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  1. Poor radio reception

    I ended up putting in an ANT-208 antenna amplifier. It fixed up my FM band. Didn't do anything for AM, fortunately I don't listed to AM.
  2. I bought a 2009 Dodge Journey SXT that has the stock radio/satellite (not the UCONNECT touchscreen). That radio had good reception. I immediately swapped it out for a Chinese android head unit. The radio reception is really poor. Now, this same head unit was in my Intrepid and it was great. But still, could be a bad head unit. Lived with it. Replaced the head unit today, same deal. I am suspicious of the antenna adapter. The radio has a space for the old fashioned large antenna connector. The 2009 has a small connector like a VW (it seems to be different from later years). I ended up with a Metra 40-EU10 antenna adapter. Is there a better adapter to get from the small 2009 antenna to the old fashioned large antenna?
  3. I have a 2009 Journey SXT. I have seen on various MOPAR parts sites the remote start module with two new fobs. Is adding remote start as simple as plugging the module into the BCU and having the dealer program the fobs? Has anyone here added remote start on their own?
  4. Chris La Mantia

  5. I think the wiring is only on models with the 8.4" screen.
  6. Does anyone know where to find a schematic? I usually buy a Chilton or Hayne's guide to get a schematic but my local stores don't have one for my 2009 Journey, and I bought access to the online Chilton guide but still no schematic. I am looking for the color of the wire in the harness that runs under the driver side carpet to the back of the vehicle for the positive wire for the backup lights. Once it's in the back of the vehicle, it's a white wire with a lime green stripe but I can't find a matching wire in the harness.
  7. Mystery headlight connector

    I do not have fogs and everything seems to be working as it should. I'd love to assume it's for fogs and forget about it, I was just hoping someone might know the answer. no bought an online chilton guide but it does not have the schematic.
  8. Hello

    This is the unit I added. Unfortunately the size wasn't an exact fit so I had to Dremel the opening a bit wider and didn't do a super clean job of it, but at least I have Waze and a backup camera again.
  9. I am replacing the passenger headlight assembly on my 2009 Journey, and after reconnecting the four lamp connectors, I notice there is a fifth connector. I am not sure I recall unplugging thus connector and can't find a socket missing a connector. I double checked and (Picked voice) "there are four lights". Anyone know what this extra connector belongs to? Does it go to fog lights that I don't have? Thanks!
  10. Hello

    Fortunately it was maintained regularly by the dealer I bought it from, all recalls have already been addressed and they gave me a 4 year Chrysler factory warranty with it. As far as Uconnect, first thing I did was pull the factory CD changer out and put in my Android navigation/stereo unit. :D
  11. Goodbye DJ!!

    I'm not normally a pickup person but that's pretty sweet. Enjoy your ride!
  12. Hello

    Actually I don't, are there a bunch of known issues with the 2009's? So far it seems to be a good vehicle and the Carfax seems to indicate that it was well taken care of, and it has the 3.5 engine. But I'll start looking for threads on 2009's, thank you!
  13. Hello

    Hello! So my beloved Dodge Intrepid just went to the junkyard after 240,000 miles. It was a good car. My plan had always been to replace it with a Challenger (gotta stay MOPAR) in a couple of years, but the Trep decided it's time was up on its own schedule. I'm in the process of starting a photography business, and after thinking about how much of a pain it was getting all my lighting gear in and out of the Intrepid, practicality won out over midlife crisis and I find myself in possession of a 2009 Dodge Journey SXT in Silver Steel with 75K on the odometer. My wife already has a 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad and she loves it. Chris