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  1. Front license plate

    there are two little dimples on the front center of your bumper drill 2 holes and add 2 screws...
  2. 19,XXXkm and counting.....

    I agree most dealership cannot keep up with electronic age that has involved with our vehicles that said you will find ones that are better than the other that go by the old adage that we know more then you do. i have two dealerships that are closer to my house that aren't worth a sh-t and that is why i drive about 20 miles farther down the road to the one i deal with. now there is one service writer there that i dont deal with as she has a bad attitude that i dont get along with, but there are others that will bend over backwards to help you. also i use to work in a factory running my machine and when it would have a problem i would call our skilled trades to fix it, of course most of them had the attitude that they knew more about that machine that i did ( which they did) BUT i ran it more than they did and would have a good guess at what was wrong with it but i wouldn't come out and tell them what i thought was wrong as then it would take twice as long to get it fixed as they didnt like to be told what to do ,so i would slowly tell them how it was acting and let them come to the same conclusion what i thought it was ,kind of had to spoon feed the info to them lol but hey it worked ... same with the dealership if you go in demanding to them what you think is wrong they will take a defensive attitude towards to the problem...
  3. Just installed a Trailer Hitch on my 2011

    yes you will have to the dealership add the sales code and activate it and that will cost you $$ contact your dealer for the cost or bypass all that and go with the aftermarket wiring harness that is what ill do if i ever need it
  4. New Journey owner - not thrilled

    explain to me how i put the car down. he left no comment to his problems except with the yr and how many miles it has on it, and how long he has had it 10 days and then ask have i made a bad mistake. i answered yes he might have. not knowing anything else about it i think my answer was possible correct to his question under the conditions he gave us. so cut us some slack I would say most of us that have replied to this post love our Journeys and a couple of us have purchased 2 of them that we like them so much.
  5. Coming soon, to a driveway near me!

    welcome to the group.looks great.....
  6. 4 wheel alignment

    well i am in the northern top of the state, it will start to get cold around nov. and we almost always get sleet and ice hardly any snow, mostly around the 20 -40 degree most of the winter with good chance of real bad sleet or snow in jan or feb. lol when they are calling for a forecast of snow or sleet they will close schools.hell i've seen them close the schools with a threat of bad rain storms. i used to live in Michigan so i am used to getting snow but since then my blood must have thinned out to much... P.S. and in Michigan they never closed the schools for any reasons...
  7. 4 wheel alignment

    well i am still in shorts but ya winter will get here by christmas..... lol.... late jan or early feb is the worst might get a day or two of snow. gotta be prepared ya know P.S. like your saying i am already of them 49 percent Trump was talking about. you know drawing my Social Security that i paid in the last 35 yrs....plus my Pension ah the good life it just took too long to get here......
  8. 4 wheel alignment

    I have about 66k on the journey and was looking at my tires which has about 30k on them and have about half the tread left (cooper cs5) and i notice the rear tires are wearing on the outside edge more than the front so took it to the dealership and let them do a 4 wheel alignment cost me $89. which was about $10 more than the local gas station that was advertizing the same, but i figured if i needed any parts since i had the lifetime warranty thought i go with the dealership. no parts problems found , he said the front was okay but the rear was definitely out of specs. then ran by Walmart and got the tires rebalanced, and seen they had their Bosch Icon wipers on rollback to $14.99 so picked me up 2 of them as that is a great price on them, my last ones are still working okay so i put the new ones on and threw the old ones in the rear cargo just in case...all ready for the Mr Winter to roll into Alabama
  9. Door Sill guards

    if close enough good reason to make a trip to the usa for parts and tires.....
  10. New Journey owner - not thrilled

    if you start your post with talk of major problems but dont explain what's wrong. then exactly want are you wanting us to answer...yes you might have made a major mistake.....
  11. Hey there! :)

    i dont know what you can afford BUT do your homework and a word to the wise stay away from any 2012 journeys or older brakes undersized on them, that said good hunting and hope you find whatever you are looking for....
  12. Winter Tires

    check the forums under wheels and tires has been discussed and a lot of info for the asking.......
  13. Hey there! :)

    welcome to the group...
  14. by power cycle the car ? do you mean start and then shut off the car and restart it...
  15. Oil Filter Problems

    my daughter used to go to walmart or the havoline quick change places and comes to me saying they say the last guy stripped the oil pan plug what do i do now, so i got it fixed and told her to quit going to them places as they always cause you problems about like the tire guys that start the lug nuts with their air tool and cross threading them.... ugg