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  1. I see on the websites that there is a new Journey colour. Some sort of orange. Curious, is this a new name for the long gone Mango Tango or a totally new hue? H.P.
  2. Quite a creative way to bleed the sheeple. BTW my 2014 Limited came with ceramic brake pads and they give off little visible dust. H.P.
  3. Hey folks. I'm still breathing! Been a while since I've been in here. Now that one of these days winter will drop in, although still not even close up here. We have not had a hard killing frost. For Winnipeg that is very weird. The neighbours geraniums are still blooming. On Oct 31st! The Journey still runs perfect and looks great. Only put 31,000 km on it as all I do is drive to get groceries or the various hockey rinks I play in. As a matter of fact it's a drizzly day here so the big red beast is in the garage with the heat on getting another good waxing before the snow flies. Had another great season on the bike and peddled 1400 km on mainly dirt trails this year. The old ride heads off to a local bike shop for a rebuild. Gears and chain and bearings do wear out. It's old timers hockey season so time get that done. I sure do miss the antics of some past forum regulars like Anthony and Dave. Haven't seen a new post from Lobitz in ages, either. Keep well! H.P.
  4. I can just see this. Saturday night. "hey son, can I borrow your car?" Fat chance!
  5. Not sure what the law is in P.Q. but I do believe studs are illegal in Ontario. They are legal here in Mb. but few have them. The softer compound of the winter tire is what really gains the traction. I would not even consider studs. Too noisy on dry pavement. H.P.
  6. OMG, A shaggin wagon!
  7. Ya, I come out of hiding now and then. No idea where Lobitz is hiding.
  8. Yikes! If the rims are 22's then the tires will have to be real low profile to fit. Sure hope you have table top smooth roads down there, as you'll feel every bump with that little side wall.
  9. All done. Oil change too. Over 2 yrs old and got not quite 30,000 km's. Don't drive much. Almost at 600 k on the mountain bike this season! H.P.
  10. Got "the recall letter" today. Will get around to making an appointment in the next week or so.
  11. Planning a winter getaway to Florida this winter. Likely to fly to Orlando, rather than do the 3 day drive across the country. Anyone aware of National car rental companies that have Journeys in their fleets? Prefer to drive something I'm familiar with when in an area I'm new to. H.P.
  12. Ya, on his bike and was riding on the sidewalk (illegal) before crossing against the red light. He was moving fast. Would have seen if walking.
  13. Out of respect for the privacy of the little dweeb I won't. Although the real reason is I have no idea how to edit or reduce the size of the file and being HD it is HUGE.
  14. On a whim when I got the Journey I bought the Garmin. A bit overpriced at over 200 canuck, but incredible HD quality. A cheap camera would do just fine. Not complicated tech wise, although I did go through the menus to turn off the audio recording. I want no evidence of. 1 My filthy language when dealing with others on the road or discussing how much I love hockey refs. 2 My poor taste in music and occasional vocal harmonizing. If in doubt, just find any 10 year old and they can show you!
  15. Had a little bump on the front of my hood by a space cadet 14 yr old when he ran a red light. I was waiting to turn in a left turn storage lane when my light turned green and he appeared from a sidewalk that angled into the intersection from behind. Simply didn't see him. Impact less than 5 mph, but enough to put a 4 inch dent into the front of the hood. Not even a crack in the paint. Daddy tried to blame me after the fact, and I got called into our government run insurance people to give a statement. Usually these don't go well as they love to assess fault to everyone. BUT, I showed up with dash cam video burned to a DVD of the incident, proving I did have the green turn light. Completely exonerated by the adjuster on the spot and they even waived my 500 dollar deductible. My cost, zero. Get this. Dodge Journey hoods are aluminum and a dent removal service I checked with said that aluminum hoods cannot be fixed. Insurance adjuster agreed. Cost for new hood, including paint, installation, changeover of washers and pads? Over 1900 bucks Canuck! I must say my dealer had a hood in stock, painted it and installed 5 days after the claim made. Paint on hood is flawlessly perfect. Thank you Waverley Chrysler! Heck, the underside of the hood is better than the factory hood. Way smoother. I gushed to everyone that works there about the quality of the work. They like me there. Nothing happens to the doofus. Yes a bad choice made, but also riding on the sidewalk (illegal here) and without a helmet too. (also illegal) At 14 he can't be prosecuted. The moral of the story? Get a Dash cam! Plug it in, and let it run. It more than paid for itself with this one incident. H.P.