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  1. Our 2013 Journey Crew has been very reliable for us. Like many others, we had to have the radio replaced. The unit functioned perfectly fine other than a corrupted navigation map which required the replacement of the radio to correct. We have 67,000 miles on the car and that is really the only problem we've had with it. No warning lights, no ominous noises, and it runs smooth and straight. It is worth noting that this car was in a major collision at 30,000 miles which required the nose of the car to be replaced and some welding of the driver's side frame rail (yes it's unit body but it's the structural component to which the engine and some of the suspension it bolted to). Even with that kind of damage, the car came back to us in perfectly good working order, and we've more than doubled the mileage on it since that work was done with no issues. I am a dealer service manager, and I still purchased a Mopar Maximum Care lifetime service contract despite the fact that I receive discounted parts as a dealer employee. Some of these components are very expensive as was mentioned in an earlier thread - like the aforementioned radio - and you can recover the cost of your contract in as little as one major repair. Plus, if anything should happen to me, all my wife has to do is pay a $100.00 deductible on any covered repair (and Maximum Care excludes very few items) for as long as she owns the car. We've had very good experiences with our Chryslers. My daily driver is a 2000 300M with 309,800 miles, my 18 year old son drives a 1999 300M with 142,000 miles. Both run perfectly with no warning lights or odd noises. The Journey has been fine so far as I said. You do NOT have to purchase your service contract from your selling dealer. You are free to shop around as bramfrank suggested. Your dealer told you what they did in an attempt to keep your business in-house. A Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan is good at ANY FCA dealership.
  2. My 2013 FWD Journey fuel gauge will read differently depending on where I fuel up. The local filling station is on a hill. The pumps are not quite on level ground. If I fill up with the nose pointed downhill, the gauge will read under the full mark even after moving the car to level ground and cycling the key. If the nose is pointing up, the gauge will read past full. If the car is level ( different station), the needle will just make it to the full mark but not go past.
  3. I am a dealer service manager. I've had this conversation with several people at FCA as to why the vehicle shows the feature in the radio screen, allows it to be seemingly toggled on and off, yet the car may or may not have them. No one has been able to give me a factual answer. If you read through this thread from the beginning, you will see that I have had some success adding the proper sales code which allows the DRL to be activated once the vehicle is reconfigured at the dealership. Over the last few years, the sales code has been removed from the dealer website (DealerConnect) by FCA, put back, and removed again with no explanation. I monitor it periodically and will announce its return in this thread should that ever happen.
  4. You may have a low key fob battery that prevents the vehicle from immediately recognizing that the fob has returned to the passenger compartment. Switch FOBIKS and see if the problem disappears. If so, then replace the battery in your original FOBIK, preferably in both. If not, you may have a faulty antenna which is not detecting the FOBIKS' movement.
  5. Fireman Ed - the code is currently unavailable.
  6. What a beautiful car, Ray. All the best! See you again in about two years??
  7. You may know this already, Ray - but according to my tracking info, it's at your dealership as of Tuesday.
  8. Welcome!
  9. This is very true and definitely annoying to me .In my 300M it displays the mode that is in operation when auto is used.
  10. In Memphis as of the 19th. Due to Nashville on the 2nd. ETA to your dealer still 10/27. You're getting close!
  11. Left Toluca on railcar yesterday @ 10:26 AM. ETA to Landers McLarty 10/27/16. Stay tuned!
  12. Welcome to the Forum, David. We love our 2013 Crew. Bought it new and never looked back. 65,000 miles and it is rock-solid dependable, everything works as it should.
  13. As far as I can see, your Journey has not left the rail yard yet, but is due in to your dealer by the 29th of this month. No vacation for me...I've got a kid in college $$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!