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  1. Goodbye Journey, Hello Durango!

    Congrats man, been thinkin real hard about makin the same switch. I every time I go to the dealer for an oil change I look at the Durangos in stock, sit in a few, and play with the buttons. It is a sweet ride. My wife likes the Citadel, but that truck is just too nice to be draggin through the woods for hunting. Maybe if I only camped it would be an option for me, but I just can't see myself throwing a deer or hog in the back of one.
  2. Spark plug replacement

    Thanks for the info guys, jkeaton and bfurth. I am glad you all gave me the lowdown on the differences. Maybe I won't try doing this myself. I am, by nature, a cheap bastard. If I can do it myself and save money I'm all for it, which I thought was the case here. Obviously I was way wrong on that. I just remember when everything was pretty much right there when you opened the hood and had easy access and didn't need special tools to do it. 2late4u, we apparently watched 2 different videos, sorry man. I just wasn't seeing what you were seeing, hence my confusion.
  3. Spark plug replacement

    Really? I just watched a video also and there was no wiring to undo, just unplug the clip from the coil pack. Granted this is the 2.4 L engine and I have the 3.6. Is it that much difference between the two?
  4. Spark plug replacement

    Dang Fred, I did forget to mention that little detail, thanks for reminding me. I have the 3.6 L V6. Yep, coming up on 100k soon. No such luck here, it would be just for the plugs and labor. I miss the days of popping the hood and grabbing a wrench/ratchet and gettin to business.....
  5. Went to the dealership for an oil change. The service person said the DJ schedule stated the spark plugs need to be replaced at the current mileage. I asked how much and he said $185. I politely differed to later and said thank you. $185 to change spark plugs? Are the recommended spark plugs made of gold or something? Am I the only one who thinks that sounds high? Geesh, just had to get that out of my system.
  6. Looking for 3 Row SUV

    With the exception of the Tahoe, I think all of the other three would be a good option. The Ford may not have as much room as you'd tink ( both the wife and my father in law have 2015 Explorers). You know what the DJ is like. The Honda should fit the bill as well, it does have a decent amount of room/storage.
  7. Moisture Issue Won't Defog

    You should video the process, it sure would help others with the same issue.
  8. HELP

    Good luck with this JennyA. Please let us know how it goes for you.

    That's what I was referring to. Easy to switch the bulbs, the housing not so much. If there was a video on that....

    Thanks for the vid. I have been thinking of trying this but the folks when here describe it, it sounds really hard to do. This takes some of the mystery away.
  11. How To Change Spark Plugs

    Great video, thanks!
  12. No joy on the door situation there Kori.
  13. Yes, I saw that and tried it(2 times), but it didn't work for me. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. Please forgive me. I wasn't sure if it was something the dealer had to add like the code for DRL's and such. I will try it again and let you know. Is there a wait period for this or should take effect immediately?