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  1. Hello from Quebec

    Welcome, welcome from Atlanta, Georgia!!!
  2. Member Map

    I got my 2015 Journey RT in June. I just added my location to the Member Map. Love the map idea. I'm in Atlanta, Georgia. Stone Mountain to be exact.
  3. CAI and caliper paint

    Thanks @Bryman31! My Journey was previously owned in Michigan. So, I sprayed the calipers while on the vehicle and sprayed all the visible suspension parts as well. It definitely made a difference over the "rusty" look.
  4. CAI and caliper paint

    Oh yeah...I get it now.
  5. CAI and caliper paint

    Just a little. Hehehe...
  6. CAI and caliper paint

    @2late4u I did think about that and was going to research further. Thanks for that input @bfurth. Where exactly is that gasket? In the portion I left, removed, or closer to the throttle body?
  7. CAI and caliper paint

    This is true. I'll think on it more and see where my imagination takes me idea wise. For now, it looks good and sounds alright. I'd still like some cooler air without the stock air box look. lol
  8. CAI and caliper paint

    Are you talking about the piece that starts at the edge of the hood and drops about 18 inches and used to flow into the bottom of the air cleaner box? If so, that thought crossed my mind, I just haven't come up with an idea to get the flow straight from the edge of the hood to filter itself. Then my thought process went to just trying to keep the air cooler. Which is why I ended up leaving that piece in for now and could build up around it to try and keep out heat. I'm open to suggestions though. If one idea doesn't do it, a combination of ideas could.
  9. CAI and caliper paint

    About that....lol. I left the piece that flowed the outside air into the stock air cleaner box. My plan moving forward is to have a heat shield built, similar to others sent with aftermarket intakes or filters. I have a guy that is good at working with metal materials. I'd like to have a hole with rubber around it for the piece with air flowing in from the front and the same rubber to meet the hood as well. We'll see how it turns out.
  10. blacktop rim scuff :(

    Black nail polish. I know it sounds crazy, but it works.
  11. I pieced together an air intake and primed and painted my original calipers. The intake was pretty easy. Items needed were the pipe, filter, coupler and hose clamp, and brass fitting for the small hose coming from the motor that was connected to the original air cleaner box. I went with a 3.5” pipe, coupler and clamp. Painting the calipers was easy. Take the wheels off, put a couple coats of VHT caliper primer on, and then a couple coats of VHT black caliper paint on the calipers and anything else you want to spray while your down there. Lol. I can honestly say, the caliper paint made a big difference visually.
  12. Coming soon, to a driveway near me!

  13. New 22s

    Thanks! The tires are 265/35 and the wheels have a +35 offset. @Steven Harshbarger
  14. New 22s

    @Armando G Just over $2000. I caught a deal on the wheels at $1688. I think the tires were $420.
  15. New 22s

    Thanks 2016Redline!