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  1. Welcome! Can't read your license plate....
  2. He said inner fender well. Not right fender well. To get to the light socket. To check the socket and the connector.
  3. Agree. They might have damaged some wiring or something for a wheel sensor.
  4. Hope you used some thread locker on those nuts. Looks like a few are not engaging the bolt threads adequately.
  5. Welcome. Check out the accessories/modifications section for some ideas. Don't get your hopes up too much though. Not a lot of stuff out there for this platform. http://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/forum/8-accessories-modifications/
  6. Probably not since that post was from 5 years ago.
  7. If you are keeping your stock housings, get HIR bulbs. Do not put HID's in stock housings.
  8. Welcome.
  9. Who told you that?
  10. 1.5 ton is just fine. I got rid of my ramps years ago too. I have 2 floor jacks and 4 jack stands. Great for oil changes and tire rotations.
  11. Thanks for reporting the fix. This helps other members who may have the same issue.
  12. Gotta drop the tank. Are you experiencing issues which lead you to believe the fuel filter is clogged and in need of replacement?
  13. Why? It is not a regular scheduled maintenance task. It is a non serviceable part of the fuel pump. As stated, not an easy task.