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  1. new windshield

    by the way that little black box behind the mirror at the top of the windshield is a humidity sensor according to the glass shop
  2. Just Introducing Myself

    welcome to the group
  3. new windshield

    no it had just been chipped i guess about half hour earlier and I was still driving home on the interstate when it started running across the windshield new one going in tomorrow... P.S. i seen the chip at the beginning of the crack after i got home, the place replacing the windshield says some cars are just more prone to cracks due to the slant of the window...
  4. Oil Filter Advice Needed

    here in Alabama the local walmart doesn't carry fram oil filters for the journey, also they dont have any listing for the the battery size for the journey either, went to buy one and they said nope we dont list them so i told them the battery group # and he said well we have that one but it would come without a warranty i just laughed at him and walked away, but as jkeaton said i to have used fram all my life in all my cars and never had a problem with them.....
  5. Oil Filter Advice Needed

    why not use the mopar filter from the dealership, only cost me about $8. each?? that way there is no question if something goes wrong....
  6. Emblem Delete easy DYI

    didnt take me forever, but whatever.... less than 10 minutes for all the emblems that i wanted off...
  7. Emblem Delete easy DYI

    you made it sound hard and expensive to remove the emblems... i used bumper sticker remover from autozone and just sprayed it on and let it set a minute then used my fingernail to lift the edge of the emblem and then sprayed a little more of the spray and slowly removed the emblem then wiped it clean ..done ...easy peasy no heat gun no fishing wire no decal eraser or power drill
  8. new windshield

    well was on a trip and heard a small click but didnt see no crack or chip on the windshield but about an hour later all of a sudden heard a small noise and a crack comes from the side of the drivers side about 6 inches long scared the hell out of me at first and then about 10 minutes later it grows another 6-7 inches right thur the drivers eye line of sight.oh well,hope the insurance company has a sense of humor and doesn't raise my rates, any way it will cost me an other $100. deductible never had any broken windows with my caravans but my journeys are a different story i guess..
  9. Does the spare tire have a pressure sensor?

  10. Alternator broke at low mileage

    it would be a $100, repair for me(my ded on my max care warranty) including my free car rental
  11. Home link garage door opener

    when you do it if possible take some pics and report back on how it comes out might want to add to my crossroad if poss....thanks
  12. any one ever use the clay bar cleaning system have been wanting to try but not sure how much labor involved or if it is worth it???
  13. Alternator broke at low mileage

    well at least it was covered under warranty or should have been...
  14. Spare tire replacement

  15. Rattling in rear by exhaust

    factory hangers are all rubber. what jkeaton said would be your best bet