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  1. 4 wheel alignment

    I always thought winter down there was just maybe a change in the color of the leaves! Know what you mean about paying for a long time. Up here in Canada they call it "Canada Pension Plan". The government has the gall to call it an entitlement after paying into it for over 40 years and then they took out most of it for general revenue.
  2. What grinds your gears?

    People who sit texting on a left turn light arrow and people who spend their time on forums bitching instead trying to educate or help other members with problems. Also people who complain but don't explain what the problem is.
  3. Mrmagoo

  4. Member Map

    Looks like I am the furthest north so far.
  5. Hats off to FCA. I had the recall done July 6 and received a cheque today dated Aug. 4 for full reimbursement for the replacement of this hose and inline cooler I paid for in Dec. 2014. Well done!
  6. Mine came today. Have an appointment for tomorrow morning. In the letter they hint at being reimbursed if you had it repaired and had to pay for it. Seems mine cost me over $900.00 in Dec.2014 when it was -39 or so! Got my fingers crossed!
  7. Had wife's 2011 Journey in for O2 sensor last week. When I got car back the remote start would not work. Went back to dealer and they were clueless on reason. Took it to my installer and found out when the dealer cleared the codes or re-flashed the computer they erased all programming on modules for the remote start. Thought I would post this in case someone else runs into the problem. My installer reprogrammed my remote start and away I went.
  8. Idle question

    According to what I read ---2014 2.4L 6832.2981 mi.This kind of sounds like rtfm! Kinda like the guy that posts LOL to up his post number
  9. A Tribute to my Wife

    A great tribute to your wife Dave. Many of us have great difficulty expressing our feelings towards a loss and I too have done this on another forum after losing both my parents in a two year period. The support I received there was unreal. In my opinion if anyone on the forum takes offense they don't belong here. Thank you for reminding us what life is about.
  10. Flex Fuel Badge

    Mine came with the badge but we can't find corn in big enough " jars " up north here to try to burn it! :shades:
  11. Ahh yes, Winter

    Glad to hear you guys are still enjoying summer. Alberta Clipper enroute! -40 here this morning with -48 windchill.
  12. power steering fluid

    My turn. -38 on Sat. morning here. Puddle of p/s fluid under car. Towed to dealer on Monday and he said bend over and when I asked how far he said touch your toes. I'm still sore!! 5154457AE return line with cooler $530.99 plus misc small parts and 2 hours labour. Labour was $296. Total bill was $958.10. This 2011 Journey is the first Dodge I have owned since my 1976 B100 shorty van and I won't live for that long to buy another. Not with poor software and brakes issues also. They should have kept these things in Mexico where it doesn't get cold.
  13. Fuel Economy

    Bill, if you were able to test your DJ the same way they do their tests you would probably get "close" to their specs. Normal driving it 's not going to happen. I have a 2011 with 3.6 fwd and in winter with remote starts when it is below -30 I get about 13.6l/100km. Took a trip last Aug. to Northern Manitoba up by Thompson and did 8.3 to 9.1l/100km, dependent on terrain. I figure I get good mileage, now if I could only keep my foot out of it and save my front tires!
  14. Northern Alberta

    Ya, he forgot to mention that -29c was -20F. Guess it must be the snow, can't keep the ice clear outside. Paul and Babe are probably happy though!