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  3. More information:
  4. Try holding JUST the driver's side temp up and down buttons
  5. Eduardo831, any results on this intake resonator delete? Improvement? Does it worth $199? thx.
  6. Can you please provide photos with light output at night? thx.
  7. Can you please provide the photo at night, with light output. Including the low beam and high beam. Thanks,
  8. That is correct.
  9. Does anyone consider to do this kind of modifications/additions? Here is the few links for the parts: Thanks,
  10. RB5

    Try this link Hope this will help.
  11. Issue was resolved today, by installing the harness with relay and one resistor. Now all LED light bulbs (same as jkeaton use) working as a charm, low beam, high beam, fog lights
  12. Here is the link, regarding to future of the Journey:
  13. Can you please provide a pic. for the headlights? Thx.
  14. What is your original size?
  15. Glove box light isn`t LED as well