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  1. The fix is simple enough; wire 5 watt 8 ohm resistors across the speaker lines (which is a common value though I believe the factory speakers may be even lower impedance) and the radio will think it has speakers connected.
  2. Yes, assuming that they both have the same size screens attached.
  3. I'm not sure you'd want to, but the answer is 'no' in any case. You *might* be able to upgrade to the REN, which was the Nav radio for the earlier models, but I've no experience with the 1st gen Journeys so I don't know whether you can or not.
  4. It isn't even auto-connect, they are infrared. Are there batteries in the headsets? Make the dealer demonstrate them working.
  5. RB5

    That's not a valid URL.
  6. It IS an option. Swapping takes all of 5 minutes on the DJ - how much more can it take on the Charger? Once plugged in, when you power it up for the first time after a swap it will ask for the unlock code (which is a function of the radio serial number and the vehicle's VIN) and away you go. When you want to swap back you use the code you'd have gotten for your nav radio when installed in the Charger. If you wanted to use the non-Nav radio in the Charger when the navigator is in the DJ you'd need codes for it as well.
  7. If you get unlock codes you can swap the nav between the Charger and the Journey, though the model in yours is probably a 2012 series without traffic support (which you'd need to subscribe to if yours was a later version that supports it).
  8. If you wanted to have some fun at the risk of spending $500, call them on it - the Nav is a $1200 option (at order time. The radio alone as a part retails for $2,200) and the integration is very nice to have, not to mention that the RB5 is unique in that it supplements GPS with dead reckoning navigation, so it doesn't get lost in parking structures and tunnels or in downtown 'RF canyons'.
  9. RB5

    I do know what OEM means. However I wondered who he was referring to by his reference, since it seemed to imply a specific company or group within a company; one that clearly is unaware of the systems used in Chrysler vehicles, as it happens.
  10. RB5

    What is 'OEM Radios'?
  11. No. He can't. That's for a different radio, the 8.4AN that we don't have in the DJ. Never had any issues whatsoever with Bluetooth - you must have an iPhone. And Nav-wise mine has never acted up, though if it does not only do I have a spare, I also know how to fix it.
  12. The suspension is different and your shocks and steering components are newer than the SXT. Note that bigger wheels means smaller sidewalls and typically results in a harsher ride . . . . .
  13. What happens when you drive on the left side of the road?
  14. RB5

    Good luck with part numbers, they're all over the map and there's no magic decoder ring. Often even the sellers have no clue what they are offering - one member here bought THREE different radios from three DIFFERENT vendors and NONE of the three had nav even though they all claimed theirs did. You can use any RB5 from any vehicle except the Dart. So the 300, Charger and Journey can be donor vehicles if you get the right years. There are 3 series of RB5 . . . the original, which is from 2011 to mid 2012, another from mid 2012 to mid 2013 and 2014 and later radios, the latter of which support satellite traffic. All 2012+ and later radios as well as updated 2011's need an unlock code. Since you have a Crossroad you have an RE2 with SiriusXM so you have the antenna already. The swap takes all of 5 minutes once you have all the components in place. I have a 2014 radio I've tested sitting on my shelf available for purchase . . . . it is listed in the classified section.
  15. Well that went almost smoothly . . . . . I am now running 16.21.D7 and CTP17 . . . . . But when I restored my settings, the radio said to touch the 'OK' button after the process and when I did it went black and shut down. Two vehicle starts later it was back and fine, however. I don't expect much difference, since I never had any issues before and as I wrote, I don't care to use my vehicle in Iraq nor to have to display and presumably communicate in Italian; an upgrade for upgrade's sake.