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  1. Another free radio! Can't unlock maps again. Did get recall and had updated. Tickled pink I bought the extended warranty. Not that I use the Nav much, I'll keep getting replacement units for the full 7 years. Dealer even did the power disconnect.
  2. 4 wheel alignment

    My question exactly too!
  3. Winter Tires

    Ok, for all the newbies. Once again, A Winter Tire Primer 2008 through 2012 (mid year change) models can use 16 or 17 in wheels if you have the small brakes. 2012 (big brake models) through today's models can only use 17+ inch wheels for winter. Why would you want to use 17 vs 19? You want a taller sidewall! Better traction in deep snow and more tire sidewall to prevent wheel damage on pot holes. The 17 inch tire size so your speedo remains accurate is 225/65-17. Many make them. Remember, ANY winter rated tire is better than your 3 season tire in cold weather and on snow. 17 inch winter tires are a lot cheaper than 19 inch too. Remember, you can use used wheels from a recycler. Since I personally don't like the look of black wheels, I picked up some used 17 inch alloys from a Caravan (same wheels) for a couple of bucks more than steelies. Check your local recycler by visiting http://www.car-part.com and check in your local area. They are independent businesses and you can negotiate! I offered cash and got them for a hundred bucks each. (TPS included) Since I live in the Canadian Prairie, mine go on in November and off in March. Your hood may differ. Yes, they wear quicker in warm weather. Since I remove the 19 inch chrome clad wheels for winter and they never see the sand/salt, they still look brand new.
  4. http://www.paulstravelpictures.com/Dodge-Journey-Key-Fob-Battery-Replacement-Guide/index.html
  5. Not sure what State you are in, but be real careful traveling. I'm pretty sure windshield tint other than factory is illegal in many States and all of Canada.
  6. Recall T47 - airbag wiring

    Done. Allotted 40 minutes by FCA to do
  7. Recall T47 - airbag wiring

    Haven't received the recall letter yet, but when in for my 40,000 km oil change on Friday, my dealer service guy booked me in for Tues. (Sept 5th) as he had the T47 recall in his computer.
  8. Home link garage door opener

    My homelink works without turning on the car. It's always powered. H.P.
  9. hockey_puck

  10. Recall T47 - airbag wiring

    Curious to know if this will include Canada. I suspect it will. To all others out there who'll jump off the deep end with worry and consternation, take a pill and relax. Have not heard a peep of this happening anywhere. I await the notice. H.P.
  11. Rolly

    *sigh* so sad.....
  12. The Roof Coffin

    YA YA, sure sure, we all know the real reason is to get rid of bodies!
  13. IMG_0585.JPG

    It runs perfect too. Was at the dealer today to pickup some cans of Mopar window cleaner (the best stuff) and the sales people jumped all over me to trade it in. I declined. This baby will last me a long time.
  14. This new Orange Colour

    I see on the websites that there is a new Journey colour. Some sort of orange. Curious, is this a new name for the long gone Mango Tango or a totally new hue? H.P.