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  1. Just Introducing Myself

  2. Oil Filter Advice Needed

    No need to pay a premium price for an overhyped filter when there are other options. Oil filters are oil filters. Change your oil at the recommended intervals and use the filter of your choice. Been following that logic for over 40 years now. Never had an issue.
  3. Parts - UPDATE

    Can't please everybody.
  4. Classified Selling Rules

    Ads will be deleted after 6 months.
  5. 2013 Journey Rear Air Not Blowing

    Are you making a statement?
  6. Have you read the posts in this thread? Several causes and possible solutions are mentioned.
  7. Parts - UPDATE

    You're welcome then.
  8. Parts - UPDATE

    Sorry for your troubles.
  9. Alternator broke at low mileage

    I'll beat Bram to the punch....OEM FCA warranty. (Even though I've had ZERO issues with my aftermarket warranty)
  10. Pre 2012 models had undersized brakes. Don't know what year yours is, but those models were known for premature brake issues. Things do happen though. Save yourself a bunch of money and replace them yourself with quality aftermarket parts. It's extremely easy to replace the rotors on these cars.
  11. Parts - UPDATE

    You could try sending a PM to the member, maybe they would get an email notification that way.
  12. Your best bet it to call the dealer and ask. Prices vary by locations.
  13. Replacing Ball Joint

    Pretty standard. If it "didn't seem to fit", then you need to find the correct press that does fit.