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  1. I think you answered your own question. It's not much of an inconvenience. . . I would think your 2017 crossroad probably has a lot of niceties that you didn't have on your civic, just not the walk away lock feature. I am correct? As long as you are happy with the other aspects of your DJ, you'll get used to having to push the button when you leave the vehicle, it will become habit, and you'll forget all about the locking feature. Peace.
  2. I have noticed this same thing. I always try to keep a clean filter in my vehicles. I have a 91 dakota that not only gets better mileage but idles smoother with a new clean air filter. I change the filter every 6 months in my DJ. Still runs like the day I brought it home. I usually get 19-21 in town. I live at almost 7000ft elevation so I think a dirty filter affects performance slightly more here. Not sure. Peace.
  3. Others will likely chime in, but I don't think seat covers are recommended, generally, due to the seat side airbags and active headrests. I have been hesitant to install them for that reason. Peace.
  4. I have a 2011 and it has been a solid vehicle. It is not my daily driver so I cannot comment on the daily grind sorts of wear and tear, but it still runs like the day I brought it home with 60,000+ miles on it. I think one simple rule to avoiding a lot of problems is to let the DJ idle down to below 1000rpm before shifting or driving. It takes 20-30 seconds. Definitely get the extended warranty to cover any problems, especially electronics. Peace.
  5. I started my DJ, pulled it out of the garage, and shut it off. A few minutes later, I noticed a small wet spot under the center of the vehicle. Looked like water dripping from the central exhaust pipe. Anyone else's DJ do this? I figure its better to drip rather than holding onto the moisture, but I've never noticed this previously. Maybe its because I ran it for such a short time and things were not warm. I'm not worried, just wondering. . . My drain holes at the back of the exhaust system drip with fair frequency as well. Peace.
  6. I have been quite happy with my 2011. I had the cylinder #2 misfire which has been corrected with a new left side head. I also had a cam phaser replaced. The motor still runs like the day I brought it home. The brakes are smaller than newer models. I replaced my pads with ebc greenstuff pads and rotors with ebc drilled and slotted rotors. They stop strong. No signs of any warping. I had the sccm in the steering column replaced bc my cruise control was wonky. No problems with that over the last 4 years. That's it I think. As far as AWD, there is no difference between dodge AWD and other AWD systems as far as tires are concerned. Size matters. Lots of electronics. Not sure how that's different from the others. I have the extended warranty. Peace.
  7. Thanks for the info bram. . . Peace.
  8. Just for fun, I went to the Uconnect update site to see what it would say for my vehicle, and I found this update for my 2011: Update 1: UCONNECT®8.4_MY11_DODGE_RADIO_15_17_19_RE2_RE3_RE6_RB4_RB5_RB6 Service Bulletin ID: 08-055-15 Release Date: 2014-09-15 Should I do this update??? Peace.
  9. I have been watching this debacle unravel. . . While I have not had this "Can't Unlock Maps" issue on my 2011, I do indeed have a 2016 map update for my Nav unit. I can't remember, but I believe I purchased directly from Garmin. I hope I do not have this issue on my 8.4N unit. Peace.
  10. I ended up installing one meant for a caliber. It doesn't cover the entire bumper, but it looks nice and covers most of the top for protection when I need to stand on the bumper to put cargo on the roof rack. Try eBay. I have seen some metal ones there. Good luck. Peace.
  11. I drive easily unless I'm getting after the throttle for some reason. When that's the case,I get after it. . . I also tend to have a lot of roof cargo; bike or surfboard. I get about 19mpg in town and anywhere from 22 to 25 on the highway with cargo. Wind, headwind especially, markedly affects efficiency with these engines more than one would think due to the 6 speed transmission. I think more gears would be better, but 6 is what we got. Overall, great engine. Smooth, powerful, quiet. Don't expect 30mpg. peace.
  12. I didn't know there was such a thing as tire plugs. I mean, I knew that there were plugs for tires, but I thought the tire had to be deflated and the plug inserted into the tire only after the tire was deflated and off of the vehicle. I never realized there was a DIY kit to use with air in the tire for roadside emergency situations. Seems easier than getting the spare for a nail or screw puncture. Peace.
  13. From the manual. . . In cold weather, use of Recirculation may lead to excessive window fogging. The Recirculation mode is not allowed in Mix, Floor and Defrost modes to improve window clearing operation. Recirculation will be disabled automatically if these modes are selected. Attempting to use Recirculation while in these modes will cause the LED in the control button to blink and then turn off. Hopefully that is helpful. Peace.
  14. Oh yeah, it is quite low profile. . . I can add pics if you want. Peace.
  15. I fabricated a lightweight rack that does the job. It attaches to my Yakima crossbars. It is not good looking, but allows cargo to go on my roof in addition to two mountain bikes. Are you looking to fabricate one or buy a commercially available rack? Peace.