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  1. U49 Recall/PCM update

    I would continue to use it. The likelihood of a problem is actually very, very low.
  2. Dealers are asses

    Well, I won't use the dealer closest to me because they blew up the engine in my old LHS and tried to stick me with the bill - small claims court resolved that one . . . then there's the fact that they wanted $3K more than the dealer I have been using since I got my '11 when I purchased the present Crossroad - and they bravely tried to justify the price difference because 'we're the largest Chrysler dealer in Canada'. Yeah, right. So I purchased both of the DJs I've owned from this other dealer, and I live outside that dealer's local shuttle area, so it is always a question of going in and waiting, because they won't give me a loaner for a day job (which I understand) and they won't take me where I need to go. The terms of my 7/115/zero deductible bumper to bumper extended factory warranty are that I get a loaner if the car needs to stay overnight - but they actually argue about that by saying they'll rent me a car on day two . . . . Guys, why do I need to phone the customer support line to explain your business to you each and every time? Last December, when my vehicle was approaching the 36 month point they tried to tell me to have certain work performed as it would 'no longer be covered by FCA'. They explained that diagnostics and computer updates were no longer covered, so they wanted me to pay them for a once-over for my vehicle. At the time I declined and phoned FCA Customer Service who told me that it was indeed covered, as long as any flashing wasn't frivolous and the problems they were diagnosing were for covered components. And, yesterday the dealer did it again!! My check engine light came on last week-end. Solid on, so not all that serious, it seemed to me that the oil pressure gauge was way too high and I figured that the sender had gone again . . . but I've had this once before and the problem self-resolved. Now, my dealer has a 'quick service' bay and I found myself driving by their place last Monday so I went in. They wouldn't even pull the codes. Not even if I waited however long. They DID give me an appointment for yesterday afternoon for which I showed up on time and with a laptop so I could work while they determined and repaired the fault as well as executing the cruise control recall. I figured I'd be there for about 2 ad a half hours with the pressure sender change, so I settled in and started writing e-mails. After about 90 minutes the service advisor came to tell me the vehicle was ready, so I went to collect my keys and they presented me with a bill for a half hour ($70 plus tax) of work. I asked what this was for and they tried to tell me that the diagnostic and the repair (which apparently involved reflashing a module, presumably not the same one that was involved in the recall) were chargeable. Really? It sure doesn't say anything about paying for software updates, which are issued to correct issues in the previous versions, nor does it say I pay for diagnostics; In act it says it extends the bumper to bumper factory warranty with certain exclusions (consumables, which are ALWAYS excluded and trim and paint). I pointed out that if the vehicle turned on the check engine light that it either determined that there was a fault beyond any consumables or that the diagnostic system itself was defective, both of which are indeed covered by the warranty. I told them to cancel the charge at which point they said they would 'remove the update' and that 'the check engine light will come back on'. I told them to go ahead, because; 1. You cant roll back an update, as far as I know and 2. even if you can, I could take the vehicle to any other dealer and have the update re-applied Need I say that the light is off? I also pointed out that moving forward they'd not be selling me a 3rd vehicle nor performing any further service on the one I own now. On the way home I called Customer Service who reconfirmed that diagnostics (when they determine a covered fault) and reflashing were indeed covered by my warranty and that the only time I'd be expected to pay is when they are dealing with non-covered items (brakes fluids, bulbs, wipers, tires and so on plus trim and paint). They also referenced my call from last December, where I asked the same questions. hey DID call the dealer; I wish I could have heard what was discussed; and when they came back said tat the dealer reported that he hadn't charged me anything, which is true, but the work order states that I refused the diagnostic service ad does not say what was wrong nor what they did to fix it. I asked if I should bring the unit to another dealer and her answer was a very reasonable 'if the Check Engine Light' is off then they must have resolved the problem and so, not to bother. The moral is simple; Most dealers suck and they try to rip people off and upsell unnecessary services. Know your rights and stand up for them. They probably make a killing from uninformed clients. Don't be among the suckers.
  3. Head Restraint

    Buy a replacement from a scrap yard of find one on eBay - get it shipped in from a northern state . . . .
  4. I've never had any problems with the one in my Journey - and I'd wager that statement applies to the overwhelming majority of owners out there.
  5. Base warranty is 3/36 - if the vehicle has more than 3 years or 36K miles on it then the manufacturer's warranty on the navigator will have expired. However even if it has, everything ought to have been working when they delivered it to you. If not, it CAN be made to work without dealer intervention, as you know if you read through this topic.
  6. If you want to add a backup camera there are threads about this already. Yes, there are wires in the connector - apparently the other end of that wire is located somewhere on the left side of the vehicle up front. When I installed my backup camera the dealer made the final connections and he removed the wire from the connector and put in the wire that came in the kit I had purchased.
  7. P2305 and 2311 codes.

    An observation: The fact that you swapped the coil packs and the problem didn't follow the coils implies that the issue lies elsewhere - possibly some corrosion on the connectors at one end or the other of the wires connected to the coils or something in the ECU.
  8. OK, your issues sound weird. Radios from years 2011 to 2018 equipped with the 8.4 inch display can be swapped. There ARE three distinct models, however and, you can get the version with built in navigation (as if you don't already have enough trouble). I happen to have a 3rd generation Nav radio available - $800 plus shipping, which is what I paid for it when I purchased it as a spare.
  9. TPMS Light on with message will not reset

    You have to RAISE the pressure to reset the alert. Try cranking pressure to 40 psi, drive around for 20 minutes, then park it, the next morning drop it back to 36.
  10. Cruise control

    The recall is a firmware update - no more than that.
  11. Is the Journey right for me/Is it really that bad?

    One of the big issues to consider is whether you have access to a good dealer and to parts; Not so much because of qualitative issues, but simply because of the inherent complexity of modern vehicles generously endowed with many dozens of microprocessor, which makes diagnostics complex, especially for mechanics, who may not be the best computer and network diagnosticians. I am on my 2nd Journey - the first was an '11 'SE Plus' with the 2.4 litre 4 cylinder engine which had about 55K when my dealer forced me to replace it with a newer one by making a deal I couldn't refuse. I have about the same mileage now on the '14 Crossroad FWD with the 3.6 litre 6 and with the exception of some relatively minor issues (oil sender shorted out, steering linkage was loose, requiring adjustment of 'a link') and some recalls, only oil and filters have needed changing. I did replace my tires when I killed a single sidewall and found that it was cheaper to replace all 4 tires with Bridgestone Dueler Ecopia tires than to buy 2 of the original Kuho tires in my market. And that is one thing to consider that applies to most AWD vehicles and to vehicles with traction control; When you replace tires you will need to change them in pairs (with 2WD vehicles) or all 4 at a time (with AWD vehicles) if there is any significant wear on your tires and you manage to damage one. Note that this is not unique to the Journey, nor to Dodge. I DID, however purchase Chrysler's 7 year bumper to bumper extended warranty that will run to 115K kilometres - and I am on track to run out of miles about the same time that the policy expires as things stand. I also spend the C$90 or so it costs to have the vehicle 'rustproofed' each year. This minimises corrosion of the various body panels and the frame and coats any exposed electrical connectors and such - the coating also helps damp out any body rattles that may develop outside the cabin. Would I buy a third Journey? Fair question. The dealer DID try to get e to repeat the scenario for my '14 late last year, but this time they actually wanted to make a profit off me to offset what they lost last time around, so no deal. Will there even be a '19 Journey? We keep hearing rumors each year about a Fiat-inspired replacement . . . and they can't keep rolling out the same 10 year old body forever. So probably not, though it won't be because I didn't like the vehicle.
  12. Cruise control

    You can't just wire up a pushbutton because it isn't a straight wire to the ECU that controls the cruise. You will need to replace the clockspring.
  13. Have you looked at the oil pressure while the light is on? The switch is prone to shorting out. Of course it could be something else. It *can* be replaced without disassembling the vehicle, but it is difficult. There are videos on youtube.
  14. Either they've turned my service on again or it is a free weekend at SiriusXM. Noticed the traffic icon was lit. After using Waze for a few months the built in traffic service, because they only check major roads, as opposed to Waze, which also has input from everyone using he app, is much more responsive and accurate.
  15. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Well, if you read what the thread has to say you will discover that it apparently covers vehicles up to some point past the start of the 2013 model year and that if yours was newer that that you could probably make a case (if not to FCA, then to a small claims court judge) that it be covered. Why you would park a vehicle without getting a diagnosis is beyond me, but assuming you can even start the vehicle after leaving it sit for 6 months, and assuming that the code hasn't cleared from the ECU because you let the battery go flat, the first thing to do is to read the code. See what Redtomatoman wrote above and then do it. you can read the code yourself, you can ask a garage or a buddy with a reader to extract the code or, you can go to the dealer and pay them a few bucks for the diagnostic. Once you've determined that it is the appropriate code or not you can make a decision as to what the next step is; At the very least you are likely going to have to buy a new battery and replace a bunch of fluids if you plan to put the vehicle back on the road.