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  1. Daytime Running Lights Brighter?

    The DRLs are fine, imho. I have noticed many DJs and the DRLs do their job. Make oncoming DJs more visible without being obnoxious. Making your DRLs brighter is just a way to cause people who don't know you to be annoyed by you. Peace.
  2. Full stereo upgrade

    Wow. Looks great. That's professional, man. Good job. peace.
  3. Full stereo upgrade

    Post some interior pics. Curious to see what is in place of the controls. peace.
  4. 3.6L alternator stereo and controls

    Ok. Just saw your other post. Got it.
  5. 3.6L alternator stereo and controls

    Why? What kind of project is this? Post pics.
  6. ewwww flying ants love my journey

    Did it work? Peace.
  7. Listen to OhareFred. The battery is the most likely culprit here. Try jumping it. If that doesn't work, you have eliminated the battery. It may be something else, but eliminate the easy stuff first. Good luck. peace.
  8. 2 years, 30k miles

    Great review. I really like my 2011. I don't regret my purchase one bit either. Peace.
  9. Cruise control

    It's likely the clockspring or SCCM. I had that problem with my 2011. It turned out to be the SCCM. Peace.
  10. TPMS Light on with message will not reset

    Something is likely intermittently wrong with at least one of the sensors. You may have to replace all 4 to get rid of the message. You could just live with the warning light if replacement is not an option. I would wait at least a few days to see if the message clears before I did anything. peace.
  11. Tire Advice Needed Please

    An alignment would be a good idea. Rotations every 7-10 thousand miles is good too. Have them check your donut spare while they're installing your new tires. peace.
  12. ewwww flying ants love my journey

    Wash it. Then give it a good coat of wax. Maybe they won't like it or they may not be able to crawl on the paint with the wax coating. Dunno. Worth a shot. Peace.
  13. Sirius is free until the end of May. May 29, i think i remember hearing. . . Peace.
  14. Custom exhaust question.

    Third row seat delete and custom carbon fiber hood if you want to lose weight. Peace.
  15. Low/high odometer readings

    Not sure I understand where you are going with this. . . My 2011 is a great vehicle too. Just crossed over 75000 miles on the V-6. Mine was manufactured in Mexico too. By an American company utilizing American engineering, supplying a good number of American jobs, sold at American dealerships. . . I could go on. Many American companies do business abroad. I'm no economist, so why the focus on the manufacturing part? Peace.