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  1. The bag is a good idea. Not sure I've ever seen a tire in a plastic bag at any tire shop. Is there a specific name for these bags? Or do you have any more specific info about these bags when querying the minimum wage cashier that I'm sure I will encounter initially? I have no idea what a bag of this sort would look like or what a tire shop would need to put a tire in a bag for. Peace.
  2. Rolly will be missed. . . Rest In Peace.
  3. Maybe I missed it, but during my quick review of the manual I didn't see ANYTHING about alignment. Nor does alignment ever appear in the maintenance schedule or recommendations. I even read the tire section of the manual. Did I miss it or do our DJs not need alignment? Peace.
  4. My DJ is mostly my trip rig. Driven mostly on the highway for long trips. . . Seems to drive fine in all aspects. I recently took it in for my 72 month maintenance. All was completed as requested (including new spark plugs) and all was fine according to the service guy. Additionally, they told me that my alignment was off. Initially, I ignored this comment because I doubted they put it up on the rack and assumed they were just attempting to get some more money on a "do no harm" type service that probably does not need to be done. I have been thinking about this since that time. I do remember that someone told me that our DJ alignment system is different than most vehicles. Not sure if that is true. Is there a way the service tech could tell that my DJ was out of alignment without putting it on the rack? Curious what others have experienced with alignment. Have other's had alignment issues or had their DJ aligned? Please post your experiences and comments. Peace.
  5. duplicate. Sorry
  6. Good info in the cummins post, but is there anything useful that can be done within these menus? Peace.
  7. If you believe that it's coming from the vents and you have warranty, take it to the dealer. Not sure that's your best bet, but maybe they can solve the problem. If not, an AC professional may be more effective. Good luck. Peace.
  8. One other thing. I assumed that the smell was coming from the interior. If it's coming through the vents, that's a whole other ballgame. You may be smelling mold and mildew through your vent and AC system. Cleaning that can be difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. Consult an AC professional. The dealer may not be your best bet. Peace.
  9. The first thing I would do is to be sure there wasn't any spills or other events that you are not being told about. If that isn't it, then I would purchase some pet odor eliminator and use that everywhere that could possibly be the source of the odor. If it is urine, that will eliminate it. It will likely eliminate other odors as well. Hopefully that will do the trick. BTW this isn't a known issue or anything. Something happened in your DJ in the last week to cause this. I hope the pet odor stuff works, but it would also behoove you to figure out how this occurred. Best of luck to you. Peace.
  10. I didn't realize that fuel pumps were not covered. What about other pumps such as water pump or oil pump? Not covered? I haven't read my extended warranty for a while, but I remember it saying something along the lines of anything mechanical is covered. I'm surprised. Peace.
  11. Anything can go out at any time. That's what warranties are for. Good luck. Peace.
  12. Umm. . . I absolutely do. Peace.
  13. Ok. I'm not a mechanic. Just sayin. BUT. . . Junior102 is correct. A thermostat regulates the flow of coolant through the engine and radiator. A faulty thermostat condition depends on whether it is stuck open or closed. A stuck open thermostat will allow coolant to circulate through the radiator and the engine will not overheat (assuming all other cooling components are working). A stuck open thermostat will not allow quick engine warmup. A thermostat stuck closed will cause engine overheating as the coolant WILL NOT be able to flow through the radiator and engine. When an engine is cold the thermostat will be closed. When an engine is at operating temperature the thermostat will be open. That's basic engine cooling 101. Peace.
  14. Its the opposite. Running without a thermostat, the cooling system is always open. The cooling system works by circulating when the thermostat is open. Circulating fluid takes heat from the engine and it gets cooled in the radiator. The thermostat is closed when the engine is cold to prohibit circulation and allow the engine to warm up faster. The thermostat will open at a predetermined temperature, begin circulation, and allow the cooling system to maintain that temperature. Running without one just inhibits the engine from warming up quickly on initial start. Keep in mind, a faulty thermostat that does not open will cause overheating because the fluid will never circulate through the engine. Peace.
  15. Great review of your experience. I have been very happy with my DJ too. I got the unlimited miles warranty as well. I hope I never need to use it, but I have it. I have to agree with the transmission complaint. Like you said, not a problem, but more response and better shift points would be nice. I mostly hate the acceleration lag in drive. I go into manual when I know I need power. Overall great vehicle, IMHO. Peace.