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    That's what I was referring to. Easy to switch the bulbs, the housing not so much. If there was a video on that....

    Thanks for the vid. I have been thinking of trying this but the folks when here describe it, it sounds really hard to do. This takes some of the mystery away.
  3. How To Change Spark Plugs

    Great video, thanks!
  4. No joy on the door situation there Kori.
  5. Yes, I saw that and tried it(2 times), but it didn't work for me. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. Please forgive me. I wasn't sure if it was something the dealer had to add like the code for DRL's and such. I will try it again and let you know. Is there a wait period for this or should take effect immediately?
  6. I have the keyless entry on my vehicle. When I grab the handle on the driver's door, just that door unlocks. I then have to open the door and hit the unlock button for others to enter the vehicle. However, if I grab the passenger door handle, all of the doors unlock. I tried to see if there was a setting I could change but it was not available in the EVIC. Can this just not be done from the driver's door?
  7. Congrats on getting it to pass inspection. Now you truly have a one of a kind vehicle!!!!!
  8. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!! Still no pics yet, been a little busy with work and the kids.
  9. I'll try to get some today. Hopefully before the rain hits.
  10. Just got the front windows tinted this past weekend. I have had the Journey for about a month or so and couldn't stand it anymore. My wife has had the Journey since we bought it new and didn't have it done. Had the Journey and the new Explorer front windows done at the same time. Both vehicles look good.
  11. Dodge Journey no start

    I hope it's something as simple as this. Good luck getting it diagnosed. Keep us updated.
  12. Turns on by itself

    I will have to check mine to make sure this isn't the culprit. Thanks.
  13. Turns on by itself

    So I wanted to wait until this happened again before doing the battery move. Luckily it has not happened again, I remembered where the battery is and what a pain in the butt it would be trying to get to it.
  14. New 22s

    They really look good!