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  1. Easy enough to watermark them with a very obvious tag AND to copyright them. Our company once got hit for about $30K when the advertising agency used stock photos on our web site without getting a license . . . . . .
  2. Please take a night photo of the light patterns (both high and low beams) against a garage door from about 30 or so feet away . . . . . . Thanks
  3. Anyone in the Montreal area interested in 3 good OEM 19" Kuhmo tires for the DJ with about 75% (8/32") of their tread left? I'm in the West Island. I split a sidewall on one tire and decided to replace all four tires. If you want them let me know, then come and get them. Otherwise they get recycled. A contribution wouldn't be inappropriate and would be appreciated, but is not mandatory.
  4. 3 hours? What did they do for 3 hours? If you have the message on screen they order a new radio. By now it is SOP and should be in the computer.
  5. There isn't, and for good reason. If the FOB sensor should fail while the vehicle is underway the car would shut down, potentially endangering the occupants. So if you get out of your vehicle with the engine running and you drop the FOB or someone drives away without you the vehicle will chime and post a message about the FOB not being detected or out of the vehicle to warn the driver, but it will not shut down.
  6. Disconnecting the battery involves removing the black wire that comes up from below and is bolted to the firewall behind the fuse block in the engine compartment - it's probably easier to do than getting on your knees and finding the right fuse behind the glove box.
  7. Georges; Bienvenue au groupe Malheureusement, ce n'est pas si simple que ca. Il faut d'autres pièces nécessaires; - Miroir gradable avec micros. - Boutons dans le volant - Quelques ensembles de câbles pour brancher les pièces - Possiblement besoin d'un nouveau clockspring pour le volant Il est également possible que le concessionnaire doit programmer la voiture pour que tout fonctionne. Pour autant que je sache, personne n'a ajouté avec succès Bluetooth usine à leur Dodge. Peut-être que vous serez le premier?
  8. TPMS sensors in 2011 and later Journeys (can't speak for older ones) do not need to be programmed - they are auto-learned.
  9. I would try a cold system restart. Disconnect the wire coming from the negative battery terminal (where it bolts to the firewall) and leave it off for about 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes have elapsed reconnect it and tighten the bolt and see if it helps.
  10. What vehicle is that photo from? Because it certainly isn't from a Journey. And your BT issue is likely the module itself, unless you've blown the USB controller. Simple enough to tell . . . if you can play MP3s from a USB key while the BT is loading then it is most likely the module. The module is located under the dash, above the steering column. You can buy modules for about $300 IIRC
  11. You could just go to the dealer. No charge since the vehicle is still covered by the warranty. Less trouble than hunting down files and doing the work yourself . . . . . you can always do that later, when the repair would cost you money. And, if you plan to keep it, an extended FACTORY warranty is likely a reasonable investment. Electronics in the vehicle make it expensive to repair.
  12. Clear out the drain tubes . . . that's a maintenance issue, rather than design related. If you get crud blocking a drain pipe the water has to go somewhere. Every sunroof equipped vehicle has the same issue. Rather than blacklisting Dodge, don't buy sunroof-equipped vehicles if you aren't willing to maintain them properly and don't wish to suffer the consequences.
  13. After poking around on the Internet for a while I found reference to your software version - your radio came out of a 2011 vehicle - if someone with a 2011 and the 8.4 inch display and nav provides you with their VIN (you can often find VINs on the web listed with vehicles for sale) you can use that one to look for the latest updates. The key is that you have a CTP2012 radio
  14. There was a update for this problem - ask a local dealer to look it up and see if the fix was applied to your vehicle.
  15. This is what you need: I have no idea if they offer an HIR bulb in the fog format, but it doesn't matter since the color temperature of HIRs is the same as halogen bulbs.