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  1. Door open light on dash stays on

    could be the switch at the door has gone bad.
  2. where is the air flow mater

    used 1 on my 2011 with 70k on it till i traded it on a 2014 and i took it out of my 2011 and put it into my new one and i have about 70 k on this one for a total of about 140k and not a problem yet,i clean it once a yr let it dry real good and then re-oil it and then reinstall it, also i use the k-n cabin filter also saves a lot of money....BUT i do use mopar oil filters for the engine
  3. Hello from Central NY

    welcome to the group i have a 2014 crossroad, love my journey...
  4. well when all else fails why not call the dodge dealership for info so easy to do..
  5. 2015 journey camera

    good luck you wont find thoes wires
  6. that is a service dept that i would wonder if they knew what they were doing? why because if your looking for a problem and see a leak coming out of the transfer and still say well lets check the transmission instead of the transfer case and had seen the similar problem on a different vech. DUH hope this is being covered on their dime and they just aren't trying to milk you on it.. Just another reason why i won't buy awd as it just adds to the repair cost with more parts to go bad vs fwd vehicles.. good luck but as i said earlier bet it will be something in the transfer case is the problem....
  7. Journey's everywhere!

    to be honest since the production of the dodge caravan has been discontinued that left a hole in the chrysler and dodge van lineup, use to be you could buy a caravan for the avg family starting out for around 20k now the lowest is around 28-30k for a family van so the base journeys are picking up their absent. chrysler should never had abandoned the dodge and chrysler van as a lot of their former customers that still want a van are moving up to the imports....
  8. 4 wheel alignment

    heads up to any one in the States my local ford dealership has a side store called Quick Lane they are a new franchise dealing in auto service and tires, anyway they dont advertise it too much but they offer 4 wheel alignments for $79. for a one time, or $179. for a lifetime alignments, had to have one done couple months ago and paid $89. at the dodge dealership. thinking since i bought the max lifetime mopar warranty i think i'll go there and get the lifetime alignment from Quick lane they said no limit on how many times i want it checked or fixed and good till i sell it or wreck it... anyways heads up to you all about this service.....
  9. Converting Manual Drivers Seat to Power seat

    shouldn't be hard as long as there is power to the plugs you found,
  10. Driver’s Seat

    i dont know how to post pictures on here but looking at your pic above here the horizontal hole towards the front go about half half towards the front and place a screw there that is where i did mine on the passenger side and just use a small screw about half inch long with a good size head and or washer... my wife has about the same problems as yours and that is why i believe it gets broken as the seat kind of sinks down to the top of the plastic side panel and then gets dragged outward and breaks... good luck do it now before it breaks for a more secure sde panel ....
  11. Driver’s Seat

    well to beat a dead horse, try this ,near where the clip that breaks drill a small hole then use a small black crew that has a small head on it and you won't have no more problems. i've never had my drivers side break but on the passenger side it has broken twice on my 2011 and once on my 2014 reason i figured out is my wife when getting out is kind of dragging her butt as she is exiting the vech, after placing the screw there it has never broken again just enough strength to hold it..
  12. first off find you a new dealer as this one is trying to screw you without giving you a kiss first. second just google mopar parts whole camera and wiring should cost you less than 350 to 400 and about 150 to 200 for the install, back up sensors have no idea on but my son has them on his truck and he said they really aren't worth the cost.look thur the forum here for backup camera post lots of info here. i would go to the dealership and say hey i just bought this journey here couple of months ago i know about what i should be paying and IF you want my repeat business you will have to earn it here by doing this at a reasonable price.
  13. Body Side Moulding

    your link is not showing the part you are trying to show us...ah just realized had to scroll down and hit continually
  14. New member in Ottawa

    welcome to the group, hope you have a great time enjoying your journey
  15. my brand new 1972 nova with positraction rear end it started making a noise and vibration when turning, ended up being the Positraction unit in the rear end and G.M. service tech said all i needed was a special fluid added to the rear diff and they did it and no more problems out of it ever, now i know we dont have that but probably something in your transfer unit also i assume you checked your brakes and calipers for something out of whack you didnt mention the miles on the car either, good luck and report back what you find