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  1. had mine done but stayed legal so the front windows are not quite as dark as the back......
  2. on one of the replacement blades i had that didnt wipe at the top ,i noticed all the blades are made of plastic so i tried heating it up with my heat gun so i could get the top 2 inches of it to bend a little but no luck all it did was break,if any of them were made out of metal you could proably bend it to wipe better but i try not to pay any attension to it. i always didnt like the way it only wipes 3/4 of a wipe, on the caravans their wipers wipes from one side to the other
  3. if it was fixed properly no problem,thing is when they do that it has no real resale value and because it was so expensive to fix that it why they totaled it so WAS it fixed properly? to be honest my son in law bought a salvage that had been fixed and whoever repaired it did take a lot of shortcuts on the repairs, it drove okay, but you wonder what toll it took on the frame. good luck.
  4. RB5

    guess he means...... "OEM" redirects here. For other uses, see OEM (disambiguation). An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a company that makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company's end product.[1] For example, if Acme Manufacturing Co. makes power cords that are used on IBM computers, Acme is an OEM. However, the term is used in several other ways, which causes ambiguity. It sometimes means the maker of a system that includes other companies' subsystems, an end-product producer, an automotive part that is manufactured by the same company that produced the original part used in the automobile's assembly, or a value-added reseller.[2][3][4]
  5. the nav units seam to be talked about here quite a lot,dont think it would be worth the effort or money to change it out. congrats on your purchase also on the extended warranty good choice on that. i have a 2014 and about 53k had a small problem while on a vacation had to take it in to a dodge dealership they provided me a free rental car and fixed my journey no problem with just my $100. ded, i have the max life and miles on my crossroad also.
  6. welcome to the group and happy trails to ya.
  7. are they providing you a loner or free rental since its in the shop?
  8. just worked on my 2014 and checked the front brakes and they still look great over half or three quarter left on the pads at 53k
  9. welcome to the group a lot of info some good some not so good, oh well lol, guess its a little cold up there right now,use to be from Michigan but been down here for about 40 yrs so guess my blood has thinned out some.
  10. my truck started misting the windshield like fog ended up being the heater core was going bad no leaks on the carpet.
  11. well i replaced mine two different brands just doesn't wipe in the center top real good about 2 inch gets missed never had a problem with the old one guess ill try a mopar one when this one goes bad no big deal
  12. if they dont sell them over there you should be able to buy one off eBay i would imagine..
  13. have him bring it over to your house and hold it under your frame you should be able to see if the holes line up with your holes in your frame. also the correct hitch only cost about $120. on amazon, that is where i bought my curt hitch from ,fit like a charm P.S. there should also be 2 shims that i believe you will need on the rear bolts of the hitch one each side.
  14. looks pretty good,congrats on it
  15. i agree with steven as the diagram on that part is not connected to the filler tube only to a small tube along side it probally is for the evap system to catch fumes. your main filter is attached to your fuel pump and level unit in your tank