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  1. New larger tires - and they just fit

    well the org poster said that was the size he used with no problems but try going with the 255 50 19 would be better...
  2. sneaky leak

    well since you have a garage to get it out of the weather take it for a good ride then after putting it in the garage try taping a small sheet of clear plastic under where you think the leak might be and try to get it level so you can catch some of the fluid before it soaks into the concrete floor, should be able to determine if it is anti freeze or trans oil then next nite try cleaning off everything where it might be leaking and tape some white Kleenex around each tube and or connection to pinpoint where the leak is. good luck let us know what you find... plus after you shut the engine off the pressure and or heat on the coolant builds up more as it isn't being circulated as when the engine is running...
  3. $$$$ How much is your gas?

    2.05 gallon in hartselle al
  4. Top speed

    I swear you get better mpg at 80 than you do at 70....
  5. did you run the wire to the front battery or get power from the rear?
  6. Very happy new owner

  7. Heat not working

    well it is about 8 yrs old, check the forum for blend doors so I assume you are getting just cold air blowing on the passenger side while getting heat blowing on the drivers side.
  8. yep that is a CURT hitch
  9. Oil pressure sensor replacement 2013 V6

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H0Sjp3AcAc this a video on a caravan but the same for a journey and he says you need a special socket to install the sensor and can be rented or bought from your local auto parts store... mine went bad on my 2014 at about 45k but was covered under my lifetime warranty so never had to fix it myself good luck on it...
  10. End of warranty inspection?

    what does your paperwork say, i looked mine over and i didnt see no inspection check required. i live in the us and have the lifetime warranty..
  11. Recent repair items

    that dealer sounds like he is taking good care of you ,better hang onto it
  12. Member Map

    i live in Hartselle AL and have been to Atlanta several times but have never seen stone mountain, i need to see it sometime.....lol
  13. check to see if their is a service bulletin on it both my daughters jeeps u connect had recalls on them for updates..
  14. WTB '14 cargo tonneau cover

    2014 crossroad as i said i dont have the 3rd row seats let me know if you are interested you might want to check with dealership to see if it fits your journey, never been used took it out and put it into the closet along with the 2nd row headrest. we use to carry my wife's 3 wheel scooter in the back till i got out outside carrier n the back...$150. plus you pay shipping
  15. WTB '14 cargo tonneau cover

    i have one but i have the 5 seater dont have the 3rd row seats looks like that # is for my journey