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  1. Howdy from Los Angeles

    most 3rd party plans make you jump thur a a lot of hoops before they fix or cover your car the Mopar one is more expensive but at least you know what you are getting check out http://www.chryslerfactoryplans.com/ cheapest i found and that is where i bought from...welcome to the group
  2. where the rubber brake line is held by the metal bracket that is bolted to the strut. check out you tube for this problem where the rust builds up under the metal bracket closing off the rubber line..
  3. 2015 journey camera

    so then you didnt find the wires at the rear of the journey, RIGHT.
  4. 2017 Journey Crossroad Debadged

    on my 2011 main street journey i had removed all the badges and the wife was telling me how does anyone know what we are driving and i just laughed later on we were on a trip and i was filling up with gas and a guy comes over and said man i really like your vehicle but who makes it, i had to laugh over that one..... as usual the wife ended up being right...
  5. 2017 Journey Crossroad Debadged

    i usually remove all the badges myself but i did leave on the crossroad on my 2014
  6. Battery shelf

    to be honest i wouldn't want the battery inside the car or under the seat just in case it leaked or went bad since it has acid in them. but that is just me i guess
  7. well you could do a power steering fluid flush with new fluid. also is your serpentine belt have the correct tension what is the age of the belt and it also could be the tensioner going bad as for the belt slipping of course on a 2015 it shouldn't be bad but you never know, good luck on what ever you do...no mention of how many miles so i assume your out of warranty,you could go to a local garage for help on this also.
  8. got my new tires on and got the alignment done i am ready to roll, sure does ride better now with good tread on the journey... the alignment i bought was a 4 wheel lifetime from Quick lane that are associated with the ford dealerships cost me $179. so as long as i own the journey unlimited alignments most alignments around here cost about $70-90 for a 4 wheel alignment
  9. well i got my Wagner brake pads and put them on this morning, all said and done the org pads with 72 k on them look only about 1/2 wore out, but since i was that far into it i went ahead an replaced them started with the rear and they were wore a little more than half way than the fronts were . they were a piece of cake and i used one of thoes cube dice tool to rotate the caliper piston back in it turned real easy,of course in the you tube videos the pistons look really corroded but as i am in the south mine were real clean and easy to turn,one thing when removing and putting the new pads in move the brake pad closer to each edge before trying to tilt them in or out makes it a lot easier to get them pushed in or out,same with the front pads easy to remove and reinstall i didnt replace the rotors as they were butter smooth and wasn't having any problems with pulsation or noise from them. from the looks of the OEM pads probally could have went another 25-30 k on them but now i am set for a long long time..now on to new tires and a 4 wheel alignment and then ill be set for our trips as soon as the wife gets well enough she had a mitral valve replaced with open heart surgery about 4 weeks ago and she is doing real good but they dont recommend no unnecessary riding in cars for at least 6 weeks so on the 8 week we have a casnio trip planned.....
  10. Hello from the Big D

    well i think you need to find a good mechanic as i know there has to be one around you somewhere. other than that the starters you are using that keep getting broken ,where are you getting them from? most after market parts are not always up to snuff. they will cost you more, but dodge dealership parts are built to a better standard than aftermarket parts,good luck on what ever you decide but give the thought of finding a mech you can trust as you are just spinning your wheels right know and i know its frustrating but cars are a lot more complicated these days then they use to be yrs ago. hell i dont even want to change my own plugs anymore.
  11. I am going to THROTTLE someBODY

    expensive part might want to make sure that is whats wrong, or that is the right part as a lot of different kinds of that is listed. good luck
  12. I am going to THROTTLE someBODY

    might want to check the salvage yards for a used one also
  13. well i just replaced the brakes on my daughters jeep patriot (her mail vehicle about 28 k on them) so she could have went about maybe another 10 k or so on the front but went ahead and changed them out anyways since i was that far into it but the rear pads were getting pretty thin ( she was hearing a squeaking noise at times) so replaced them as well her other jeep a bigger wrangler i had to replace the rear brakes at about 20 k (one of her rotors got ruined) her front pads still looked good, got me thinking hell i got 72 k on my journey so i ordered front and rear pads (thermoquiet, Wagner) and will put them on next week, i thought well the pads on the rears are always smaller then the front so might as well replace them in good weather when i am not in a hurry than wait and maybe ruin some rotors i dont plan on replacing the rotors as when i rub my finger on them they are smooth as a baby's but... will up date on the condition of the pads after i get them done....
  14. Hello from the Big D

    well you say the solenoid is good, but if the starter is spinning but the car inst starting then the solenoid is not doing its job to pop out the gear to engage the flywheel, i would be checking the that out again and or any other electrical part that would involve the solenoid. i had a truck yrs ago doing the same thing ( it would start one day or couple of days then wouldn't start)the dealership replaced the starter and said it was fixed couple days later it happened again took it back they changed out the starter and solenoid again and kept it for a few days saying they were checking it out at different times during the day and was working fine told me come get it, I went to start it and it wouldn't start ended up being a small black box on top of the eng (have no idea what it was) charged me another $10. and i never had another problem with the truck starting....
  15. well after someone posted about changing out the refelectors in the bottom of the rear bumper the cost seemed to expensive for me,so i just reordered some more of the small fog minnbar lights off amazon and then ran my wire that i tapped into the reverse light and instead of running the wire under the plastic trim on the hatch back i just neatly ran it up the corner of the metal and used some gorilla sliver tape to cover it and it blends in so great with my silver journey then ran the wire under the rubber seal down to the bottom of the bumper and then added the light they are about 5 1/2 inches long by 2 inch wide.drilled a hole in the reflector in the center for the wiring to go thur and then drilled 2 holes for the screws to go thur the end of the lights to hold them to the reflector the outside edge of the light is about 1/2 from being flat to the reflector but it looks pretty good and man do they throw the light when backing up didnt have no codes being shown from adding the led lights. had to add these as when i use the carrier on the back to carry my wife's 3 wheel scooter kind of blocked the back up lights...maybe i can get my daughter to take some pics and put them on here since i dont know how and i just have a old flip phone.... LOL KAWELL Universal mini Light Bar Bumper DRL Fog Light Motorcycle Light DRL Tail Backup Light Car Motor Clearance Marker Lights for ATV SUV Jeep Mine Boat 4x4 Ford F150 (2PCS 10-LED Light Bar) Sold by: KAWELL Return eligible through May 12, 2018