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  1. You want the REB radio module - there are a whole series of radio modules out there - Dodge Chargers, Chrysler 300s and other Journeys can be donors (not Dodge Darts). But you'll either have to change the antenna and add the cable that goes to it as well or connect a separate satellite antenna that you can stick on the windshield, perhaps behind the mirror. Ebay pricing for the module should be in the $100 range.
  2. If you still have warranty just take it to the dealer. If you don't you can roll by a local car stereo place and discuss buying a new radio or speakers, as required - They'll tell you which you need. If it turns out to be the stereo itself you can buy a new one on ebay for $100 or so. It takes about 10 minutes to swap. RHA=no Sirius, REB=with Sirius.
  3. Did they charge you for the battery? If so, go back and get your money back. I changed dealers when mine told me to pay for diagnostics. They wouldn't even credit the charge if they found a covered problem. That was 4 cars ago and I spread the word liberally about them here in the Montreal area.
  4. Are you jumping it properly? Because it sure seems like a dead battery. It could be due to a bad alternator or alternator control unit, but even so I'd expect to see something happen when you try to jump the vehicle. What does the voltage read for the outlet at the rear of the center console (the cigarette lighter socket for the 2nd row)? That has unswitched power.
  5. Interesting . . . . 'Canada Mode'. This is a sales code, not a region specifier. And since there is a menu item in settings that allows you to select US or Metric units, so if your vehicle switched over, you simply go and switch it back.
  6. Technically it is simple: Look at the connector at the rear of the TGM (radio module) and if the 3 pins assigned for the video have wires in them then you are prewired. Mine had those wires, but for the life of me I was unable to find the connection out back and so I ran the cable that came in my 2011 kit and the dealer inserted the pins, replacing the connections that were there previously
  7. Does the radio work? If it does then you at least can get it into accessory mode. Could this be as simple as a bad park position sensor? Have you tried the emergency backup procedure for the FOB (which is to press the plastic end of the FOB against the starter button instead of your finger)? It uses a secondary proximity tag and reader. Have you tried disconnecting the battery for a half hour to see if resetting the computers will bring it back to life? If you're out of ideas it is time to let the dealer have a go at it.
  8. While there is no technical barrier to installing automatic headlights it requires the appropriate switch and replacement of the ambient sensor (assuming you have one at all - the sensor is the little ball thing peeking through the dash up front in the middle) with one that has a photocell. There *may* be a wire required to carry the signal from that photocell and then you'd need to have the dealer enable the sales code. What can't presently be done is to activate Daytime Running Lights, which is a damned shame.
  9. Nope. Same bumper as the R/T, just with a metallic silver trim. My '14 has the same bumper. No issues. My bumper lines up on both sides.
  10. My '14 Crossroad has suffered exactly none of your issues. Not one. And the fuel tank capacity is not related to what YOU can pump in and you can't drain it completely (and you wouldn't want to, because of sediment and water that collects at the bottom) ad you don't want to run it too far below empty, because that fuel is used to cool the fuel pump - expose it too many times and it will burn up (not a Dodge thing, MOST cars use the fuel in the tank as coolant for the fuel pump). I have the extra cost silver paint and it sure looks like the colors differ from panel to panel, but the reality is that it is an optical illusion on my vehicle - testing the color with a meter shows that they are exactly the same. I managed to mildly warp the disks on my '11, which were a lot smaller and thinner than the ones on my '14. It would take a fair amount of hard braking to kill those. There is an annoying vibration/rattle-sort-of-sound from the passenger seat back, but there isn't anything I can do about that. All in all, and especially considering their price point, the Journeys (plural) I've owned have been great vehicles.
  11. My understanding is that there is no 'engineer mode' in the later (2012 and onward) 8.4 uconnect TGMs and in any case the link you provided is for a different product altogether.
  12. It can be done, but your dealer will deny all knowledge and there are strategic limitations as to what you can do which depend on what options you have for your vehicle now. In my opinion if you really wanted the 8.4" display you probably should have bought a vehicle with it already installed.
  13. Well, since the design of the body hasn't changed since 2009 and yours is a 2015 it isn't an 'early production' issue and since the R/T has always had the crossbar, it isn't going to be related to the Crossroad, which has been in production since the 2014 model year (i.e. 2013). I'm on my second Journey and I've been here since 2011 and have never heard of a issue with the physical bumper mount, so I don't know how common this issue may be, but with the bombed out roads we have here in Montreal if anything was going o break because it wasn't strong enough it would probably happen here. If your bumper is drooping from a broken mount of some sort then I wonder if it isn't because someone 'bumped your bumper'?
  14. Assuming he could add the sales code it would certainly not void the warranty. I don't believe (but I could be wrong) that they have any clue of vehicle's home state (beyond Cali emission compliance requirements) though they do know the country of delivery.
  15. They seem to survive anywhere from 2 weeks to forever and for the record, the current software does not solve the problem, which is more than likely a hardware design issue with the navigator board in the TGM.