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  1. This is a feature that should be readily available on your vehicle. @jkeaton has it right--your Dodge dealership needs to assess this further to find out why the feature is not working! Please let me know if you need assistance making an appointment. Kori Dodge Social Care Specialist
  2. Hi km-04, This is from the Owner's Manual on page 37?--are you able to find this screen? "NOTE: If “Unlock All Doors 1st Push” is programmed all doors will unlock when you grab hold of the driver’s front door handle. To select between “Unlock Driver Door 1st Push” and “Unlock All Doors 1st Push”, refer to “Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)/Personal Settings (Customer-Programmable Features)” in “Understanding Your Instrument Panel” for further information. To Unlock From The Passenger Side: With a valid Passive Entry RKE transmitter within 5 ft (1.5 m) of the passenger door handle, grab the front passenger door handle to unlock all four doors and the liftgate automatically. NOTE: All doors and the liftgate will unlock when the front passenger door handle is grabbed regardless of the driver’s door unlock preference setting (“Unlock Driver Door 1st Push” or “Unlock All Doors 1st Push”)." Kori Dodge Social Care Specialist
  3. Hi rjohnson, Sorry to hear about this! If you decide to visit your local dealership for further diagnosis I'd be happy to offer assistance if needed. Just send us a PM with your VIN and let me know. Andrea Dodge Social Care Specialist
  4. Dash Rattle Near Windshield

    Hi lmoore1436, Please feel free to reach out to us in a PM with your VIN if we can help schedule an appointment at your Dodge dealership to have this checked out. Kori Dodge Social Care Specialist
  5. 2012 Journey SXT needs  brake pads...  what code do I have? BRF?  Something else?  Vin is: 3C4PDCBGXCT230036


    1. DodgeCares


      Your sales code is BRFS. Additionally, you do currently have an open recall on your vehicle, recall T47 for the steering wheel wiring. Parts are available at your Dodge dealership!



      Dodge Social Care Specialist

  6. I need the sales code for the trailer tow prep package 2015 Journey RT Vin # 3c4pddeg4ft578890. Dealer has problem finding it


    1. Rolfe


      dealer found it

  7. Help ! 2012 journey rt uconect screen blanks defrost defaults to high, no speedo,windows, radio, check eng. light on battery light on. May clear for a short while and starts again. Had it in dealer did tipm  flash but it still happens.

  8. Automatic trans slipping?

    Hi Ibeerkir--has your powertrain warranty already expired? If you're having concerns with the transmission, you can visit your dealership for full diagnosis. Kori Dodge Social Care Specialist
  9. Transmission Shifting

    Hi nnngn_zero, While your Journey was at the dealership, were you able to do a ride along or replicate the shifting concern for the service advisor or tech? Those can be really helpful in determining what they may need to do to fix the problem. Kori Dodge Social Care Specialist
  10. Dreaded P0300

    Please let us know how the diagnostics go, and let me know if I can provide any additional support. Kori Dodge Social Care Specialist
  11. Hi Potlicquor, If you'd like to see any open or completed recalls on your vehicle, you can go to recalls.mopar.com at any time and enter your VIN. Kori Dodge Social Care Specialist
  12. 2013 DJ SE (2.4L) Sputtering/dummy light

    If you end up taking the vehicle to the dealer and need assistance, let me know. - Kevin T, Social Connect Team
  13. Have you had the chance to take it to the dealer for diagnosis? – Kevin T, Social Connect Team
  14. Brake Code 2012 Dodge Journey

    Hey CarRamrod, If you’d like to PM your VIN, I can check the sales code for you. Kori Dodge Social Care Specialist
  15. Welcome to the forum! The first thing I would recommend is ensuring that your Uconnect software is current. You can check for that here: https://www.driveuconnect.com/software-update/- Jack, Dodge Social Care Specialist