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  1. 2015 journey camera

    I found the wires. Spent about 5 minutes with a line toner to hunt down where they go. They just don't go to the back of the car. The Journey's Radio harness is prewired for the camera. Unfortunately the body harness is NOT. The wires that are already in the plug on the back of the radio go down to the big white connector in the drivers side kick panel by the hood release. Unfortunately, they don't go any farther than that. The body side of that connector does not have wires in the pins. I'm not sure why Dodge didn't make the kit to tap into the wiring in the kick panel, since that is where it would in the factory.
  2. 2015 journey camera

    Really? Where is said thread? I've been trying to hunt down those preinstalled wires for weeks and cannot find the end of them or the connector.
  3. I picked up an OEM camera from a Junked out 2012 Journey. They cut the cables on the body end and left the connector, so at least I know what I am looking for as far as the connector and wiring goes. I still haven't been able to find the wiring anywhere. If I have time tomorrow I am going to pull the radio cover off and check and see if I have connections and grab my line toner from work and try and find the end of them. I've tried calling a few dealers but haven't been able to talk to a tech who has actually done an install before.
  4. Do you have a pin out or wiring diagram for that? I'd love to not have to spend $300 on the Dodge camera if I can get something else to work for far cheaper.
  5. stiers11

  6. Hmm. I have a line toner. I might pull the radio and check and see if I have any wires there. Then I can tone them out. Maybe they hid them somewhere on the car side farther back.
  7. I had some extra time tonight and I pulled the lift gate trim off to check for the backup camera wiring. I checked all the way back to the rubber grommet from the gate to the body with no luck. It is definitely not present contrary to the popular belief that it was there whether you had the option or not. 2015 Journey R/T.
  8. I don't know about you, but between my daughters carseat in the middle and the headrests on the left and right I can't see much of anything out the rear window. Side mirrors help, but honestly there is a lot you can't see. I have a longer driveway to back down and there are kids and animals around. I want to be able to see everything that is behind my car when I back up. I was hoping someone knew where that pigtail was hiding. I'm going to do the install myself to save money, I've done motor swaps and pretty much anything else that needs to be done short of rebuilding a motor or transmission. I've done far more complex wiring than a camera. I once added power windows and locks to a base model with nothing. Installed all the wiring, switches, motors, etc. The backup camera doesn't worry me. I just need the info to make it go smoothly. Once I tackle the job I'll post pictures and possibly some video so that it will be easier for everyone else as there really isn't a good write up.
  9. I've searched for a few days now on the forum going over many of the backup camera install threads. I've found a lot of information, but need some key points of information that I wasn't able to confirm. Should the 2015 R/T have the wiring for the backup Camera to the headunit from the factory? If so, where is the end of the pigtail hiding in the rear of the car so that I can verify and look? Secondly, if the camera wiring is there. What parts do I need to get? Can I order just the camera and connect the wiring harness at back of the vehicle and at the radio? Would the sales code be included with the Camera or is that something that I need to purchase separately as well? I've found the part number for the Camera kit, which includes the wiring harness I may not need. Does anyone have the part numbers for the Camera itself or the sales code? I'm thinking about saving a bunch of money and picking up the camera from a junk yard, not sure where I would get a sales code to activate it from though. Chris