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  1. Are 17" rims interchangeable for different years?

    17 inch from any year are OK. NOT 16 inch.
  2. Ugh. Winter

  3. Ugh. Winter

    Visiting. Second time. Got an apartment for a month in Port Douglas. I will avoid the stingers, salties and assorted spiders and snakes. Terrified of fish with teeth. LOL H.P..
  4. Ugh. Winter

    It's here. Salt, slush, ice and of course, many idiots spinning out. Nothing changes. Happy I don't have that regular commute. Only really drive to go shopping or play hockey. Slowed down to only 2 hockey games per week. At middle age I'd play 5 or 6. I did manage to ride the mountain bike 2,472 kilometers this year. All trails. That ended with the snow. Off to the tropical north part of Australia in January. To go mountain biking! Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rain Forest too. Have to keep my eyes open for a variety of critters that would like me for a meal. Keep well folks. H.P.
  5. Tire Advice Needed Please

    A quick check of tirerack.com shows some prices higher, some lower than your Tire Post file. Might want to check it out
  6. Don't know where you are, rural or urban. My dealer here in Winnipeg had a replacement radio here in 3 days and replaced on the 5th. H.P.
  7. Dash cam anyone?

  8. Dash cam anyone?

    I plug mine into the 12v outlet and it attaches to the windshield with a suction cup. Works fine. In my opinion I think anyone who doesn't get a dash cam is nuts. H.P.
  9. 2010 fwd

    Absolutely. But they MUST be put on ALL 4 WHEELS! To do otherwise would create a very dangerous handling situation. They make turning and stopping on ice/snow improve greatly.
  10. I've found that while the sales people can be absolute slime scum sucking rat bastards, sometimes the service department can be quite good. While I love the service department where I bought my Journey, BUT those life forms lower than an amoeba in sales, kept on phoning me, even after asking them to stop, hoping I'd come by and trade my Journey in on a new one. This continued until I marched into the sales area and told them I was going to come back with a 20 pound sledge hammer and fix their phone system.
  11. Ahh ok. Did notice that for a whole day I had an American subscription as I could get the Chicago traffic. Sirius radio went to promo mode next day until I called them and transferred my sub over to the new radio ID number. Believe it or not they attempted to charge me a 16 dollar transfer fee for this. When the minion told me that I said. "No F'n way. Cancel my subscription and refund what is left" Quite shocked, she paused and said they could waive the transfer fee. Greedy jerks. H.P.
  12. New radio/navigation installed this morning. Interesting that the new screen has little graphics with all the names on Sirius/XM. Got a few more channels I never had before. I think they are for US subs. I have a Canuck sub. I'm not phoning them to tell. Better yet, the new nav has updated maps as my old unit had nothing for a newer subdivision near the dealership. No, I didn't pay for it either. Lets see how long this one lasts....
  13. Another free radio! Can't unlock maps again. Did get recall and had updated. Tickled pink I bought the extended warranty. Not that I use the Nav much, I'll keep getting replacement units for the full 7 years. Dealer even did the power disconnect.
  14. 4 wheel alignment

    My question exactly too!
  15. Winter Tires

    Ok, for all the newbies. Once again, A Winter Tire Primer 2008 through 2012 (mid year change) models can use 16 or 17 in wheels if you have the small brakes. 2012 (big brake models) through today's models can only use 17+ inch wheels for winter. Why would you want to use 17 vs 19? You want a taller sidewall! Better traction in deep snow and more tire sidewall to prevent wheel damage on pot holes. The 17 inch tire size so your speedo remains accurate is 225/65-17. Many make them. Remember, ANY winter rated tire is better than your 3 season tire in cold weather and on snow. 17 inch winter tires are a lot cheaper than 19 inch too. Remember, you can use used wheels from a recycler. Since I personally don't like the look of black wheels, I picked up some used 17 inch alloys from a Caravan (same wheels) for a couple of bucks more than steelies. Check your local recycler by visiting http://www.car-part.com and check in your local area. They are independent businesses and you can negotiate! I offered cash and got them for a hundred bucks each. (TPS included) Since I live in the Canadian Prairie, mine go on in November and off in March. Your hood may differ. Yes, they wear quicker in warm weather. Since I remove the 19 inch chrome clad wheels for winter and they never see the sand/salt, they still look brand new.