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  1. Random non essential electrical problems

    Battery was replaced shortly after problems started. Also, the issues seem to happen more when im slowing the vehicle down than any other times.
  2. Top speed

    My gf drives a 2012 tahoe, and whenever she drives my car she always ends up going 20+ over the speed limit cuz it really is just so damn smooth! It's amazing.
  3. I have the 2014 journey, base model. Bought it used in 2016 with 35k miles. Now I'm at 63k. About 6 months ago, the radio screen would shut off (music would still play) and the lights in that compartment would shut off, AC buttons, light about cup holders etc. This would happen every couple weeks, and would last maybe 3 seconds. But the past month, it's started happening more. Atleast 3 times a week. Just today, it happened again, but this time my doors unlocked, radio screen shut off, and my Speedo tried dying. This time it lasted maybe half a second, as the Speedo only dropped maybe 10mph, then hopped back up. Also, about 2 months after this had started happening I accidentally shattered the screen on the radio. It still lights up and shows everything fine, just the touch screen doesn't work.