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  1. The quick answer is 'no'. And even if you could you'd still have to pay the extra $600 to activate the nav app.- the 8.4A is a closed system, so if you bought a Charger or 300 you'd still be stuck for the activation. If you want in dash and go aftermarket you will lose some functionality. The simplest and cheapest way to add nav is to install a self contained device like a Garmin 3790 with speech recognition.
  2. As long as you aren't paying for his thrashing about . . . . .
  3. If this was my vehicle I would tell the dealer that I would be willing to pay for EFFECTIVE diagnosis. That if he didn't actually fix the problem that he would be refund what was charged or, perhaps he might prefer that he would not charg for subsequent work, if required, to solve the problem(s). You shouldn't have to pay for them to stumble around in the dark.
  4. There's another thread about this where the answers are posted, but I suppose it needs to be included here as well. To get the 'more icon' requires that sales code RSM be added to your vehicle; though why the do this is beyond me, since this is a Sirius feature and could have very simply been tested by the radio the way Traffic is - if you had an active subscription to the service, then menu would appear. Instead, this is like the DRL codes. They exist, but unless your vehicle shipped with them enabled, FCA's software will not allow them to be added and they have said that they will not change it. Admittedly you can get a lot more functionality out of your phone, but that wasn't the point.
  5. They limit access to the DRL sales code too, for some reason.
  6. When in automatic does the hot air come out of the floor vents? Or from the upper vents? When there's a significantly higher setpoint than the cabin temperature it is supposed to direct most of the air to the floor outlets. The hot air, decreasing to cool thing is the way it is supposed to work.
  7. It's a LOT more trouble than its worth - you'd need to replace the clockspring and steering wheel, add the Handsfree module, replace the rearview mirror, run a bunch of wires and probably add a sales code. What I did with my last Journey was to buy a Garmin 3790 navigator which has Bluetooth support and voice recognition that uses a trigger phrase, rather than having to press buttons. I mounted it above the mirror (the SE+ doesn't have an overhead console) and ran the power cord down the right side pillar, connecting to power at the fuse box behind the glove box. I only needed to reduce the stereo volume and speak the trigger phrase, then give the unit the number I wanted to dial. At the end of the call I simply turned up the music again. And it gave me navigation, too.
  8. It is an update for the navigator firmware, it is not new maps. And I suspect that your dealer wants to sell you a map update. Did uConnect tell you to update the firmware? Not all radios in the later RB5 series were flagged. And did you update the underlying radio firmware to 16.21.D7 first? It doesn't bring anything significant to the table, by the way. Don't bother spending money to fix something that isn't broken.
  9. It turns out that it isn't simple for me. I checked with my dealer, who was confused, and then with the one closest to my home who was helpful. It turns out that because I'm in Canada the RSM code is presently unavailable for assignment, so not yet. I have started a dialog with FCA who were unaware that Travel Link is available up here, but now I only want it as a goal, rather than actually want it as a service because the suite offered for Travel Link users in Canada does not include fuel prices and movie listings, making it a lot less attractive than in the US . . . . besides, of course all that information and a whole lot more is on my phone, so if they won't enable the code it's no big deal (for me, but I still enjoy the challenge), though I still wonder why they designed it the way they did. There's no good reason to need a code for this in the first place. But they told me that US dealers CAN add the code locally, or if you are so inclined and perhaps know someone you can have the code added to your vehicle profile by them (or FCA can add it too) and then simply visit your dealer and have your vehicle profile 'refreshed' (which should save you some money) - I do believe that we have a member here that can add that code if asked nicely, by the way. And now we know even more than we did. . . . OTHER INTERESTING INFORMATION I DISCOVERED: In my conversations I did find out why traffic services appear on some vehicles every so often, even when they don't have a subscription. I was told that: 4 times per year SiriusXM has a preview weekend where they open up their network to all radios, subscribed or not. So during those periods you'd have access to all of the channels (which you'd likely never notice if you don't already have a subscription because you wouldn't be likely to be listening to the sat radio, and even then, it would be tuned to the preview channel because that's where it would default to if you have no subscription), and you'd get traffic, which you might notice (or not, unless you actually notice the green circle or are actively navigating through congestion . . . on a weekend) and you'd have access to Travel Link if you are in the US and again, you'd need to be looking at it (of course vehicles with transplanted radios and no RSM sales code (which includes all Canadian Journey owners) would never see the Travel Link feature the way things are). IMO preview weekends would probably be a lot more effective if they promoted them, rather than simply hoping we'd stumble across one or their web page. Apparently there's a radio preview event on until tomorrow (Feb 10) by the way: . .
  10. Note that with 80K+ miles, unless it has an extended warranty it only has power train coverage. The power steering is not part of that.
  11. That 'certain VINs' argument is predicated on the fact that there was no reason to recall vehicles located where it doesn't get cold enough tp cause the power steering fluid to get thick enough to allow pressure to build to the burst point - that's THEIR problem, and THEIR decision to cheap out, not yours. What if you decided to drive up to Montana from Florida during the winter and their design defect caused the hose to burst . . . they would charge YOU, but not someone who lives there? That's called prejudice. As you've proved by doing it, people DO move around and they take their vehicles with them when they do. You have every right as a consumer to expect your vehicle to be reliable no matter where in the US (or Canada) you live. There is no prohibition or warning in the owners manuals against moving and it isn't as if you shipped the vehicle to Antarctica - Alaska is part of the US and the factory coverage does not exclude that state, so as such their corporate obligations extend to your vehicle. Then, of course there's the fact that this has failed a number of times for you . . . . . Call them back and explain to the call center dweeb WHY they limited the recall to 'certain VINs' and PLEASANTLY INSIST that they repair the vehicle, that they educate the local dealer on what the warranty terms are and that the refund you every penny paid to date for any service that SHOULD have been covered by the factory but wasn't, including those burst power steering hoses. Get a supervisor on the phone, because the first level is limited to reading from the script and you can be certain that there's nothing in the book that includes the phrase 'we f*cked up, sorry'. I'd explain that if they don't you will be starting the process with the courts and that not only will they lose, but that it will cost them more in cash than what you are out of pocket (that story about your GF losing her job may get you some extra $$$ too). And if they continue to refuse . . . . follow though and DO IT. These corporations base their decisions on the fact that fewer than 1% of the people will actually take the issue to the conclusion - insurance companies are the worst, but car manufacturers aren't far behind. Persistence will get you the compensation you deserve. In the end one unsatisfied client undoes the goodwill of a hundred satisfied ones (likely a lot more in this era of social media). I've sent a PM to dodgecares, who is a corporate representative that sticks his/her head in here from time to time. Maybe they can kick some sense into the idiots at headquarters.
  12. In my opinion, as a lay person, I see this as a human factors issue, not a vehicle one. There's a fix for vehicles in cold weather environments that being supplied at no cost to owners and it is being denied to you. I'd like to address the issues you reported: 1. I hope you pointed out the inconsistency of the dealer's response. I also hope that you asked the company to reimburse you for your costs to date and for the cost to put the proper hose on once and for all. 2. I hope you asked to speak to a supervisor. If not, it is high time you did. 3. If you still hit the brick wall it will be time to send a registered letter to both the local dealer and to the customer service group putting them on notice that if they don't step up, that your next step will be to have the vehicle repaired to their standards and to use their own recall documentation as the basis for a claim in local small claims court - AND FOLLOW UP - use the 2009 thing as an indication of bad faith, by the way. I can't believe that you won't find a judge in Alaskan small claims court not sympathetic to your situation, which essentially is that you bought a domestic vehicle improperly designed for environmental conditions experienced within the US, recognised by the manufacturer through it's recall and that remedy denied. Claim every penny you laid out - you can also ask for damages (keep it reasonable), but small claims courts aren't likely to award any.
  13. Great news. Thank you so very much for following up. Makes you wonder why they need this at all, since it is a VERY simple matter to enable the feature based on the subscription status. Note that the dealer can add the code on the spot. You don't need to involve Customer Care for this OR the camera sales code. In any case I know what my first stop will be in the morning.
  14. You have no choice but to let the dealer put the OEM one in since it involves replacing a module that must be flashed before the vehicle can be driven. But even so if I was going to install a starter I'd buy the OEM one. No finger pointing in the event of problems.
  15. Why not call FCA customer support directly? After all the vehicle was never sold with the proviso that it never leave the original sales territory and this is a design defect that was subject to a recall. I believe that you can also claim back the money back that you've paid to fix this issue . . . . Their number: 800-423-6343