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  1. I actually installed a backup camera in my old car. Really inexpensive. I bought it off of Amazon. I actually wired it to run at all times and not just when backing up. The one I had even had an 8 inch screen. I know it wouldn't be wired into Uconnect, but it was well worth the price.
  2. Body Side Moulding

    Seen some on Amazon also.
  3. Feedback on a pinstriping idea...

    I have pinstripped in the past. Mainly straight line and not decorative like that. I actually thought about doing it to mine. It is a 2017 Blood Orange Crossroad.
  4. I think I am in the same boat. I have a 2017 with 8.4. It has backup camera, Sirius, and all that. I think you have to buy a code to activate it.
  5. Interior shot

    Haha I know my wife took the photo to send to her friend.
  6. Front view

    No there wasn"t a lot of color options at the time I got it. But it is cool that it almost changes colors. Depending on the light it can be orange or red.
  7. Blood Orange 2017 Dodge Journey Crossroad

    My new Journey. Odd color I know. And no I am not a sports fan.
  8. JAWheat411

  9. I was actually trying to call uconnect for the question. Wouldn't you know they couldn't hear me using Bluetooth in my car. Maybe I will try again.
  10. Hmm thanks I will have to look and see what is back there. I know there is a charging plug but not sure what else. Edit: and I don't have DVD or anything. Just climate control in the back.
  11. Hey guys. New here. Just bought a 2017 Dodge Journey Crossroad the other day. I have been playing around with all the bells and whistles and I noticed something in the settings of my Uconnect. Under accessibility it has "Read back main cabin". I have checked and unchecked it and have no clue what it does. Does anyone else know? I can't find any info on it online or in the manual. BTW it is the 8.4 Uconnect system without navigation. Thanks.