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  1. time and money spent.oh well sometimes the cheap comes out expensive....
  2. i think if you use the curt electrical wiring kit you wont have to get it flashed at the dealership and the curt hitch goes on easy.
  3. hook it up and go to any truck stop or garbage dump they all have scales to weight you just subtract what the journey and your weight.
  4. that is a bummer....
  5. no problems here check your manual for warranty on the safety equipment or better yet call the dealership and ask..good luck
  6. i wanted to comment on this one but i didnt want to be called a smart azz lol i mean really what a question........
  7. well i would say oem parts from the dealer are quality then part store or internet parts. just my 2 cents worth....
  8. it is located in the same place as it shows in the u tube video that was on a caravan same engine same location. mine went bad while on vacation in Mississippi and the local dealer told me it was covered under my lifetime warranty that i bought on my 2014 had about 45 k on it when it happened,. they said you had to take off the top part of the engine to get to it but this u tube shows how to get to it without doing that the listed repair that the manual shows. looks like it is in a really hard place to get to. good luck also you can always go to the dealership and ask them to show you where it is they can do this..... it was supposed to cost about $ 400- 500 ( U.S.) for the repair and one day car rental as it was supposed to take about 2-3 hrs for the repair. $100. deductible was all i had to pay. good luck and report back on how it turns out.....
  9. i have the 2 row seats and i do miss not having the rear air as well,i live in Alabama and the rear air in my 2011 felt great didnt think it would make a big difference when i bought the 2014 but it does make the journey a little warmer during the summer oh well live and learn...
  10. google it on utube they have one on the 3.6 engine being changed.....
  11. its attached to to your fuel pump in the gas tank, no need to change it they have been doing this for years .
  12. welcome
  13. a quick google brought this up, it doesn't say anything about recalls but you could google it more intense then i did......Salvage title: If your car was in a severe accident and was given a salvage title or declared a total loss, your entire warranty is voided. Unknowingly buying a salvaged car isn't an issue with certified pre-owned vehicles, but keep this in mind if you are looking to purchase a late-model used car from a private party or independent used car lot. If you are unsure about a car's past, we suggest getting a vehicle history report.