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  1. Is your vehicle equipped with automatic air conditioning?
  2. Bluetooth is a module located under the dash, above the steering column and connects to one of the two connectors used for USB on the rear of the TGM (head unit). You can always try to unplug one end or the other of the cable that goes between the module and the TGM - I know that my vehicle has developed an intermittent which cuts my BT audio off and when I tap the dash it comes back. Annoying, but less annoying to me than taking the dash apart to check a couple of plugs - and worse, it could be the cable itself. The BT module itself seems to retail for about $350 US, but they can be had from places lie LQK and independent scrap yards and they show up on Ebay from time to time for less. Often much less. Of course it could also be a bad cable . . . . . . .
  3. Sorry, but that doesn't work. If you want the functionality of the 8.4A systems you'll need to buy a new vehicle that comes with it.
  4. Maybe I'll consider selling my rustproofed Canadian '14 FWD Crossroad (Canadia crossroads come with more standard equipment than US ones) with about 25K miles, brand new tires, heated seats and steering wheel, backup camera, the balance of the factory extended zero deductible 7 year/115K km warranty that runs to December 2021 and a whole lot more to someone in the US for about $18KUS!!! And you get DRLs to boot!!
  5. Can you take a photo of the front side friction point? Perhaps it is a simple job to protect the line with a sheath of some sort.
  6. It isn't exactly an Alpine system. They have Alpine speakers connected to the uConnect TGM, which is manufactured by Panasonic. It is possible to replace the TGM with aftermarket equipment, but it comes at a cost in functionality because the system also controls the air conditioning and other features in the vehicle.
  7. It certainly isn't an add-on. Your Journey didn't come with Sirius/XM because the trim level you bought doesn't have it. if it did, not only would you not have to do anything, but factory equipped vehicles come with a year of free service And you certainly don't have to go to Best Buy to have it transferred in any case. You would just phone the Sirius customer service number that so thoughtfully appears on the channel 0 screen and give them your account information. You now have several options; You can install a satellite antenna (it is possible to replace the present antenna with a satellite compatible one and to run a wire from that antenna through the headliner and down the roof pillar and feed it to the radio). But you'll also have to replace the radio with one equipped for the service. You can usually find them on eBay or buy one from a scrap yard. Note that newer radios require an unlock code - your dealer COULD give the code to you for free, but if not there are people (on this board) who have been known to helpfully provide this information without charge. You can buy a radio from BestBuy and stick it in your armrest - plug the audio output into the jack in the armrest and listen away. If your vehicle has Bluetooth you can simply buy a BT equipped satellite radio receiver and antenna and connect to the vehicle that way - or you can download the Sirius app and use your data plan to get the music, though Spotify is a LOT better. Or you can load up an iPod and listen to that. The acoustic quality of SiriusXM's system is less than stellar.
  8. They could still have stamped the chassis for in-vehicle storage by setting it up so the tire could be slid out toward the rear below that 3rd row seat - the tire well would be BELOW where the 3rd row seats are located, since the tire is already in that space, albeit hanging from the winch instead of sitting in the spare tire wheel well.
  9. I've wondered why the design dweebs at FCA didn't invert the stamping for the spare wheel so that it could have been stored underfloor inside the vehicle the way it is in my daughter's Pontiac G5? (While they were at it, I suppose they could have put the battery in the back as well, the way her car and many others have them). If they'd done that then the cost of the winch could have been avoided and the wheel assembly would have been nice and clean and dry in the event of a flat. AND, the tire itself would have been more accessible for inflation checks and less prone to decay because of exposure and simpler and a LOT cleaner to access in order to change. It isn't as if the wheel you replaced can be winched up under the body, which begets a suggestion I am offering that has worked for me in the past: Roll by your local tire store and ask them for a plastic bag of the sort they use for customer tires and store it near the jack under the cargo floor. If (when?) you have a flat or other issue that requires you to install the spare, put the dirty and possibly wet wheel you removed in the bag and don't mess up the interior of your DJ (this applies to ANY car, of course).
  10. Mine is starting to act up - if I hit a bump the audio from the BT module sometimes dies. If I restart the vehicle it usually comes back. Not sure whether it is the TGM (which isn't warrantied) or the BT module (which is). And, of course like any intermittent issue, it will not do this when the dealer is watching. I suppose I may have to stick the dashcam back into the car to record this, just to get video to show the dealer.
  11. There is no recall and the radios are certainly not pieces of sh*t. They are what they are and for the vast majority even the troublesome RB5 works well. Sounds to me more like you have loose connectors than anything else. Popping the module out to check is simple indeed. Bear in mind that most cables have two ends, each with connectors, and the one plugged into the radio might not be the end with the problems. Changing channels . . . there are three places where channels get changed; the touchscreen, the rotary knob and the steering wheel buttons. It could be any of these. Bluetooth . . . that's a module under the dash separate from the TGM (what the radio module is actually called). You might want to simply buy a new radio and plug it in (depending on the year of the vehicle that sources the replacement and it's firmware level you might need an unlock code). Good luck
  12. It certainly isn't FCA's problem, and I tend to agree with the dealer than it was something that was in the vehicle when you bought it, making it Carmax's issue. Carmax might argue that it wasn't a problem with the vehicle itself, but a judge in small claims court would side with you since it was something in the vehicle they sold to you, therefore part of the vehicle and covered. If you make no headway don't push it on the phone, but file a written claim and remand for re-imbursement giving them days to pay you back failing which you will file in Small Claims . . . . then, if they don't pay, file the claim.
  13. There's no latch on my Journey.
  14. Up here in the land of snow and salt we do an annual protective spray, generally using some form of dripless mineral oil - they drill holes in the sheet metal (which they cap with plastic plugs when done) and spray a coating on the inner sheet metal and also the entire underbody - annual is too often in my opinion, but is a requirement for their guarantees - what they don't spray on the Journey, apparently are the rear quarter panels - something to do with access issues - they also don't do the roof pillars and the roof itself or the interior side of the floors. For this I pay about $90 Canadian per year (that works out to about $70 US) and to give you an idea, an old MY2000 LHS which I bought new ran for 13 years before my son killed the engine - there was just a bit of rust starting at the point where the roof meets the front pillar on the driver's side after all that time. At 2late4u pointed out, you guys in the US can get a lifetime factory warranty extension - we can only get 7 years in Canada - those electronics cost a fortune and coverage for engines and transmissions can pay for those plans after a while, though FCA is pretty particular about what constitutes normal wear and tear, if it was available to me in Canada and I was keeping my vehicle long enough to justify the cost I would buy it in a flash. Note that it needs to be a factory OEM warranty; and that in the US you can buy them online at substantial discounts.
  15. You want the REB radio module - there are a whole series of radio modules out there - Dodge Chargers, Chrysler 300s and other Journeys can be donors (not Dodge Darts). But you'll either have to change the antenna and add the cable that goes to it as well or connect a separate satellite antenna that you can stick on the windshield, perhaps behind the mirror. Ebay pricing for the module should be in the $100 range.