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  1. Changing country code was the method of enabling DRL years ago on certain Chrysler products. Not anymore. A sales code is required to enable the DRL. I just checked and the code is not available to me, as has been the case for at least two years now, perhaps more. Sorry!
  2. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Sorry I've been so scarce...life's been busy. All good for the most part, but serious limitations on my Forum time.
  3. Some newer Chrysler products are equipped with Apple CarPlay which displays artist and track info over Bluetooth, similar to what we see with a USB cable connected. The Journey does not offer Apple Carplay.
  4. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Post the last 8 digits of your VIN and I will tell you if the warranty extension applies to your VIN.
  5. Journeyman425

  6. My 2000 Chrysler 300M permits the customer to program an additional Sentry (chip) key, as long as there are two keys present which are already programmed. This is no longer permissible with the current FOBIK system. As JKeaton pointed out, the vehicle must be connected to a scan tool (Dodge dealers use a system called WiTech) to program additional FOBIKs. You cannot disable a programmed FOBIK by following the procedure that you outlined in your post. Our dealership charges $36.00 to program a FOBIK and cut the door key. The procedure takes all of about 10-15 minutes to perform. Most places charge more.
  7. Howdy

    Wow that looks nice! Welcome to the group.
  8. Re-checked just now - no code. At this point I'm not expecting it to come back. It seems to me that FCA has made LMK an option that must be added to the sales order prior to the vehicle being built.
  9. LMK is the only sales code that applies to the Journey (known internally as JC in Chryslerspeak) It has been unavailable to me to add for well over a year now, probably closer to two years. If you provide the last eight digits of your VIN to me I will be happy to double check. The Auto headlamp option has no bearing on DRL capability. Auto headlamps require a sales code all their own.
  10. Picking up my DJ in 2 days!

    Picked mine up four years ago today! Still loving it and no regrets. 73,000 miles later and it's nearly perfect still. Welcome to the forum and the Journey family! This is day day one in the driveway May 18, 2013:
  11. Journey with Mopar/Thule Roof Carrier

    Thanks Steven. It turned out to be the perfect extra space that we needed. We wanted to move my oldest son home from school together as a family which meant keeping part of the middle seat up. If it were just myself I probably wouldn't have needed the carrier as we could have used the entire rear of the vehicle for cargo. We used the carrier for the soft stuff like clothing, soft suitcases, pillows and bedding - anything that could be squished and folded, basically. The bulky items went in the back. It was tight but it all fit, and the four of us made the trip together so for that reason alone it was worth it.
  12. The Roof Coffin

    Good point. Our college trip is only an hour of highway driving and the rest is rural, so it doesn't matter so much to us, but for longer drives I could see where it could be a factor.
  13. The Roof Coffin

    I should have photographed everything that I packed into it, but as I took everything out of the carrier, I just handed it off to a family member who then carried it into the house. There were two soft carry bags filled with clothes, a comforter, a couple of kitchen bags with clothes, a couple of pillows and some smaller miscellaneous items. Anything that I could compress without breaking went up there first. If you have soft luggage then it might be a viable option. We would not have been able to fit all our stuff without it. I borrowed a Town and Country minivan last summer to move him up there, which fit everything comfortably. I calculated that we'd have enough room in the Journey with the addition of the roof carrier, and it proved to be just enough. With six passengers, you'll need part of your third row seat as well, which seriously eats into your cargo space. The roof carrier might not be enough.
  14. The Roof Coffin

    Tempted to put at least one of my kids up there sometimes...lol! It doesn't look like much in the photo, but the carrier makes a big difference when hauling the kinds of stuff that a kid takes to school. By loading up the coffin with soft, compressible items like clothing, pillows, travel bags and all, that frees up the tailgate for the bulky items like the fridge and TV. We were able to fit everything in the car and still have room for the four of us. The Journey continues to prove immensely versatile and remains a perfect fit for our family.