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  1. New 22s

    Thanks! The tires are 265/35 and the wheels have a +35 offset. @Steven Harshbarger
  2. New 22s

    @Armando G Just over $2000. I caught a deal on the wheels at $1688. I think the tires were $420.
  3. New 22s

    Thanks 2016Redline!
  4. New 22s

    I've had them on a few weeks now. I went with XO Athens 22x9 in gunmetal.
  5. WytChoclitJ

  6. K&N CAI

    With the depth difference from the Avenger, were you able to bolt the heatshield in the same spots as you did in the Avenger engine bay?
  7. Dodge Journey on 22"

    What offset are your 22s?
  8. dj1.jpg

    Clean! Are those the stock wheels? Did you paint or plasti dip them?
  9. DSC 5586

    Clean!!! I'm digging that stance.
  10. New to the Journey

    Thanks guys! I'm a car nut. So, I'm sure I'll enjoy it here and enjoy my Journey.
  11. New to the Journey

  12. New to the Journey

    Hi guys! I've had my 2015 DJ RT for about two weeks now. I look forward to learning the ins and outs of my Journey. Figuring out what direction I want to go sound system, exhaust and wheel wise.