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  1. Any link to video of this working?
  2. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Cross Bars

    Thanks for the additional info. That definitely helps in the decision making process.
  4. I asked about bluetooth because it will stream Amazom music for me. In fact it streams Amazon, Pandora, the stock music android app, Spotify, and Iheart radio, all with no problem. It streams my wife's Samsung S7, my LG V10, and my daughter's iPhone. I hope this gets resolved for you soon.
  5. 9k miles and 6 months later...

    Pretty good review. I am still learning on my Journey. Hope to give a good review also.
  6. Alternator broke at low mileage

    Congrats on getting it replaced. Happy driving!!!!
  7. That's why I said all suggestions are welcome.
  8. Just like the title says, I want to find products that I use to keep the Journey clean myself. This is my first serious attempt at keeping any of my vehicles more than just washed. My plan is to get it detailed by a local place, then continue with a cleaning regimen myself. All suggestions are welcome.
  9. Cross Bars

    I am going to look into these. We take at least 2-3 trips a year and these would have been. nice to have when putting stuff on the roof. We got some nylon car carrier to go on the roof and it was just sad. It said it was for the Journey but the straps were all types of jacked up, didn't even come close to what we expected. I'm gonna check on the wife's new ride and see if it has these, if not I'll look into getting some for her as well.
  10. Have you tried streaming via bluettoth instead?
  11. 2017 Journey GT

    Congrats on the new shiny ride. Going to get mine detailed in a couple of weeks, then just start doing it myself. Still trying to find decent supplies. I have never been one to really detail, or even go beyond just a wash and dry. I figured with this one I'd at least try to make an attempt. I have never really been a "car" guy, I just used cars like any other tool, make sure they were well maintained and they should run. Didn't abuse them, but did n't go out of my way to keep 'em "shiny and fresh". Time to make a change I guess. This vehicle has already got me looking at rims, fog lights, upgrading the radio/nav, and even tint on the front windows.
  12. Spare tire replacement

    Sweet. Thanks.
  13. Spare tire replacement

    I would like to replace to donut spare tire with a full sized spare. Will the full sized tire fir into the spare compartment under the vehicle?
  14. Thanks. I may have to go the dealer route if I want it done then. I am used to doing it on cars that are out of warranty so it was no problem to "add" a hole where needed. You folks are great at getting an answer. I hope I can answer someones question as quick and complete some day.