. Once you put photos out on the internet, anyone can use the, For whatever purpose.
  2. Should have checked into that before you bought it...lol
  3. That Facebook group is a trip.
  4. First I've heard of it.
  5. No such engine exists in the Journey. If you mean 2.4, max towing weight is 1000 lbs. 2500 lbs for the 3.6.
  6. YITAMOTOR 2 X HID White Gold 9005 CREE 60W WHITE LED HEADLIGHT Conversion Kit Bulbs Lamp YITAMOTOR 2 X NEW HID White Cree 60W Gold 9006 HB4 LED Headlight Conversion Kit Bulbs US This is what my order history shows.
  7. Links are old. No. The low and high beams use different bulbs. Bulb sizes can be found in the bulb size sticky in this section.
  8. It won't shut it off but you will get an annoying dinging sound and a message on the EVIC telling you the FOB has left the building.
  9. Agree. ^^ The battery connections are in the engine compartment.
  10. Make sure someone is not playing a trick on you by installing one of these in your tailpipe.
  11. As long as you are still under warranty and the dealer installed OEM parts, your warranty should remain intact.
  12. The comment was not directed at you mdewitt71. The poster above you complaining about having to pay $300 to get the sunroof drains cleared. If don't have a Journey anymore?
  13. It's not the car or the sunroofs problem you don't properly maintain it.