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  1. They don't call them electrical gremlins for nothing. All new cars are full of potential gremlins with the modern electronics. Electronics are great until they're not. Chasing them is a headache. I hope you find a solution as these journeys are great little vehicles when they're not haunted by gremlins. Who knows what the previous owner did to the vehicle before you got it. The dealer may be better able to diagnose your problem than anyone. . . Good luck. Peace.
  2. Electrical Issue

    I would do everything I could to get out of this car. I've had mine for 6+ year's without probs. This one sounds like a lemon. Good luck. Peace.
  3. Maybe this is redundant for this thread, but just for clarity. Adjust your volume while the Nav voice is speaking and the Nav volume will stay at that level. I don't remember exactly, but the radio volume will decrease by some amount when the Nav voice is speaking, I think it does matter how loud your volume was set before the Nav voice began speaking. But. . . The trick is to adjust the Nav volume when the Nav voice is speaking and it will stay set at that volume until you adjust it again. Peace.
  4. Turbo

    Sell the DJ. Buy a good condition srt4 caliber and call it good. Not sure what you think a DJ offers that caliber does not. good luck. peace.
  5. Hatch is stuck.

    Have you had someone push from the outside while you attempt to turn the white plastic screw? Maybe the latch is in a weird position and the plastic screw will not turn without some external pressure. Good Luck. Peace.
  6. 1st oil change mileage?

    1000 miles for my DJ. My 2011 has 70k miles and still runs like new. First oil change is important to get the engine started right. That's my opinion. Peace.
  7. Rear door locks

    Maybe this will be helpful. . . From the 2011 manual: Automatic Door Locks — If Equipped When enabled, the door locks will lock automatically when the vehicle’s speed exceeds 15 mph (24 km/h). The Automatic Door Locks feature can be enabled or disabled by your authorized dealer. See your authorized dealer for programming. Automatic Unlock Doors On Exit The doors will unlock automatically on vehicles with power door locks if: 1. The Automatic Unlock Doors On Exit feature is en- abled. 2. The transmission was in gear and the vehicle speed returned to 0 mph (0 km/h). 3. The transmission is in NEUTRAL or PARK. 4. The driver door is opened. 5. The doors were not previously unlocked. 6. The vehicle speed is 0 mph (0 km/h). To change the current setting, refer to “Uconnect Touch™ Settings” in “Understanding Your Instrument Panel” for further information. NOTE: Use the Automatic Unlock Doors On Exit feature in accordance with local laws. Peace.
  8. Did you check the arm rest on the back seat?
  9. I believe it's real. If the fob is anywhere in the car, it will run. Can't even lock the car. Not sure where your fob is, but let us know where you find it.
  10. Dash Rattle Near Windshield

    Thanks for the replies. I will check the heat shield and my A.C. hoses. I don't remember seeing clips on my debris shield but I will look again. Peace.
  11. New Journey owner - not thrilled

    @ OP, more details. . . There are plenty of people who are capable of helping here. Peace.
  12. Dash Rattle Near Windshield

    I have a similar rattle. Maybe the same rattle. Mine originates from the passenger side at the base of the windshield. Only occurs at highway speeds. Changes with side or head winds. Pressure on my dash has no effect. I have looked at the outside mirror, rubber seal trim around the windshield, the plastic in the wheel well, the wipers, and the plastic shield along the base of the the windshield. I have messed with and made changes to these here and there to no avail. I have given up. I would love to rid my DJ of this rattle, though. Any info is welcomed. Peace.
  13. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Journeyman to the rescue. Hopefully. . . If anyone can help, you can. Great to see you on the forum. Peace.
  14. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    You have the option of doing nothing. I have heard of this engine light disappearing. That would not allow me to sleep though. I think you should take it to another dealer, if you have not done so already. It seems to me that you have to get it fixed and then go after Chrysler if they don't cover it. If they don't cover it, that's crap. I agree with bram, they are probably just testing your resolve. Best of luck to you, sir. Peace.
  15. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Take it to a different dealer. If it is the P0302 code, Chrysler has extended its engine warranty on the left side cylinder head to 10 years or 150,000 miles. They know about this problem and they should fix it. I had mine done at no cost. I have not heard that there is a model year specification, If another dealer does not fix it, call Chrysler. The exact code will be important if you have to elevate to Chrysler. Good luck. Peace.