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  1. Love it or hate, the uconnect music capability is fairly limited. It is meant to be matched with an iPod or iTunes. I'm an android guy so I use an iPod. Works pretty flawlessly and is easy to keep updated. It's still weird bcuz it will not display album art. Gracenote s#!+. Bluetooth works well, but no song info at all. I will play my spotify sometimes. I've also heard about people who use the SD card reader with good success (even album art I think). I haven't gone to an SD card as my iPod is so easy to update. Uconnect is a little dumb, but probably better right? Keeps your eyes on the road. Ha! Peace.
  2. I have used clay bar on previous vehicles but never my DJ. I have just kept it waxed and clean and I haven't felt the need to clay bar. I have used my clay bar on my DJ windshield though. Clay bar then a good coat of wax on the windshield is pretty awesome for cleaning and making those sticky bugs easy to remove. Peace.
  3. redtomatoman

  4. Steering Column Control Module (SCCM). That's very likely your problem. Good luck. Peace.
  5. New to the forum

    I put EBC drilled and slotted rotors with the greenstuff pads on my 2011. They look good and stop well. The 2011 models had the smaller brakes, though. If mine had the better oem brakes, I would have stayed with them. Peace.
  6. seat cover install

    I have resisted the urge to get seatcovers due to the side impact airbags. I think most seatcovers will inhibit these airbags unless they are specifically designed to allow them to inflate. Honestly, I think most are not designed for side impact airbags. Correct me if I am wrong. The active headrests make installation a challenge as well. Peace.
  7. Hello

    If you really want another DJ, I would stay 2013 or later models. I have a 2011 that has been great but I did have the pentastar cylinder head issue that was corrected without any further problems. I think 2013 and later have better uconnect software as well. While I don't know exactly what they are, 2009 and 2010 have some issues. The 3.5 isn't nearly the engine that the 3.6 is, fyi. I feel you, my beloved dodge dakota 4x4 has 257,000 on it. Looking at a wrangler when my dak retires. Peace.
  8. Pinch weld adapters for jack and stands

    Perfect. Good luck with wheel maintenance. I assume that means rotations. . . Enjoy your DJ! Peace.
  9. Pinch weld adapters for jack and stands

    I don't know the answer to your question. Why not just check the return policy of the store, keep the receipt, and return/exchange if the 350mm isn't sufficient? That's what I would do. Do you have a torque wrench? Peace.
  10. 2012 Dodge Journey

    Hey now! I love my voice recognition for phone calls. Hardly a useless feature. It's possible to make a phone call without VR, but it's just a lot more dangerous. @ Bob, there is a tsb for the VR, although I'm not sure if it applies to your problem. Try another dealer. Peace.
  11. A roof rack may need to be your next purchase. I love my Yakima cross bars. There is almost nothing I can't tie on and get home on that thing. Sorry for your mishap. Best of luck getting that screen installed. Peace.
  12. There are other places to get these screens. Ebay is the first place I'd check. Just out of curiosity, how did your screen come to be cracked? Peace.
  13. New Member

    Welcome to the forum. I have had a great experience with my 2011 3.6L. I wish you the same. Peace.
  14. Spare tire

    The bag is a good idea. Not sure I've ever seen a tire in a plastic bag at any tire shop. Is there a specific name for these bags? Or do you have any more specific info about these bags when querying the minimum wage cashier that I'm sure I will encounter initially? I have no idea what a bag of this sort would look like or what a tire shop would need to put a tire in a bag for. Peace.
  15. Rolly

    Rolly will be missed. . . Rest In Peace.