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    It isn't hard to do, but it isn't desirable either, since unless you rework the reflector with projectors you are most likely going to be blinding oncoming traffic. And if you do decide to do a conversion keep the color temps, what the narrator calls 'tinge' to below 5K max. The driving lights on my motorcycle are 3200K which is about the same color as halogens.
  2. He needs an unlock code for the radio - there is no sales cod for the Sirius. Your dealer can provide the code for you. If he is a mensch he won't charge for it. There is (or was, I haven't seen him around lately) a member here who was known to be helpful in such matters if you asked nicely.
  3. Battery shelf

    I'd like to see the battery out back the way the Magnum the Pontiac G5, to name a couple, had them. They stayed clean and warm that way. But Chrysler (and others) have been putting batteries up front like this in certain models for many years (my first Chrysler built like that was a Y2K LHS). As far as I can tell, even if the shelf rotted completely away the battery would not be under the front wheel for a couple of reasons, not the least of which are very large battery cables that have no slack. It is a lot less of a pain than one night imagine, as long as you can work indoors during winter months.
  4. Top speed

    The 4 cylinder engine will push it to >100 mph the 6? More then the 4.
  5. The replacement radio will only need to be unlocked and only if it is from a vehicle newer than 2012; It inherits the vehicle features from the BCM.
  6. Different generation of the product.
  7. More likely to be the radio than the display, but you ever know.
  8. You will need the ambient sensor, possibly to add a wire to the harness and for certain to add a sales code to the vehicle in addition to anything else.
  9. 2017 Brake (?) or Wheel Noises

    You might have picked up a stone that got wedged between the disk and the pad or caliper and was rotating with the brake pressure. Are there any score marks on the disk? If yes, it isn't fatal, but note that it would come under the heading of road hazard and wouldn't be covered by the factory warranty.
  10. Mine is like 2late4u - very legible at night, if somewhat grainy. In any case, the camera's field of view is fairly narrow and if you aren't turning around and using your mirrors in addition to the monitor you are going to be cutting off pedestrians and cross traffic.
  11. 2017 Journey GT

    In most jurisdictions you are subject to a ticket if you even touch your phone, but not for using the in-dash navigator, which also can provide traffic info, and does not need nor does it use cellular data.
  12. 2017 Journey GT

    You dealer is typical - an idiot who likes to talk to hear the sound f his voice. Any connection between reality and his statements is purely coincidental. Of course you can upgrade your vehicle with the uConnect nav (RB5) radio. As long as you already have the 8.4" display it is a simple issue of substituting your non-nav (RE2) radio module with the RB5 - you can often find them on ebay or perhaps from a scrap yard - note that there is no single part number for these and that often units identified as nav are not, and that sometimes units identified as non-nav may well be equipped. So buyer beware. I do happen to have a spare nav unit sitting on my shelf that I purchased in case mine decided to suffer from the issue that prompted 2late4u to make his comments and (I know that I may well regret saying this) in the almost 3 years I've been driving my present Journey, have yet to experience any radio related problems . . . . I paid $800 pus freight and unfortunately the value of the US dollar has dropped a lot since I bought mine, so it is for sale for the same US$800 is someone wants it. There is nothing wrong with the nav for the vast majority of users - there is, however a percentage of the most recent (post 2013) version that seems to suffer from a memory glitch - and FCA's handling of the issue simply makes matters worse for those impacted. The memory glitch results in the unit refusing to recognise its detail maps, which drops the display into showing only major highways on the base map. The solution is as simple as reloading the mapping - though if you have a unit subject to the glitch it is fairly likely to eventually recur, many users reporting that this happens on a close to annual basis, though, like anything else, that time varies greatly. Reloading takes about 90 minutes. FCA's solution for units under warranty is to swap out an affected radio with another, *refurbished* (read that as ' a deice which has failed on which they have reloaded the maps') device. The problem with that solution is that all they are doing is to concentrate the population of affected units into their affected customers' vehicles - what they SHOULD be doing is to replace the navigator boards inside, since those are the components that are affected. You can acquire the means to reload your navigator (whether it has dropped it's maps or not) with Garmin's latest mapping yourself, for free if you are diligent and tech savvy - there is a thread on the topic on the board explaining how - there are other options for those less tech capable or who want an out of the box solution they can apply. Again, the likelihood of suffering a problem is less than what is being hyped and it can be self-resolved if/when you encounter it - of course, like any complex electronic device, it can fail, and not necessarily for this most commonly reported problem. While I did the upgrade and I don't regret it - the decision is, of course yours to make.
  13. If it doesn't have the top row of buttons on the left side of the steering wheel and if it doesn't have the auto-dimming rear view mirror then it doesn't have Bluetooth.
  14. $80 oil change?

    Take it to Costco