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  1. use to work on the old tube tvs,, at least for a while.....
  2. 2012 Journey RT P0301 related issue

    might go away after a few days of starting and stopping and if the journey is running okay,also you could run by a your local auto shop they have scanners and might be able to reset it for you.good luck and keep us informed.
  3. 2012 Journey RT P0301 related issue

    sorry about double post site was acting up i guess...LOL
  4. yes i would assume it should be covered but they will tell you before doing anything you could always call and ask just to see first.
  5. Daytime Running Lights Brighter?

    i believe if you add led hi beams they will be on full strength for the dlr,all the time. i wouldn't recommend it.
  6. U49 Recall/PCM update

    actually yrs ago with my caravan i had a episode with a cruise control not disengaging after stepping on the brake pedal was kind of scary as of course i was coming up behind another car but mine disengaged by simply shutting off the unit whit the cancel button. I had just that day picked the van up from the dealership where they had worked on the transmission and after looking at the van they latter called and said the van is fixed that it was the brake pedal switch that had gone bad, i kept asking about it as i had just picked it up from the dealership and that it was working before they had it and it wasn't after they gave it back to me ,they kept saying they didnt do anything to have damaged the brake switch disconnect but i had a hard time coming around to their way of thinking. But is was a scary thing to happen and was lucky to have been able to just hit the cancel button.......
  7. U49 Recall/PCM update

    so true about being warned, do what every you want it is your journey i would not be afraid to use it.good luck on what ever you decide...
  8. 2nd row right side seats stuck

    yes evidently the fix has not been disclosed to us here at the forum. people come with problems but a lot of one time posters after getting the problem solved dont bother to report back on what happened and how it got resolved, thus leaving others who develop the same problem with no idea on how to fix it. so please share with our readers on what happens to your vec... thanks in advance and good luck.....
  9. check engine light

    well you have the code and it called a generic code for the evap system, you can try replacing parts using the shotgun method or have a trained mechanic check it out for you, online we cant say exactly what is the problem as this is a generic code, could be a lot of things. good luck
  10. U49 Recall/PCM update

    if i remember right they have had only happen one time so far from what i read...
  11. Best Tire Deal I Could Find

    i dont have awd but my daughter is a rural mail carrier and with the jeeps if they have mismatched tires it CAN set off the warning buzzer .do what you want...we can only give suggestions..its not how level the road is it is one wheel on the same axle traveling at a different revolution than the other tire. at ;east that is what was told to me by the jeep dealership.
  12. U49 Recall/PCM update

    had mine done yesterday morning took about 30 mins, i checked all my electronic settings before taking it in and checked everything after wards, every thing still working like they should. actually almost wasn't going to have it done but the wife put the end to that, lol then afterward ran it down and had my alignment checked and was golden there so Monday we are off to Biloix Ms for a little gambling and drinking what a way to enjoy life.....
  13. Armando know how you feel just had my recall done today, wasn't going to bother with it but the wife insisted on having it done, but no problems only took about 20-30 minutes.
  14. Head Restraint

    havent heard of this before you should make a report on it to the safety dept thur the government. i dont believe they will do anything unless their are a lot of reports for the same thing. good luck
  15. Check Engine Issue

    have the battery checked first.most auto stores do it for free, agree with larryl the gauges always act crazy with a low battery.