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  1. just went and checked mine on mu 14 crossroad with curt hitch and mine are tightened tight, and the rear bolt does have more threads showing then what he has and also the 2nd from the rear also. maybe he took the picks before the final tight torque. i hope so anyway, lol. also i did go back about 2 weeks after install and checked my torque on the nuts okay for me.....
  2. take it back to who did the work and see if they see the problem ( pinched wires or something damaged) good luck
  3. yea them rubber hangers are a tad hard to get off at first just lube them up with dish soap and water or spray some wd40 and get to prying them off.....
  4. would assume it should be straight, but why not check with the dodge dealership they should be the experts on it
  5. best place to check would be a dodge dealership lot, but i dont believe that little flap could cause a check engine light as it doesn't fit tight enough to create a seal , think you need to look for a different problem . good luck
  6. welcome to the group
  7. i quit using ramps yrs ago also, bought me a good floor jack and just use the jack stands....
  8. go to the forums page click lighting, check on all different info there.....example led or this The appropriate solution is to fit HIR bulbs - they have the same spread and color, but are 40% brighter than stock for the same wattage. There is a benefit in that the life of an HIR1 and HIR2 bulb is about double that of a conventional halogen bulb. Info on HIR bulbs: http://store.candlepower.com/9011hir.html One key on the base of HIR bulbs has to be trimmed to fit into the 9005/9006 receiver. There are templates for this and it is simple to do. I bought mine from candlepowerinc.com The have a deal for a set of 4 bulbs for $70 . . . . . http://store.candlepower.com/hirsponeseto.html A template for trimming the bulb base can be found on this page: http://store.candlepower.com/mohirbuba.html Edited October 26, 2016 by bramfrank P.S. i have led but if i had to get more i would go with the hir 9012 bulbs
  9. just measured mine on my 2014 crossroad with the curt hitch.... 13 inches. i use mine for a carrier basket for my wife's 3 wheel scooter it does drag a bit on a steep entrance or exit so i just angle off when i see one of them no big problem tho. just go with the curt wiring, a lot less problems then OEM that is what i will do if i ever need the lights....
  10. depends on which one went bad, you dont give enough info on age and what is happening to the journey leaking or whatever....
  11. welcome to the group,look thur the forums for lots of good info
  12. i wouldn't bother getting the rears from weather tech but i love the looks of the the front ones ,better then the stick on kind....
  13. my question is why are you buying from J.C. Whitney?????
  14. nope
  15. also could be bad connector or bad wires or loose or corroded wiring.....