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  1. well pulled my front and rear to check the pads on my 2014 crossroad and they all still look like new i always change my own and on my 2011 i replaced the rears at 60k and they were not that bad but had already bought them and my 2014 has 58 k on it so i am tickled pink on how they are holding up.... also i am on a Facebook dodge group and some guy posted a clip of his journey making a loud pounding noise and the sound of it whether he was going fast or slow and of course he is kind of talking bad about his pos dodge, well at least to his credit he did come back 2 days later and said well the noise is fixed and it was front wheels being loose....LOL so now he says well i am going to trade it in for an Audi so i posted back letting him know that Audis have to have their wheels on tight also...
  2. tires react to different altitudes and temps, and as we all.... chit happens. lol
  3. why not ask the dealership and or check your manual for an accurate answer.
  4. what does your manual say? best place for info or maybe the dodge dealer......
  5. what kind of parts used mopar,or part store brand? since it is the same one i would assume something else is putting extra stress on it, keep us informed.
  6. lots of info check the forums on backup cams.
  7. ABS

    my daughter had her brake light come on while i was on vacation and she called me about it,so i was close to a dodge dealership so i went down and asked them what could cause it,of course couldn't get me no real answers out of them and i said her rear drums hadn't ever been changed and could that be it and they said no. well when i got home i popped off the rear wheels and sure enough they were wore slap out so i replaced them and i guess from the low pressure from no pads caused the light to come on. so wouldn't hurt to have someone check your pads all the way around and look for other problems crimped or loose wires...
  8. well to be honest i did have to use the Extended warranty at about 50 k when i had a oil pressure sender went bad on a trip away from home, just took it in to the dodge dealership they gave me a free rental car and about 5 hrs later called and said everything was fixed cost me my $100 ded plus $7 for rags and cleaning supplies and i was good to go so glad i had the warranty,cost was supposed to be around $400-500 without the free rental so it has helped some....
  9. just wondering when on avg mileage have you changed your pads, on my 2011 the fronts were changed out under warranty at 28 k and i changed out the rears at about 60 k and they really wasn't that bad but had the pads and just did them. so i have about 58 k on my 2014 crossroad and when i rotated my tires the front pads looked great at least half left it looked like, so if you had have brakes replaced on the start of the new bigger pads , at what mileage did you do it at and what condition of the pads were left.
  10. welcome to the group i had a 2011 main street loved it had about 70 k on it and stopped by the dealership and next thing i knew i was buying a 2014 crossroad, lol anyways didnt have any problems with the 2011 but i did buy the max lifetime yrs and miles on the crossroad as i plan on driving it till the wheels come off or i pass off to the great beyond.....
  11. i guess you dont watch as much porn as bramfrank then.... just kidding bramfrank
  12. yea i had to have a replacement windshield put in man nice not looking thur all the pits and repaired cracks....LOL
  13. get in line, glad i dont have the nav...
  14. good rating on thoes tires,checked discount tire online $674. with $100 rebate from cooper so $574 total and about $60 for install and lifetime balance from Walmart so $158, per tire mounted and lifetime balance good price
  15. try a little different size and buy off discount tire online during a holiday for the best discounts plus use their credit card takes just a few minutes and save even more free shipping with them, instead of tire rack that charges for shipping, i saved about $ 250-300 for a set for my 2014 19 inch crossroad. i went with 235 55 19 almost same size 1 mph faster then speedo says so easy to keep up with. they were the best price for the different size's i checked for the same tires....