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  1. well mileage has been discuses here quite a lot check the forums for more info. the the us we use mpg and you should get at least s 22-23 mpg avg on a highway trip how that transfer ti metric not quite sure good luck.....
  2. my daughter has a 2007 caravan kept having a problem with coil packs going bad finally the mech found inside a connector was melted a bit and would burn out the coil pack replaced the connector and solved the problem,,, also ys ago had about the same problem with the electric rad fan not clicking on ended up being the connector also
  3. please report back on what you find out and the cost of having them fixed......
  4. that is what i thought also ,,seems like i read that in the manual
  5. looks good
  6. welcome
  7. welcome to the group...
  8. yea if you do all stop and go city driving and maybe a little get up and go with them the mpg is kind of bad 16-17, but get into that 6 gear and do a little cruising and it really helps
  9. welcome to the group
  10. had a new windshield installed today as the last one had been fixed 2-3 times for small chips and when we got caught in the hail storm we had a lot of small pecks that didnt break the glass but kind of pitted it and you only saw them when going into the sun or after cleaning it, they would sparkle, getting ready to switch insurance company so thought id better get it fixed.....also i asked them what that little box was behind the rear view mirror was and they said it was a humidity sencer,so all these people with moist air in the cabin, this might be their problem. also while checking insurance companies some of them asked if i had taken a safe drivers course so i checked it out and aarpdriversafety.org offers a course with discounts if you belong to aarp and also found an extra discount using the code bhm ended up costing me $13. 50 and did it,and the wife did it also so we should save us on the avg of about $50. yr discount any one over 50 should check it out.......
  11. you should have bought a curt hitch like i did about $130 if i remember right bolted up no problem fit like a glove didnt have to remove fascia and metal bumper as you are going to have to do. about 2-3 inches between fascia and top of the hitch plenty of room. If i was you id go to amazon buy the curt hitch and then try to resell your other oem hitch on Craigs list for what ever you can get out of it... just my 2 cents worth. good luck on what ever you decide to do.......
  12. simple go back to the dealership and ask for info they should be able to help you,since its a factory hitch
  13. yes my 19 inch came on my journey and i have a spare the same size 225 55 19
  14. got an email from DISCOUNT TIRE on line and starting today and the next 4-5 days running a sale most tires use their credit card and get $60. off and most of the good tires also include a $75. rebate visa card so its a good time if you need tires also as always free shipping cant beat that.....just a thought.......
  15. go to the dealer if you still have any warranty left,if not try some electrical repair shops as it it could just be the switch or gears jammed