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  1. You might want to look under that vehicle. There isn't much room under the in floor storage pods as it is. That is likely why there are no lowering kits out there.
  2. Sounds like the unlock switch inside the FOBIK has failed. IF you know how to do surface mount component repair it is possible to replace just the switch, but you would need to have a replacement switch as they are not a commonly available part. The only other option is a replacement FOBIK and programming.
  3. It isn't possible in software. You would need to physically disconnect the wiring from the wheel.
  4. The FOBIC cannot be programmed to the vehicle without either a scan tool OR a programmer like many locksmiths have. I just replaced one for our 2014. Bought the FOBIC online from carandtruckremotes and programmed it myself (I have the proper scan tool) However I did call a local automotive locksmith and he gets 35.00 to program them, no appointment needed. Be sure you get the proper year and version, if you have remote start you cannot use the version without that option. The switch for the remote start isn't on the internal board.
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  6. Hello from Central NY

    Just joined up because the wife got a 2014 Journey SE. So far it's been OK. Has AWD but not much else. Have worked on vehicles for many years. Do 99% of my own work and have the tools (including real scan tools) to do them.