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  1. Thanks, a friend of mine suggested looking at the temp sensor as well. If it continues I will bring that forward.
  2. To be honest where it was new no I didn't check car fax. I wasn't even planning on buying a new vehicle. I went to the dealership for a Black Friday event and when they came back with what the payments would be I was floored and took advantage of what I thought was a good deal.
  3. One other thing I forgot to mention is that 1 month after the ABS module failed and left us stranded we were heading away on a day trip and the ABS light came on again. The vehicle remained running and I didn't dare shut it off in case it wouldn't restart. So we took it to a dealership in the area (one I have never been to and we were 100KM from home at that point) and they took a look and said the passenger side ABS sensor was dirty. So they cleaned the sensor and the light went away. We got back on the road and 10 min later the ABS light came back on. Called that dealership and they said the sensor must be faulty and that the vehicle was safe to drive. so we continued on our trip though I quickly learned that when the ABS light is on cruise control is disabled. So I took it back to the dealership that hadn't done much to help me when we were left stranded only because they had worked on that previous issue and when I got the Journey back they told me the passenger side wheel bearing was failing and had enough play that the ABS sensor got crushed and had to be replaced. Now the other dealership told me the vehicle was safe to drive and we put 600KM on that bad wheel bearing which didn't make me feel good. I've had wheel bearings failed on previous vehicles including the last Journey and they always make a distinct noise. This time there was no noise so I had no idea that a wheel bearing was failing otherwise we wouldn't have continued with that trip and most likely I would have asked that other dealership to replace the bad bearing. I have been wondering if perhaps this vehicle had some kind of collision before I purchased it (it had only 75KM on it when I took it for the first test drive) where that passenger side wheel bearing failed and when working on the creaking front end they noticed that the passenger side strut was ever so slightly bent. Bent just enough to make a lot of noise once the temps started to drop this past Nov. Sorry for another long rant. I have been just getting so frustrated with this vehicle due to the issues we have been having. Like I said the 2013 Journey treated us so well, but this one makes me regret going to the dealership that day and even looking. We got such a good deal that sometimes I wonder if was one of those "too good to be true" situations where they simply wanted to unload this vehicle. That's probably not the case but sometimes it's how I feel. Just to be clear though the service dept at the dealership I am currently taking the Journey to and purchased it from have been treating me well. In fact the Service Manager was the SM at the other dealership I used to take my other Journey and Patriot too. He treated me well with those two vehicles as well. Thanks for reading. Have a great day!
  4. Good Morning, We purchased our 2016 Journey back in Nov 2016 and during that first Winter the heat worked fine. The air would start to get cool after a very long drive (1.5+ hrs) but that was expected since it has auto climate control and was simply regulating the temp. Putting the temp up a couple degrees would make everything more comfortable. Since the beginning of this current Winter (2017/2018) we've had many many issues with the heat. I have been working with the dealership and it has been in for service about 6 times so far this Winter and here is a brief description of the problem. The problem started with after the car warmed up and begun to regulate the temp we would get cold air out the vents and/or defrost but heat on the floor. Sometimes this would also include little to no heat on the passenger side (I know confusing). We took it in for service and during the first round of testing they said they could see that there was a lot of heat coming from the floor (100C+) when on full heat but much less out the vents and defrost. As a point of note one of the reasons I brought it in is because during a major rain storm I had the defrost on and the window fogged up because the air was so cold. So I took it home after this service and the problem happened almost immediately except now it also included the vent doors would malfunction and we would get little to no air out the vents. I took it back in a week later and they tried something else which didn't work. Now it was too close to Christmas and I didn't want go back. The shop Foreman put a note on my file that he believed this was a computer malfunction and wanted to replace the Head Unit in the dash. Over Christmas the issue continued to happen with no heat out the vents or defrost but heat on the floor. I took it back in early January and mentioned what the Foreman had told me, but unfortunately there is a new Foreman so they did some further diagnosis and determine the heater core was malfunctioning. They ordered a new heater core and I came back in a week later. Once the heater core was replaced, voila we now get heat out of the vents, defrost and floor, but there were times when now I would get heat on my side but once the car was up to temp the passenger side slowly got colder. Also mixed into all this I have head lights that flicker and the radio touch screen had been malfunctioning (slow to respond, randomly adjust volume, etc.). They did some more diagnosis and found there was a software update for the Head Unit. After that the temps got cold and for a while it seemed the issues had been resolved, but as the temps have started to rise we are back to the passenger side getting cold. The strange part is that when the car is warming up the temp is fine, it only starts to have issues with regulating the temps. At which time the passenger side slowly gets to the point it just blows cold air. My side is fine, but the passenger side is simply stone cold. If we up the temp up say 3-4 degrees we might get a little more warm air but it is still cold. Now if we shut the car off and restart or open a door and let cold air in, warm air starts coming out the passenger side. After explaining this to the new shop Foreman on Wednesday this week (March 7th) he talked to the Service Manager and now they are going to try replacing the Heat Unit I think they called it the "Gateway", anyway it's the main unit for Infotainment system that houses the CD player and SD card reader. I am hoping that after replacing this part the heating issues will be resolved because while our last Journey treated us well this one hasn't been so kind to us. We had the ABS module fail back in the Summer which left us stranded on the side of the road because it's failure shutdown all network communication between the various modules in the vehicle, plus the headlight flicker (which I now hope they can fix with that TSB), issues with a very creaky front suspension (which they have mostly fixed) and these malfunctions with the heating and Infotainment system. I regret not getting an extended warranty with this vehicle at the time of purchase because I am concerned about what is going to happen post warranty and it would have been nice to be able to get a rental when the ABS module failure left me stranded for three days due to the dealership I took it to (which wasn't the dealership I purchased the car from) would help me even though they were good to me with our previous Journey and Patriot. Anyway I just needed to vent a little, my apologies for the long post. When I have an update on the passenger side heat I will update this post. Have a great day!
  5. Thank you for posting this. I purchased a 2016 Journey in Nov 2016 and I've noticed this almost right away. Unfortunately neither of the dealerships I took it to were able to "duplicate" the problem. I just printed a copy of that TSB and will be bringing it with me when I take my Journey back in for service. Again, many thanks for posting this!
  6. Good Day, It has been a while since I was on this forum. Unfortunately I don't recall exactly how much it was. I remember at that time the part was under $500 and the dealership covered the labour under their "Good Will" warranty. I am not sure exactly how that works so it may not apply to everyone.
  7. klingoff

  8. Everyone is right there really isn't anything you can do. I had a 2013 4 cyl and I dropped in a K&N filter which I found gave a little more pep but it was nothing drastic.
  9. Just an update... I took the Journey to the dealership and there were codes stored in the computer indicating that the computer was limiting engine RPM's because the Electronic Throttle Body was sticking. They replaced the Throttle Body and the problem has been resolved.
  10. Unfortunately no, it never did come on and my scanner didn't bring up any error codes either.
  11. Spark plugs

    Yeah, changing the plugs on the 2.4L is very easy. It now takes me about 20 minutes to complete the job and saves a ton of money. The OEM NGK's they use for this engine wear very quickly but they are cheap and work well. I used to have a Jeep Patriot with the same engine and changed the plugs on it as well :D.
  12. The other thing I forgot to mention is that over the last few weeks during the really cold mornings when I use the engine block heater the engine will idle very low (around 500K) and very rough for about 30 seconds, then the RPMs will come up and everything will smooth out.
  13. Hello, My 2013 Journey SE Plus has started experiencing this exact same problem. It started over the last few weeks as a small power loss for a second or so while accelerating every once in a while. It has been good for the last week or so and starting last night things got worse. Now most of the time while accelerating once the engine RPMs are between 2K and 3K the RPMs will suddenly drop to around 2K, the engine will start surging, the ETC and Trac lights will come on and Trac light won't turn off until I shut the vehicle off. The ETC light will go away once the RPMs come back up. I have read online about others having a similar issue and the Electronic Thottle body needed to be replaced. Right now I have 92K on it and does anyone know if this were to be the issue would it be covered under the powertrain warranty? I haven't called the dealership yet because it is Sunday and they are not open. Thanks!
  14. That is interesting what you said webslave about viruses and malware. I was reading an article earlier this year and they were talking specifically about that vunerability. With so many cars like ours having networked computer systems they brought up an imagined senario where someone has a music disk that contains a virus which will cause the brakes to malfunction while the person was driving the car. Scary stuff and if I recall correctly there still isn't any security in place on vehicle computer systems to prevent anything like this from happening.