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  1. you would be more wise to purchase a extended warranty for your crossroad as transmission and the electronics are very expensive for new cars today , check out the forum on them and the sooner you buy it the cheaper it is. all cars are being built a lot better than they were yrs ago but being in AL i dont worry about salt and chemical that they use on the roads but you might want to add the rustproofing as well, good luck on what ever you decide....
  2. doubt that is the problem as my gamin when it is plug into the outlet in the front dash catch all cubbyhole (what ever you want to call that spot) always goes dead when i turn the ign off there shouldn't be no power to that outlet ,unless you changed the wiring there. actual just went out and checked it and yes no power to that plug unless the ign is on. the dealer should know this......
  3. Steve please reply after you find out if its covered i would say it would be but not sure which ext. warranty you bought......good luck
  4. just check out some more 2017 on the dealers lot simple.......
  5. so actually why is a compass that important? i know where ever i am headed which way it is. both my 2011 and 2014 have a compass and to be honest i have never needed it,of course i dont go off road or thur the woods, so guess it might come in handy there....
  6. mine is being behind a long busy stretch of cars all going 70 -80- and of course the guy along side of you wanting you to slow down just enough so he can NASCAR around you so you have to slam on your brakes and maybe cause an accident.
  7. well i also have a 2014 crossroad with 58 k on it no problems with my rotors just checked my pads and they look like over half the pads are still left,never had any problems with my sunglass console on any either of my journeys, sometimes my trans gives me a hesitation once in a while like it is trying to find the gear for the speed i am going doesn't worry me a bit. my divers seat every so often might move back or forward a quarter of an inch just enough for me to feel and then it doesn't do it again for a long time so no big deal, my dealership is great so i would suggest to find a different dealer as you are not tied to the one you bought from. i pass up the closest dodge dealership to me ( as they are they worst dealership) to go to. the one i like and have bought most of my vehicles from over the years is about 10 miles furthest but worth the drive. glad you like your journey as i really love mine.
  8. a man of few words, think that would make him a woman's dream catch....
  9. glad for the update as your org post about changing the bulbs was confusing as nothing was said about the brake light switch being the possible cause, good info.....
  10. many ,many yrs ago like 40 yrs ago my sister in law borrowed my old ford truck with no air conditioning and a couple days later after she returned it, i found her babies #%&* diaper wrapped up in a Kmart plastic sack that she meant to get out later but forgot and it was during the hot Alabama summer.Man did it take a long time to get that smell out,but at least it was easy to find out where it was coming from...
  11. showing my age but it was nice when the fuel pump was attached with 2 bolts on the side of the engine.....
  12. dont understand did changing the brake lights fix the problem or cause it????
  13. well pulled my front and rear to check the pads on my 2014 crossroad and they all still look like new i always change my own and on my 2011 i replaced the rears at 60k and they were not that bad but had already bought them and my 2014 has 58 k on it so i am tickled pink on how they are holding up.... also i am on a Facebook dodge group and some guy posted a clip of his journey making a loud pounding noise and the sound of it whether he was going fast or slow and of course he is kind of talking bad about his pos dodge, well at least to his credit he did come back 2 days later and said well the noise is fixed and it was front wheels being loose....LOL so now he says well i am going to trade it in for an Audi so i posted back letting him know that Audis have to have their wheels on tight also...
  14. tires react to different altitudes and temps, and as we all.... chit happens. lol
  15. why not ask the dealership and or check your manual for an accurate answer.