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  1. Another P0420 thread

    https://www.moparpartsgiant.com/ Check out this site. It should have a diagram of the sensors for the 2.4 L. If not, call them. The number is on the top right of the home page. They also have an online chat. Goot luck. Let us know how you get along. mechanical-idiot
  2. https://www.moparpartsgiant.com/parts-list/2013-dodge-journey/electrical-sensors-engine.html Call these guys and ask them. They should be able to tell you. They also have a live chat online. Good luck. mechanical-idiot
  3. I am going to THROTTLE someBODY

    There are days when I feel like throwing something at it for sure, but it really is a great vehicle to drive. We have had some bad luck, but every vehicle has some mechanical failures now and then. I am not ready to throw a TANK at it yet! I nearly cried when I saw this video! What a waste. Lots of great parts were still on the vehicle. mechanical-idiot
  4. I am going to THROTTLE someBODY

    Just picked one up at the salvage yard for 75 bucks. Came off a 2013. Accident damaged vehicle with 43000 km on it. Thanks 2late4u, I forgot about the old junkyard ploy! You just saved me a few bucks! The MIL light has not come back, but if it does, I will be prepared. mechanical-idiot
  5. Hello from the Big D

    I have said it before and I will say it again: This 2late4u guy knows what he is talking about. It is time to find a good mechanic. It is worth the money in the long run. mechanical=idiot
  6. EGR valve 2013 journey

    https://www.ebay.com/b/EGR-Valves-Parts-for-Dodge-Journey/33607/bn_1367938?_trksid=p2045573.m2388 If you buy it on ebay, make sure it is compatible with your engine size, model, year etc. Make sure you get a gasket with it or buy one. They are cheap enough. I hope this helps you out. mechanical-idiot
  7. Hello from the Big D

    You could talk to the people who initially repaired this item. They may come to you to check it out, so you won''t have to move it. They might even put another one on the vehicle for you. I have a neighbor who is very mechanical. He says that 2late4u is correct in his evaluation of your starter. You could replace it yourself. Check on youtube. It is easy to do. Almost all vehicles are the same and the starter is in the same position. Just a few bolts and wires. You probably get a core refund for the old starter, so ask when you purchase one. If you buy one at the dealer, chances are it is brand new and thus the expensive purchase price. If you purchase one at a parts store, chances are it is refurbished. That is why they take your old one back and give you a refund. They send them off to be refurbished. That is why they sometimes crap out after you get one put on. It should have a 90 day warranty or something like that. I hope you saved your old receipts! Anywho......... DO NOT TOW THE VEHICLE YOURSELF! You can screw up the rear end on an AWD by towing it. Then you will be paying a couple of thousand bucks to get it fixed. Good luck, and please let us know how you get along. mechanical-idiot
  8. Hello from the Big D

    You need to take this to a technician that knows about electronics and electrical issues. You are likely not going to be able to repair it yourself. At least, get it diagnosed by somebody. Don't tow it yourself, or you could create more issues! Get it towed by a flatbed truck that hauls the vehicle onto the truck and take it in. It will be worth it in the end. I understand your pain. We have had a ton of problems to repair in the last 3 months since we bought our Journey. I still love driving that vehicle though. I just wish that we had a money tree in the back yard. Hang in there, bad luck can't last forever. mechanical-idiot
  9. I am going to THROTTLE someBODY

    Our bad luck continues, but on the positive side, we are really learning a lot about mechanics and electronics in vehicles! Our vehicle is six years old, so I guess we can expect some surprises! (165000 km) But, there are days when I feel like Throttling somebody at Chrysler! I can't afford this! Our engine light came on the other day. Stayed on. No blinking. Took it to a shop and a fine young man checked it out with some kind of a hand held scanner. The code was P0123 which is Throttle Position Sensor (or throttle body sensor or something like that). He cleared the code and the light has not come on again. So, if it does, I guess we have to replace the accelerator pedal and sensor since they are both in one unit. The dealer wanted over 400 bucks for the part alone. I don't think I will go back. Are the aftermarket ones acceptable to use? Is the quality good? Or, would you guys recommend a refit with a OEM Mopar part? Has anyone had experience with this replacement and have they used aftermarket parts (which are below 100 bucks)? If the light comes on again, I will get someone to check the wires first. Thanks for your time. mechanical-idiot
  10. what is your mileage on your brake pads

    I'm no expert, but I think the way a person drives has a lot to do with how many miles they get out of their brakes. My wife murders brakes on every vehicle she drives. She is constantly ripping and tearing around, slamming on brakes about 40 feet from the intersection, sending everyone for a nose dive to the front of the vehicle. This drives me f#$^ing crazy! I always try to slow down much earlier than normal as it is so much easier on the vehicle. I am not saying that anyone on here is to blame for their brake troubles. I realize that the brakes on the pre 2013 Journeys leave a lot to be desired. mechanical-idiot
  11. Front End "Clunk" while Braking Over Bumps

    Just had the same problem on our front passenger side. jkeaton is correct - it was a bad strut mount. Clunking noise on bumps. Drove us crazy until we got it fixed. mechanical-idiot
  12. Front wheelbearing /hub info

    Correction: tighten the hub nut to 160 N·m (118 ft. lbs.) everything you need to know including diagrams is right here on our very own site: mechanical-idiot
  13. Front wheelbearing /hub info

    Check out some of the youtube videos on changing the hub assembly on a Dodge Caravan or Chrysler Town and Country (I couldn't find one for the Journey ). My rotors, brakes etc. fit a Dodge Caravan or Town and Country of the same year, so they may have the same wheel hubs. Someone might mention the torque specs and axle nut size in the videos. Possibly 32 mm size for axle nut (1.25") and 150 foot pounds of torque. I hope this helps you out. mechanical-idiot
  14. Journey awd towing damage

    Check out this thread. I am not sure if this is what you replaced on yours, but it was not a cheap fix. It sounds like your problem might have been the same as mine. I hope this thread is of some assistance to you. mechanical-idiot
  15. 2012 journey issues

    Rear wiper is likely not working because the wire in the wiring harness on the back liftgate is broken. Mine did the same thing. It is a common problem with them. You need to pull the rubber housing off of it and check it. A neighbor of mine fixed mine for me. Mine would work once in a while. Then it started working when we put it into reverse. Both the backup light wire and the rear wiper motor wires were damaged and they were touching each other, causing the rear wiper to work when we put it in reverse. Your nozzles on your engine hood could be plugged or frozen. They are cheap to replace from ebay or amazon. Another common problem with Dodge vehicles in general. I have no idea about the radio. youtube has some great videos on fixing the above problems. I don't know much about mechanics, but I hope my reply is helpful to you. mechanical-idiot